Disclaimer: I don’t own the song ‘Wish You Were Here’ by Incubus, and I don’t own the Gundam Boys *sniffle*. I’d have to get my boss to give me a multi million dollar raise for that to change- and I don’t think lowly record stores get that much…

Pairings: 1x2
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: Yaoi, songfic, lemon, bit o’ sap, exhibitionism, PWP.

Notes: This is not only my first ever gw fic, it’s my first SDDI fic and my first ever songfic! Multiple jubilations! It’s based on the song ‘Wish You Were Here’ by Incubus- and, although you don’t really need it to read the fic, I advise downloading it because Incubus kick-ass. Oh yeah, and I’m British- so I use some language changes that are different for other versions of the English language, yadda yadda... Now go read...

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Wish You Were Here
by Jade Black

// I dig my toes into the sand //

Duo stared out at the ocean; it sparkled and frothed and rippled as it met the sand- teeming with life. Who knew what cute and dangerous creatures lurked out there- what hidden treasures lay at the bottom, long forgotten.

// The ocean looks like a thousand diamonds
          Strewn across a blue blanket //

The sun was setting- hanging in the balance just on the fringes of the horizon- soothing the tired world by releasing waves of otherworldly colour for all to bathe in. Soon it would drop below, and hide for the night, leaving the sky free for the cool moon and the stars- the only proof of its existence whispy trails of red and orange scouring the sparse clouds. The remainder of the light was reflected on the ocean- a wash of watery beads, each unique.

// I lean against the wind,
          Pretend that I am weightless //

Duo turned as he heard approaching footsteps in the sand, happy to see his lover. As Heero got closer, Duo turned once again to watch the show, feeling arms possessively snake around his waist and fingers brush lightly and deliberately over the skin of his abdomen. Duo entwined his own fingers in that roaming hand, and leant back against the other boy, allowing Heero to support his entire weight. He trusted Heero. Heero would never drop him.

// And in this moment I am happy...
          Happy //

Duo squeezed his hand lightly, and then spun himself around to face the other pilot- claiming his lips in a kiss before he had a chance to complain. Not that Heero would complain.

// I wish you were here //

Reluctantly breaking the kiss, Duo looked up at Heero. Deep, beautiful cobalt orbs met his gaze- drenching him in that warm feeling of possession. Their faces stood centimetres apart, messy brown locks tickling both their foreheads. Duo breathed in as Heero breathed out; Heero breathed in as Duo breathed out.

// I wish you were here //

Heero moved in towards him this time, locking them together- feeding at Duo’s mouth like he hadn’t eaten since the war. Duo lapped up that flavour and scent that was Heero- fresh grass, diesel and something else musky and masculine that Duo had never quite been able to put his finger on- no matter how many times he sampled it.

// I wish you were here //

Duo melted into the body of the Asian boy. What had he, the God of Death, done to deserve this perfection in its purest form? If Heero was the Perfect Soldier, then he was certainly the Perfect something else as well... Duo’s Perfect Something Else.

// I wish you were here //

Heero’s warm hands traced faint circles on Duo’s bare back as Duo’s arms wrapped around Heero’s neck- bare chests pressed together. Even though they were on a beach, and could be seen by anyone, all Duo wanted was to make every part of their bare skin touch. And he knew Heero had something along the same lines in mind as well.

//I lay my head onto the sand //

And, sure as Duo had predicted, he soon felt Heero’s hand slip down to his hip, and tug downwards lightly. He crouched down and lay backwards, as Duo fell atop him- somehow managing not to break the joining of their lips. Heero wrapped his arms around him again quickly, holding him close and rolling him over so his back pressed against the coarse sand.

// The sky looks like a backlit canopy
          With holes punched in it //

Heero pulled back slightly and pressed one last firm kiss on Duo’s lips before moving down, planting soft butterfly kisses in a line across Duo’s jaw and down his neck. Nimble hands moved to Duo’s chest, pausing at each nipple, and tweaking lightly- sending Duo arching off the sand. The thumbs continued to circle as the mouth moved down lower and lower- still kissing and licking and every now and then nipping a path across Duo’s stomach.

