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a room with a view
by jana

Zech's sighed and sat behind his desk.

This was the third time this month he found himself working on a Saturday. He loathed the idea.

Removing his jacket, Zechs draped it over the back of his chair and booted his computer.

He stood to cross the room and turned on the stereo. Searching through his collection, he selected 5 cd's, setting them carefully into the carousel.

The tall blonde smiled in satisfaction as he made his way back to his desk, soft classical music filling the air.

Weekend work did have some advantages.


The black Ferrari pulled into the underground parking lot the huge office complex, neither of its occupants smiling.

"I can't believe we have to spend our entire Saturday working." Duo commented, reaching for his briefcase. "This *so* blows*."

Heero nodded, turning off the ignition.

The two exited the car and made their way to the elevator.

"Looks like we're not the only ones." Heero told Duo.

Looking up, Duo followed Heero's line of vision, his eyes resting on the silver Jaguar. "So the boss man is here today too, huh?"

"Would appear that way." Heero replied, stepping into the elevator.


Zechs carefully searched the contents of each document that had been forwarded to him. There seemed to be a greater influx of them lately, though he was able to dismiss most of them with little or no further investigation.

He had worked his way through nearly half of the questionable files when he noticed that the music had stopped. Looking down at his watch, he decided it was an opportune time to break for lunch.


It was 12:30 when Heero and Duo made their way into the break room.

Once inside the small room, Heero closed and locked the huge metal door behind them and relieving Duo of his lunch, pressed him against the door. "You play, you pay." He growled, pinning his body against Duo's.

"Mmmm......you noticed." Duo grinned.

"Yes, I noticed." Heero moaned, grinding his hips into Duo's.

"Was it the bottled water?" he asked, his tongue teasing Heero's open lips.

"No." Heero growled "It was the Tootsie Pop.", his mouth coming down hard on Duo's.


The quiet in Zechs' office was breached by a loud thud. Startled, he looked up.

The security system in the large building had been upgraded just last week and Zechs reached for the small remote, activating a drop down screen on the wall perpendicular to his desk.

Inputting his access code, Zechs sat back to watch as the split-screen revealed 6 images. Each of the small images showed him a different area of the huge building and he continued watching the screen for anything unusual.

The blonde squinted as he looked at the next set of images. There appeared to be someone in the break room, the small picture not allowing him to see more than shadowy movement at the room's entrance. Pausing the picture, Zechs enlarged it so that the single image now covered the entire large monitor, his mouth hung open at the scene.

"Yuy and Maxwell." he spoke aloud.

There had been rumors circulating throughout the office that they were 'involved', the vision on his screen proving it without a doubt.


The two young men were locked in a torrid kiss. The braided pilots body was pressed against the door by the weight of the other, his hands roaming hungrily over his partner's back.

Zechs continued his lunch, grinning as he looked back up at the screen.

Duo's hands had moved downward over his lover's bottom, pulling him closer still. He could tell by he way their bodies were moving just what was happening, his own body reacting to the movement of their hips and their embrace.

He held the remote in his hand, almost turning the images off. Allowing his finger to hover over the stop button, he continued watching.

Heero's hands disappeared from view and the two separated slightly. Zechs saw the expression on Duo's face change, confirming his suspicions as to where Heero's hands had ventured off to. Duo's head had fallen back and his eyes were closed and his lower body rocked against Heero's with a rhythm that Zechs easily recognized.

Slightly disappointed as the two broke the kiss and separated, Zechs' quickly changed his tune as Heero stepped away, leaving him with a perfect glimpse of Duo's erection jutting out from his unfastened jeans.

Zechs followed Heero's movement across the room. His blue eyes traveled over the expanse of Heero's body, settling on the prominent bulge at the juncture of his denim-clad thighs.

Heero began to search the cabinets, his cobalt eyes wide and grinning at Duo as he held a bottle of olive oil.

