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warnings for entire fic: shounen-ai/yaoi, angst, duo/heero torture, language, sap, small lemon-ish spots(?), AU (AC 200)
spoilers: none
pairings: odd....can't explain but it involves heero and duo and 3X4 implied.

notes: another one that came to me in dreamscape. yes, i know, i have weird dreams. you should see what happens after i eat pepperoni pizza ^_~

//heero's thoughts//
:: duo's thoughts ::

momentary lapse of reason
part 28

Heero sat nervously tapping his fingers, one fingertip after the other falling on the bare flesh of his knees in rapid succession. He stared impatiently at the mostly vacant screen before him.

//where are you, duo? //

[] hello, heero

Heero's face lit up and he reached forward to type his response.

[] how are you, duo?

:: now that's a loaded question ::

[] i've been better. you?

// lousy, but suddenly i'm feeling much better //

Heero smiled.

[] been better too

Duo nodded. He had questions...... lots of questions and he needed answers now. He had waited far too long already. Bringing his fingers down to the keyboard, Duo typed.

[] why did you disable our link?

Heero cocked his head, and immediately typed his response, shaking his head from side to side.

[] i didn't

Now it was Duo's turn to be confused.

[] then who?

Heero shook his head and replied.

[] i thought it was you

Duo looked at the words on the screen, dumbfounded.

[] no

Heero read into the confusion in Duo's one word answer and thought back to day he had last attempted to make contact with his friend. He hated to make accusations, but since neither one of them owned up to it.....

[] quatre?

Duo eyes opened wide.

// did heero know something he didn't? //

[] why do you say that?

Heero allowed himself a moment to think about it. The notion was previously unfounded, but now that Duo was denying responsibility for the act, Heero could find no other explanation and it all seemed to fit. He hoped his disparaging comments regarding their close friend would not upset Duo, nonetheless typing his response.

[] last time i sent you a message....... he answered it

[] and then the link was gone

Duo reclined back in his chair and brought his hand up to cover his mouth. He hadn't given Quatre time to finish what he had wanted to say earlier; this was obviously part of it.

[] yeah, i think it was

Heero let out the breath he had been holding.

[] i got the package you sent

[] thank you, duo

Duo smiled.

[] good. heero?

[] mmmm?

Duo placed his fingers on the home keys; they were visibly shaking as he began to type.

[] i want to see you again

The green cursor flashed at the left of the screen on the next line, but Heero could not tear his eyes away from the line of text that appeared directly above it.

// oh god, duo... //

Duo held his breath as he waited for Heero to respond. He was sure he was caught in some kind of time warp; able to hear his own heartbeat thundering inside ears.

[] =)

Duo looked at the screen in shock, the character speaking volumes about his friend's state of mind.

[] did you just make a smiley face, heero?!?!

Heero laughed out loud, the foreign sound coming as somewhat of a shock to him.

[] hai

It was Duo's turn to laugh out loud, but it only lasted for a moment. Solemnness once again taking over his demeanor.

[] i've been so confused, heero......

Heero waited for Duo to continue.

[] and lost... really lost....

Heero frowned at Duo's words, remaining silent to allow Duo time to say what he needed to before responding.

Duo looked at the screen.

[] are you still there?

Heero smiled.

[] yes, duo. of course

[] so when can you come? i need to see you......

Duo looked up at the words he had just typed, wishing he had taken a moment to reread them before pressing the send button. They were filled with such desperation and he gave himself a mental lashing for it. It was very short lived however, as Heero's words almost instantaneously appeared on the screen.

[] i can be there first thing in the morning

Duo was nearly overcome with emotion at Heero's words and he remained silent for a time, his eyes welling up with tears. His next message reflected all the thoughts that were going through his head in one tidy sentence.

[] oh god, heero, i've missed you so much

Heero's fingers couldn't work fast enough to respond.

[] me too, duo...

Duo smiled widely at the screen, wishing he were able to see the expression on Heero's face.

[] until tomorrow then.

[] until tomorrow........


[] connection severed.


Heero looked down at his watch. 11 p.m.

//shit...it's late!!//

Calling the airport, Heero booked a 2 a.m. flight to New York, which was scheduled to land at LaGuardia at 7. Allowing for car rental and driving time, Heero estimated that he would be arriving back home at 8 a.m.


Quatre and the others would have left for the office already, allowing him a better portion of the day to work things out with Duo before having to face them. There wasn't much time to think, Heero had just two hours before he had to leave for the airport. Smiling at the thought, the cobalt-eyed young man set to packing.


Duo stared at his computer for several minutes before gazing around his room.

:: crap....look at this place! ::

Hurrying around the room, Duo bent, first picking up the wide array of dirty laundry that was scattered on the floor. Arms full, Duo proceeded into bathroom, stuffing his armload full into the hamper, turning to leave, Duo met with his reflection the mirror. "Fuck the room..... I look like hell."

He hadn't paid much attention to his physical appearance the past few weeks, evidenced by the haunting vision before him.

Fingertips moving slowly over his hollowed cheekbones, Duo frowned. "Geezus, now I understand why Quatre kept trying to feed me." There were dark circles under his amethyst eyes, which appeared almost lost within his now too bony facial structure. Looking down, Duo lifted his shirt, revealing more of his unusually slight frame, there was barely enough meat on his bones to cover his ribs. "Mental Note: Clothes stay on at *all* times. No swimming, no shorts."

"And now for the hair." Reaching behind him to remove the tie from the end of his braid, Duo yanked the tangled red elastic band, yelping as he pulled a quite a few strands of hair out with it. Attempting to untwist the three thick sections, Duo found them more to be one big matted knot. "Damn..... this is going to take me all night."

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