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There were three sets of eye's watching when Heero reached the top of the grand staircase. Heero had Duo held tightly in his arms. Heero's right arm was behind Duo's upper back and his hand grasped firmly to his upper chest. His left hand was resting under Duo's knees, supporting the weight of his heavy cast ridden leg. Duo's arms were clasped behind Heero's neck and Duo's had a smile that reached from one ear to the other.

Quatre was the first to hear the laughter as it rang out across the house. The three pilots, recognizing the long absent laughter as Duo's, quickly made their way to the living room where the infectious sound seemed to be emanating from. Pausing briefly at the room's main entrance, the three glanced upwards.

"Good Morning All !!" Duo called cheerfully to the three very surprised faces at the bottom of the steps.

"DUO !" they all yelled, almost simultaneously, Quatre clapping his hands lightly.

Trowa was the first to make his way up the steps, bounding them two by two, until he was at the landing adjacent to the two boys. Trowa put his hand on Duo's shoulder. "Welcome Back, Duo." Trowa said, his smile, almost as wide as Duo's.

"Hey, need any help, Heero ?" The emerald-eyed pilot asked smiling.

"I think I'm okay, Trowa, Thank You." Heero replied.

Tightening his grip on Duo, whose ribs apparently noticed Heero's now firmer grasp, Heero started slowly down the steps. He carefully placed both feet on each step to balance himself as both hands were too occupied to grasp at the handrail, before continuing onto the next step. The fact that Duo's hair had made it's way loose from its former home between Heero and Duo's bodies wasn't helping make the descent any easier.

Finally reaching the bottom of the stairs, Heero sighed and bending slightly forward, allowed Duo to fall gracefully from his grip, Heero immediately feeling the loss of their contact. Duo stood, his weight still leaning on Heero, who had placed his arm gently around Duo's waist, Duo's hand reached up to hold onto Heero's shoulder for balance.

"This sure is a pleasant surprise, Duo." Quatre grinned.

Wufei was smiling "There goes our peaceful breakfast !"

Duo smiled at the sparkle in Wufei's eyes.

Hobbling into the kitchen, Duo was unusually quiet. He was too busy taking in everything he had missed the past two weeks. He listened to the voices of his friends as they talked, thought he couldn't make out what they were saying. He was lost in the music of their voices and in the feel of the carpeting on his feet and the smell of the fireplace burning in the living room.

"I think this was a very good idea, Heero. Thank you." he whispered into Heero's ear.

"Ai" replied Heero, turning to gently kiss Duo's lips.


The table in the enormous well-lit kitchen was filled with every imaginable type of breakfast food. Duo had a difficult time deciding what to eat. Finally filling his plate with a huge stack blueberry pancakes, he proceeded to smother them with maple syrup.

Duo turned to see Heero watching him, realizing he was moaning at the delightful taste of his breakfast. Duo laughed and dipping his fingers into the large puddle of syrup surrounding his pancakes, reached out and touched his gooey fingers to Heero's lips, smiling as he smeared them with syrup. Heero looked at Duo, puzzled, until Duo leaned toward him, his tongue slowly encircling Heero's lips, then licking the sweet stickiness from them. Heero's tongue moved slightly out to join Duo's when Heero became suddenly and immensely aware that the other three boys were staring at the two lovers.

Heero hesitantly broke their lip lock and sat back in his chair, his face slightly red.

Quatre giggled.

"Ahnn" Heero started, clearing his throat "So, what have you guys been up to ?"

The conversation returned to normal shortly thereafter, each of the boys relating tales of the past two weeks. There had been no missions as peace negotiations continued. There were five smiles at the proposal of peace. The process was taking far longer than anyone thought it would, but the end was in sight and that was a good thing. Each of them had managed to make a life for themselves during the past year, the intermittent missions aiding their success.

Quatre had eventually caught Trowa, whose temperament seemed to have miraculously transformed into the deliriously happy person who sat here this morning. Heero could see why Quatre endlessly pursued Trowa. Quatre had a gift, they had witnessed it on more than one occasion and he was able to see beyond Trowa's wall and through his icy exterior, as if he could almost sense Trowa. Quatre was determined to draw Trowa out and make the emerald eyed prize his own. Heero smiled at the two boys sitting across from him. Their fingers were laced together on the table between them, able, yet unwilling to let go.

