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warnings for entire fic: shounen-ai/yaoi, angst, duo/heero torture, language, small lemon-ish spots(?), AU (AC 200)
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pairings: odd....can't explain but it involves heero and duo and 3X4 implied.

notes: another one that came to me in dreamscape. yes, i know, i have weird dreams. you should see what happens after i eat pepperoni pizza ^_~

//heero's thoughts//
:: duo's thoughts ::

momentary lapse of reason
part 10

The first several hours of the initial encounter found Heero laying a brief foundation for as much as he could of Duo's recent past. The young man seemed pleased as he spoke, several times smiling at the comments Heero interjected into the otherwise boring monologue, giving Duo a clearer picture of who Heero was as well.

Trying not to flood Duo with too much information, Heero kept his tales vague, focusing mostly on the immediate past. Duo rarely interrupted him, gazing deeply at Heero as he struggled to digest the words, looking past them to glean a better understanding of who he was.

His voice growing tired, Heero's suggestion they take a break for lunch was met with enthusiasm. Duo's lunch had been left on the small table at his beside over an hour ago, the standard bland liquid hospital meal not meeting with his approval. "I wonder how long they plan on making eat this stuff?" he mused.

"I'll ask at the nurse's station on my way to the cafeteria." Heero replied. Stretching as he stood, Heero looked over toward Duo. A small part of the confusion and fear that was so prevalent earlier had faded, revealing the tiniest spark of what Heero could only describe as *Duo*. "You look much more like yourself than you have in a while this afternoon." He smiled.

Duo returned a weak smile. "I'll have to take your word for that. Not only do I not know what I look like now…. but I don't even know what I looked like before."

Heero frowned at his friend's words. "Would you like me to see if I can get a mirror?"

Duo nodded. "Thank you, Heero."

"No problem." Heero smiled, exiting the room.


Returning 20 minutes later, Heero stepped into the room to find Duo fast asleep. Apparently exhausted from all the activity the morning was filled with, the young man had fallen asleep sitting up, his neck tilting off to one side. Setting down his lunch and the small shopping bag he held, Heero approached the bed and carefully lifted Duo's head, removing one of the pillows; allowing him to recline a bit further.

Heero remained standing beside the bed as he replayed the last several hours. He was satisfied by Duo's reactions, the young man obviously pleased and perhaps relieved that he was, by Heero's characterization, a relatively happy person. Heero had not broached several subjects that he knew would most likely be raised by Duo after lunch. He was somewhat reluctant to speak of Duo's childhood or of The Eve Wars, wanting to keep as much negativity from this first encounter as possible.

Giving himself a much-needed mental nod after accessing Duo's reactions, Heero sat and reclined back, his own eyes closing.

//Perhaps I am capable of handling this after all.//


Afternoon rounds found Dr. Skinert at the nurse's station outside of Duo's room. Hearing the familiar voice, Heero quickly roused himself from his light nap and looked over toward the bed, where Duo lay still asleep.

Heero rose as he heard her approaching footsteps from behind. "Dr. Skinert."

"How did things go this afternoon?" she asked as she made her way to Duo's bedside.

"Fairly well, I'd say." Heero offered. "I gave him some background information.. pretty general stuff."

"And how did he react?" she asked, her stethoscope carefully moving over Duo's chest.

"He seemed pleased." Heero responded.

"Good." she replied, looking down at her watch before she turned to face Heero. "I see you two haven't had your lunch yet."

"No, He fell asleep while I was down in the cafeteria."

"I've scheduled a visit for Duo with the staff psychologist. She will be here in an hour." Dr. Skinert told him.

"Should I wake him? He probably should eat something."

"I'm awake." Duo spoke, looking up to find both Heero and Dr. Skinert hovering above him.

"How are we feeling, Mr. Maxwell?" she inquired.

"Considerably better than I did this morning." he smiled weakly, the young Doctor nodding.

"Good. I'll leave you two to your lunch. Oh.. and you have an appointment in an hour, Mr. Maxwell, try to look your best." she winked.

Duo blinked and looked up at Heero who merely shrugged his shoulders.

"Lunch?" Heero asked, a slight nod his response.

Duo shifted in the bed, once again seated, pillows behind his back.

Pulling the tray to lie over Duo's lap, Heero sat, removing his own lunch from its brown bag. Using his eyes to motion to the tray of food that sat before his friend, Heero spoke. "I'm afraid you'll need to deal with that stuff for another few days."

"S'ok." Duo responded, tearing the foil lid off the small container of jell-o. "Thanks for asking."

The two ate their meals in silence, Duo rotating the tray to the side after he had finished. "Were you able to find a mirror?"

Heero nodded, reaching for the small shopping bag on the floor beside his chair. Taking the small mirror from it, Heero stood, offering it to Duo. Noting the young man's hesitancy, Heero lowered his hand and looked up at him "The injuries aren't that extensive.... or is it something else you are worried about?" The hesitation in Duo's eyes prompted Heero's words of reassurance. "I don't think you'll be disappointed." Heero smiled, placing the mirror in front of him.

Slowly letting his eyes meet with his reflection, Duo studied the face before him, his expression void of emotion. He brought one hand up, gently brushing one finger over the raised scar that extended the length of his forehead. Tilting his head, Duo took careful inventory of his features for a moment before his gaze stilled, then met with Heero's "I have violet eyes...."


Heero offered a brief introduction and politely excused himself shortly after the staff psychologist entered the room, leaving the two alone. Noting the time, Heero settled himself down onto the couch in the waiting area and awaited his friends' arrival.

Exiting the elevator on the 2nd floor, Quatre, Trowa and Wufei followed the signs to the East Wing, meeting with Heero as they passed through the waiting area outside of Room 102.

The smile Heero wore eased the tension on the faces of the three young men as they approached. Various displays of comfort and relief were offered in silence before Heero spoke. "We talked for a good portion of the day. Much of his character is still intact."

"Was the Doctor able to say how long until his regains his memory?" Quatre asked.

"Her best guesstimate is several months." Heero looked up his friends. "Dr. Skinert said it would be a good idea to bring him some photos and anything else that we feel may begin to trigger some memories. They are there...just buried." Heero responded, the three nodding their understanding.

"Does he know we are coming?" Wufei asked.

"Yes, and he knows about the five of us.... our living and working arrangements. I haven't told him about how we met yet... or mentioned anything about the war at all." Heero began softly. "I'm guessing it will come up this evening."

There was a silence as the four reflected for a moment on Heero's words and there was a meeting of the eyes........ an unspoken consensus on the merits suppressing those years could bring.

"Can we go inside now?" Trowa asked.

"The staff psychologist is with him." Heero replied, looking down at his watch. "They should be done shortly."


The Doctor exited and Duo's gaze fell expectantly on the open doorway to his room. Duo's time spent with the psychologist had given him additional insight into the upcoming process of recall and he anxiously awaited the arrival of his friends as Heero had promised.

Duo was nervous. Heero had supplied him with a brief description of each of the other three young men that were what he understood to be the hub of his existence. As with everything Heero had disclosed to Duo up to this point, he kept the summaries vague, leaving Duo the option of requesting more information at will.

The four entered to find an inquisitive pair of familiar yet distant violet eyes. Approaching Duo's bedside, Heero introduced each of the young men and sat quietly while Duo reacquainted himself with the three before him.

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