disclaimer: nothing i own is a cool as gundam wing!

pairing: 2X1
rating: NC17
warnings: yaoi, spanking and other lemony things
spoilers: none

notes: inspired by [ this picture ] drawn by the lovely and talented [ link worshiper ] and [ sharon's ] desire for fic. i am pwned!

by jana

The ruler came down hard on his left cheek again and Heero bit down on his lower lip, cursing the reaction his body was having. He lifted up onto the balls of his feet, preparing for yet another blow, but Duo had moved closer to him instead, leaving the cool wooden ruler resting on the heated flesh of his ass and whispered in his ear. "Almost there, baby."

Heero groaned. He should have ignored Duo's plea and insisted they take this back to their room. He would have, if he hadn't found a certain excitement in letting Duo extract his punishment right here in the very room where the indiscretion had taken place. His cock had been hard before he'd taken off his pants... even before Duo had instructed him to bend over the desk and spread his legs. His gray uniform pants were heaped on the floor around his left ankle, leaving him naked from the waist down except for his white socks.

The ruler struck his sore flesh yet again, the sound echoing loudly in the mostly empty classroom. It stung even more than the smack before it had. Heero took a deep shuddering breath, lowered his head and closed his eyes. Duo had said 5 and if he'd been counting properly, that had been the fifth.

The sound of wood on wood met his ears and Heero clenched the edge of the desk tightly with both hands, knowing that Duo had set the ruler down.

"You can relax now, Heero," Duo said softly.

Duo moved behind him, lightly caressing Heero's hips with his hands. Heero's cock twitched in anticipation at Duo's touch. The first time, he'd not known what to expect. The excitement was almost too much for him now.


Duo's hands moved downward, his calloused palms gliding gently over the globes of flesh he'd just tendered. "Spread your legs a little further."

Heero complied, gasping as Duo's tongue licked at first one sore cheek and then the other. He thrust his hips back slightly, eager to urge Duo onto the next step.

"Patience, Heero."

Heero chose to ignore Duo's comment and instead hissed as one of Duo's thumbs found its way into his crack. The digit was almost immediately replaced by his tongue, the wet warmth of it moving downward to its goal and pressing hard against his hole.

Duo licked around the edge of his opening several times, then pushed his tongue into Heero as far as he could.

Heero could hear himself panting heavily in between the litany of Duo's name and his wordless pleas for more.

Duo reached for his cock, continuing to tease at his hole with his tongue. Duo's fingers gripped at the hard flesh and began stroking it roughly. Heero gasped again, holding firmly onto the desktop as he rocked his hips as much as he was able to.

Duo's hand slid up and down his shaft, squeezing it tight and smearing the leaking pre-come over the swollen head of his cock. Heero gasped and pushed back against Duo's face, crying out Duo's name as he started to climax.

Heero's legs trembled, knuckles white as he held onto the edge of the desk with a near deathlike grip. His cock twitched and pulsed in Duo's fist, strands of thick white come shooting out onto the smooth wooden surface beneath him.

Duo's hands were guiding him down to the floor then, and Heero went willingly, kissing Duo soundly on the mouth.

"I take it you were okay with that."

"More than okay," Heero admitted, still a little breathless. He reached down to touch Duo's cock, pressing his palm flat against his lover's prominent hard on. "Let's take the rest of this back up to our room."
Duo kissed Heero then nodded, starting to rise. "You get dressed; I'll clean up in here."

"And I'll bring the ruler".


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