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Pairings: 1x2, 3x4
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: yaoi, lemon (^_^), bit o’ angst, AU (probably AC2003, but undefined), insecure Heero and most likely insecure Duo as well, language… um, there’s probably some other bad stuff in there but I have no idea what it is.

Notes: Basically, the G-Boys are in a rock band, and Heero’s beginning to feel a little insecure about his relationship with Duo… but, hell, has it got a great ending!!

Life Line
Part 1
by Jade Black

Duo stared out over the concrete mosh pit and beyond it to the merchandise stands. The Norwich University arena was empty now save for a couple of techs and the odd student leaving classes late. Soon, though, it would fill up with screaming, bouncing and drunken fans like it always did. The band, Life Line, had played venues five times the size of this one- but each gig came with new nerves. He didn’t know quite how he had got conned into playing here. It was their England tour- for god’s sake; he had spent the last month playing places like Redding and Wembley- this was almost degrading.

Heero didn’t seem to think the same thing. The guitarist had told him earlier that morning as they were just waking up that it was probably a good thing that they went back to the roots of playing. A smaller audience would help them from getting so ‘big-headed’. Duo agreed, but he did enjoy the larger audiences. And they got paid more too.

Talk of the devil- Heero appeared now. He crept up behind Duo and held him like he always did- one arm around his waist- the tattooed arm –and one hand on his shoulder. Duo was used to his lover’s silent entrances, he was quiet all the time. It seemed like the only time Heero actually let loose was when he had a guitar in his arms- and then it was magnificent. No one could quite match up to that. But, maybe Duo was the only one able to appreciate it- the only one who knew Heero well enough to read him like that.

“How long have we got?” Duo asked, breaking the comfortable silence.

“Couple of hours,” Heero answered, still looking out. “How are you going to do your hair?”

Duo smiled. He knew Heero loved his hair. Duo didn’t know why Heero asked him gig after gig after gig- he always kept it up in a braid when they were on stage, or anywhere else where the public could see him. It was partially because it added an air of mystery to his character- with the amount of female fans out there wishing he would take it down just for them- and it was partially because the only person other than himself and his mother who had seen him with it down was Heero… though Heero didn’t know that. Heero probably had no idea how many people Duo had been with before him. “Like I always do, Hee-chan!” With that Duo planted a firm kiss on the Asian’s lips- and bounded off back stage.

Heero stayed where he was. The cold British air was both dull and strangely refreshing. He didn’t usually worry about gigs- but this one didn’t look good. He didn’t know what it was… perhaps the feeling of a storm looming heavily in the air- but it seemed like something more than just rain. He wondered if it was something to do with his favourite singer- Duo seemed… distant recently, a lot quieter than usual. However, he had seen his lover like this before- and it usually resulted in a hit album. Maybe he was just working up to writing some earth-shatteringly great lyrics. However, he hadn’t seen Duo actually grab a piece of paper and a pen for quite a while… like his inspiration flow was down or something. Heero really didn’t know, though, so he trudged back across the stage where the techs were starting to set up all their gear to try and find the remainder of Life Line.


Trowa and Quatre were sitting on the sofa of the green room making out, a bottle of Jack Daniels resting awkwardly between them. Duo wasn’t surprised, that was pretty much all the bass player and the blond manager did before every concert… come to think of it, they did it after every concert as well. Wufei sat polishing his drumsticks solemnly, sitting as far away from the couple as he could. Duo knew he could go for some of that as well, but it wasn’t like Chang wanted to make it obvious. He was too ‘honourable’ for that.

Duo opened the fridge/freezer in the corner and pulled out a bottle of Heineken, twisting off the cap and taking a long swig before sitting down next to Wufei, not entirely sure of what to do now that he was here. It didn’t take long for Heero to appear in the doorway after him; and he took a seat between Duo and the other two, who were too engrossed in each other to notice.

Wufei threw his drumsticks down and flopped back onto the sofa. “Can’t those two get a room? It’s bad enough when you lot are doing it!” he gestured half-heartedly at the singer and guitarist.

“I think it’s cute,” commented Duo, looking at the way Trowa’s hand was surreptitiously creeping around and up the blonds pink shirt.

“It’s creepy! And disgusting!”

