disclaimer: we all know that the g-boys do not legally belong to me. i've managed to get over it.

this is a sequel to ‘coffee and …’ and completes the ‘basis for dreaming’ trilogy
pairing: 1X2
rating: NC-17
warnings: yaoi, AU (AC200), pov, duo dancing, lemon and an over abundance of sap
spoilers: ya think?

notes: lemon inspiration by pen

boys night out
by jana

It was my suggestion that we take a short rest after lunch. Duo’s reminder that the evening would not begin until almost eleven and the knowledge that we would be exerting a fair amount of energy on the dance floor planted the idea in my head. It was essential too, that we conserve a decent amount of vitality for the evening’s premeditated grand finale.

We sat down to dinner at 8:00, which was a pretty typical time for us on weekends if we were eating at home. Immediately after clearing the table, Duo suggested that we start to get ready. It was just before 9:00 and I mentioned to Duo that it seemed a little early to me. He reminded me that the train ride into Manhattan was just shy of an hour. Determining that that would leave us approximately one hour to shower and dress, I agreed and followed him upstairs.

I didn’t know what it was about the clothes Duo had chosen for me that weekend two years ago that made him want to see me in them again tonight. There had been nothing similar to them in my wardrobe back then, but it was more varied now, and contained clothing that I was certain made me appear more attractive than the ones Duo was insisting I wear. I removed them from the back of my closet while Duo showered, taking a long hard look at the pants, still folded on the hangar and wondered if they would still even fit me. I had grown several inches and put on some weight in the past two years. I smiled, noting that Duo had undergone a major growth spurt himself three summers ago; leaving him standing at 5’11” and a good four inches taller than me.

Duo emerged from the shower just as I was fastening the top button of my pants.

“They still fit?”

I nodded, turning from the mirror to let him see for himself that they did; albeit a little tighter. This apparently pleased Duo and he strode toward me with only a small grey bath towel wrapped around his waist. “They look even better than I remember. Try the shirt on.”

“I’m sure it still fits.”

“Try it on.”

I did; slipping off my loose cotton t-shirt and sliding into the sleeveless white lycra shirt.

“Satisfied?” I asked.

His eyes told me that he was. I turned to face the mirror again, tugging alternately at the hem of the iridescent shirt and the waistband of my jeans.

“They’re supposed to ride low.”

He was standing behind me now, looking appreciatively up and down at my reflection.

“There’s an awful lot of skin showing.” I commented. There was.

He reached around me with both arms to caress the wide band of skin at my midsection with his open palms; rubbing the flesh as me pulled me back against him. “You look absolutely perfect.” He whispered into my ear. I watched his right hand in the mirror move lower, pale fingers spreading out as wide as they could and moving against the dark leather to gently cup their intended target. Duo’s erection pressed into me insistently from behind and I closed my eyes as he worked to bring me to full arousal. It was almost painful being trapped inside the thick, mostly unyielding fabric. I wished then that I had worn them more often, so that they had softened. “They’ll stretch.” He told me. He removed his hands and stepped back and I opened my eyes, taking in the image of myself that was presented before me and found myself mentally agreeing with Duo that I looked good.

Showered and dressed, with both of us donning our long heavy winter coats, we left the house and walked the four blocks to the subway station.


Vyonder’s was very much as I recalled: loud, crowded and smoky with bright lights that flickered and jumped in time with the music. We checked out coats as we entered and Duo’s arm found it’s way around my waist in reassurance. “You look great.” He added, and I could feel myself blush. It was very different being out in public dressed like this.

We made our way through the clusters of people that converged at the entrance and entered one of the main rooms of the club.

The huge dance floor was filled to capacity and seemed to move as a whole with the music. We watched for a few minutes before I realized that I was dressed more conservatively than 90% of the people in here.

“Something to drink?” Duo asked loudly, though he was standing not two feet away from me. I nodded and followed him toward the bar. I ordered two vodka gimlets and handed one to Duo, tipping my glass toward him slightly before taking a sip.

The one drink was enough to loosen me up and allow my enthusiastic lover to pull me out onto the dance floor. The music started out slowly and eventually built to a driving rhythm. I adjusted to it, in a rather poor imitation of the moves my lover was making. Without words, we came to an agreement and left the dance floor and found our way to a quieter corner on the second level of the two-story space.

