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warnings for entire fic: shounen-ai/yaoi, angst, duo/heero torture, language, small lemon-ish spots(?), AU (AC 200)
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pairings: odd....can't explain but it involves heero and duo and 3X4 implied.

notes: another one that came to me in dreamscape. yes, i know, i have weird dreams. you should see what happens after i eat pepperoni pizza ^_~

//heero's thoughts//
:: duo's thoughts ::

momentary lapse of reason
part 27

It had taken all of Quatre's nerve and large dose of his lover's steady encouragement before Quatre made the decision that it was time to confront Duo. They realized that it was most likely a bad idea to throw the entire sordid affair on the table before their troubled friend and so the two had planned to feed Duo small bits of information and assess his reactions before continuing to let the story unfurl.

Making their way to Duo's room hand in hand, Quatre paused outside the door.

He knew there would be consequences for his silence, the severest of them disturbing him greatly. He could only hope that Duo would somehow overlook his arrogance and stupidity, leaving their relationship more or less intact. The loss of Duo's friendship was something that Quatre could not bear to think about, but the reality of it was there and lurking just behind the door. Quatre had brought it on himself.... he was undeserving of his own self-pity.


It had been over a month since Heero had tried to contact Duo and their communication had been permenantly severed. He had been unable to drive the events of what happened that morning from his thoughts. He had assumed it had been Quatre who had shut down the tie-in, though he had no facts to support that belief. As much as that idea saddened him, the alternate possibility was far worse.

// duo //

There was nothing concrete that told him that it either was or was not Duo who had requested? insisted? suggested? that all communication between the two cease. It didn't strike him as something that Duo would do... to allow Quatre to handle the deed, when it was in fact Duo who opened the channel to him to begin with.

// then why hasn't duo re-opened the line? //

Determining that it was impossible to know precisely what had happened on the other side of the country that day, Heero found it difficult to decide how he should proceed. The only thing he was certain of was that he needed to do something, unwilling to deal with the solitude and pain his actions of nearly a year ago had brought about.

// shit or get off the pot, yuy //


Quatre raised his fist and knocked hesitantly on Duo's door. "Duo, it's Quatre and Trowa. May we come in?"

"The door is open." Duo called back.

Entering the room, both young men were pleased to find their friend out of bed and seated at his desk. It was Quatre who noticed the small flashing light at the bottom of Duo's screen, the seemingly innocent green circle upsetting him greatly.

"We need to talk about some things, Duo." Quatre started.

Duo looked up at his friend. "Quatre, we've been over this before. I do not need help, I'm fine, really, I just need some time to work things out."

Quatre shook his head. "No, Duo. Not that."


It hadn't taken Heero very long to notice that contact had been re-initiated. He never stopped to try and discern the reason why, he just acted on it.


Quatre's mouth hung open as he looked at the screen of Duo's computer, the shock on his face causing Duo to turn toward it.

[] hello?

Quatre moved forward and spun Duo's chair around, meeting with his friend's surprise. "Duo, I *really* need to talk to you." The blonde's voice held the utmost urgency.

"Quatre, it's Heero." he whispered, smiling faintly at the small blonde. The expression on his face quickly turned sour as Quatre firmly grabbed him by the wrist.

"I know, Duo." Quatre stated, his tone firm. "He is just going to have to wait until I finish what I have to say."

Duo shook his head rapidly from side to side, looking back at the screen, then at the desperation in Quatre's eyes.


Heero sat in the center of his bed with his legs folded in front of him, his laptop resting on his mid-thighs. It had only been a minute or two since he had typed his message, but waiting to see if there was going to be a response was sheer torture.

He thought for a moment that perhaps it would be more appropriate if he called, knowing he needed to deal with each of the friends he had left behind. Acknowledging that Duo was the key to any possible reunion of the five, Heero turned his attention once again to his computer and the single green word that loomed at the top of the screen.


Allowing himself to be pulled away from his computer, Duo sat on the edge of his bed as his friend directed and looked up at him. "What, Quatre? What is it that is so important that you have to tell me right now?" Duo managed through his slightly hazy state. He turned toward the computer and its blinking cursor before looking back up at Quatre. "Well?"

There was no chance of Quatre feeding the information to Duo as the two had planned. It was all coming out now...... and fast. Trowa placed his hand on his lovers shoulder, a gentle reminder of his continuing support.

"Duo..... Heero tried to contact you six weeks ago." He started.

The amethyst-eyed young man's head turned sharply, looking up and rather confused at his Arabian friend.

"I didn't tell you because I thought that you were finally making progress in trying to forget about him."

Duo's stared up at the two and he opened his mouth to speak, Quatre immediately cutting him off.

"I realize now that it was a huge mistake." Quatre added in an effort to stop Duo's impending verbal assault.

Duo looked down at his two hands now tightly balled into fists and then back up at Quatre. His gaze was discomforting as expected. "I can't deal with this right now, Quatre." He spat.

"Duo.." Quatre started.

Rising from the bed, Duo pushed past both young men and sat his desk. Turning toward the two in the center of the room, Duo narrowed his eyes and issued his warning. "Just get out."

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