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rating: NC-17
warnings: use of a dildo require a warning ? *shrugs*
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notes: sechsy zechsy just on my mind
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title: all i have to do is dream
category: yaoi, PWP, lemon, sap, voyeurism, exhibitionism, masturbation, AU (AC 199)
pairings: 1X2X1X6…kinda

all i have to do is dream
part 5

Reveling in the showers warmth for longer than necessary, the couple made their way hand in hand back into the office to find Zechs asleep on the couch.

"Didn't think he could keep up with us." Heero smiled knowingly toward his lover.

Snatching the towel from around Heero's waist, Duo grinned. "Sometimes *I* can't even keep up with us.", pulling Heero towards him.


Placing the palms of his hands on Heero's upper back, Duo took several steps, forcing Heero to move backward across the room. "Tonight isn't one of those nights, though." he whispered seductively.

"Duo ?" he asked.

"Mmm ?"

"What are you doing ?"

"Desk, Yuy, now." he replied gruffly, removing his towel to brush his arousal against Heero's.

Heero sat at the edge of the large wooden desk, pulling Duo to stand between his legs. "What now, lover ?" he asked innocently, the look in Duo's eyes unmistakable.

Duo grinned. "Playing coy with me ?"

"Don't you think we should at least take everything off the desk first ?" Heero asked, "Could get messy." smiling at his lusty lover.

"Mmm...could." Duo smiled, grabbing the phone and the few papers and pens Zechs kept on top of his desk, sitting them on the floor.

"That was easy." he smiled.

"So am I." Heero hissed, pulling Duo in for a bruising kiss, his tongue wrestling with his partners' as they pressed their upper bodies together. Heero moved himself close to the edge of the desk, his erection meeting Duo's, sending a shiver through each of them.

"Hold that pose." Duo whispered, crossing the room. Heero let out a low moan as he watched his lover bend over to retrieve the black bag containing the lube.

"Nice ass, koi." Heero mused, Duo shaking his head from side to side as he made his way back over to him. "Funny, I was just thinking the same about you." he smirked, reaching behind him to grab one firm cheek in each hand, kissing him on the tip of his nose.

"Hn. Don't you have something better you could be doing with your hands .....or your mouth for that matter ?" Heero asked flatly.

"Any suggestions ?" Duo asked, grinning down at his partner as his one hand shifted to send a lone finger into the crevice of Heero's rear.

Heero smiled "Mind reader.", moving back from Duo's touch as he stretched himself out in the center of the desk, lying with knees bent and feet flat on the wooden surface beneath. "What am I thinking now ?" he whispered, opening his legs as Duo stood beside him.

"No idea what you're thinking, but I'm thinking of how fast I can bury my cock inside you and nail your ass to the desk." Duo moaned as he climbed up to kneel beside his lover.

"Truly gifted....that's exactly what I was thinking." Heero groaned, reaching to pull his lover between his legs.

Removing the lube from the bag and covering his hand, Duo eased one finger into his opening. "Nnnn....nice and tight." sliding his finger back out, watching as it melted again inside of his lover, Heero rewarding him with soft moans as he moved forward pleading for more. Adding a second finger, Duo twisted the two inside his entrance, stretching him further, a third sliding into his tightness. Duo worked them roughly inside, his body aching to impale his beautiful lover. "Soon, koi." he whispered as he gently placed his splayed fingers on Heero's abdomen, each muscle rippling beneath his hand as Heero moved under him, driving Duo's fingers deeper inside.

"Please, Duo. I want you." Heero begged, his cobalt eyes filled with a desperate longing as he looked down at his beautiful lover, his amethyst eyes still watching as he thrust his hand forward to graze his lovers sweet spot, looking into Heero's half-lidded eyes, grunting as he all but removed his fingers, plunging them into him, Heero's sudden up thrust confirmation his touch was on target again.

Whimpering as Duo removed his fingers, Heero eyed his lover preparing himself, breathing deeply as he covered his erection with the slick gel, the pleasure of his hand against his member obvious on his face. Wiping the excess lube on the outside his thigh, Duo reached forward and brought Heero's hips closer to him, nudging the tip of his cock against his waiting entrance. "Mmmm.....Want you too." Duo moaned.

Shifting himself forward, Duo began his descent into the depths of his lover's body, savoring the feeling as inch by inch of Heero's incredible warmth surrounded him. "Doesn't get any better than this, Heero." he moaned, moving further inside, gasping at the sensation of being fully sheathed inside the man of his dreams, slowly closing his eyes as they met with Heero's, noting that he was similarly enthralled by their joining.

Heero's hips moved beneath him in small circles "More, Duo." he whispered, lifting himself just inches off the desk to spur his lover into action above him. Duo nodded and pulled back only slightly before thrusting himself against Heero again, repeating the motion, each time pulling out a little further as his lover rocked his hips up into him, finding the perfect rhythm.