Wufei too had changed in the last year, probably more than the others. Heero was still uncertain what events led up to his transformation, as they were never that close. The Chinese boy had slowly accepted the inevitable and ended his inner struggle with honor and perfection, allowing himself to become human. He had even taken on a lover. Much to the shock and dismay of his fellow pilots, Wufei had become involved with Treize Kushrenada ..... of OZ. Heero shuddered just thinking about it. Wufei was, however, the happiest Heero had ever seen him and that, Heero reminded himself, was the essence of life.

And then there was Duo. 'My incredible Duo'. He was the most amazing creature ever to grace God's fine earth.....Heero was certain of it. How Heero ever lived without this joyous boy surrounding him was still a mystery. Heero realized that he never truly *did* live until he met Duo. The walls that Heero had built around himself were five miles high and stronger than gundanium, yet Duo's infectious passion for life and his seemingly endless passion for Heero, had seen fit to demolish them long before Heero fell in love with this braided beauty. Duo made Heero want to be alive.....to feel the tall dew laden grass beneath his bare feet.......to delight in the teeming rain against his naked chest as they twirled themselves dizzy arms outstretched.........to feel humbled as they stared up at the moon and the stars, their insignificant bodies strewn carelessly in a field of endless wildflowers......and as was always Duo's intention, to let Heero know that he was capable of being loved and in return, was capable of giving and accepting love. And while Heero doubted his ability to let anyone pierce his exterior, Duo never gave up his quest of freeing Heero from his self-inflicted prison. 'Thank you, Duo'

Heero was suddenly snapped back into reality, feeling Duo's hand sliding gently up and down his inner thigh, his finger tracing light circles over Heero's soft flesh, now rising to the occasion. He glanced over at Duo, who had long since finished his enormous breakfast, a very contented look on his heart shaped face.

Heero brought his hand behind Duo to run his fingers through his silky hair, turning to face Duo, lost in admiring how his hair framed Duo's face when unbound, making him look that much more sensual.

Noticing Heero's fingers slowly trailing through Duo's still damp hair and the dreamy look in Heero's eye's, Trowa commented "I think this is the first time I've ever seen you with your hair down, Duo. It looks really good."

"Yeah" added Quatre, almost growling "Veeery sexy, Duo !'

Trowa glared at him.

"Well......it does !!!" Quatre replied, defending his last statement.

Heero nodded his head "Yes, Quatre....it does....it does indeed.", his eye's still lost taking in Duo's beauty.

"Uhmmmmm…..guys ? Cut it out……yer embarrassing me ! Duo replied, cheeks flushed, though he himself had to laugh at the absurdity of his own statement.


After one of the most interesting breakfasts Heero had ever recalled having, the five pilots gathered in the living room. Heero nearly having to drag Duo into the room, Duo literally plopped himself on the couch, his face showing signs of exhaustion at the mornings events. He had, after all been up for almost 5 hours, his body now weary, as he was unaccustomed to so much activity. It was a very pleasant exhaustion though, Duo thought to himself.

Heero stood, announcing that he was bringing Duo back upstairs for a nap and would return shortly to hang out a while, while Duo slept. Duo's evil little smirk behind Heero's back, assured the other three that although Heero had good intentions of returning, it was not likely to come to pass anytime soon.


Finally reaching the bedroom, Duo nearly asleep in his arms, Heero struggled under Duo's weight to open the bedroom door, reminding himself not to let Duo eat too much.........at least until his cast came off.

Crossing the room, Heero laid Duo gently down on the bed. Rolling instinctively onto his side, Duo drew his hands up to rest under his chin, nuzzling his head into the soft pillow. Heero looked down at Duo and gathering his shimmering locks into his hand, wrapped the red elastic band around them, forming a gracious ponytail.

"There….that should stop some of the knots." Heero smiled, pleased with himself, as he turned to leave the room.

"Heero ?" Duo called softly "Aren't you going to join me ?"

"Want me to ? Heero questioned innocently, already knowing the answer.

"MmHm" Duo replied letting out a small yawn.

Heero sat on the edge of the bed and removed his socks and sneakers. Scooting over close to Duo, he turned on his side and pressing himself to the sleepy form, draped his arm loosely over Duo's chest. Duo reached for Heero's hand and grasping it tightly, brought it up to join his, still nestling under his chin.

