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pairings: odd....can't explain but it involves heero and duo and 3X4 implied.

notes: another one that came to me in dreamscape. yes, i know, i have weird dreams. you should see what happens after i eat pepperoni pizza ^_~

//heero's thoughts//
:: duo's thoughts ::

momentary lapse of reason
part 35

"Good Morning."

All eyes were on the doorway of the large kitchen as Duo's salutation filled the room. Three voices cheerfully returned his unexpected greeting and he made his way to the table.

"Coffee?" Trowa asked from his place by the stove.

"Great. Thanks, Trowa." Duo smiled, taking a seat beside Wufei

"So? What brings you down here so early on a Sunday morning?" Wufei asked.

Nodding his thanks to Trowa as he set a large mug of coffee down in front of him, Duo smiled and waited for Trowa to take his seat beside his blonde lover before making his announcement.

"I'm leaving this afternoon to spend a week out in California with Heero. I didn't know if any of you had plans for the day and I wanted to make sure I told you before I left." Duo looked at each of his friends faces after he had finished speaking. There were several smiles and one knowing smirk amongst them.

Duo almost laughed as he addressed the grinning young man seated beside him. "What, Fei?"

"Nothing, Maxwell." the raven haired young man smiled, placing his hand on Duo's shoulder. "You look very happy.. for the first time in a while. I'm glad for you."

"Sounds like a plan." Trowa smiled toward him. "A good one."

"Yes, Duo. I'm happy for you as well." Quatre told him. The blonde's voice held it's typical depth of sincerity and Duo nodded his appreciation of their supportive words.

"Thanks. I'm really glad that Heero invited me out to stay with him." Suddenly urged on by the positive aura in the room to fill his three friends in as how his relationship with Heero was developing, Duo continued. "I think we've managed to get beyond everything that happened last year... at least for the most part. The rest of it will work itself out over time."

Duo paused for a moment and looked at the three whose full attention he held. "I think a lot of what happened could have been avoided if there was a little more communication between the five of us. Yanno?"

There were three well-intended nods and Duo continued, letting them all in on the one thing that he hoped would give them the much-needed insight into the problems the five currently faced. He hoped it would remove the greater part of their reluctance to accept Heero back into their lives. "The biggest hurdle we managed to work through... was Heero admitting that he has had feelings for me.... almost since we first met."

His words were received with great surprise as expected. "Yeah... that was pretty much my reaction when I figured it out." he smiled. "Like I said... communication. Anyway...." he continued, "Things are still in the friendship stage between us. I'm not in any rush to for the relationship to progress..... I don't think Heero is either, but it will happen when it happens. Both of us want it to."

There could be no denying the elation in Duo's voice or the sparkle in his violet eyes as he spoke; they told the whole story... is was one the three young men seated around the table seemed to be delighted to hear.


As planned, Heero phoned the house at 10:00. "Morning, Duo."

"You're right on time." Duo smiled, looking down at his watch.

"And you expected otherwise?" Heero asked playfully. "Did you sleep well?"

Duo nodded into the phone. "Yeah. You?"

"Hai. Can you be ready by 3:30?"

"Uh huh. I'm a light packer. Shouldn't take me more than 15 minutes."

"I'll see you then, k?"

"Yeah. Umm.. Heero? Everyone is home today. Just thought I should let you know."

"That's fine. How did they take the news, Duo? Did you tell them yet?"

"I told them first thing this morning. They were happy for me... for us."

Heero smiled into the phone. "Something we all finally agree on. That's good news, Duo. Good news, indeed."

"Yeah, it sure is. I'll see you at 3:30. Bye."



Duo showered and was in the process of blow drying his hair when he heard a knock on his bedroom door. Turning the dryer off, he called out. "Who is it?"

"It's Quatre? May I come in?"

"Sure. The door is open."

"Just wanted to let you know that we are going out for a while and I also wanted to say goodbye."

"Where you headed off to?"

"Actually, we thought it might be better if we weren't here when Heero comes to pick you up. Not that any of us see it as a problem." He added quickly. "It's just that since we haven't spoken yet, we felt it might be a little awkward."

Duo nodded. "That's fine."

"I think that little talk of yours helped this morning, Duo." Quatre began. "Trowa was the only one who even entertained the idea that Heero had feelings for you. I dismissed it, as did Wufei. It wouldn't have mattered anyway if we knew, he still went about things all wrong." he looked up at Duo as he finished.

"Actually, Quatre, that is where you are wrong." Duo smiled. "It would have made all the difference in the world. Everything that happened could have been avoided, saving us all a lot of grief. But that is neither here nor there." Pausing, Duo placed his hand on the blonde's shoulder. "All that matters now is that we work through this."

The two made their way out into the hallway. "We'll talk more when I get back. In case you have forgotten, Quatre, you and I still have some issues that haven't been dealt with." Duo told him.

Quatre lowered his head as Duo looked sternly over at him. "I haven't forgotten, Duo." he replied, lifting his head moments later. "Well, have a good time, Duo and make sure that Heero feeds you well while you're out there. You look terrible." he smiled.

Duo shook his head lightly and chuckled. "Yes, Mother.", he replied sarcastically, grabbing his upper arm after Quatre mock slapped it. "Sorry, Q. Couldn't resist." he grinned.

The two made their way downstairs to find Wufei and Trowa standing at the bottom of the steps.

"Behave yourself while you're out there, Maxwell." Wufei warned as he hugged Duo.

Duo stepped back and addressed his friend. "I always behave." he winked. "It's just not always good behavior."

"No words of wisdom, Trowa?" Duo asked jokingly as he turned toward him.

"No. I think you've got everything pretty much under control, Duo." he smiled, reaching forward to shake Duo's hand. Duo reached forward to hug Trowa, receiving a firm pat on the back in return. "Thanks, Tro." he whispered.

Duo stepped away and smiled at his three friends. "This was quite an unexpected send-off. I'm only going to be gone for a week, you guys. Sheesh!" he told them, joining them in the laughter his comment had generated.

He followed the three into the foyer and stood in the open doorway until they had backed out of the driveway. Closing the front door, Duo leaned against it. They knew as well as he did what this trip held in store. Duo smiled at the thought and hurried back up to his room... Heero would be there in less than an hour.

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