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title: all i have to do is dream
category: yaoi, PWP, lemon, sap, voyeurism, exhibitionism, masturbation, AU (AC 199)
pairings: 1X2X1X6…kinda

all i have to do is dream
part 4

Having been taking in his lovers activities from across the room, Heero stood and made his way over to closer to where the two sat, Zechs' hands moving over Duo's lower back as his lover plundered the blonde's mouth, their upper bodies pressed together. Coming to rest on the wall just perpendicular to the couch, Heero leaned back and folded his arms at his waist, his attention returning to the increasingly heated action that was taking place on the sofa.

Raising his hips up, Duo grinned at Zechs, his finger sliding into the waistband of his jeans, inviting the blonde to touch him, his arousal clearly visible beneath the tight leather, moaning as Zechs reached forward to unfasten the snap. Sliding the down zipper over his bulge, Zech's tugged at the stiff fabric with both hands, Duo taking a deep breath as the pressure was removed, his erection springing free of its confines.

Glancing over at his lover, Duo returned Heero's smile, pleased at his response, eyes moving downward to settle momentarily on the straining erection in his lover's jeans then looking back up at him, licked his lips, winking at his lovers widening grin.

Reaching down, Duo took his stiffness into his own hand, a low moan escaping as he moved his fist over its length, feeling the lust in Zechs' eyes on him, pumping himself more rapidly before removing it and bringing the blonde's hand up, held it in a firm grasp as he curled Zech's fingers around his stiffness.

"Mmmm.....yyees." Duo hissed as he thrust his hips forward into the touch, each stroke more rapid than the next as Zechs tightened his grip in an attempt to bring Duo to climax. "No way, Merquise." Duo smiled, removing his hand as he climbed off of his lap. Bending forward to kiss him, Zechs' tongue worked its way into the braided boys mouth. "I have plans for that sweet mouth of yours." Duo grinned as he moved back to sit beside him.

Lifting his hips up to slide his pants down to his knees, Duo reached forward to push them the rest of the way over his legs leaving the crumbled fabric to settle at his ankles. Reclining back into the softness of the couch, Duo reached for Zechs' wrist, guiding him to kneel on the floor between his open legs, the blonde immediately dropping his head to run his tongue through the moisture at the swollen tip before lunging forward to taking Duo's entire length into his mouth.

"Mmmmm......" Duo groaned as his head pressed into the back of the sofa, driving himself further into the warmth of Zechs' mouth, the blonde swirling his tongue around the head before burying all of him into his hot mouth.

"Duo has amazing stamina." Heero offered, a wicked smile making its way across his face.

"Have to if I'm gonna keep up with you, koi." Duo smiled toward his lover, gasping as Zech's brought his hand up, several of his fingers putting pressure at the sensitive spot below his testicles, nodding to acknowledge their comments as he continued pleasuring him, moaning low in his throat with each of Duo's upward thrusts.

"Yes....quite the mouth, Merquise." Duo moaned, his hands holding the blonde's head motionless as he drove his hips upward, holding himself tight against Zechs' mouth, gasping as his tongue moved around his shaft.

"Come here, Heero." Duo called, his voice soft as he paused his thrusts to glance over at his lover, smiling as he approached.

Sit, koi." Duo whispered, moving forward to allow Heero to squeeze between the sofa back and his body, taking in a quick breath as he felt Heero's arousal slide down the length of his spine. Moving to lie back against him, Duo moaned as Heero's hardness pressed into his lower back. "Mmmm……nice, Heero." Duo hissed, "very nice."

Firmly settled back against his lover, Duo rested his head on Heero's shoulder, reconvening his movements into Zechs' mouth. "Enjoying the view ?" Duo asked huskily, watching himself being swallowed whole, Heero moaning and tensing behind him as he eyed the scene. "Mmmm...though so." He whispered as he reached back to bring Heero's arms to surround him, rubbing his lovers hand over his chest, the silky fabric allowing easy movement.

"I think I've died and gone to heaven." Duo groaned, his back arching as Heero pinched his nipples through the flimsy fabric, his hips moving forward into the blonde's talented mouth. "Definitely heaven...." Duo moaned, each harsh movement of Zechs' mouth bringing him closer to climax, his lovers hands moving up under his shirt, his thumb and forefinger rolling each hardened nub between them.

"So polite of you not to talk with your mouth full, Zechs." Duo hissed, every nerve of his body tingling as Heero turned his head, bringing his wet mouth to lick and suck at the tender skin of his neck, grinding his hips into Duo as he felt his lover's body tense, knowing he was near climax.

"Swallow." Heero commanded, firming his grasp on Duo as he released into Zechs' mouth, every muscle quivering under Heero's tight grasp, watching as Duo thrust forward, his cock twitching inside Zechs' warm cavern, envious as his lovers seed flooded the blonde's mouth. "Ugh....Heero, Zechs....Nnnnnnnn....." he growled, Heero holding him firmly in place, still torturing him with tongue and fingers, his body pressed so tightly to Duo's, his lover's moans and tremors bringing Heero dangerously close to his own release as he closed his eyes to black out the vision of his lovers erection still sliding in and out of Zechs' warm mouth.

