disclaimer: the boys aren't mine. i just play with them for my own entertainment. if they didn't like it, they'd complain... right?

this is a sequel to 'mercury rising' (it is highly suggested that you read 'mercury rising' before you read this)
pairings: 2X1, 1XOC, 1X1, 1X2
overall rating: NC-17
cumulative warnings: yaoi, AU, pov, possibility of kinky things, citrusiness; some implied, some shown and a shit load of angst
spoilers: *coughs* ermmm... no

notes: this is for kelly; who is adamant in her belief that my mercury duo is in need of a major attitude adjustment..... and that heero has just the tool for the job. *hentai grin* she didn't ask for the angst... that just comes with the territory ^_^;;

another note: thank you again, frog... you still rock! *huggles*

summary: heero wants something from duo that he isn't likely to give him without some sort of confrontation....

// heero's thoughts //

a change in the weather
by jana
part 11

The subject of my rpg came up within the first hour of his visit. I led him into my bedroom and filled him in on what I had accomplished since we'd last spoken about it while my computer booted. I had devoted a fair amount of hours to it in the past three months and he was surprised by my claim that I was already three-fourths of the way through the basic storyline I'd invented. I made sure to explain to him that a good portion of what I had done was still in a very rough state, but that it was playable up until that point. He seemed genuinely enthused and asked me if he could play it. I agreed, yet again reminding him that there were still a few major plot holes that needed to be filled in and left him in my room while I went in search of something to eat.


Duo was rather engrossed in the game and seemed to take no notice of my observing him from the doorway of my bedroom. He chuckled every now and then, otherwise intently stared at the screen, reading what there was in the way of the dialogue and engaging his Gundam in battle. He had been at it for nearly three hours and I figured he should be nearing the somewhat abrupt, temporary end of it. It didn't surprise me to see that he had chosen to play the game as Pilot 02. He had given the young pilot his looks; I had continued in the same vein and given him some of Duo's traits. I was curious to see if he would notice.

He leaned back in the chair when he was through and turned toward me. I couldn't help but wonder if he had known I was standing there watching him for the last forty minutes. "That was awesome, Heero." he announced.


I smiled and crossed the room to stand next to him. "Seriously." He said as he looked up at me. "You should look into going commercial with this."

I shrugged. It was my first attempt at creating a game of this genre and magnitude. I was all too aware of its flaws and bugs.

"Did you come up with a name for it yet?" He asked.

"No. It should have 'Gundam' in the title though." He agreed with a nod of his head and suddenly pulled me down to sit on his lap, wrapping his arms at my waist. "You added hints." He said with amusement.

I felt myself flush a little at that. They were subtle, but very much intentional. I was almost hoping he wouldn't notice them. "Too much anime." I told him in defense.

He laughed. "I think it's great... specially since it was us." He added, kissing me once he had finished speaking. "You're gonna fix it, right?" he asked. I knew exactly what he was referring to. Not only had I given the two pilots some of our personality traits and hinted that they were involved, but I had them have a disagreement on how to continue fighting the Ozzies and eventually part ways to battle alone.

"Probably." I told him. "You started making it personal when you drew us into the game." I added. "Let's see how things play out."

"Fair enough." He grinned and leaned forward to kiss me again. "You hungry?"


We ended up going out for a very late lunch, so late, in fact that it could practically have qualified as dinner. I had let Duo go through the yellow page listings and choose a restaurant. He asked me if I had any objections to Mexican before jotting down an address and closing the phonebook. "You know where this place is?" he asked, handing me the paper he'd written the address on. I read it and shook my head no. "I'll get the map."

Duo drove while I gave directions. I knew the town slightly better than he did, although not much. I didn't venture a lot. The food was very good, as was the company. I was feeling pretty relaxed and had even agreed to have a drink with dinner. I declined his suggestion to have a second while discouraging Duo from having one as well, and pointed out that he was driving and therefore responsible to get us home in one piece. He did not seem to be offended by my remark, but ordered himself another one anyway. I figured that I could always drive us home if he was unable to.

