disclaimer: nothing is mine. everything is theirs

pairings: none exactly, but yeah.. *cough*
rating: pg
warnings: au, touch of shounen-ai
spoilers: no

by jana

"Speaking of sexy things." He said quietly. "Down at the end of the bar." He averted his eyes, watching as his companion's glance moved over the crowd in the direction he'd indicated.

The man shifted in his chair, leaning to his left a little to get a better view of the bar and those gathered around it. "We weren't speaking of sexy things." He said.

"Jeans and a button down black shirt."

"I see him."

"Well?" Duo met his friend's glance with a grin. Broad shoulders rose and fell, though Duo was unable to hear the sigh amidst the noise.

"Duo, you know I..."

Duo dismissed the upcoming comment with a wave of his hand. "It's irrelevant."

He heard the sigh this time, perhaps because all of his attention was now focused on his partner now. Duo wasn't certain which of the two of them was more frustrated. Duo searched the room, turning in his chair and facing the other man again once he'd found what he was looking for.

"See that girl?" He said, adding, "The one by the door; the redhead in the little black strapless?"

He received a nod in response and continued. "She's attractive." His companion nodded again, still focused on the girl and not Duo. "Nicely proportioned, carries herself well." He said with a shrug. "Not my thing, but I can still see it."

The point was accepted with yet another nod.

"He's got a nice body."

Dark eyes darted across the room, focusing again on the young man. "Yes." He admitted after a small deliberation.

"Really nice. Bet he works out." Duo said, adding softly. "And the hair..."

The subject in question's hair was dark, though it was difficult to say if it was dark brown or black in this light. And messy, the other noted. He didn't necessarily see the allure, but that wasn't the issue. Duo's attention had been captivated. It didn't happen often.

"Bet it would feel nice to run my fingers though it." Duo said. He could lose himself in that fantasy for quite a while.

"I take it he's not a regular?"

Duo shook his head, indicating that was not and turned again to get another look at the man. "Wish he'd turn around again."

"Why don't you go talk to him?"

Duo laughed. "Definitely outta my league. Probably straight too."

A grunt that clearly showed the owners irritation reached Duo's ears. Duo sat back in his chair, took his drink from the table and brought it to his lips: draining what was left of the amber liquid from it. The ice settled with a series of clinks and rattles as the empty glass met with the hard wooden surface of the table.

The pair stood and Duo reached into his pocket, setting a few credits down on the table and then took his jacket from the back of his chair.

Once last long glance over his shoulder as they neared the front door would have to do.


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