Disclaimer: I don’t own any part of Gundam Wing, and I don’t own ‘In This Diary’ by The Ataris- which is where the lyrics at the beginning came from.

Pairing: 1x2… possibly more
Warnings: POV, AU- in this chapter.

Notes: I think you can tell how I was inspired to write this if you read it. This is a diary-fic (as I have dubbed this new genre) and I plan to update it every day with a new entry. Also, I’m English so the story follows the British holiday schedule thingy. You’ll get the idea…

Dedication: To Lewis- just for being so great.

In This Diary
Day 1
by Jade Black

Being grown up isn't half as fun as growing up:
These are the best days of our lives.
The only thing that matters
Is just following your heart
And eventually you'll finally get it right.

Saturday 26th July 2003

Song of the day: The Ataris- In This Dairy
Interesting notes: Stanley Kubrick, Sandra Bullock and Kevin Spacey’s
birthdays. If you can call that interesting.
// Here in this diary
I write you visions of my summer //

Summer. The time of warmth, happiness and long days that can meld into an even longer period of boredom. I don’t expect this summer is going to be different to all the rest. Just another 6 weeks of sitting around trying vainly to cool myself off. I may as well lock myself away in a freezer until school starts- it would do me just as good. At least when school was on I could occupy myself with work. I got the feeling that leaving me alone for this long, bored and in a hot room was just begging for a disaster. My fingers had already started to twitch- God knows how I was going to survive another month and a half.

It’s the first day of ‘being free’, and I’m already bored out of my mind. So bored that I even left my room to go sit and watch the TV- which I don’t think I’ve done for at least a year. However, the television has proved in the last few hours to have its merits. Television, in my mind, is just a waste of time- an oppressive and bourgeois concept created by the media to indoctrinate us. And, of course, my family certainly followed that doctrine… you should see the video collection. I’m more of a computer person, I guess. I just like to be in my room with my laptop and some music- a thoughtless computer wasn’t exactly going to form my mind into something I didn’t want it to become- was it?

Anyway, I found myself channel hopping (oh mundane gods…). I knew there had to be something in the few-hundred channels that could interest me. I finally found the selection of music channels- something slightly better than the daytime TV, chat shows and toddler-entertainment programs. And, then, there were only about 10 or 20 channels of music- none of which were any good. There were too many pop channels- MTV and the like. There were a couple of alternative channels: MTV2, Kerrang!, P-Rock, Scuzz… but none of them hit the mark really. There was some crap band with, like, a hundred musicians in it on MTV2… Polyphonic Spree- or something like that –they looked like a bunch of religious nonces in their white dresses. (1) There was just a load of other crap on the remaining channels. I ended up just watching whatever came on- staring through the screen as if it wasn’t there.

I only looked up when my leg started to cramp from sitting still too long- and say the beginnings of a music video on the channel. As I stood up- and began searching for the illusive remote control- the band began to play… and I have to admit that they weren’t half bad. And the song gave me an idea to alleviate my boredom. The first lyrics- //Here in this diary, I write you visions of my summer// It seemed like it was actually calling me to start a diary of what was going on- just to keep my hands busy. And there you have it- the creation of this book.

Now I’m wondering just what I’m going to try and fill it up with, though. It seems I’m not going to be doing an awful lot. I guess things could get interesting… and I’m sure there’s going to be a few arguments worth recording! I guess this is just here for my own comfort and my family’s safety. Bare with it.

Saturday 26th July 2003

Woo-hoo!! School’s out for summer!! This is gonna be great! I’ve already got a million pranks lined up to try out on the local idiots.

I guess, as this is a start of a diary, I should tell you lot a little bit about myself… Just as a formal way of starting it and all that shit.

Name: Alex (better known as Duo) Maxwell (a.k.a. Shinigami)
Occupation: Original Prankster Extraordinaire
Family: Mother- Helen Maxwell; Father- John Maxwell; Annoying little brother- Jason Maxwell.
Interests: Movies, music, basketball, general hanging around and all that shit.
Goal for summer: to wreak havoc on entire town and possibly blow up some stuff.

I guess that’s probably me in a nutshell. I’m really jazzed for this summer- if only it was longer! I just thought I’d start a diary- Cruel Intentions style- as a place to record my ideas and what I’d done- just to prove it to myself and keep it to remember what I’d succeeded in doing. Hey, it seemed like a good idea at the time. Anyway, I’m gonna go find Solo and start planning- with only six weeks we’ve got to get started early. I’m going down the beach.

A.N. (1) No offence intended, this is his opinion, not mine.

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