"They wouldn't!" Zechs muttered aloud in shock.

Taking Duo's hand, the two crossed the room, Heero releasing Duo's as the stood in front of the couch.

Duo kicked off his boots and the dark haired young man lowered himself to his knees before him to slide Duo's jeans down his legs and Zechs moaned as the image of the lower part of Duo's naked form came onto the screen.

The proceedings were affecting him as would be expected and the tall blonde slipped his hand into the waistband of his jeans to adjust himself, groaning as he touched his trapped arousal.

Duo stepped out of his jeans and Zechs enjoyed watching the movement of the young man's thigh muscles. He was surprised at the tone in the former pilots body, his typically baggy clothes hiding what appeared to be a thin, yet very well-toned body.

Pushing Duo down onto the couch, Heero hooked his hands behind Duo's knees and pulled him forward so that his bottom was flush against edge of the sofa, his hand applying pressure to Duo's chest, forcing him to recline.

Opening the bottle of olive oil, Heero coated his fingers. Looking up at his lover, he drove several of them hard into his entrance and Duo's body moved into the touch, the pleasure visible on his handsome face.

His hands, as if by their own volition, slipped into the waistband of his jeans and Zechs began to stroke himself as he watched Heero roughly fingering the former Deathscythe pilot. The deeper Heero's fingers went the, the faster Zechs stroked himself.

Bending forward, Heero's tongue flicked out to lick lightly at the tip of Duo's cock. Eyes closed as Heero's tongue delved into the slit to taste him, Duo's hips bucked up into his lovers waiting mouth, settling back down onto the couch as Heero's mouth engulfed the entirety his engorged member.

The amethyst-eyed young man's mouth was open and his face revealed his body's desire. Zechs released his arousal and unfastened his jeans, sliding them over his thighs and recommenced his touch, this time more roughly as he imagined the sounds the braided young man was making as Heero continued sucking his length.

Without notice, Heero removed his mouth and fingers and Zech's watched intently as the young man stood to unfasten his jeans. Duo watched in amazement too as Heero removed the thick fabric leaving him naked and in all his glory.

Kneeling once again before the couch, Heero coated his thick shaft with the oil and pulled Duo by his hips down onto his thighs before reclining back to let his bottom rest on his feet. Arousal in hand, Heero guided it toward Duo's entrance, his lover moving to take his entire length in.

With Duo's back still resting against the edge of the sofa, Heero began to move, his hips rising upward, his cock sliding with ease in and out of his lover.

The view was incredible and Zechs' free hand made its way in between his legs to gently squeeze his balls. He moaned aloud as Heero began thrusting into Duo, the look on the former Wing pilot's face as he impaled his lover that of sheer pleasure.

Zechs had never thought about either of the younger men as attractive in this way, the particular scene before him giving him an entirely different perspective. He was in complete awe of the beauty the two men possessed as they roughly engaged in this most intimate of acts.

Heero's thrusts became more powerful and he took Duo's cock into his hand and began to stroke his length. Sensing the two were nearing completion, Zechs began moving his hand over his own cock with the same frantic rhythm, soon driving himself over the edge.

His eyes were glued to the large screen as he started his release, not nearly as violent as Duo's as Heero's hand pumped his seed from within him, the thick warmth covering his chest. Zechs watched Heero's face as Duo's muscles clamped down on his length, sending the cobalt-eyed young man into ecstasy.

"Oh.....Yesss !!" Zech's cried as he watched Heero's beautiful face twist with pleasure, his eyes closed and mouth agape as he continued pounding into his lover, still stroking his partner roughly. Zechs looked down as he continued pumping his own length, his hand covered with the proof of his lust.

Watching the young lovers collapse onto one another, Zechs reclined back in his chair and released himself from his grip. Eyes closed and breathing still heavy, Zechs' replayed the events over again in his mind.


"Mmmm....." Duo moaned "We should take breaks like this more often."