We arrived home several hours later without incident and with Duo at the wheel. We had talked for a good hour and a half after dinner, over a much-extended and enjoyable dessert. The subject of his journal had not come up yet. There were several times I thought to mention to him that I had read it, but I was still unsure of what his reactions would be. Chancing the conversation in public was a little more daring than I was comfortable with.


There had been an almost decadent amount of innuendo passing between us during our meal. Words turned quickly to action once we got back to my apartment and Duo immediately took up residence on the couch, beckoning me to join him in such a way that he left no doubt what it was he wanted. I locked the front door to my apartment and knelt over him, putting one folded knee on either side of his upper thighs and then lowering myself down onto his lap. We moved toward one another at the same time, moaning in harmony as our mouths and tongues clashed. I moved my body forward to Duo's, pressing my chest against his and forcing him to lie against the back of the sofa.

"I read your journal." I told him after a few intense breathless minutes.

"I figured you did." He answered with what I interpreted as an almost shy smile. "And?"

// How to sum things up here? // "And it surprised me."

He let out a chuckle. "I was guessing it would."

"I shouldn't have let it sit for so long."

"Don't worry about it." He said. "You're allowed a mistake or two."

I laughed. "I think I've already gone over my limit."

"We're not keeping score, remember, Heero?" He reminded me.

I nodded, yielding to his lips as they pressed insistently against mine. There was no disguising what was about to happen. Our bodies seemed equally impatient for it to. I pulled back; out of breath and in need of air and looked down at Duo. "I want to fuck you." I whispered, bending forward to kiss him again.

He broke our kiss just seconds later to stare at me. "What?" I asked in response to his gaze.

"Take off your shirt." He told me, not giving me a chance to respond before reaching to untuck it from my pants. I pulled it over my head just in time to watch him finish removing his own. He stretched upward to cover my mouth with his, slipping his tongue between my lips and entwining it with mine. His both hands moved roughly over my back, pulling me close enough to him that I could feel his stiffened nipples against my naked skin. I pushed my hips forward, pressing my hard cock against his abdomen and he lifted himself up of the couch in answer; I could feel the very hard proof of his own desire.

"Looking to take the last remaining shred of my virginity, huh?" he questioned with a slightly seductive smile.

"Absolutely." I growled back. "Going to let me have it?"

He didn't respond, but repositioned himself on the couch, taking me with him as he scooted over to the left side of it and reclined against the arm. He dropped one foot to the floor and spread his legs apart, maneuvering me to lie between them. Our hips shifted once they'd made contact, moving at the same time so that our cocks were lined up with one another. Duo moaned loudly and I ground my hips down into his, leaving them pressed hard against him.

"Too many clothes." I noted. He looked to be in agreement, though remained silent.

I stood, removing my shoes and socks before unfastening and taking off my pants while he watched. I reached down to unbutton and lower the zipper on his jeans, pulling them down and off as he lifted his hips and then taking off his socks and shoes as well. The tiny red cotton briefs he was wearing could hardly contain his erection and though I didn't check, I imagined that I was in a similar predicament.

"God, you're hot, baby." He moaned. "Come here."

He grabbed both of my arms and pulled me down on top of him and covered my lips with his own. I opened my mouth wide to accommodate his tongue, shifting the lower half of my body so that I could feel his cock against mine. There was less fabric between us now; that in combination with knowing what was going to happen tonight made me incredibly excited. Duo disengaged his mouth from mine and I propped myself against the back of the sofa so that I could see his face.

"Mmmm... this is the only instance I can think of where having a lover with a huge cock isn't necessarily a good thing."

"It's not huge."

"It is." He assured me. "Not abnormally so, but it is."

"I'll use extra lube." I told him, not giving him a chance to say anything else by devouring his mouth again.

He shifted; bending his legs and drew his knees up to his chest, leaving me pressed against him in a way I had all too often fantasized about. "Rub your dick against my asshole." He groaned.

I more than willingly did as Duo asked, moving to generate as much contact between our bodies as I could in this position. His hand squeezed between us, shifting his balls out of the way and holding them there. "Oh yeah." He moaned as I pushed the head of my cock firmly against his entrance. I was so ready for this; every part of me was aching to thrust my cock inside of Duo.

