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Pairings: 1x2 (implied)
Rating: G. Currently.
Warnings: Duo POV, yaoi, slight angst, slight sap, language probably (it’s seems to follow me wherever I go). Strange, I don’t think there’s anything else. What’s wrong with me?

Notes: Although this is a ficlet (I just felt like writing it), I think there should be more of it- like the beginning to an ongoing series… I have a lot on right now, though, and I can’t think of a decent plotline. If anyone else out there can think of a plot to go with this- then can you please email me- I need inspiration desperately…

Sleepless Nights
Part 1
by Jade Black

The fires raged. Angry oranges and reds engulfing everything in sight. The screams of the children. Of the nuns, of the villagers living nearby. I knew them all, I couldn’t just stand there and do nothing- these were the people I loved. But I was frozen to the spot, suspended in time. I could hear Father Maxwell and Sister Helen… and, somewhere amidst it all, Solo.

The fire was crawling closer, destroying anything that obstructed it’s path. If I didn’t move, then I would die along with them all. Perhaps that wouldn’t be so bad. The flames would just lick at my skin- and there would be the final pain before nothing. I’d never believed in heaven, no matter how much Father Maxwell would preach to me- I was no born Catholic, just a worthless and homeless orphan sent out onto the streets; stuck wearing a priest’s shirt five sizes too big for me, and the only pair of pants left in the chapel from all the elders.

The screams reached me at a crescendo, like razor blades and sandpaper to my ears. And that made me run. I turned and sprinted down the street. I ran and ran and ran and ran… on down into darkness- but the road didn’t seem to end. It just got darker and darker and darker- until I couldn’t see my hand before my face. I could still hear screaming… but it could well have been my own.


I woke then, blot up-right, sweat running down my brown and neck. It was still dark. I glanced around, blinking sleep out of my eyes- but I was somehow suddenly alert. I guess that was what three years as a Gundam Pilot did to you. The dreams were becoming more and more frequent, each one with new violence and terror. Each night it got worse, I just couldn’t seem to stop thinking about it. It gave me a headache that could have knocked out an elephant- migraines that stayed throughout the day…

And then this grotesque rumbling sensation that came with only a little pain emanated from my stomach, and I clutched it as I rolled over and out of bed. I stole a quick glance at the beautiful Asian that lay entwined in the bed sheets, a vision straight out of a wet dream- but I didn’t have time for that right now. After putting on a denim jacket that was just within grabbing-reach, I made my way down the stairs to raid the fridge for leftovers that could have seemed appealing that early in the morning.

The little kitchen was bathed in soft and somehow comforting moonlight, so I didn’t bother to switch the lamp on. I just headed straight for the fridge-, which also sent a ray of warm yellow light across the room in a half-assed attempt to compensate for the chill that opening the door also released. I pulled out some bread, some leftover chicken and a half-frozen Snickers bar. Putting my miniature feast down on the lopsided wooden table, I shoved the chicken between the two slices of bread and bit into it like I hadn’t eaten for months. Just that one bite began to settle my stomach, and I started to feel better. I glanced at the clock. 01:27.

I wasn’t really surprised when Heero walked in. He was silent as he descended the staircase, but I still knew he was there, without seeing him. It’s just like a feeling or a premonition I get when he’s around, a sudden sensation of comfort and safety. I turned and looked at him, my mouth still stuffed with the impromptu chicken sandwich. He was wearing just a pair of striped blue and white pyjama bottoms, and looked oddly perfect and pure framed on the staircase. Rather like a fallen angel, the light from the window at the top of the stairs giving him a strange glow of power. I nodded in acknowledgement of his arrival, and he smirked ever so slightly, half-closing his eyes momentarily, as ever the sage, though I could hardly see the movement in the dim light. I turned back to the table, and he walked past me silently to open the retro-style fridge, hunting inside.

After a moment, he turned, and closed the fridge- obviously not finding something he fancied. Then he glanced down at the table, and grabbed the Snickers before I could stop him. He grinned maliciously (or as close as Heero Yuy could some to grinning) at me and then took a large bite of it. I couldn’t stop myself from laughing, it’s just so funny to see someone like him openly break their façade and stuff their face like that. Perhaps they were rubbing off on each other- I was talking less, and he was eating chocolate. He shrugged off my laughter, swallowing, “It was mine anyway,” he said quietly, and I laughed again. His smiled widened just a touch, and then he looked up at me again. “So, why can’t you sleep?”

“I was thinking.”

“Elaborate.” He bit into the Snickers again.

“About stuff. You, me, work, play. That kinda thing.”

“That doesn’t explain a lot. Especially since you were dreaming- not thinking.” This guy was like an extremely blunt shrink at times- an ordinary person would beat around the bush for half an hour and then go back to bed, but him? Noooooo…

“It was just the usual. The church, the fire, the screams. It’s nothing to worry about. I’ve always dreamt this stuff…”

He bit into the Snickers again, and chewed it over before answering. God forbid talking with your mouthful; but he was cute like that, in his little ways. “Perhaps we should see someone about it. I feel bad- since I can’t help you.”

I thought about it for a moment. Heero always seemed to know what was right, but I really didn’t want to see any psychiatrist just because I was dreaming of my past. It’s not like they could actually do anything for me. It wasn’t uncommon or anything. Still, though, perhaps it was worth thinking about. “You know,” I said, decided to change the subject. “I haven’t been on holiday in three years.”

A flicker of a frown passed across Heero’s face, but he soon schooled it to its usual nonchalant expression. They both now worked for the Preventers- special branch. “What would you do on holiday? You’re abroad all the time.”

“I don’t know. Relax. Find some hot stud on a tourist infested beach in the Europe somewhere and make him rub suntan lotion into my back until the sun came down. Drink tequila all day and wake up early afternoon the next with a hangover to bring down a small army and do it all over again. Something along those lines.”

“Sounds like you’ve got a lot of ideals.”

“And you’re trying to tell me you haven’t?”

“I’d go camping somewhere. Find some trees.”

“You plan on hugging them?”

He didn’t get the joke. “No. The air is always clearer round trees- it’s nice to be able to breathe freely- not like you can here.”

It seemed like a very strange thing to say, but I knew what he meant. Just the opportunity to free up your chest from the pollution that jammed the city air together. Escape the humidity and the electricity and go back to what could have once been. Of course, I didn’t expect Heero to put it in so many words- but he managed to make it clear in just a few… it takes a lot of thought to do that. There was no one who could say it better than Heero… he was just perfect.

“Well,” Heero said, screwing up the wrapped to the chocolate bar and throwing it perfectly into the trash can over his shoulder. “Do you want to come back to bed? I’m sure I could make it worth your while.”

I smiled at that. Certainly perfect.

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