Heero lifted Duo up by the hips, allowing his length to slip from his lover's channel. ""This was supposed to be our lunch break." Heero replied.

Opening his eyes, Zechs reached for the remote and looked up at the screen once more.

Running his fingers through the still warm puddle on his chest, Duo brought them to Heero's mouth, his lover moving forward to suck his essence from them. Zechs growled lowly as the two kissed deeply, turning off the security cameras.


Heero looked up suddenly as he saw something flash out of the corner of his eye. "Did you see that?" he asked.

"See what?" Duo replied, pulling himself up to sit on the couch.

"Something just flashed. Up there." Heero told him, pointing at the small camera secured to the ceiling in the corner of the room.

Duo looked up. "I didn't see anything." Duo replied, then noticing the look on Heero's face, added. "You think someone was watching us?"

Heero nodded.

"Zechs?" Duo asked.

"Could be anyone and I intend to find out who it was." Heero replied making his way into the tiny bathroom. "Let's clean up."


Zechs too had found his way into the small bathroom in his office, removing as much of the evidence of his vouyeristic activities as he could. He looked into the mirror to find a huge we spot on his navy t-shirt, smiling as he blotted the area with a towel.


"So, Heero. What if it was Zechs?" Duo asked cautiously.

Heero had on more than one occasion in the past off-handedly commented about certain lusty feelings he had for their platinum haired boss and Duo could easily see this situation giving Heero all the reasoning he needed to act on those feelings.

Heero looked over at Duo. "Duo..."

Duo stared back at his lover in silence.

Heero stood and took Duo by the hand." Come on, let's go."

Exiting the break room and continuing down the hall, Heero paused outside of Zechs' office.

"If it was Zechs...." Heero started, looking into his lover's eyes

Duo closed his eyes and nodded. "I know..."

Heero raised his fist and knocked on the door.


The loud wrap on his office door somewhat startled Zechs. "Who is it?" he called from his desk.

"It's Heero Yuy."

Zechs swallowed hard and crossed the room, his arms folded over his chest in an effort to hide the still damp spot on his shirt.

Opening the door, Zechs smiled at the two young men. "I'm surprised to see you both here on a Saturday. Come in." he commented, moving aside to allow them to enter his office.

"Are you?" Heero replied wryly, making his way over the couch.

Zechs' could feel his heart pounding. "Am I what?" Zechs asked him. 'There was no way they could know he has seen them,…was there?"

"Are you surprised to see us here?" he asked flatly.

"I just assumed I was here alone. I usually am on the weekends."

Zechs relaxed his posture, immediately realizing what he'd done as Heero's eyes widened, his gaze focused on his shirt and then over at Duo.

Refolding his arms, Zechs made his way to sit behind his desk. "What can I do for you, Heero?"

"Did you enjoy it?" Heero asked flatly, staring at the nervous blonde.

Zechs looked over at the two seated on the couch 'Caught.'

Heero stood and made his way over to stand in front of Zechs' "Did you?" he asked.

Zechs was speechless and turned his attention to Duo who now crossed the room to stand beside his lover.

"I'd answer him if I were you, Zechs. You know how he can get." Duo smirked.

Zechs looked up at Heero, the former pilots eyes were glaring down at him.

"I heard a loud noise, so I turned the surveillance system on." Zechs began. "And I saw you both in the break room."

"But you didn't turn if off, did you Zechs?" Heero asked, reaching forward to tug at the wet area of Zechs shirt.

Zechs shook his head. "No."

What Heero did next shocked the hell out the tall blonde.

Grabbing hold of Zechs' shirt with two hands, Heero pulled him to stand, his mouth coming down hard on the blonde's, his tongue forcing it's way into his mouth. Both arms encircled Zechs waist and Heero brought their bodies closer.

Zechs was dizzy as Heero plundered his mouth, the young man's kiss was deep and passionate, not to mention that the taste of his lover was still present. Zechs moaned as Heero kissed him, the young man's kiss becoming nearly brutal as he continued his assault.

