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title: all i have to do is dream
category: yaoi, PWP, lemon, sap, voyeurism, exhibitionism, masturbation, AU (AC 199)
pairings: 1X2X1X6…kinda

all i have to do is dream
part 2

Later that evening found the two pilots in their room once again. Duo on the bed reading, Heero at his laptop.

Setting his book on the bed beside him, Duo looked across the room, "Heero ? Want to do something tonight ?" he asked.

Turning to face Duo, he smiled. "Anything in particular you had in mind ?" making his way over to sit beside him.

"Nope. Tired of reading though." He smiled.

"Duo….I've been thinking." Heero started "And if it's okay with you, I'd like to make things more permanent between us." Slowly looking up at his lover, apprehensive to gauge his response.

"Like what Heero ? We've been living together for three years already. Want to get engaged ?" he laughed, his brows rising as he searched Heero's face, his mouth opening. "Heero ?"

"I know it seems a bit sudden, but I have been thinking about it for a while now." Heero told him.

"Ummm…I don't know wwwhat to ….ssay here……" Duo stuttered.

Heero looked up at his lover, "How about "yes" ?" He smiled, removing a small black box from his pocket before his lover's wide eyes.

Duo sat speechless as Heero opened the tiny velvet box revealing a simple platinum band with two stones cut into its center.

"One amethyst, one cobalt." Heero smiled, lifting the ring from its box.

Duo stared down at the ring and then back up at Heero.

Holding the ring between his thumb and index finger, Heero took Duo's left hand into his free one, the ring hovering at it's shaking fingertip. "Will you ? Heero asked, gazing into his lover's eyes. "Will you marry me, Duo ?"

Duo nodded slowly and watched as Heero slid the ring down the length of his finger, releasing it when it had settled at the base. Looking back up at Duo, Heero threaded his fingers between his lovers and brought his hand up to his mouth, kissing it gently.

"Cat got your tongue, Duo ?" Heero smiled at his uncharacteristically silent lover.

"Ummm......no, but I think I'm in mild shock here." he replied. "You *did* just ask me to marry you, right ?" Duo asked.

Heero smiled and nodded.

"And I *did* just say yes, right ?" he asked again.

"Actually, you just nodded." Heero winked. "But I took that as a yes."

"Ohhh.....it was a yes alright !!" Duo grinned, looking down at the ring, their fingers still entwined. "It's beautiful, Heero." he whispered, his voice cracking slightly, looking down as his eyes filled with tears.

"Crying because you're happy I hope." Heero asked, bringing Duo's face up to meet his, smiling as his lover nodded emphatically. "Good." Heero grinned, wiping away the warm tears from Duo's cheek.

"Kiss me ?" Heero questioned, his voice low and seductive, his hand already moving to bring his love closer, eyes closing as their open mouths met, their tongues ever so slowly working their way around one another's, neither one giving or taking control.


It was only a matter of time before Heero knew that Duo would bring up the subject of Zech's again, their feelings for each other now having been solidified and Duo didn't disappoint.

Sitting at the breakfast table, a cup of coffee in one hand, Heero's in the other, he spoke "Heero ?"

"Hm ?" Heero asked, not even looking up from his newspaper.

"Given any thought to the Zech's thing ?" he asked.

Heero sat his paper down on the table and looking over his lover, sighed. "What exactly is it that you want, koi ?" he asked.

"Just a chance to act out my dream. You're more than welcome to watch or even join in if you want to." he smiled.

"Hn. As if I'd let you go alone." Heero replied.

"Then it's okay ?" Duo asked in an upbeat tone.

"I didn't say that." Heero smiled. "We need to establish some ground rules."

"Ground rules ?" Duo asked, unsure of what Heero meant.

"Yes. A Mission Plan, so to speak." He winked.

Duo chuckled. "Fine."

"Have you given any thought to how you plan on approaching him ?" Heero asked.

"Thought I'd just show up in his office and ummm......seduce him ?" Duo replied, the last of his words a question as he looked toward Heero.

Heero laughed lowly, shaking his head from side to side.

"What ?" Duo asked, "Don't think I can do it ?" He winked, moving closer to Heero, his fingers moving over the tight muscles of his upper arm.

"No doubts at all." Heero smiled, removing Duo's hand as it wandered playfully down his bare chest.

"Besides." Duo smiled "I already know that Zech's is interested......at least he *was*...."

Heero looked questionably over at Duo.

"Ummmm....long story......nothing happened, koi. Not that I wasn't tempted." he winked.


Duo remained silent, giving Heero time to digest this new piece of information.

"So....you are asking *me*, your fiancé.....to let you seduce a guy that you've been having erotic dreams about *and* who has a sexual interest in you. Do I have that straight, Duo ?" Heero asked flatly, looked expectantly over at him.

Duo laughed nervously. "Ummm....yeah, that's pretty much what I'm asking.....though it does sound kind of bad when you put it that way."

Heero looked over at Duo, "Is there another way I should be putting it ?" he questioned, raising his brow.

"Well......I *did* invite you to watch......or better yet join us." Duo smiled, hoping his mention of including Heero in his little fantasy would help sway his lover's mind, and he did after all genuinely want his lover to be part of his fantasy.


"And it's not like I have feelings for him or anything, Heero. It's pure lust." He smiled.

"Understandable." Heero retorted. "So what's a go and what's a no-go ?"

"Huh ?" Duo asked.

"What is it that you want to do once you've seduced him, Duo ? We need to set limits." Heero replied.

"Limits, huh ?" Duo asked, clearly disappointed. "I just kind of figured we play it by ear." winking at his none-too amused lover. "Fine....you can set the limits. Okay ?" he asked, knowing that if he continued he could derail the entire process.

Heero nodded, giving the matter its required thought. "Anything except penetration. Is that acceptable ?" he asked.

"Depends......how do you define penetration ? Fingers count ?" He grinned, glancing over at Heero.

"DUO !" he admonished.

"What ?!?!? I'm just trying to understand your limits, koi." he smiled.

Heero shook his head. "No, fingers don't count."

Duo smiled. "That's acceptable."

"Good." Heero replied, "Now that that's settled, how do you plan on carrying out this ummm......seduction."

"I figured we'd just go to Preventer's Headquarters and knock on his door." Duo smiled, "I like the element of surprise."

"And you're okay with my tagging along ?" Heero asked.

'Ohhh...I wouldn't say you'd be tagging along, koi." Duo purred, kneeling on the floor beside Heero's chair. "I intend to drag you into this with me......actually drag isn't quite the appropriate word." he added, his tongue moving out to lick at Heero's exposed chest.

"Hn." Heero replied, his eyes following Duo's tongue as it continued its path down his upper body, closing his eyes as it dipped inside of his navel, gasping as Duo's chin brushed against his arousal.

"Mmmmm........You're hard just thinking about it, koi." Duo grinned, his mouth teasing Heero's erection through the thin fabric of his shorts. "Imagine how turned on you'll be when it's actually happening."

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