Swirling his tongue over his head, Zech's looked up at Duo, savoring the last of the fluid still oozing from it's tip before bringing himself to his knees and leaned forward to kiss him. Heero's hand forcefully grabbed his chin and brought his own tongue inside of Zechs' mouth, a loud moan filling the air as he tasted his lover inside, sealing himself against the blonde's mouth.

Duo shifted, his body trapped between the two men locked in a torrid kiss, his lover still grasping at the back of blonde's head and brought his hand down, sliding it over the front of Zechs' pants seeking his erection, moaning as he heard him gasp into Heero's mouth, his fingers fumbling to unfasten them, his rigid flesh just out of reach.

Zech's pulled back from Heero's mouth and straddled Duo's lap, bringing his still fabric clad erection well within Duo's reach. "You two are really something." He moaned, watching as Duo freed his painful arousal, his long fingers surrounding it and succumbed to his glorious touch.

Heero moved from behind Duo and positioned himself on the floor between his lovers legs, his hands gently tugging at Zech's pants, the blonde lifting up off himself of Duo's lap as Heero pulled the fabric slid further down his legs, trapped at his bent knees. "All the way off." Heero growled as he wrapped his arms around the blonde's waist and removed him from Duo's lap.

Looking up at the tall man standing over him, Heero smiled as he reached up to slide the white fabric down and off, Zechs stepping out of it as he watched Heero's lusty eyes taking in his naked form. "Like what you see, Yuy ?" he asked, grinning at the ex-Wing pilot seated near his feet. "This is for your lover." he smiled lightly handling himself for Heero's benefit, and turned to face the couch, Duo's head moving forward to lick the tip of the arousal in front of him.

Reaching forward, Heero lifted the bunched up fabric of Duo's pants upward to expose the tops of his Doc Martens, untying the bow and loosening the laces before sliding the heavy boot from his lovers foot, removing the black sock before repeating the process on the other foot then slipping the thick fabric of his lovers pants over his feet, tossed them behind him.

Heero knelt to adjust his painful erection still trapped in his jeans, then standing, took Zech's upper arms in his hands and gently turning him around to seat the blonde on the couch beside Duo. Taking Duo's hands in his, Heero pulled his lover to a standing position, roughly kissing him, then turning him, hands on his shoulders, forcing Duo to his knees, his braided lover burying his head in Zech's lap, the blonde bucking his hips up into Duo's wet mouth.

Moving his hands over the smooth skin of Duo's back, Heero slid himself down his lover's upper body coming to kneel behind him on the floor, pressing his erection against his bottom as Duo pushed back against the familiar stiffness, moaning as his lover continued grinding into him, his hands surrounding Duo's hips, his need clear. "God how I want you." Heero groaned as his hand moved around Duo's body to firmly grasp and pump his dripping length, Duo's mouth moving more rapidly up and down over the blonde's stiffness as Heero's thrusts urged him to bring Zechs to completion.

Reaching over with one hand, Duo released Zechs from his mouth and bent to retrieve the lube from the black bag. Flipping the cap open with one hand, he squeezed a small circle of clear gel onto his other hand letting his thumb spread the lube over his fingers. Bringing his hand to Zechs' opening, Duo slid his finger deep inside the blonde, his mouth suddenly engulfing the entirety of his length, grinning around the stiffness as Zechs thrust his hips upward. Duo's finger moved roughly inside and he quickly adding a second, the two searching for only moments. "Ugh….Yes….More !" Zechs moaned feeling the questing fingers inside ramming against his prostate, Duo's talented mouth still sucking him at a frantic pace.

"Gives a hell of a blow job, doesn't he, Zechs ?" Heero moaned as he rubbed his clothed arousal over his lover's naked bottom, looking up the blonde on the couch, his eyes closed in ecstasy as his head strained upward, strands of his platinum hair plastered to his sweaty face, open mouth gasping as he panted his response. "Mmm….Yes, finish me." Breathing softly as his hands held Duo's head in place, the blonde shuddered and Duo nearly gagged as the first of Zechs' seed filled his mouth. "Ughh……Duo !" he cried, thrusting forward as Duo continued driving his fingers further into him, groaning as each thrust forced another stream to exit his shaking body, Duo's mouth slowing as he felt the blonde's body relax within it before easing his fingers from Zechs' channel.

"Mmmm…very nice, Zechs, Duo groaned as he wiped his mouth with the back of his hand. "Now if you don't mind, I have a very impatient lover here who I'm pretty sure wants to have his way with me. Isn't that right, koi ?" Duo moaned, standing as he extended his hands down to bring Heero to his feet.

"Accurate assessment." Heero growled, reaching forward to unbutton Duo's shirt, he slid it down over his shoulders to let the silky fabric fall away leaving Duo's incredible body completely unadorned. "One more thing." Heero whispered, his hands moving behind his lover, grasping the ribbon at the end of his braid, quickly removing it, untwisting the long plait, running his hands through its silkiness before bringing some of it to lie over each of Duo's shoulders. "Breathtaking as usual." He moaned, stepping back to let his lover divest him of his clothes.