Duo watched as his lover kissed the blonde and turned to leave the room.

"Where are you going?" Heero asked, catching his lover's motion from the corner of his eye.

Duo merely looked at Heero, he could see the confusion in his amethyst eyes. "Please stay." Heero asked, reaching his hand out toward his lover.

Duo nodded and stood in the center of the room, the tall blonde still wrapped in Heero's arms.

"I think Zechs liked what he saw." Heero spoke.

Dropping his hand down, Heero brushed it lightly against Zech's arousal. "Mmmm....I'd definitely have to say he liked it." Heero added, his palm now working it's way over the stiffened flesh.

Zechs' mind was quickly fogging as Heero began stroking him, his cock hardening fully as Heero increased the pressure he applied. "I'm sorry I watched. Is that what you want me to tell you, Heero?" Zechs managed to pant.

"No." Heero hissed into the blonde's ear.

"What do you want, Heero?" Zechs asked.

Bringing his mouth down to Zechs' ear, Heero growled "I want you to tell me you want me to fuck you."

Zechs moaned loudly as Heero pulled them closer, Heero's stiffness now pressed against his thigh.

"Do you, Zechs?" Heero prodded, his hips grinding into Zechs.

Zechs nodded, his knees going weak as the reality of what Heero was offering finally sinking in.

"I can't hear you, Merquise." Heero hissed, "Say it out loud....loud enough so that Duo can hear you."

Zechs took a deep breath and looked at Heero." Yes, Heero...I want you to fuck me....please." he moaned, grinding his hips further into Heero's hand.

Heero looked over at his lover, Duo's expression was blank, but Heero knew his lover was not pleased. While Duo had not tried to stop Heero, more than a small part of him hoped that Zechs would refuse his offer, though he did realize the absurdity of the idea.

"Duo?" Heero questioned. "Come here, koi."

Duo nodded and made his way over toward the two. Heero reached out and took Duo's hand in his, placing it on his erection. "It's okay, Duo." he whispered.

Heero reached forward, unfastening the blonde's jeans and Duo moved behind him, still stoking his erection as Heero slid the blonde's pants down. "Take them off." He ordered.

Zechs bent and removed his shoes and socks, stepping out his pants.

The two lovers watched in awe and Zechs stood, his cock dripping and standing at full attention before them, the blonde's face slightly flushed as the two pairs of eyes scrutinized him.

"You have any lube?" Heero asked, pulling Duo to stand in front of him.

"Top right hand drawer." Zechs replied, Heero smiling as Duo grinned at him.

"Go get it." Heero ordered.

Pulling Duo toward him, Heero wrapped his arms around his lover and brought their bodies close together, both gasping as their arousals met. "I'll take care of that for you, koi." Heero whispered, unfastening Duo's pants.

Heero reached out to take the lube from Zechs as Duo continued removing his pants, stepping out of them to take off his socks and boots. Grabbing Duo by the hand, Heero pulled him closer and his one arm snaked around his thin waist, his fingers moving lightly over the soft bare flesh.

Heero placed one hand on the blonde's hip and turned Zechs to face his desk. Pushing him forward, the tall blonde bent at the waist with his upper torso laying flat on his desk. Looking down at Zech's bottom, Heero moaned and adjusted his trapped arousal.

"Up on the desk, Duo." he told his lover, letting him fall from his grasp. Duo looked at Heero, slightly confused before obeying his command.

Duo sat on the edge of the desk and watched as Heero opened the white tube covering his fingers with the cool gel.

"I think Zechs would like to taste you. My kiss was just a tease, wasn't it Zechs?" Heero asked.

The blonde nodded and Heero smirked at Duo, watching carefully as his braided lover positioned himself with his legs spread wide to surround the blonde's head, his straining arousal was just inches from Zech's face.