Heero smiled, moving closer to Duo, then closing his eyes, allowed his face to nuzzle into Duo's hair. 'Mmmmm……..Duo's hair always smells like fruit'. The smell was intoxicating, and as Heero took several deep breaths, the coconut fragrance coaxed him almost unwillingly into a more urgent embrace. Heero lay awake for some time, filling his senses with Duo, whose shallow breathing told Heero he was fast asleep. Heero could feel himself rapidly slipping into blissful unconsciousness.

Duo stirred lightly under the weight of Heero's arm, careful not to wake him, before finally settling back against the warmth of Heero's embrace. Duo turned up the corners of his mouth at the feeling of Heero's bulge pressed tightly into the small of his back. Duo tried desperately not to think about it, but his body betrayed him. Even in the near innocence of his sleep, Heero's unconscious desire made Duo's body shudder.

Duo slowly guided Heero's hand downward, Heero's palm open, Duo dragging it lightly across his chest, pausing to let Heero's hand graze against his hardened nipples, before reaching it's intended destination. Duo's fist tightened its grip on Heero's hand, as he pushed his hips forward slightly, his sensitive organ reveling in their combined touch. A delirious tremor came over every inch of his body and he lowly moaned his lover's name, his voice thick with lust.

Heero was oblivious to his hand being manipulated by Duo, but there was no way he could sleep through Duo's impassioned voice nearly growling his name in ecstasy.

"Mmmmmmmmm, Duo....." Heero whispered into Duo's ear, his hand now holding firmly cradling Duo's very aroused cock. Heero applied more friction as he rubbed the length through Duo's much too thick denim jeans.

"Ugghhh.......These jeans will be the death of me yet, Duo." Heero panted, removing his hand much to Duo's dismay.

Heero stood above Duo, straddling him, and bent down to unbutton and unzip the object of his frustration.

Duo was in awe of the sight of Heero's form standing above him. The left strap on Heero's tank top had fallen down over his shoulder, giving him a wanton look. One leg of his spandex shorts had slid all the way up, the gathered fabric only serving to enhance the already incredible image of Heero's bulging crotch. The thin spandex clung so tightly to his erection that Duo could even make out the ridge surrounding the swollen head of Heero's thick uncircumcised cock. "You look simply incredible, Heero." Duo barely managed to assert.

Heero smiled, as he gently tugged at the waist with a downward motion, moving the heavy fabric from side to side. Duo's hips rose slightly to hopefully allow the jeans' hasty removal.

"Hn. At least they came off easier than they went on." Heero happily noted.

Duo smiled.

Returning now to Duo's side, his spandex clad mound, pressing firmly into Duo's hip, Heero slipped his hand into waistband of Duo's boxer's, his fist wrapping tightly around Duo's erection.

"Hmmmmmm.......now where were we ?" Heero mused.

"Right there I believe." Duo responded, his hips grinding himself further into Heero's clutch.

Leaning forward, Heero's tongue began to make a trail of wet kisses down Duo's neck, occasionally taking a small amount of flesh between his teeth and biting down firmly enough to leave teeth marks, his tongue immediately licking the now tender area, causing Duo to growl.

Continuing further down to his shoulders, Heero's tongue and lips applying increasing pressure to Duo flesh. Heero's cheek brushed lightly against Duo's erect nipple, causing the body beneath him to shiver. Heero took the small nub of flesh into his mouth and sucked it, his hand reaching over to roll Duo's other nipple softly between his fingertips.

Abandoning Duo's chest, Heero's mouth made it's way down, stopping only momentarily to dip his wet tongue into Duo's belly button, his tongue then making small circular motions on the surrounding flesh, placed his hands on Duo's shorts, removing them hastily, the silky fabric sliding easily over Duo's thighs and cast.

"Are you sure you are ready for this, Duo ?" Heero questioned.

"Please don't stop, Heero." Duo's whispered, reassuring him

Glancing up, to make sure Duo was watching him, Heero never taking his eyes off of Duo's face. Heero licked the tip of Duo's cock, dipping his tongue into the slit, tasting the sweet moisture which has formed, then licking his lips seductively, took Duo's entire length into the warmth of his hungry mouth.

"Ohhhhhh........Heero !" Duo cried slowly.