Mouth open in awe, Zechs watched the two lovers, his body still experiencing the sensations of his ebbing orgasm. He had never seen the young pilot with his hair down and he was even more beautiful than he ever could have imagined. His eyes hungrily washed over Duo's naked and aroused body. "Correct, Yuy. He is simply breathtaking." Zechs offered, smiling as Heero grinned in his direction.

Duo was barely aware of the conversation as he was totally focused on removing his lovers clothing as quickly as possible, each button merely a frustrating obstacle. Finally giving up, he pulled the shirt open sending the buttons flying through the air as he tugged the fabric off. Bringing his tongue to Heero's exposed chest, he teased each one his koi's erect nipples as he reached down to unfasten his jeans, watching as his hand closed around his lovers weeping arousal, "Looks painful, Heero." He smiled as he released him, both hands tugging his pants off as Heero toed out of his shoes. Lifting each foot as Duo removed his socks, Heero slipped each foot out of his jeans and stood naked before the two men.

Duo remained kneeling at Heero's feet to stare up at his seraphic lover, taking a moment to appreciate his nudity. "Drop dead gorgeous." He whispered, bringing himself to his feet "And all mine." Duo moaned, his breath now soft against Heero's ear. "Take me."

Pulling Duo to the floor, Heero reached for the lube and watched as his lover lay back, shifting to surround his own kneeling form, legs spreading wide to give Heero complete access to his willing body.

Eyeing the incredible scene from his semi-reclined position on the couch, Zechs brought his hand down to his re-awakening arousal and began stroking himself as he watched Heero prepare his beautiful lover to be taken.

Coating his fingers with gel, Heero looked up at Zechs as he moved his hand to Duo's opening, moaning as he slid his finger inside and shifted his gaze to his lover's face. "More ?" he asked, smiling as Duo nodded, a second joining the first, watching as he thrust them deeper inside. Heero groaned as Duo wiggled beneath him and he added yet another finger, growing more anxious to bury himself inside of Duo.

"Now, Heero, please." Duo whimpered as he thrust himself upward. Heero positioned himself at his lover's entrance and removing his fingers, eased the tip of his cock inside, "Ugh…Duo." His words more of a moan as he moved his hips steadily forward, driving into the slippery warmth of his lover's channel. "Mine." he groaned, fully seated inside of him, struggling to remain still as he allowed Duo to adjust to his thickness. "Yours." Duo whispered, ever enthralled by the incredible feeling of being filled by Heero.

"Zechs seems to be enjoying this." Heero smiled down at his lover, his eyes moving back up to the couch where the blonde sat, eagerly stroking himself as he watched the two on the floor, his other hand caressing his hardened sac, moaning as Heero started to move himself in and out of his lover.

"Nnn…….Harder, Heero." Duo begged as his hips rose up from the floor to meet his lover's thrusts, Heero answering his need with his increasing pace, ramming himself into Duo before withdrawing almost all the way, groaning as he slammed back inside, his arousal surrounded by the velvety warmth of Duo's channel. "So tight……so hot....so Duo." Heero whispered as his hand surrounded Duo's erection, pounding into him, the head of his cock brushing against his lover's prostate. "Ohh God….yes, Heero !" Duo cried, Heero's cock beating inside him.

Heero gasped as he felt himself on the verge of climax. "Come with me." he groaned, his body trembling as he drove hard into Duo, remaining sealed against him as he filled him with his liquid passion, "Uhhh....Duo.....Nnnnn." frantically stroking his lovers erection, moaning as Duo released the first of his seed to cover his chest and Heero's hand. His erection twitched inside as Duo's muscles contracted around it, still spilling his essence into him. "Oh God, Heero....don't stop !" Duo groaned, writhing beneath him. Heero closed his eyes and continued his assault, each purposeful thrust rewarded by yet another sexy moan from his lovers mouth as his fist slid rapidly over Duo's member, coaxing the last of the milky substance from him.

Heero collapsed atop his lover, the two sweaty and exhausted, loosely embracing one another as they allowed their breathing to return to normal. "That was just incredible." Duo whispered. "Mmmm...as usual." Heero returned, smiling up at his amethyst-eyed lover, "Ai Shiteru, Duo.", Duo shivering as the breathy words left his lovers lips. "Love you too, Heero." he smiled, his fingers moving slowly through his lover's messy hair.

"Think we lost Zechs up there ?" Heero asked.

"Dunno." Duo smirked, "He's awfully quiet."

Heero propped himself up on his elbow and peered up at the couch, smiling at the sight of the half naked man lying disheveled on his side, his hand still surrounding his shriveled member, seed covering his abdomen. "Still with us, Merquise ?" Heero asked, the blonde opening his eyes and lifting his head, grunting as he looked down at the grinning ex-pilot, plopping his head back down onto the couch.

Heero smirked.

"Wouldn't happen to have a shower in here, would you, Zechs ?" Heero asked.

Zechs lifted his arm and pointed to a door across the room.

Grabbing Duo by the hand, the two made their way into the bathroom.

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