“Hn.” Heero commented simply, placing and arm around Duo and bringing him in for a sweet kiss. Duo responded happily, but then turned away again as if nothing had happened- leaving Heero hanging there looking lost.

“Are we working the same set as usual?” Duo asked Wufei in particular.


“No fancy additions or anything? No tricky solos?”

“Have you got any new songs you want to try out?”

Duo looked down, slightly thoughtfully, “No…”

“Well, then, why would we change anything?”

Heero sat back again, away from Duo- but still with his arm slung possessively over the braided teenager’s shoulders. He watched as the singer spoke animatedly to the drummer. It was like he didn’t even exist. Heero found himself thinking about the angelic vocalist every hour of the day- even when he was sleeping he dreamed of him –and yet it seemed like to Duo he was nothing. Although Duo spoke more often than a radio presenter, he had never really told Heero a thing. He knew everything about Heero- his entire life story, but Heero knew hardly anything about his past- not that he wasn’t waiting to listen.

Heero knew that Duo had had a hard childhood. His parents had died before he really got to know them- and he had grown up partially in a Catholic orphanage and partially on the streets somewhere. But that was about all he knew. Duo sung about things in his songs that Heero couldn’t even comprehend- he had asked Duo once what one of them meant, but Duo had been reluctant to tell him, and he hadn’t tried since. He didn’t really want to bring up bad memories. However, Heero was beginning to worry. Duo was becoming more and more distanced from him, talking less and less; drifting away almost… perhaps talking it through with someone would have helped him. But, then, that had to be a voluntary thing.

Heero didn’t have a problem with it. He was happy with Duo however he wanted to be. The only thing that worried Heero was how long he could hold on with no validation.


When they got onstage the adrenaline rush hit like a wall of fire- just like it always did. Duo bounded out on stage, grabbing the mike in full swing- and yelling- “CAN YOU HEAR ME NORWICH?!!”

The cheer that hit back was almost deafening- but Heero was used to the excited and loud crowds. Sometimes they even drowned out the music. He just calmly picked up Wing- his guitar, a white Ibanez with silver pickups and a silver-washed fret board. He’d fantasised about having a guitar like that and being able to play it for a multi-million crowd since before he started to learn to play. And standing there, especially when he was only feet away from the person he considered to be the possible love of his life, was like an age-old dream come true. Of course, he could only hope that Duo felt the same way about him… or, at least, that he understood.

Duo was none the better off. He was already in full rhythm- jumping across the stage like a super-charged kangaroo. And they hadn’t even started to play yet! He glanced back over his shoulder to check just how ready the band was. Wufei was almost set up, Trowa was settling the bass over his shoulders- and Heero was standing looking at him longingly. They’d probably only need a minute more before they were all set. “WELL THEN, LET ME HEAR YOU!!!” he bellowed into the microphone. The roar that emanated from the crowd could have knocked over a circus tent. “I STILL CAN’T HEAR YOU!!!” Another earth shattering roar… large groups of energized people were so easy to manipulate. Duo glanced back again- they were all ready, looking at him intently- waiting for him. He hated that look- the same look they all bore at this point of a gig. Like they expected him to carry on, to take over, to lead. They all looked up to him- and every time Duo doubted that he could do it right. And yet he came through every time.

He nodded to Wufei, who began to count them in on his drumsticks, and then turned back to the ever-moving sea of people. The usual set… so Heero went first. Duo waited.

Heero took a deep breath and twiddled the pick between his fingers, listening for the third beat of Wufei’s drumsticks. He looked at Duo- his braid swaying as he bounced around- as he found his fingering on the fret board… Go. Three chords. Pause. Go again…

The sound of Heero’s guitar blasted out of the amps, almost sending the crowd silent. Duo waited, it was all in the timing. The somewhat twangy sound floated up and echoed out, leaving quiet. Then he started again- a slow plucking of the strings, that melded together into a melody and spiralled upwards and away- and then came plunging back down again with a harsh strike of plastic on metal. It began to rise again, just as Wufei melted into the sound with a soft tapping of the drums, getting louder and louder- then the addition of Trowa’s bass, just a rhythm to mark it all by- a skeleton on which to hang the skin of a proper song…

Duo chuckled softly into the microphone- a part of the song that always came easily to him… a pre-cursor. He just let the music float and built and strengthen like a beautiful force of nature. You didn’t need any words to complicate it; it was perfect as it was. But, then, it was inevitable… “Much reason for sorrow…” he whispered into the microphone softly, mirroring the flow and rise and fluctuations of the guitar.