The mere sound of Duo's voice caused Heero's cock to twitch as he now increased the pressure his mouth was applying to Duo's erection. Feeling Duo's body tense beneath him and sensing his eminent release was near, Heero placed his hand, fingers spread on Duo's tight abdomen, and increased the pace of his motions, his mouth tightly gripping Duo's throbbing flesh as he moved faster and faster up and down on it's length.

"Ohhh........Heeero..........Ahhhhhhh.......Mmmmm...Heero !!" Duo's body writhed beneath Heero's as Duo began lunging his hips forward, sending shot after shot of his sweet warm liquid into Heero's waiting mouth. Duo shuddered with the release of each stream, Heero's tongue dancing furiously at his sensitive tip, swallowing his seed, the taste of Duo filling his mouth. Allowing Duo's cock to go limp in his mouth, Heero continued sucking, savoring every last drop.

Duo lay exhausted above him, his arms outstretched, his chest rapidly rising and falling, the look of lust still covering his beautiful face. Making his way beside his lover once again, Heero took Duo's face into his hands, and kissed him deeply, wanting Duo to taste himself on his mouth.

"You're delicious, Duo." Heero told him tenderly, his eye's so filled with hunger.

Moving forward, leaving the comfort of Duo's thigh's surrounding him, Heero laid gently down beside Duo, reaching up to brush his sweat covered bangs from his lovers face, his arm then falling to hold Duo's waist.

"Heero....mmmmm......that was just .......amazing." Duo still hoarse with pleasure.

Heero only lay staring at Duo's peaceful form, his face totally relaxed and cheeks still blushed.

Duo turned slightly, his hand reaching down to rub Heero's neglected erection, the thin spandex, presenting no obstacle.

"Heero....." Duo started "I know what you need......what *I* need......what we want right now, but.......I can't." Duo's voice emotional.

Heero had seen the faded bruises on Duo's inner thighs and the surrounding areas. It made him recoil slightly seeing the scars there, though he was sure Duo didn't see his scowl. There were several of them that Heero could distinguish, hugging and even jutting up into the crevice of his tight hole..........evidence of dissolved stitches. Heero recognized them right away, the thought of it now turning his stomach slightly.

Tightly drawing Duo to himself, Heero whispered "Shhh......Duo.......it's okay.", his comforting tone pleasing Duo.

"Heero......?" Duo started several minutes later, breaking the silence "There is something..... something I want to do for you.....*to* you. Something I have wanted to do for a long time. Will you let me, Heero ?" Duo whispered into Heero's ear.

Heero knew what Duo wanted and while he wasn't sure *he* wanted it, he did want to please Duo.

Duo's tongue licked Heero's earlobe as he whispered "Heero, please ....will you let me take you ?"

Duo's pleading and Heero's body's still urgent longing gave way to all of the countless objections his mind had come up with.

"I'm all yours, my Duo" Heero moaned into his lover's ear, all signs of his former hesitancy vanished, as he relinquished complete control of his virginal body to his anxious Duo.


Bringing himself to a seated position, his back propped up against the wall, Duo reached over to the nightstand and opening the drawer, removed the small familiar tube and placed it on the bed next to him. He then reached over towards the now seated Heero and tugging gently at the hem of his tank top, lifting it over his head, exposing Heero's chest completely to Duo's hungry gaze. Heero's nipples were both hard and Duo reached his hand out to gently touch each one, rubbing his finger around the soft erect flesh.

Heero moaned slightly and lifting his hips up off of the bed, wasted no time removing his black shorts, tossing them in the general direction of the room. Now sitting naked and feeling unusually vulnerable before his lover, Heero lay forward to kiss Duo's waiting mouth. Duo's hand slid firmly down Heero's back, coming to settle with considerable pressure, at the base of his spine, then pulling him tighter, Duo took possessive hold of Heero's mouth, the brutal force, almost painful, his tongue haggling with Heero's for control. Heero's body trembled and he felt himself go limp in Duo's uncharacteristic embrace, conceding victory with a small whimper.

Duo took both of Heero's hands in his, and gently placing a kiss on the palm of each one, guided Heero to sit facing him between his spread legs. Placing his hand on Heero's chest, palm down, fingers spread, Duo eased Heero down to a semi-reclined position, his weight now resting on his elbows, still staring in Duo's violet eyes.