// I’m counting UFO’s //

One hand moved from Duo’s chest down to slip into the waistband of Duo’s swimming trunks- and Duo could do nothing but pant and watch as they were slowly peeled off his form, freeing his already dripping arousal. Heero moved up his body once again, and caught Duo’s eyes in a stifling gaze- making sure Duo knew well and truly what he was about to do as his warm mouth hovered tantalizingly over the head of Duo’s cock.

// I signal them with my lighter //

Smirking devilishly, Heero sunk down- leaving Duo helpless. The braided pilot’s hands twitched and buried themselves in spiky brown bangs. Heero drew up once more, sucking gently and licking all the way- eliciting a pleasured moan from Duo’s lips. The captive glanced up, checking in the general direction of the hotel to see if anyone had heard- but his eyes snapped shut as Heero began to move, working harder.

// And in this moment I am happy...
          Happy //

Whimper after cry after moan was forced from Duo’s mouth- leaving him in all abandon that someone might actually be watching, lost in his own ocean of pleasure. Heero sucked and swirled his tongue expertly, wrapping his hand around what wouldn’t fit in his mouth and bracing himself by keeping his other hand planted firmly on Duo’s thigh. But now, he moved that hand down slightly to momentarily fondle with Duo’s balls, and then slip lower to find the pilots not-so-hidden entrance.

// I wish you were here //

Duo didn’t even register the first, lubricated intruder- he was too close. It was only with the arrival of Heero’s third digit that he did realise momentary discomfort- but he was soon away again in a world of bliss... so close…

// I wish you were here //

Heero’s fingers brushed lightly against that spot inside him- and Duo’s body was once again wrenched away from the sand with a beseeching cry- just at the same instance as his soft lips left Duo’s cock.

// I wish you were here //

Duo whimpered as the cool night air taunted his arousal- where his lover could have been. Heero climbed up Duo’s chest- his hands still entwined in Heero’s hair, and Heero’s fingers still wriggling inside Duo. Heero leant forward and kissed his lover again, Duo could taste himself of his lips. “Ready?” asked Heero.

// Wish you were here //

Duo could only bite his lip and nod enthusiastically as he gazed into pools of cobalt. Heero smirked once again at his ability to drive this beauty wild. They truly did belong to each other.

// The world’s a roller coaster,
          And I am not strapped in //

Heero finally withdrew his fingers and knelt between Duo’s outstretched legs- their eyes meeting once more. Duo frowned as he just sat there looking at him and managed to pant out, “For Christ’s sake, just fuck me, Heero!” Heero could never refuse a direct order- and he plunged deep into that tight cavern of warmth that he loved so much, producing an impassioned cry of his own.

// Maybe I should handle with care,
          But my hands are busy in the air //

Duo clutched at Heero as he drove into him- a string of incoherent curses and pleas escaping his lips throughout it all. Heero smirked, knowing his lovers verbal incontinence- and silencing him by claiming his lips as he claimed his body- fancifully carving a rut in the sand with their movements. Duo moaned into his mouth- and as Heero drew back for breath he heard his own name escape the braided boys lips.

// I wish you were here //

Knowing his inhuman control wasn’t going to last much longer, Heero’s hand found Duo’s cock sandwiched between them- and fingers roughly circled it- only having time to pump it once before Duo’s hands clenched at his back and he cried out in ecstasy. Duo’s hot essence shot out all over their chests and stomachs, and Heero’s hand- and Heero matched Duo’ cries as his muscles convulsed around him- allowing one last thrust up into that lithe body before also bringing himself to release.

// I wish you were //

Heero lay atop Duo, both panting and waiting patiently for their heart rates to return to normal. Duo was the first to open his eyes and kiss his lover tenderly, glancing around at the aftermath. “Heero...” he whispered. The Perfect Soldier propped himself up on one elbow and looked at him questioningly. “Where are our clothes?”

// I wish you were here
          I wish you were here
                    I wish you were here //

Authors Note: So? Did I do good? I really need feedback on this one!!


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