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second in the 'basis for dreaming' trilogy
pairing: mention of 1X1, 2X2, 1X2, 2X1 and an actual lemon that has managed to defy current labeling restraints…..
rating: NC-17
warnings: yaoi, AU (AC200), pov, mention of random citrusy things, lemon and more sap
spoilers: not likely

notes: just felt the need to write a bit about the morning after…. kudos to cockrub warriors!

coffee and
by jana

Duo’s side of the bed was empty and the sheets were already chilled when I woke on Saturday morning. It was an unusual turn that I directly attributed to the events that had taken place during the middle of the night. I crawled from beneath the covers and grabbed a pair of jeans and a t-shirt before heading for the shower; all the while wondering whether Duo had any recollection of what had happened.

He was in the kitchen when I entered, busy with the task of setting the table for breakfast and did not take notice that I had joined him in the room. I approached quietly and waited until I was standing just behind him before leaning toward him and greeting him in a hushed tone. “Good morning.”

He turned to kiss me full on the lips before smiling and continuing to remove the remainder of the bagels from a brown paper bag. I moved toward the refrigerator and got out the butter and cream cheese.

Duo filled both of our mugs to the brim with coffee, while I sliced and toasted two sesame seed bagels before setting them down onto the plates he’d set out.

“Sleep well?”

His cheeks reddened slightly at my question and I could tell that he had in fact been able to recall at least part of his dream and had somehow picked up on the fact that I had more than an inkling about it as well. “You know that I am a light sleeper.” I reminded him.

He smiled at that and nothing further was mentioned about his foray into dreamscape by either one of us as we continued to eat. It was I who was responsible for bringing up the subject again once the table was cleared of all but our two cups of coffee.

“Do you remember any of it?”

I could see the glint form to lighten the normally dark irises of his eyes. I never concealed my desire to learn more about the things that made him tick. He seemed to be equally as enthusiastic to share his secrets with me. I sensed he knew there was much to be gained for both of us from that knowledge.

“It was that night we went to Vyonder’s.”

I did not need for him to say anything more. The memory of that evening had been etched into my mind. It was still so vivid now, even though it had been more then two years since we had been to the club.

“We should go again.”

I found myself chuckling at his suggestion. I would certainly not mind a replay of that night’s events. It seemed that Duo was not quite content with only dreaming about them either. I could feel myself getting hard by the mere thought. “We could.”

He stood and I pushed my chair back from the table so that he could seat himself on my lap. I wrapped both of my arms around his waist and his formed a circle to embrace my neck. “I’m sorry I woke you.”

I shook my head. “Don’t be.” I told him, accenting my words by pressing my lips to his. I brought my lips to his ear after the brief kiss. “I rather enjoyed it.”

The devilish smirk that appeared on his face was not unexpected. I welcomed it in fact. “Did you?” he asked. He knew me better than to think I would be able to resist responding to the need he stirred within me. If he wanted me to tell him, there would be no protest.

“You are irresistible to me even in sleep.” I quietly assured him.

His smile grew and he adjusted himself on my lap so that one of his legs fell on either side of mine. “How bout when I’m awake?”

My groin began to tingle and I reached up with both hands to pull his body still closer to mine. The small sound he made when my arousal brushed against his own told me that I had already answered his question. It would have been acceptable to leave things as they were, but I chose to verbalize my response as well. “Even more so when you are awake.”

The lust I was feeling had seeped into my voice. I knew that if I had picked up on it that easily, then Duo surely had. I strained upward to seize his mouth in a kiss, opening mine fully to allow his tongue its entry.

I found myself again lost in his passion. It remains the only thing I’d thrown caution to the wind with and allowed myself to get swept away by. Duo reminds me of this every chance he gets and with it, comes his implied promise that there will be more. That he will never give up on me, no matter how frustrating I know I can be to him at times. It is another in the still emergent list of things that endear him to me.

He pulls back from the kiss against my will and I grunt in addition to tightening the hold I have on him. I want to make certain that he knows how much his action has displeased me.

“I’m not going anywhere.” He informs me with a smile.

He stands and I rise too, letting him take both of my hands and lead us into our bedroom.

“It’s settled then.” He tells me while pulling me into his arms once we have reached the center of the room. “Tonight we’re going out.”