Heero's eyes reflected his slight hesitancy as Duo reassured him gently "I won't hurt you, Heero." he continued, now leaning forward "We can stop any time you'd like. I'm going to make you feel really good, Heero." his hand caressing the side of Heero's face.

Heero nodded, his eye's full of trust, knowing Duo would be gentle, then closing his eyes Heero took a very deep breath.

Heero could hear Duo clicking the cap of the small tube open and then clicking it closed again.

Reaching his hand forward, then hesitating, Duo whispered "Heero, open your eyes, I want you to watch me."

Duo brought his hand within centimeters of Heero's erection and looking up into Heero's wide eyes, brought his slick hand around it, causing it to harden even further under his touch. Duo always loved feeling the heat of Heero's arousal, but this time it was different. Heero lay there submissively, allowing Duo to fulfill one of his most erotic fantasies. The mere sight of Heero lying there before him, offering himself to Duo caused a tremendous ache in his already too hard member.

Heero moaned at the loss of Duo's hand, then exhaled almost immediately as it had now found its way to the soft flesh at the very base of Heero's penis. Continuing downward, Duo rubbed gentle circles around Heero's tight opening, letting his finger graze over it every now and then, each time applying more pressure, until finally sensing Heero's body had sufficiently relaxed, pushed the tip of his slick finger inside. Heero gasped slightly at the painful intrusion, then relaxing his muscles, allowed Duo's finger past the tight ring.

"Everything okay, Heero ?" Duo asked softly, not waiting for a reply, as he glanced up at his lovers face. His answer was in Heero's eyes, they were half-closed, his head thrown slightly back, his body was totally relaxed.

"MmmHmm...........More than okay, Duo" Heero moaned.

Duo smiled at Heero's response and watched as his slender finger melted into Heero's body, then he withdrew it slowly, only to firmly impale his lover again. Heero's hips were now thrusting forward slightly as his body became accustomed to Duo's motion. Gently sliding a second finger inside, then a third, Duo increased the force he applied, stretching his fingers forward trying to find that spot inside of Heero that Duo knew would almost drive his lover to the brink.

Gasping again, a small moan of pain escaping his lips, Heero bit down on his lower lip, nearly drawing blood. The mingled sensation of pain and pleasure was almost driving Heero mad.

"It'll all be over in a minute, Heero" Duo consoled him.

Withdrawing his fingers almost completely, Duo pushed hard back into Heero, all three of Duo's fingers now hit that magical spot, causing Heero's body to learch off the bed, his hips tossing wildly from side to side, then forward to take in every inch of Duo's fingers. Heero's cock was bobbing and twitching only inches from his face, making Duo once again aware of his own now growing need.

'X marks the spot' Duo smiled to himself.

"Ooooo........Duo.........Mmmmmm..........Oh....Mmmmm.......Duo.....don't stop......" Heero groaned loudly, panting heavily between the pleas.

Withdrawing his three slick fingers one more time, Duo brought them slamming back down into Heero's tight warmth, hitting that spot more roughly this time, rubbing it with all three fingertips. Not wanting to leave, but feeling the onset of Heero's orgasm, Duo removed his fingers, leaving Heero feeling very empty and abandoned, his body still writhing up off of the bed, in search of Duo's touch.

"Duo.......please......touch me more.......don't stop." Heero's voice trembled as he pleaded to his lover.

Heero looked longingly up to where Duo now sat, seeing Duo running his lube-slicked hand over his rock hard length, Heero lay back down and waited patiently for his lover to take him.

"Duo.........hurry." Heero whispered breathlessly "I need you to take me......NOW, DUO!" his voice was so desperate and filled with a pure lust he never thought possible.

Duo awkwardly re-positioned himself, hardly noticing the pain as his attention was only on this cobalt eyed beauty lay panting before him, skin glistening with sweat, legs spread in glorious invitation, his raspy, sex drenched voice, softly begging for his lover's return. 'Heero' the mere whisper of his name sending pre-orgasmic shudders throughout his entire lustful being.

Now sitting in the center of the bed, Duo reached forward and grabbed Heero's hands, placing them on his face. Leaning forward to kiss him, Duo lifted him forward, Heero following his lead, and spreading Heero's legs, grabbed each one by the back of the knee and placed one of them on each of his shoulders, Heero's body was poised directly above Duo's waiting erection. Reaching beneath him, Heero grabbed Duo's hard flesh, and directed himself downward, thrusting quickly, impaling himself instantly to the hilt, his body filled with Duo's thick cock.