He glanced at Heero and found cobalt eyes met his. “But maybe tomorrow,” he broke the deep gaze. He couldn’t bear to look at Heero when he sung… it was just too much. “She’ll return and see him again.” His voice rose as he coaxed the microphone like a lover. “He shouted aloud his defiance…” he looked at the sky, “At life.” His voice rose even higher, as the song still built, “It seemed to receive those loved and taken…” And the music quit. Duo closed his eyes. “By knife.”

The sound returned in full force as Heero and all the others let rip once more. Duo kept his eyes closed, but he knew where everything was by heart. He had feeling, he didn’t need sight.

Heero was lost already… and he wasn’t going to come back for a long time. There was only one rush that could surpass this- and that rush was standing only steps in front of him, just as enveloped in the feeling. Duo. The man… and the music… they were just so perfect. Heavenly, even; like a drug. And he didn’t have to say a word or do a thing- he was just there. These were probably the two best times for Duo as well… knowing how much the braided boy loved and craved sex, and then seeing the way he acted with their music- there was a sure similarity. It was like the sound and him were one in the same… if the band hadn’t found each other and made something out of it, then he would have made a great professional dancer. He bounced and swayed and hopped and then flowed in perfect harmony with every element and layer of the song, and his emotions seemed to reflect what he heard- like he was that fragile and empathetic. Heero knew he was probably too wrapped up in him to know without influence… but the singer held the beauty and finesse of a supernatural deity. It was inhuman to be that good.

‘Defiance Of Life’ was built so that it flowed directly into the next song with no break. Wufei’s drumming slowed and quickened- morphing into a different, sharper and more varied beat. Trowa’s bass quickened and deepened. Heero’s playing still rose above all else and stood out and imprinted itself upon the listeners’ minds- like a jagged mountain in a land of rolling hills. The next in the set was completely different in style to ‘Defiance Of Life’, the lyrics more obvious and more sarcastic. More of Duo’s annoying charm poured into it. It was the first song Duo had come to Heero with to practise, the first thing he wanted to sing to thousands- something special to him. Heero knew; but he couldn’t help but asking Duo about it just once. The song was called ‘No Hero’- and the lyrics so brash and outstanding that Heero had known something to be wrong… and then when you combined it with anything else Duo had ever written and sung… and you came out with a very fucked-up teenager.

The music calmed, and Duo stepped up. Every instrument stayed at a steady rhythm, and Duo lead them. “Once you said you’d stick to it until the end. I guess you lied. They call it suicide.” Heero watched Duo’s face. The break in the lyrics and the pursing of lips- the eyes scrunched tight shut somewhere between concentration and agony. “Now you’re gone. What was so wrong that you couldn’t find a way to carry on? Second guess- did I do my best? There was a friend I had…”

Heero kept his eyes on his lover- but suddenly remembered where he was and kicked in with the chords- just as the drums rose and the bass fell. Duo pulled back and took a deep breath- and then burst with fury that he kept pent up inside especially for the benefit of this song- yelling at the oblivious crowd. “Johnny was a weirdo, so what did you expect? I ain’t no fuckin’ hero! I’m just trying to survive myself!!”

The music dropped and Heero was free to gaze at Duo again. He closed his eyes lightly, and whispered into the microphone- like the quiet before the storm. “I should have known, you went through it alone. I wonder why. Did you even try? You could have come to me.” A flicker of indecision crossed the singers face, as if he was on the verge of long-held tears. “I would have helped you see. You could have found a way to carry on. Second guess- did I do my best? There was a friend I had…”

Raw energy unleashed again. “Johnny was a weirdo, so what did you expect? I ain’t no fuckin’ hero! I’m just trying to survive myself!! ‘Johnny’s strange behaviour was a tip-off’, they say! But I ain’t no fuckin’ saviour! I’m just living day by day!!”