Just as suddenly as Duo had lifted his legs, he lowered them again. "I'm gonna go take a quick shower." He said. I tried not to groan in displeasure, but I did let some noise escape. He grinned at me and I reluctantly moved off to the side to let him get up from the couch.

I busied myself for the next ten minutes by folding our hastily discarded clothes and straightening up the living room for lack of anything better to do. It certainly seemed like a lot longer than 10 minutes, but the clock on my nightstand assured me that that was all the time that had passed. I steered my thoughts to anything other than what was about to happen, but had been unsuccessful in fully losing my erection and hearing the bathroom door open did nothing to help the situation.

Duo entered my bedroom seconds later completely naked and with his braid wound and secured tightly to the top of his head with a huge barrette. I smiled. "Nice."

He laughed and reached up with both hands to remove it. "Beats sleeping in a wet bed."

I stood and walked across the room to him. "I didn't think we were planning on sleeping."

"We're not." He replied with a smirk.

"Good. I'll be right back." I told him as I headed for the bathroom.


The shower was most definitely a good idea, though I'm not sure my reason for being there was the same as Duo's. I turned the water on cool and stepped under the spray, realizing that what I had planned was only a temporary solution and that perhaps something a little longer lasting was required in this situation.

I leaned forward and spread my legs as wide as I could, laying the palm of my left hand flat against the tile wall in front of me and taking my cock into my right hand. The last thing I wanted to think about was how close I'd just come to fucking Duo, but couldn't avoid it. I stroked my cock with a firm grip, slowly at first, but building to a near frantic pace after only a few strokes. Within a minute it was all over. I came hard, biting at my lip to keep from crying out as my come splattered against the tile wall and faucets in front of me. It took me only another minute or two to clean up the mess, dry off and exit the bathroom.

The short trip to my bedroom was filled with a wholly expected barrage of thoughts. I was feeling little pressured to make sure that Duo found this first time pleasurable, assuring that he would want to do it again. There was also the issue of how much control Duo was willing to give me over the upcoming situation, knowing full well that he could remain completely dominant while being bottom.


Nothing could have prepared me for the vision that awaited me when I entered the room. Duo was naked and on his knees on the right side of my bed, supporting himself with one hand while two fingers of the other hand were buried deep inside of himself. I watched for just a second before reaching for the bottle he'd conveniently left lying on the bed next to him.

"Hope you don't mind that I started without you."

"Not at all." I replied in all honesty. I enjoyed watching him touch himself, perhaps as much as he admitted in his journal that he liked watching me and got to see him do it far less often. I quickly applied some lube to my right hand, bringing it to his entrance and sliding one of my own fingers in beside his.

He grunted then, but I was unsure if it was pain or pleasure that caused him to. I had previously used only two fingers when pleasuring him and didn't know if he used more when he was alone and I didn't think that now was a good time to ask. His body seemed receptive to the further intrusion though, and I added a second finger, taking hold of his hand to guide the four in and out in unison. I brought my left knee up to rest on the bed next to his leg and thrust my body against his as I slid them in and out. It wasn't long before he started pushing back, moaning each time I drove the four fully inside. "You jacked off in the shower."

I smiled and decided not to respond, figuring that he could feel my still partially flaccid cock pressing up against him. I would be hard again soon; that thought alone aided the process. I looked down to watch his opening stretch to swallow the slippery digits, rotating and twisting them as I worked them in and out.

Any preference I'd previously given thought to about the position I wanted to do this in left me as I stared down at the alluring vision Duo presented. I removed our fingers from inside of him and coated my cock with lube, guiding it to his entrance and sliding two of my fingers back inside him while I made my last minute mental preparations, assuring myself that it was normal to feel nervous and telling myself that Duo was probably equally as tense.

"Go for it, Heero." He told me. His voice was raspy and I imagined mine would have sounded much the same if I'd had the courage to speak.

I swiftly removed my fingers, pushing the head of my cock against his opening the instant they vacated it and gradually eased my hips forward to begin entering him. He felt impossibly tight around me. I doubted for a long minute that I would be able to successfully get inside of him without causing him undue amounts of pain. I reached down, taking his cock in my hand and stroking it roughly as I pushed my way into him. The heat and pressure of his body were incredible. "You're so tight." I told him.