Heero's head was spinning, the initial pain of the impact was quickly replaced by the unparalleled feeling of having Duo buried deep inside him, his throbbing flesh beating against that very sensitive spot that made him lose all of his self-control. Tossing his head back, he screamed his lovers name "DUO !!! Ohhhh.......God.......Mmmmm......."

Duo was lost in his own world. Never in all the times that he had imagined this scenario, had it even come close to the reality of this now almost transcendent act. Heero was pressed dangerously close to his chest, both boys covered in sweat, Heero licked at his throat, moaning lightly at the salty flavor, as he moved above him, the most sensuous sounds emanating from his sweet mouth. Heero's strong hand held his hair in a tight fist, his legs were thrown loosely around Duo's upper body, and Duo could feel the weight of Heero's balls against him.

"Aughhhhhhh..........Heero." Duo moaned into his ear, gently nibbling at his lobe "Mmmmmm....... Ahhhhh.. ..... Heero, you feel so gooooooood !" Duo was grinding his hips upward burying every inch of himself in Heero's body, yet still wanting more.

"Don't .....stop..... Duo........" Heero begged, gasping for breath between his words, as he rocked himself rhythmically against Duo's hard body.

Tightening his grasp on Heero, his nails now digging in to Heero's back, Duo was thrusting upward repeatedly, hitting Heero's prostate every time. Duo reached between them, and claiming Heero's cock, sent both of the lover's hopelessly over the edge.

Two hands now tightening his grip on Duo's hair, Heero's body began to spasm, his body's grip on Duo's erection almost painfully tight, his pent up seed spurting out to cover Duo's hand and chest, the release almost surreal, Duo's warmth filling him bringing Heero to a height he had never known possible. Feeling the glorious sensation again and again as Duo slowly emptied himself into his grateful lover, his cock throbbing wildly inside, Duo's breath hot and heavy in his ear, sending shivers down his spine, Duo's hands still clawing at his back.

Heero collapsed lifelessly onto Duo, his breathing was frighteningly erratic. His body still trembling and out of his control. Duo nuzzled his head into Heero's neck. "I'm going to assume that you liked that, Heero" Duo almost giggled, still breathless from his own release.

"................." Heero's brain was still unable to formulate anything intelligible to say, although Duo could feel his jaw moving against his shoulder.

"Yeah, Heero, I know what you mean" Duo remarked, almost laughing, placing a very wet kiss on Heero's outstretched neck.

Eventually climbing off of Duo's lap and rolling over on the bed, Heero spoke, his voice still breathless and sounding very sexy "Duo....ummmmm ..........that was ......truly...........the most amazing thing..........I have *ever* experienced." He leaned over to kiss Duo "Thank you" he whispered, rubbing his nose against the side of Duo's face.

"Mmmmmmm.......thank *you* Heero !" Duo responded "As unbelievably erotic as my fantasies about you are, Heero, they always pale in comparison to the real thing." and kissing Heero gently on the mouth, Duo rolled over, still covered in his lover's bodily fluid and fell fast asleep.


Quatre's voice awoke the two several hours later.

"Heero.....Duo" he called through the closed door.

And waiting for Heero's still sleepy grunt, continued. "We're going to be having lunch soon if you're hungry. And don't forget Duo's doctor appointment and 4:00."

Heero rolled over onto his back, his arms stretching above his head attempting to drive the sleep from himself. Then rolling back over toward Duo, his hand reaching up to brush the hair from his face, spoke softly "Duo ?"

"Mmmm ?" Duo responded

"Hungry ?" Heero inquired

Duo turned to face him, his eye's filled with what Heero immediately recognized as pure unadulterated lust.

"DUO !!.......FOOD hungry !!" Heero started "We just...twice......you can't possibly want to.......again .......you are insatiable, Duo!" Heero laughed, his arms reaching forward to hug Duo.

"Gotta make up for lost time." Duo reminded him, winking at his still laughing lover.

Placing his wet open mouth over Duo's, Heero let their tongues touch ever so lightly, before withdrawing his mouth. "We will, Duo" Heero promised him. Leaving Duo shivering from the encounter, Heero rose from the bed.

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