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In This Diary
Day 3
by Jade Black

Monday 28th July

Song of the day: Queen- Bohemian Rhapsody (as a follow up to Pink Floyd)
Interesting notes: None. Nowt. Zilch. Zero. Nought. Nil.
// Nothing really matters… //

I’ve been outbid on Ebay- and I’m not so sure I want to go any higher than the current price. Perhaps it is time to find a new auction- new horizons and heights of purchasing therapy.

Mum’s still going on at me to get out. She decided to bare down on me at both breakfast, lunch and dinner. I’m beginning to get bored of her ranting- she sounds like our history tutor. Monotone voice, monotone personality. She hasn’t actually come up with nay interesting suggestions, though. I can see it now- I’m going to be stuck in here for the rest of eternity with my mothers voice yelling at me from downstairs. I wish I could just hibernate during the summer- then no one would be able to disturb me from my deep bear-like slumber. I could have my own little corner in the basement, where it’s still cool, with a bed made out of hay- no one would expect me to do anything if I was sleeping.

Of course, if I try to just go to sleep now, it’s way too hot and light to manage it. I’ve been laying awake for the last few nights doing absolutely nothing. My mind keeps wandering to things- not allowing me to drift into a comfortable almost-unconscious state. I found myself watching TV again, and lying on my bed listening to Queen’s greatest hits with my laptop hooked up to a modem in front of me. I did some work- and researched some stuff… but it’s not great at keeping boredom at bay. I wish I had a hobby- like fishing of sowing or something… though neither of those were a particularly good idea. I just need something *like* that. Hell, I’d take up macramé and fill my room with decorative knots if it would help- but where the hell am I going to learn that from?

Monday 28th July 2003

Today rocked! We started off down the beach- but ended up wandering. We bought ice cream from the hot little vendor- and I had a chat with him as I bought it. He looked even better up-close.

So, I’m standing there, leaning casually against the opening in the snack bar kiosk- ordering a lot of cool snacks… (“I’ll have two chocolates, a mint-choc, one strawberry, one vanilla, one rocky road and a raspberry ripple…”) Trying to make sure that I had one for everyone- since almost the whole gang was there today. He still has his shirt off, and he’s trying to remember my entire order, this cute kind-of confused/strained look on his face. I’m eyeing him up quite happily as he stands there relaying the order. Blonde hair, innocent blue eyes… quite short, but very well formed from what I could see of him. Then he started to scoop out the orders- and I make small talk.

From the short conversation, I’ve found out that his name’s Quatre, and that he’d love to go on a date with me Wednesday night. So, there’s one in the bank for the summer. Hopefully that’ll include a second date.

After that, we wandered down the promenade in a rather large group of menacing teenagers. Sometimes I wonder what people think of us when we’re taking up the entire street as we walk away as a group. You can just imagine it in a film- old ladies and little Asian dudes scatter like we’re Godzilla, and women scream from their office buildings as we pass. It’s quite cool, really… and, although I wouldn’t go as far as to compare us to Godzilla, we aren’t exactly harmless.

I’ve got a whole line up of things in my head that I have to do this summer. My top 5:

1. Break into the hotel swimming pool and contaminate the water… or have a party there.
2. Have fireworks somewhere.
3. Have bloody amazing birthday party for myself down the beach, with everything happening.
4. Get laid.
5. Pull elevator pranks found in Internet forum a couple of months ago.

They might change in order of importance… in fact; I think they will _certainly_ change. I’m hoping the number four coincides with date-with-Quatre. And I think that numbers two and three may combine. Number one will probably be dealt with soon. I also plan to trash a car or something… but technically that’s illegal and not really all that important.

Anyway, today was good. We walked into town and walked menacingly through the shops. I spotted another guy with a nice ass- but didn’t make any comments about it. It does seem kinda weird… I have to be careful around other guys that I fancy- I’m still a little hesitant about it. I know it doesn’t exactly seem like me- but Solo is the only one in the groups who knows that I’m gay- though he moans at me enough to tell all the others. I’m just not sure that they’d accept me for what I am- they’re too used to me being the one who’ll wolf-whistle at the ladies, even though I’m actually whistling at the guy hanging off her arm. It’s kind of unfair- but I’m used to it enough to ignore it all.

It was really hot in town- so we moved on down to the park, and had a game of cricket with a couple of the guys from school who had been sitting down there drinking in the shade. I got back and, for some strange and unknown reason, wrote a little poem about it:

Sunshine falls upon my face
And bumble bees give chase
To flowers swaying in the breeze
Small boy falls and scrapes his knees
Playing cricket
The wicket
Now I know nothing at all
By the sunshine I'm swallowed
And the grass quickly follows
As the stream near the weir flows
Make the most before the sunshine goes.

I call it ‘Summer’. It feels kind of weird to be writing again. I’m an art-student, really, but I used to write the odd poem every now and then, if just to pass the time. even if they are light and fluffy, though, like this one at the beginning, they always seem to turn around and become angsty before the end. Well, I can blame my Dad for that, I guess. I’ve never really gotten on with him, but now he’s always working and never around… so I never see any good bits of him. When he does come home he’s always irate about something- even though I know there are sometimes happy sides of him. It’s kinda sad- but I know there’s nothing I can do about it, so I’m not complaining. Anyway, Mum’s calling me from downstairs saying the pizza’s arrived, so I’m gonna go eat.

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