"That's gonna put me over the edge, baby." Duo groaned, his hands holding Heero's hips still beneath him as he pounded himself into his partner, angling his lover's body so that his movements would provide him with the greatest amount of pleasure. "Jeezuz....Duo.......harder !" Heero cried, tossing his head against the hard surface below as he arched his back up off the desk to meet the urgency of Duo's forceful thrusts.

Taking Heero's wet arousal in his hand, Duo began pumping him in time with his thrusts, enjoying his lover's low moans as he brought him to climax, Heero's seed covering his chest, gasping as the delicious rhythm sent him spiraling into his own orgasm, shaking violently as his essence flowed forward into Heero, their seamless union making them unable to determine where one body ended and the other began. Screaming his partner's name, Duo continued rocking into his lover's mid-orgasmic body, Heero's muscles clamping down on him as he continued to fill him.

Zechs woke to the shrill cries of pleasure as the two were nearing completion, their sweaty forms still writhing against each other on top of his desk across the room. His arousal rising fast, Zechs sat up to get a better view of the erotic vision, the lovers unaware of his eyes on them, nor the effect they were having on him.

The lovers lay quiet, still captivated by each other, arms and legs tangled together, upper bodies embracing as they allowed their breathing to slow.

Zechs stood and made his way across the room, pausing as few feet from his desk to clear his throat.

"Zechs." Heero called, his voice nearly returned to normal. "Did we wake you ?" he asked, his eyes still closed as his fingers drew small circles on his lovers back. Duo grinned into Heero's chest, certain that no one could have slept through their noisy lovemaking. "Silly question, koi." Duo whispered.

"You two always this loud ?" He asked, his lips turned up at the corners.

"Only when Duo's on top." Heero replied, relaxing his grip on his longhaired lover, propping himself up on one elbow to stare over at the handsome blonde.

"Something we can do for you ?" Heero grinned as he washed his eyes over Zech's incredible body, his eyes going wide as they met with his arousal standing at full attention, smiling as he looked back up at the blonde's smiling face.

Duo shifted in Heero's grasp at the feeling of Heero's awakening erection against his thigh, rolling over to peer up at the platinum haired pilot standing a few feet away, his tongue coming out to lick his lips as he eyed Zechs' fully erect member. "Think we should give him a hand with that, koi ?" Duo asked.

"Or a mouth." Heero grinned. "Or..." pausing as he looked over to his lover, Duo nodding.

Swinging his legs over the edge of the desk, Duo curled his finger at the confused blonde, motioning him forward. Wrapping his legs around him as he approached, Duo pulled him the rest of the way to him. "Trust us ?" he asked, his hands grasping at Zechs' tight bottom, licking a line down the center of his well-toned chest.

"Implicitly." Zechs answered, his eyes closing in response to Duo's increasingly maddening touch.

"Man of few words." Duo mused, "Always this quiet, Merquise ?" he asked, a light touch sweeping the platinum hair from his magnificent face.

"Only when I'm being seduced." Zechs whispered, Duo groaning as he brought his head down to kiss him, Zechs responding with a low moan, opening his mouth wide to allow the Duo's questing tongue inside.

Heero made his way off the desk and stood behind Zechs, moving his body close to the tall man, wrapping his arms around him and pressed his hardness against the blonde's thigh. Zechs moaned into his captor's mouth as he felt Heero's arousal rubbing against him, the former Wing pilot's hands sliding around him, his fingers toying with each of his erect nipples, roughly pinching them between his thumb and forefingers.

"Mmm......" Duo moaned, releasing Zechs from the kiss. "I'm thinking of a number…..from 1 to 100." he whispered as he ran one finger down the length of Zech's erection. "Care to guess what it is ?" Duo breathed, sliding himself back into the center of the desk, gripping at the blonde's wrist, inviting him to join him.

Zechs groaned and brought himself up on all fours above the amethyst-eyed boy, running his tongue over the outline of Duo's upper lip before pushing him back to lie flat against the hard wooden surface. Zechs moving his hips downward to rub his dripping arousal against Duo's. "Nnnnnnnn........" he moaned, "turn around." the blonde moving to the side to allow Duo to shift beneath him.

Heero watched intently as his lover brought himself into position, Zechs lowering himself into Duo's mouth, the blonde's simultaneously taking in his lover's erection.

Heero was visibly aroused as the two beautiful men began pleasuring each other, their amazing bodies surrounded by their flowing hair as they moaned at the sensations of both being on the giving and receiving end of the stimulating act.