"You won't be complaining about that in a minute." He half-groaned.

"Not complaining about it now." I explained, using the moment to fully seat myself. He grunted, lowering his head and taking several deep breaths. I continued stroking his shaft, giving him a minute or two to adjust to the discomfort. Once his breathing evened out, I released the hold I had on him and drew all but the head of my cock out and slowly pushed back inside, watching as I did. I quickly determined that was one advantage to this position and continued moving and out of him, transfixed by the incredible sight. "Enjoying the view?" He asked.

I leaned forward and began thrusting into him more deeply, ignoring his question on the basis that the answer should have been obvious. He began to push back, groaning as our bodies slammed against one other. I sensed it would only be another minute or two before it would be impossible for me to delay my impending climax. I pulled all the way out of him, reaching for his left arm and pushing on it so that he would lie down. He rolled over onto his back and spread his legs wide, grinning up at me as I positioned myself. I knew from reading his journal that he would have no objections to doing it face to face. "I want to watch you come." I told him, blindly reaching for my cock and guiding it to his entrance.

"Whatever turns you on, Heero."

I took hold of the calf of his right leg and brought it up to my waist. "That would be you." I told him, thrusting into him with the last of my words. He let out a loud gasp and the upper half of his body arched up off the bed. I repeated the motion, striking his prostate again. I knew from experience that the sensation he felt when I hit that spot with my cock was far more intense than it was when a finger or even a dildo was used. Part of the reason might have been purely psychological, but the effect was the same. "Fuck! Do that again!"

I attempted to duplicate my actions, failing the first few times, but finally succeeding and being rewarded by Duo's low moans of ecstasy. I answered his call with several deep thrusts, fully aware that I could not stave off my orgasm any longer. I brought Duo's leg up to rest on my shoulder and reached down for his hand, bringing it to his cock and releasing it once he began stroking himself. I closed my eyes and kept the vision of Duo beneath me there, feeling myself falling further with each time I drove into him.

"Open your eyes, Heero." He said quickly. I did, glancing upward to meet his gaze. "Come with me, baby." He said, stroking himself far slower than I would have if I were in his position. I nodded my assent, wondering if he actually thought I was capable of doing anything but. I cried out his name as I felt his muscles tighten around me, knowing full well what was coming next and fixed my eyes on his erection just in time to see the first stream of come erupt from the tip of it and splash against his chest. I pressed my body as tight as I could against his and held myself there while my cock pulsed and throbbed out its release. His jaw was slack and his eyelids fluttered rapidly in an effort to remain open. I was glad he insisted that I watch; the sight of Duo writhing in climax beneath me was extraordinary and the pleasure of the vision belonged only to me.

I pulled out a minute later, watching Duo as he lowered his legs back down onto the bed with a sound that was something between a groan and a laugh. If the expression he wore was any indication of how he had enjoyed the sex, there was no need for me to ask him about it, but I did anyway. "Well?"

"Your dick feels even bigger when it's in my ass." He chuckled.

"I probably forgot to mention that." I replied with a grin, rolling over onto my side to face him. "You seemed to enjoy it."

"We should try it again... just to make sure it wasn't beginners luck."

I laughed. I didn't think reminding Duo that I had done this before... just not with him, would be beneficial.

"Definitely the messier of the two positions." He mused aloud.

"Undeniably." I agreed. "It does have its advantages, though."


We lay there for a few minutes and I could feel myself starting to doze off. I looked over at Duo and noticed that he looked tired as well. "Duo?"



He nodded. "I guess I should get up and wash off first."

"Uh huh." I agreed; glad it wasn't me for a change.

He rolled over and seated himself on the edge of the mattress. I watched as he stood, smirking a bit as he rose and took his first few steps, wondering if he was aware of his slightly awkward gait. I didn't bother mentioning to him that a warm shower would help, as it was he who first gave me that advice. I watched him walk away; making no attempt to conceal the thrill I got from watching my come dripping down the inside of his right thigh.

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