Reaching down, Heero pushed one finger into Zech's opening. "Suck him." He ordered, the blonde gasping before immediately taking Duo's heated flesh into his mouth.

Duo moaned as he watched Zech's mouth cover his erection, noting his lover was also enjoying the magnificent view.

"You had no sound while you were watching us. Did you Zechs?" Heero asked, his fingers moving more roughly inside the blonde. "You're in for a real treat. Duo is very vocal….it's enough to make you come just listening to him."

Zechs moaned around Duo's thickness as Heero added a second finger, looking down to watch the length of his digits disappear into the blonde, groaning as he worked them in and out.

Duo reclined back onto his palms as Zechs continued sucking his cock, the blonde alternating between licking the swollen head and sliding his mouth up and down it's length, his lips applying an increasing pressure as Heero's fingers thrust more rhythmically into him.

Zechs had to admit that Heero was correct in his assertion, the harder he sucked on Duo's length, the louder the braided young man became, his deep moans of intense pleasure filling the room. Zechs had never heard anything so erotic and Duo's non-stop sounds drove him on, now raking his teeth against the stiff flesh.

Heero watched his lover climbing toward his peek and added another finger, slamming the three almost mercilessly into the blonde's still tight channel.

Duo's moans turned almost feral and he began thrusting his hips up into Zech's mouth. Zechs prepared himself for Duo's orgasm and deep throating his cock, tightened his lips and moaned around it. Duo's hips rose off the desk and he gasped loudly and began his release, fucking Zechs' mouth as each shot of thickness exited his twitching cock to coat the blonde's throat.

Heero paused and watched in awe as Duo's face twisted and came inside the blonde's mouth, the large room filled with the unequalled sounds of his lover's shrill screams of pleasure. Relaxing back down onto the desk, Duo's breathing slowed enough to bring himself to a seated position, smiling as the two sat watching him.

"Mmm....nice." he smiled, looking down at the blonde.

"Very nice." Zechs replied, grinning up at the braided young man.

"Enough." Heero growled, commencing his fingers movements with the blonde. Knowing Zechs was still too tight to accommodate his thickness, Heero continued stretching him. The thought that he would soon be burying himself in Zechs made Heero's cock twitch, but he didn't want to hurt him.

Duo made his way down from the desk and kneeled behind his lover. Spreading his cheeks apart, Duo brought his mouth to his lover's opening, licking softly at the highly sensitive flesh, Heero's moans causing him to smile as he continued to lick and suck his puckered entrance.

Heero's fingers moved more roughly inside of Zech's and he quickly added a fourth, growing impatient in preparing the blonde. Zechs' body shifted as Heero added the extra digit, and his moans alerted Heero to his apparent discomfort.

Duo's tongue had found its way just inside of the small opening and Heero pushed back, driving it further inside, moaning as Duo brought his hands up to kneed the taut muscles of his rear. Burying his fingers deep into Zechs, Heero found the blonde's prostate and he arched his back. "Take Me, Heero." he cried, his hips moving on their own accord around Heero's trapped fingers.

Duo stood as Heero slid his fingers from Zechs' channel and he covered Heero's arousal with lube before taking it in his hand to rub the slick tip against Zech's opening.

Pressing himself against the length of Heero's body, Duo moved toward his lover, watching over Heero's shoulder as he stepped forward and pushed against Heero, burying his lover more deeply into the blonde.

The three moaned as Heero was finally driven all the way into Zechs' tight channel. Duo stepped back to retrieve the lube and squeezed a small amount onto his hand, while Heero grabbed the blonde by his hips and began his slow thrusts into Zech's body. "Nnn…Yesss." Heero hissed, each thrust into the warm caress of his channel more powerful than the last.

The blonde was in heaven, Heero's thick cock was buried deep inside him and he envisioned the picture from earlier and knew exactly how gorgeous the cobalt-eyed young man behind him looked as he drove himself in and out of him.