I nod once and reach down between us to begin unfastening the jeans I put on just under an hour ago. I unbutton and lower the zipper on his next, reaching inside to find his cock already wet and hard in my hand.

“Do you want to touch me?” He asks in a whisper.

I already am, though, and I stroke him with my hand just a few seconds longer before pressing my body forward and rubbing our erections against one another. He shivers at the contact, as I do and he moans my name. I kiss him soundly in response. A kiss that is rough and demanding and one that leaves no room for him to doubt that I want something more.

“On the bed.” I tell him as we separate. He removes his pants along the way and lies down on the still unmade bed and spreads his legs wide. I lower my own jeans and step out of them as I cross the room to join him.

I would very much love to position myself between those limbs and slip the length of my hardness inside of his body. He desires this as well, but my outlook shifts suddenly and I climb onto the bed and on top Duo, urging him to close his legs. He does and our erections once again come into contact with one another. I moan as I experience the glorious heat of his hardened cock next to mine and I look down to see that he is similarly affected. I discover then what it is that I want.

“Kiss me.”

I make the request, but instead of awaiting his reply, I crush my lips to his and thrust my tongue forward into his mouth, ignoring the look of confusion that flashes across his face. There is no desire or necessity for me to dominate my lover this time, nor do I wish to be dominated by him. The feel of his body beneath mine more than satisfies me and his movements indicate that he is of the same mind.

I abandon his mouth and bring my forearms down to the bed, setting one on either side of his head as I begin grinding my hips downward into his. He gasps and reaches for my shoulders, gripping them securely and with a good deal of strength while thrusting his pelvis upward. It is my turn to moan and I do; loudly. There is no part of our bodies that is not touching. We struggle to maintain that position even as we writhe in unison to gain more friction for the parts of us that desire it most.

“Oh God, Heero.”

I kiss him again in answer to his cry and brush the stray hairs that have fallen onto his face away, so that I have an unobstructed view. “I love you.” I whisper. He nods and then closes his eyes as his head tilts back. I bring my lips down to the patch of newly exposed flesh and suck hard at the small depression visible just beneath his Adam’s apple.

“Wear that outfit for me tonight.” He requests with heavy breath.

I manage an affirmative sound and roll us both over onto our sides while never allowing my mouth to desert its task. His skin tastes of salt and I let my tongue wander to savor still more of it. I know that he is thinking about his dream and perhaps forecasting his thoughts to our foray at Vyonder’s this evening. I allow mine to join him there with astounding results.

“Will you dance for me?”

He manages to breathe out a ‘yes’ as his hips lunge forward to clash with mine. I want him to. Dance that is. I am more confident about us being together now. I do not think that the eyes of so many outsiders on his body will affect me quite the same way. I know without question that my hands will again claim him; roaming over wear-softened leather encasing that which is only mine as he loses himself to the music. And those violet eyes will only see me.

“I am yours.” He tells me. It's as if he has suddenly gained the capacity to read my thoughts.

“You are mine.” I confirm. There is strong conviction behind those words. I accentuate them by increasing the motion of my lower body against his.

“I love you.” He gasps out.

It becomes too much for me then. The friction, the visualization and Duo’s words have melded to create an overwhelming sense of euphoria that I care not to win control over. I stretch forward to bring my mouth to his again as the first tremors of orgasm take hold of me. The heat of his length flush up against mine makes every throb of my cock that much more intense. The thick warmth of my come slickens the flesh where our cocks touch and Duo takes advantage of it; thrusting hard to slide his body along mine and crying out loudly as he too finds his release.

Minutes pass and neither one of us can help but smile. “That was nice.”

I nod in agreement and roll over onto my back. “Unusually messy.”

He looks down at himself and then over at me. “I’ll race you to the shower.”

I am in no rush to leave the bed. I shake my head from side to side in response. He looks a little surprised and I feel a small sense of victory in that. “It’s Saturday. We have no place to go.”

“Except Vyonder’s.” He reminds me.

“Except Vyonders.” I repeat. “Are we going to take the train again?”

I look over to find his grin is as wide as I’ve ever seen it. I am fairly confident now that he intends tonight to end much the same way our visit to the club last time did.

“All opposed say nay.”

The room is so quiet you can hear a pin drop.


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