disclaimer: the boys aren't mine. i just play with them for my own entertainment. this shouldn't come as any big surprise.

60-word ficlets by jana

[ foreplay ]    [ giving in ]    [ coitus interruptus ]    [ my turn ]    [ masturbation ]    [ the same ]    [ firewood ]   


"heero ?"

"hmm ?"

"tell me again why they call it foreplay ?"

"because you do it before sex."

"what do they call it when you do it *after* sex ?"

"it's still called foreplay."

"why is that ?"

"cause if you're still doing it, it means you're gonna do it again.....so it's technically foreplay."

"heero ?"

"hmm ?"

"wanna do it again ?"

"uh-huh. you?"


giving in

"you know that i love you, don't you?"


"kiss me?"

lips meet... tongues collided

"mmmmmmm...... again."

more passion this time, more hunger, more need.

"can you get off of me now?"

"no. not until you kiss me again"

hardened flesh met with hardened flesh

a gasp

"still want me to get up?"

"hell no."

a smirk

"didn't think so."

coitus interruptus

"nnn..... you feel soooo good."

"ugh.......so do you. keep going, lover..."

"i love being inside you. so hot, so tight.....nnnnn"

"oh god! harder, heero... and don't stop!"

"uhn, duo! i'm so close.."

|| please deposit 10 cents for the next 5 minutes or your call will be interrupted ||

"crap.. i'm out of change. call me back?"


|| dialtone ||


my turn

"uhhh...... heero?"

"yes, duo?"

"isn't it my turn to be on top tonight?"

"hmm.... i don't think so. i could have sworn you were on top last night."

"nope.. i'm pretty sure you were, koi."

"we should write it down... we go through this all the time."

"yeah.. either that or enroll in a school that doesn't have bunk beds."


i watched his hands move between his legs... caressing and stroking

i can hear his moans

his head snaps back in pleasure as he comes

i gasp, covering my mouth

he is so beautiful like this

still hidden from view, i reach down for my own need

stroking with eyes closed, i reach climax

god, i wish it was him.....

the same
a follow-up by request to 'masturbation'

i hadn't cried in years.. or maybe it was days.

the sting was familiar, just the reason had changed.

"why are you crying?"

i turned my head away.

"you wouldn't understand."

i felt so damn foolish

"try me."

i rolled over in bed to face him.

"i can't explain it..."

his face was stained like mine.... i didn't have to.


their new home had a fireplace.

early december found heero in the rear yard of it, splitting logs with an axe.

duo watched the scene rather intently from their second floor bedroom window.

he went downstairs and into the office, grabbed a pen and carefully crossed chain saw off his lover's christmas list.

he would explain it to heero later.

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