Duo watched for a few moments as his lover impaled the tall blonde before sliding his two fingers into Heero's entrance, smiling as Heero bucked back, driving them further inside. "Mmmm…...Duo." he moaned, the words confusing Zechs.

"Duo?" he asked.

"His cock may be buried in your ass, Zechs..." Duo growled, "but he belongs to me!" He yelled, thrusting his fingers hard into Heero. Heero groaned and threw his head back, Duo fingers and words heightening the already intense pleasure.

Duo wrapped his arm around Heero's waist and pressing himself tightly against Heero, began rocking, his fingers thrusting into his lover, Heero now pounding with the rhythm Duo had set into Zechs ass.

"That's gonna do it, isn't it lover." Duo whispered into Heero's ear, Heero groaning low in his throat. Heero threw his head back to rest on Duo's shoulder as Duo continued to drive them on, his pace quickly increasing.

"Better get ready if you're coming along for the ride, Zechs." Duo cautioned.

Zechs reached down and wrapped his fist around his shaft, pulling roughly on the stiffened flesh.

Duo backed up and moved forward, trapping his arousal between their bodies. Bringing his down mouth to Heero's ear, Duo drove his fingers deep inside his lover, stroking his prostate. "Let's go, Heero." He whispered.

"Oh, God." Heero cried out, his hips slamming into the blonde's bottom.

Zechs frantically stroked himself as Heero continued ramming into him, finally screaming out as orgasm hit "Uhh...Don't stop." He cried, his entire body shuddering as he continued his violent release.

Fingers buried deeply within his lover, Duo forcefully pushed Heero forward into the tight muscles of Zech's climaxing body and twisting his fingers sharply, sent his lover spiraling into mindless ecstasy with a loud scream.

Duo continued his manual assault on his lover's body and Heero gasping loudly with each shot of liquid heat he sent into Zech's still trembling body. "Harder, Duo!!!" Heero screamed, his body pushing back onto Duo's thrusting fingers. More than happy to comply, Duo continued impaling his lover. "Yes…..That's it !" Heero groaned.

"Beautiful." Duo whispered as he watched his lover's face still resting on his shoulder twist with pleasure as he gasped and moaned. Now on the verge of his own release, Duo rubbed his arousal over his the smooth flesh of his lover's bottom and drove his fingers inside him one last time, holding them there. "Uhhh….HEERO !!!" Duo screamed. His cock twitched uncontrollably as he gasped and released his passion, his rock hard shaft still tightly sealed between his abdomen and his lover's mid-orgasmic body.

Allowing the tremors to subside, Duo relaxed his grasp on his lover and stepped back. Heero too stepped back, drawing Duo into his arms and allowed the blonde to come to a standing position.

Facing the two young men, Zechs smiled. "I don't know what to say." He grinned.

Heero bent to pick up his clothes before looking up at the blonde. "How about an apology for invading our privacy?" Heero replied, his stare making Zechs uncomfortable.

"I'm sorry." Zechs replied "There? Happy?"

"That didn't sound very genuine, Zechs." Duo replied, slipping back into his jeans.

Heero looked over at Duo. "I don't think he's sorry at all. Do you, Duo?"

"Nope." Duo grinned.

Heero looked back over at the blonde. "I'm afraid you'll have to do better than that, Zechs."

Zechs shrugged. "I'm sorry. I'm a bad liar." He replied, smiling

Heero winked at Duo and the two made their way to the rooms exit.

Heero paused in the doorway not looking back "Zechs?"

"Yes, Heero?"

"I'll expect to have the only copy of that tape on my desk first thing Monday morning."

Zechs nodded and sat behind his desk as the two left the room, closing the door behind them.

Relaxing back in his chair Zechs folded his arms behind his head and put his feet up on the desk, crossing them at his ankles. He grinned….

"Yes, working on the weekends certainly did have its advantages"


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