I quickly spotted a place to sit, while Duo headed to the bar to get us another drink. He returned a short while later with two drinks and a half full bottle of water. I slid across the booth to the left and Duo sat beside me before handing me my drink. “Water?” He offered.

I nodded, taking the bottle from him and downing a significant portion of it. I was definitely more comfortable being here now then I was last time. It was just shy of two years and Duo and I were at the very beginning of our relationship. It has taken more time for us to get together then I think either of us had imagined it would. It was an entire year of living together and even then, things had started as almost an accident.

We had just finished our weekly food shopping and we were carrying in bags full of groceries in from the car. Duo’s both arms were occupied and unable to see where he was going; slipped on a small patch of ice on the walkway. The bags flew from his arms and I barely managed to catch him as he went down. My rescue left our faces dangerously close to one another and whatever had been holding me back ceased to become an obstacle and I leaned down to kiss my roommate and partner.

“Earth to Heero.”

I turned toward him and smiled. “Sorry.”

“I was getting a little lonely here. Everything alright?”

I smiled again, taking my left arm and wrapping it around his waist.

“Mmmm… so that’s how it goes?”

“Isn’t this always how it goes?”

“Not always. What were you thinking about?”



“Yes.” I smiled. “More specifically, the first time we kissed.”

He put his hand on my knee. “We’ve gotten better since then.”

I nodded and leaned into him; intent on showing him that he was indeed correct. The kiss was unrestrained. It was more of a miracle on my part. I was not overly fond of public displays of affection, but the atmosphere seemed conducive to it, and it was largely why we were here in the first place.

I pulled Duo to me, wrapping my other arm around his waist as he maneuvered himself up onto my lap. I could feel myself becoming aroused, moaning as Duo’s tongue entwined itself with mine. I pulled back, looking up at the face of my lover. It took a good deal of self-control not to suggest that we leave now. We had not even been here for an hour and Duo had yet to fulfill his part of the bargain.

“We’re not leaving yet.” He told me softly, managing to somehow steal my thoughts.

I moved forward, first taking Duo’s drink from the small table in front of us and then my own. Duo removed himself from my lap shortly thereafter and we talked for a little while. Duo pointed out several people that he knew, giving me some background information on them as well. He had occasion to come in contact with more people than I did and with his outgoing nature, it did not surprise me that he could easily identify 10-15 people from the large crowd.

His eyes lit with recognition of the loud bass that suddenly boomed from the speakers. “This is a great song.” He informed me. I nodded and started to rise as he stood.

“Ut uh.” He chided me, gently putting his hand on my shoulder and pushing me back down to sit.

“You get to be a spectator for this one.”

I nodded, shifting to look behind him to assure that I was in a good position to view the dance floor.

He bent down and kissed me on the lips. “See you in a few.”


Duo danced, slowly at first: eyes open and gazing in my direction, but clearly seeing beyond me. I focused on him, letting my eyes drift from him for only seconds at a time.

He would momentarily disappear from view as those around him danced I waited anxiously with my eyes scanning to crowd for him to reappear. Even from where I sat, I could see that sweat had darkened the pale fabric of his shirt, making it cling to his chest, arms and upper back. With his eyes now locked onto mine, he began to remove it, releasing each button slowly and with the same air of seduction that he generally reserved for me in private. I shuddered as I watched him, undoubtedly enticed and yet feeling pangs of jealousy as well, as he slowly peeled the damp silk from his upper body and proceeded to tie the sleeves of it in a loose knot around his neck.

His eyes closed as the next song began and his hips began to sway to the sultry rhythm of the music. What started out as a slow, almost sensual beat escalated quickly to something that I could only describe as pounding. Shirtless and with abandon, his arms stretched high above his head and locked together, my lover danced.

I could not have torn my eyes from him had I tried. My cock swelled again as his slim hips continued to gyrate. The movement of his body unable to mask his thoughts, he lowered his hands, running them slowly down over his chest.

I finished the last of my drink and focused once again on Duo. Eyes wide open now and filled with nearly as much lust as my own, he reached for the top button on his pants and released it. I stood and made my way downstairs, weaving in and out of the crowd as I made my way onto the dance floor. I could actually hear the low growl that Duo had often accused me of making on overtly possessive occasions such as these, emanate from my throat as I approached him.

