disclaimer: we all know that the g-boys do not legally belong to me. i've managed to get over it.

first in the 'basis for dreaming' trilogy
pairing: 1X1 to 2X2(?), mention of 1X2 and 2X1.. gotta love those two numbers!
rating: NC-17
warnings: yaoi, AU (AC200), pwp, pov, lemon and sap yup, definitely sap.
spoilers: dun think so.....

dedication: for K.M cause she insisted and i could not refuse.

by jana

I am able to sleep through nothing. The soldier in me dictates this and even as far removed from that as I am now, the habit has yet to be broken.

The slightest disturbance in the usually silent cover of night pulls me from sleep. My lover tosses and turns in the bed beside me, and it is at times like these I am thankful that I do not require much sleep.

He is most likely dreaming again. He does so in the same animated style that he lives and does so with some regularity. I turn to watch as he rolls over onto his stomach. I cannot see his face, but I can hear every labored breath he takes and the one low sigh that escapes his lips. I used to wonder what visions his subconscious supplied him with and so I asked. With that knowledge gained, the urge to hold him grows, but I resist. I know from experience that if he wakes there will be no more sleep for either one of us tonight.

The pattern of his breathing shifts and I pay close attention to the movements his body makes. I relax as I watch both hands grip at the pillow beneath his head. His lower body rocks against the firm mattress and I can feel my own lips curling into a smile as realization of what he is dreaming of dawns on me.

Im mentally accusing him of being insatiable, at the same time conjuring up a vision of what my lover might be seeing behind his eyelids. My pulse quickens in response and I can feel my cock firming against the inside of my thigh as the blood rushes to it.

I close my eyes, picturing him as he was just last night; naked, aroused and offering himself to me here in our very own bed. I know I will never tire of that sight nor of the reality that he wants me, and that I want him as much in return. My hand creeps downward to the source of my need and I slip my hand beneath the waistband of my cotton pajamas and wrap my fingers around it with a barely audible gasp.

I concentrate on the all too familiar sounds he is making, letting them fuel the rhythm of my hand. It is a private symphony that he has written and is to be played for my ears alone. I speculate about what his thoughts are. Is he reliving the tender passion we shared a few hours ago? Perhaps he is thinking about the good hard fuck I gave him last weekend at his request and then pleaded with him to return to me just minutes later. Neither version of what I imagine is any less of a turn on for me. I tighten the grasp I have on myself and slowly pump up and down the entirety of my length.

I will ask him tomorrow over breakfast about his dream. He often remembers them with some clarity and if he is able to recall any of it, he will be more then willing to give me a detailed account. I am eager to know if he is fantasizing about something we have not yet done. Some of our more creative encounters have stemmed from restless nights such as these. I remind myself that it is Friday and that we have two full days together to experiment with whatever Duo is dreaming about.

My stamina now is not what it usually is. Not up to par and I cannot hold back the gentle thrust of my hips into the tight tunnel of my fist. I recall then being buried inside of Duo last night, almost able to feel the sublime warmth of his body as I rocked in and out of it. My thumb brushes over the tip of my arousal, smearing the head with the liquid that is still oozing from it.

I hear Duo call out and I find myself jealous of the way he makes my name sound and I am envious too of the Heero in his dreams. His head turns to face me as his lower body moves more desperately against the surface of the mattress to find the friction necessary to bring himself off. I am barely able to see his features in the mostly darkened room, but I have witnessed him like this so often, that my mind supplies me with a wholly accurate vision of his face distorted with pleasure.

I find myself rapidly approaching orgasm and I bite down on my lower lip to stifle the moans of ecstasy that are building up inside me. Duo does not though. True to his nature, his somewhat muffled cries fill the room as he reaches his peak, and I can no longer hold back my own release. Rolling over onto my back with my hand still inside my pajama bottoms, I arch up off the bed and pump my cock until the waves of orgasm rip through me. I silently whisper his name over and over as my body jerks and spasms with the pleasure my own hand has wrought.

Taking a few minutes to regain my composure, I roll over to face my lover and I cannot help but smile at the fact that after all this time, he is still capable of doing this to me in his sleep.


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