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rating: NC-17
warnings: use of a dildo require a warning ? *shrugs*
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title: all i have to do is dream
category: yaoi, PWP, lemon, sap, voyeurism, exhibitionism, masturbation, AU (AC 199)
pairings: 1X2X1X6…kinda

all i have to do is dream
part 3

Calling the Preventer's office that day to assure that Zech's was going to be there later that evening, the lovers set themselves into action.

"Any ideas on what I should wear ?" Duo asked, standing before his closet. "Something in particular that turns you on, koi ?" he asked.

Heero glanced over at him "How about what you have on now ?" he replied, his eyes taking in the graceful form of his lover's nudity.

"I figured I'd save that for later." he smiled, "I'm serious, Heero." he added.

"If I didn't know better, I'd say you were nervous, Duo Maxwell." Heero smiled. "How about your black leather pants and dark gray silk shirt.....the button down one."

Duo nodded and removed said pants and shirt from his closet. "Maybe just a little nervous." he smiled.

"Not too late to change your mind." Heero volunteered.

Duo paused and crossed the room, standing beside his lover. "If it bothers you, koi, we don't have to.", his arms drawing Heero to him.

"Doesn't bother me." Heero told him, kissing him briefly on the mouth. "You think we should bring this ?" he asked, holding up long hidden relic of Duo's single days.

Glancing down at the 8" rubber dildo, Duo grinned. "No penetration. Might be useful." he chuckled. "Don't forget the lube." winking at his grinning lover.

"Aa." Heero snickered "Poor Zechs." tucking the phallus and a large tube of lube into the small black leather bag.


Parking downtown was easy on a Thursday night, the two pausing before exiting the car, the Preventer's Building a mere 10 yards away.

"Ready, koi ?" Duo asked, checking his hair once more in the fold down mirror of the Jeep's visor. "You think I should braid it ? May have more of an effect when I let it down."

Heero pondered for a moment, running his hands through Duo's hair, "Do I get to let it down ?"

Duo smiled. "Whatever turns you on, love." he smiled, reaching behind him to gather and braid his hair.

Exiting the car, Heero dropped a coin into the meter "An hour enough time ?" he asked, adding another quarter as he met with Duo's evil grin.


The elevator rang at the fourth floor, the two following the signs to Room 126, entering the open doorway.

"Is Zechs in ?" Duo asked the young girl behind the desk.

"Who should I say is calling ?" she asked politely.

"Tell him its Heero Yuy and Duo Maxwell." Heero replied.

Picking up the phone, the girl relayed the message, motioning them to enter, following them inside, the two remaining in the doorway as she entered the office.

"Goodnight, Mr. Merquise. See you in the morning." she spoke, the blonde nodding in response. "Goodnight, Lauren."

Standing as his secretary exited the room, Zechs made his way over to his guests, the three men shaking hands.

"What can I do for you gentlemen this evening ?" he asked, motioning for them to sit, returning to sit in his chair behind the large desk.

Duo looked over at Heero before turning his attention to the tall handsome blonde seated behind the desk. "This isn't a business call, Zechs." Duo started. "It's more for........pleasure." he smiled.

Zechs smiled. "It's always a pleasure to see you. You are both looking well.", his eyes washing over the two young men before him. "So what is it that brings you here tonight ?" he asked, his eyes focusing on Duo's.

Duo stood. "To be honest, Zechs...." he started, leaning forward, his both palms resting in the center of the desk, staring into Zech's pale blue eyes, "I've been having dreams about you......nice dreams." he smiled, intrigued by the slight curl of his prey's lip, the blonde grasping the implication.

"And so you've come here......for what ?" Zech's asked, shifting slightly in his chair, his thoughts scattered as he watched Duo make his way around the desk, his attention focusing on Heero still seated passively before him.

"Aren't you two....." Zech's started, confused yer intrigued by the scenario.

"Lovers ?" Duo asked, sitting on the wooden surface beside Zechs' chair. "Uh huh." he smiled mischievously, his hand moving forward to hold a lock of Zechs' hair, letting it fall through his fingers. "Not interested, Zechs ?" Duo asked, foot catching the edge of his seat, turning it to face him, his boot coming to rest on the leather chair in the space between the man's legs.

Zech's looked over at Heero, then focused his eyes on the very attractive boy leaning over him, "I didn't say that." he replied.

"No, you didn't." Duo whispered, leaning forward, his hand caressing Zechs' face as his mouth moved over his, tongue nudging the blonde's lips seeking entrance, Duo's hand making it's way behind his head to pull him closer.

Heero shifted in his seat, uneasy watching his lover kissing Zechs, yet growing more aroused as their kiss intensified.

"I take it you're okay with this, Heero ?", Zechs asked, peering over the desk at the former Wing pilot, his hand moving slowly over the muscles of Duo's lower back, stopping the motion as he noticed Heero eyeing his touch, his brow furrowing.

"If I wasn't we wouldn't be here." Heero stated flatly, almost glaring at Zechs.

Sensing the tension in his lover's voice, Duo made his way back around the desk, standing in front of Heero momentarily before kneeling at his feet.

"You okay, koi ?" Duo asked, both hands rubbing the inside of Heero's thighs. "Heero ?" Duo questioned.

Staring up at Zechs, Heero brought his mouth down to his lovers, pulling him tightly to him, his tongue forcing its way inside his lover's mouth, releasing Duo roughly from the possessive kiss, his eyes still focused on Zechs.

"I get the message, Yuy." the blonde smiled, standing to make his way over to the two, Heero's arms wrapped possessively around his lover, Duo looking up at Heero while his fingers traced the outline of his partner's arousal through his jeans.

Heero released Duo from his embrace, watching as he stood to take Zechs' hand in his, the two pausing at the black leather sofa on the other side of the room.

"So, what is it that I can do for you, Maxwell ?" Zechs asked quietly, looking down at Duo, smiling as he noted how much taller the former pilot had grown, now only a few inches shorter than himself.

Laying his hands on Zechs' chest, Duo eased him down onto the sofa, his legs straddling him as he sat in his lap, his hands running through the platinum silk framing Zechs' face. "Mmmm.....this will do for a start." he moaned, his lips coming down firmly as his tongue snaked it's way inside the blonde's open mouth, urging Zechs' tongue to move against his.

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