His eyes followed my every step and his arms reached out for me as I came within his reach. “I knew that would get you.” He teased. He groaned as I pulled him toward me. I growled again before claiming his mouth with all of the unrestrained passion I was feeling. When the song ended, I ushered him from the dance floor and headed straight for the exit. I reached into the pocket of my pants and handed the small plastic disk to the coat check girl while Duo stood beside me and put his shirt back on. He left it unbuttoned though and my one hand reached out to lightly brush against one of his nipples with the side of my thumb. He hissed at the simple touch and I smiled, at the same time, reaching for our coats and laying a dollar down onto the countertop.


The subway station was virtually empty and we walked quite a ways until we reached the spot where the rear of the train would be. I stepped back against the wall and pulled Duo to me with both hands gripping at the lapels of his coat. His mouth closed over mine and his tongue pushed its way inside to toy with mine. I slid my both hands into his coat, taking firm hold of his leather-clad ass and pulling him roughly toward me. He returned the kiss and moaned my name, grinding against me with a desperation that rivaled my own.

There were many parallels between tonight and our last visit here. I could recall the mounting tension I felt then, but it seemed only a fraction of what I was feeling now. I was certain that I would be unable to wait the one hour it would take us to get home. If I had not heard the train approaching, I would have brought us both off right here on the platform.

We entered the next to the last car and headed for the far end of it, seating ourselves in the very two seats. The car was nearly empty; there were only two other people on the opposite side. They looked to be a young couple and were seated parallel to us and facing in the other direction. We chose without words to ignore them and I stood in front of Duo with one hand on the metal bar above my head. With the other, I reached for his hand and brought it up to my cock, moaning as he touched me. He looked surprised, yet pleased, by my unusual request and pleaded with me to take things further still by unbuttoning and lowering the zipper of my pants. “Let me suck you off.” He said in a voice just loud enough for me to hear.

When I gave him no response, he positioned my coat to hide our activities and reached inside for my cock. I turned slightly and brought my left knee up to rest on the seat beside him. He leaned forward and took all of me inside his mouth with a throaty moan. I suppressed the desire to cry out, tightening my grip on the metal rail at my head instead and burying my other hand in the thick mass of hair top of Duo’s head.

There was little hope of me lasting very long and I didn’t fight it. Duo used the acute knowledge he had of my body to bring me to climax as quickly as possible and I struggled to remain upright while I happily surrendered to him.

I sat down next to him when we had finished and took his hand to guide him up onto my lap. The train came to a abrupt halt and the doors opened with a hiss. Seeing no on get on, I returned my attention to Duo, looking up into his eyes while I unfastened his pants. “Lift up.” I told him and he did. I lowered the thin black leather just enough so that I could slip my hand inside and then reached into the inner pocket of my overcoat and produced a small bottle of lube.

“Always prepared.” He whispered with some amusement. I answered him with a smile, tucking the bottle back into my coat and wrapping my arm around his waist. He shifted on my lap, allowing my right hand to find its way to its goal. He let out a small groan as I slipped one of my fingers inside him.

This was further than we’d gone last time. I had only pleasured him with my hand then, though I could clearly recall wanting to do a lot more. I was unwilling to stop this time, easily seeing the matched desire on Duo’s face.

He began to move against my finger and I glanced over at the couple seated at the other end of the train. They seemed to be oblivious to us and to our activities. I added a second finger and Duo began to ride them, making me that much more aware of how much I wanted to be inside him.

I turned quickly at the loud slam of a door to find the young couple had passed into the next car. I wondered for a moment why they had done so. I did not think they knew what was going on between us, but was glad they left. I wondered what they would have thought if they knew I had my fingers buried inside my lover’s ass.

“Promise me you’ll still fuck me when we get home.”

Duo’s words drew me back from my thoughts. “Yes.” I hissed in response, driving my fingers more deeply into him. He moaned my name softly even though he was aware that we were now alone. “Mmmm.. harder, Heero.” He encouraged me. I could feel the stirrings of re-arousal and quickly surveyed the train car, setting my eyes on the small door just in front of us. “Do you have a pick?”

Duo look confused, but nodded. “Coat pocket.”

I slid my fingers from inside him and motioned with my head toward the door. He grinned and reached for the pick, getting up off my lap as he did. Within seconds the door to the conductor’s booth was open and I ushered him inside and quickly closed the door behind us.