Heero’s turn. Kick-ass guitar solo… but somehow you were still left in the aftermath of Duo’s words; and Heero’s guitar just seemed to pour gasoline on his wounds. The braided one looked at the floor, hopping about as he waited. Heero faded out. “Little things, little lives- hanging ‘till the end,” he whispered. “I SAY IT DON’T REALLY MEAN NOTHING!!” That deadly whisper again, “Telling truth, telling lies, I used to have a friend. I SAY IT DON’T REALLY MEAN NOTHING!!” And I can’t let this feeling go…”

“Johnny was a weirdo, so what did you expect? I ain’t no fuckin’ hero! I’m just trying to survive myself!!! ‘Johnny’s strange behaviour was a tip off’, they say. But. But I ain’t no fucking saviour! I’m just living day by day.”


Somehow, Heero managed to spend the entire duration of the concert staring at Duo- only taking his eyes off him once or twice to grab a beer off of the amp next to him. Okay, Heero knew he liked to look at him- who wouldn’t –but he didn’t know he was obsessed with him.

Finally, it was over, though- and Duo yelled a hurried thank you into the microphone, after introducing each member of the band individually for a cheer like he always did- before turning back to his sweaty lover, just pulling Wing from his shoulders. Duo watched him place the instrument down with the care of a mother putting her child to bed, wiping the rivulets of sweat away from his own forehead, and then pounced as soon as his hands were free. Heero slung an arm around his shoulders, as Duo dragged him backstage.

They found Trowa and Wufei being happily swamped by roadies and fans. That much attention was something none of them ever got used to. Wufei waved them over, as they too were found by the crowd of fans who had somehow manage to blag their way backstage. Heero signed a couple of album covers, Duo signed a couple of breasts that were heading his way- and then they finally managed to make their way across the hall to the dressing rooms. Wufei was standing outside, swigging occasionally at some non-descript lager, watching helplessly as Trowa was once again dragged by the collar into one of the two dressing rooms by Quatre, their manager.

“Bet I know what you two are going to do,” Wufei said with a scowl as the Japanese guitarist walked over, with a braided singer hanging off of his arm.

Duo grinned and kissed Heero’s neck affectionately. “That doesn’t sound half bad, does it Heero?”

“No, it doesn’t, Duo.”

“Thanks for the idea, Wu-man.” Duo grabbed the beer from the Chinese boy’s hand, took a swig and then passed it back. “Same goes for the beer.”

With that, he grabbed Heero’s collar and dragged him into the second dressing room. Heero smirked at Wufei stupidly, and a death glare to rival his own was immediately shot back. Of course, Heero thought nothing of it- in light of the beautiful boy now lying with his legs spread for him on the bed in front of him.

Heero happily moved forward, an almost predatory glaze over his eyes. Duo watched intently, his arousal throbbing as Heero pulled his red ‘ZERO’ t-shirt off over his head- his toned muscles rippling with movement. He reached the foot of the bed, looking down at Duo, who still had his legs spread wide, though he was fully clothed. He looked like he wanted to jump the boy and ravage him within a thread of his life- but instead he bent and undid the buckle of his belt, and the front of his jeans so that he could peel them off. Sometimes, Duo thought that tightness of Heero’s wonderful jeans was the only thing that kept him standing throughout their gigs. Heero stood before him, clad only in a pair of tight black boxer-briefs, his arousal obvious through them. He placed a knee onto the bed and crawled over to sit smugly between Duo’s legs, moving the braided boy backwards until he lay, full out on the bed- one hand either side of his head, and lowered his mouth to his lips.

Duo smiled into the passionate kiss- arms immediately going around Heero’s neck, and he felt one warm hand slide down his clothed chest- brushing half-heartedly over a nipple- to the waistband of his black trousers. Heero expertly undid the button and the zip, and pulled Duo’s black priest shirt out, sliding the fabric off over Duo’s head- to leave heated skin against heated skin. He plundered Duo mouth once more, coaxing a moan from the beautiful boy as he tweaked on of his nipples, and then moved down once again to the waistband of his pants.