As the two became lost in each others ministrations, Heero focused his attention on the spectacular view he had of Zechs' tight bottom a mere foot in front of him and brought his hands up, running them roughly over it's smooth surface, his finger grazing it's entrance, the blonde flinching only slightly before he moved back into the touch.

Taking Zechs' reaction as an indication of his submission, Heero coated his fingers with lube and eased one fingertip into Zechs' opening, groaning as the blonde thrust his hips back, taking the rest of it's slippery length inside. "Like that, huh Zechs ? Heero groaned.

Looking down at Duo, Heero winked and with little effort slid another finger into Zechs, the two digits now entering his body with the force the blonde seemed to demand.

Duo tried to control his reaction to Zechs' oral assault, knowing that his lover was almost ready to introduce the rubber toy into play, but Zechs' sweet mouth had his manhood in an incredibly tight grip and he felt himself on the verge of surrendering to it. Turning his eyes up to his lover, Duo's let his facial expression announce to Heero his imminent climax, spurring Heero into action.

Covering the soft rubber with a moderate amount of lube, Heero rubbed its tip against Zechs' bottom, shivering as the blonde moved backward to allow its insertion. Pushing it further inside his opening, Heero moaned as he continued to slide its length into Zechs, his fingers brushing against his puckered flesh as he fully submerged the dildo.

Duo opened his eyes wide, looking up at his lover, Heero clearly enjoying himself as he slid the stiff rubber in and out of Zechs' ass, the blonde thrusting himself back to meet it's ever maddening pace. "Nnnn.......Yes....harder, Heero." he cried, moaning as Heero complied with his wishes. Staring back down at his lover, Heero lowered his hand to his arousal, wrapping his fist around it, pumping himself using the same rhythm he was thrusting the toy into Zechs with.

Heero could hear the blonde's deep groans as he tightened his lips around Duo's length and looked down at his panting lover as he began to climax. Heero could hear his muffled cries of pleasure as Duo continued hungrily sucking Zechs' arousal as he thrust himself into the blonde's mouth, his back arching up off the hard surface. Heero found himself startled by the sensations of watching Duo orgasm were causing him. While Zechs had brought Duo off earlier, Heero had never actually seen anyone send his lover into the throes of ecstasy.

Totally detached from the scene, at least physically, Heero found his lover even more erotic and enticing, if that was at all humanly possible. Stroking himself rapidly as he watched his beautiful Duo climaxing, Heero silently attained orgasm, shuddering as he released into his one hand, the other still holding the onto the base of the dildo as he continued impaling Zechs.

Zechs swallowed each mouthful of Duo's sweetness, licking the last of it from the head as he released Duo's softening member from his mouth.

Now free to shift himself atop the desk, Zechs lowered his hips onto Duo's face, pushing himself back, writhing against the intrusion as it brushed against his prostate. "Uhhh...that's it.", Zechs screamed, clenching his fists as Duo tightened his lips around his twitching member, sucking hard as Zechs' thickness filled his mouth, Duo's head shifting with his body's movements as he continued to buck back, Heero expertly maneuvering the device within him, each thrust ending with another shot of warmth entering Duo's waiting mouth.

Panting heavily, Zechs slowed his movements, letting out a deep groan as Heero slid the length of rubber from him, his limp member falling from Duo's warm mouth as he collapsed onto the desk beside the braided boy.

Heero bent down to kiss his sweaty and exhausted lover. "Enjoy that, Duo ?" he whispered, his lover nodding his response. "Mmm...me too." Heero moaned, his wet fingers brushing against Duo's open lips, slipping several of them into his mouth, Duo groaning as he sucked them, his lovers taste filling his mouth.

Zechs looked over at Duo and Heero and smiled. "Feel free to use the shower.", his accurate comment regarding their current physical condition making them both laugh.


Duo slept for most of the ride home, his head resting against Heero's shoulder, his lovers arm wrapped tightly around his thin waist, Heero's hand sliding absent mindedly through his silken hair. Carrying his precious cargo inside, Heero brought Duo up to their bedroom and laid him on the bed. Removing only his boots and socks, Heero slipped out of his clothes and snuggled up to his lover, covering them both.

His body was exhausted from the evening's events and Heero smiled as he thought back. It was indeed just lust as Duo had indicated, an incredible lust at that and while he experienced several fleeting moments of jealousy as he replayed the evening over in his head, Heero's body tingled nonetheless.

Smiling into his lover's damp hair, he tightened his arms around Duo, falling asleep in record time.

Duo tossed and turned in Heero's embrace, startling his cobalt-eyed lover from sleep. "Duo ?" he called, gently shaking him awake.

Duo rolled over to face his lover. "Mmmm.....I was dreaming again...sorry."

Heero stared at him wide-eyed in disbelief "Zechs ?!?" he asked, a bit shocked.

"Nope." Duo grinned widely "......Wufei."

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