It was dark, with just a sliver of light finding it’s way inside from under the door. I began to remove my coat while Duo did the same.

“We have eight minutes until we get to Queens.” I told him.

I removed the lube from my jacket and tossed my coat onto the control panel at Duo’s back and Duo laid his on top of it. He was ready to go and I didn’t think I would be able to last eight minutes, despite the fact that I’d just come. I reached for his pants, tugging them down and turning him around. He bent forward, resting his chest against the now padded panel. I proceeded to work the leather of my pants down my hips as my eyes adjusted to the mostly darkened space. Duo looked incredible bent at the waist with his ass high in the air, waiting to be fucked. I ran one hand over the cheek of his ass while I applied lube to my erection with the other.

“Come on, baby.” He encouraged me with more than a hint of impatience in his voice. I might have teased him a bit longer had we not been under the gun, so to speak. I separated his cheeks and pushed against his entrance with the head of my cock. He moaned and I pushed forward into him with a deep groan, almost instantly pulling out and slamming back inside.

“I love it when you get like this.” He told me. “Give it to me hard, baby. Don’t hold back.”

My hips seemed to move of their own accord, snapping back and forth to deliver Duo with exactly what he was asking me for. The train rumbled through the blackened tunnel at tremendous speed, the bare bulbs outside at the tunnel’s ceiling flickering on and off like strobe lights. Duo’s hips moved back to meet each of my thrusts. I pulled out finally, ignoring his protest and turned him around to face me. Coming to my knees in front of him, I removed one of his boots and slid the leg of his pants off. He leaned against the hip high panel and spread his legs wide, so that one was on either side of me and leaned back to rest on his elbows.

Seeing my lover like this served to reconfirm the view I held that I would never tire of it or him. It was as exciting now as it had been three years ago and even more thrilling in some respects. The feeling of being inside of Duo was indescribable: deeply satisfying on a number of different levels.

“What are you waiting for?” he hissed impatiently.

I took hold of my cock and in one swift movement I was back inside. I could feel his eyes on me as I reached down to grab hold of his hips. I lunged forward, gripping Duo tightly as not to send his head slamming into the wall directly behind him.

“Oh yeah…. Christ… Fuck.. I needed this!.”

I nodded, unable to do more, thrusting in and out of Duo with considerable force.

“Almost there!” He warned.

I debated for a moment, the merits of holding Duo immobile before giving in. “Whenever you’re ready.” I replied.

He reached down to wrap his fingers tightly around his shaft and began stroking himself with all the fervor he could.

“Coming with me?”

I grunted my reply and felt him tighten around me. I push forward to make sure that I am embedded as deeply as possible and close my eyes. This is surely heaven, I assure myself. I am able to feel nothing beyond the strangle hold that Duo’s channel has on my cock and how glorious it is. My cock erupts and I let out a loud wail that threatens to muffle even Duo’s cries of pleasure, as I spill into him. I cannot fathom how anything can feel so incredibly gratifying and so intensely primal at the same time, but it does. I tell myself that I should be used to it by now, while secretly wishing for that to never happen.

When I finally open my eyes, it is to find Duo smiling up at me. “Hey. I thought I lost you there for a minute.”

“You did.” I tell him. “You always do.” I add as I carefully slip myself out of him.

He lowers his legs to the floor and I step back so that he can bend to gather up his pants. I feel bad that I hadn’t thought about bringing something with me to clean up the mess with. It’s the dead of winter and Duo is surely going to feel the chill once we get outside.

“It’s only four blocks. I’ve survived worse.” He tells me.

He’s reading my mind again. I painfully remind myself that he has been through far worse, though not going into any detail. It doesn’t mean I have to like it. I just nod in response and finish zippering my pants before kneeling in front of Duo to put his boot back on and lace it up.

Twenty minutes later and we’re home. It is still rather early for a Saturday night, but we are equally exhausted and a quick communal shower finds us both in bed and huddled together beneath a mountain of blankets. I tighten my arms around Duo and bring my lips down to his for a somewhat chaste kiss. “Sweet dreams.” I whisper into his hair and as always, he responds with a soft moan and an equally quiet “You too.”

It’s the same gesture I’ve made every night for the past two years and a ritual I started in response to the nightmares we both had.

I’m thinking those words stand little chance of ever carrying the same connotation again.


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