In one swift movement, Heero tugged away both trousers and underwear- allowing the boy’s weeping length to spring free- drawing another moan. Heero pressed up against him again, sending sparks of electricity shooting through both their bodies. Too highly aroused to make it last much longer, Heero began to kiss his way down Duo’s collarbone and his stomach, stopping enticingly over his groin. He glanced up at Duo, lost in what Heero was doing to him- eyes closed, but in a different manner from when he was onstage. Heero closed his eyes also, and let his senses guide him as he lowered his mouth, to brush his tongue roughly along the underside of Duo’s cock- another anxious moan spilling from his mouth. Heero rose up again, and plunged down upon Duo’s manhood, sucking and licking- and drawing cry after cry- Duo never having been quietest in his lovemaking.

Another almost startled moan announced just how close the singer was, and Heero felt him move away from the bed- and then felt something being passed into his hand-, which had been clamped onto Duo’s writhing thigh. Heero glanced up at him, and took the tube of KY that he was being handed- seeing that Duo’s eyes were still closed. He spread some of the clear gel onto the fingers of his right hand- vaguely registering that was the hand he used to pull such great sounds from both Duo and Wing.

Heero continued to suck at Duo’s pulsing member, and trailed his now-lubed hand up between those long legs, to find the singers hidden entrance. Duo cried out again, eyes still squeezed tight shut, as two fingers entered him simultaneously. Heero knew he was being hasty, but he also knew Duo could take it- and would probably enjoy it even more. After a short while of pumping his fingers in and out of him, he added another- and probed about in search of the boy’s prostate. As Duo’s body suddenly arched off of the bed with a loud cry of his name- he knew he had found it.

Removing his mouth from Duo’s cock and taking some time to breathe properly, Heero moved his fingers in and out of Duo freely- hitting his prostate dead-on on every other stroke. After a long moment of watching the braided boy writhe under his torture- only incomprehensive groans mixed with the odd curse mixed in allowed to pass his lips. Heero smirked, once he thought the boy was prepared enough, and withdrew his hand. He quickly removed his boxers with one hand, and lubed up his own cock- wondering how he had managed to go this long without any direct contact. He stroked himself what was probably a couple more times than required, and then forced straight into Duo without warning- biting his lip as he was enveloped in that amazing wet heat that constituted Duo.

Duo pretty much leapt the entire way off the bed with that intrusion- screaming Heero’s name, and then falling backwards again, managing somehow to moan and pant at the same time. Heero slid up against him, and pulled out again until only the head of his cock was left inside him- and then forcing back in again. He lowered his lips back to Duo’s, and Duo tasted himself on those lips- but pulled back again, for need to breathe. Heero subconsciously got the hint, and pulled out of him again- concentrating on bringing up a steady rhythm.

Heero felt like he was inside Duo for hours on end- and all of Duo’s cries seemed to have melded into one long moan. Heero knew he had to be close, and Heero was unbelievably near himself. He wrapped one set of slender fingers around Duo’s cock- and pumped it a few times in sequence with his thrusts. It wasn’t long before his lover’s release spilled out over their chests and his hand- his cry like music to Heero’s ears. Duo’s muscles clenched around Heero’s arousal- and he soon followed the braided boy’s example with a similar impassioned cry.

He drew slowly out of Duo and fell to the bed next to him. Duo’s eyes remained closed somehow, and Heero watched his breathing slow as Heero’s did the same. Duo was so still it was almost as if he was dead. And then he was all in motion again.

The singer was on his feet and heading for the shower in the back of the dressing room almost immediately- before Heero was even half over his orgasm. The guitarist lay on the bed, unable to move, watching his lover as he removed his hair from its braid and took a brush to it. He turned to Heero as he dragged the brush through his beautiful chestnut bangs- and Heero seemed somehow mesmerised. “Thanks, man,” Duo said, turning again and grabbing the hair band once more- slipping it over his wrist, “I needed that.”

Heero just looked at him. He placed the brush down and twined his fingers through his hair- separating it into three different strands. Then he began the surprisingly quick task of entwining each of the strands into a thicker bunch. It came together like magic- years of practise showing in the expertise of the hands. Then he turned again, reaching into the rucksack that had been slung into the room before the gig- and pulling out a pair of blue denim cut-offs and a tight black ‘Crime Is And Equal Opportunities Employer’ t-shirt. Heero just lay there and watched this braided beauty slip on the clothing- and hardly registered as it walked out of the door- leaving Heero naked and alone… and somewhat aroused. “I love you, Duo,” he whispered to the empty room.

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