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Pairing(s): 1x2, 1+3, R+2 (kinda), OC+2, implied 3x4x5.
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: Songfic, yaoi, AU, OC, very sly self-insert.

Notes: This is based on ‘The Bartender and The Thief’ by the Stereophonics- which is on their ‘Performance and Cocktails’ album… It’s a good song, and I’ve loved it for years, but for some reason I never though about writing a fic about it until I was actually doing it…

Lyrics= //…//

The Bartender And The Thief
by Jade Black

// When you think about it,
He’s watching every word you say, hey… //

Heero watched as the woman walked in, blonde hair trailing halfway down her back, and swaying against her strawberry-pink dress. She smiled like a politician, and was quickly noticed by every man in the room. Heero didn’t so much notice her as he noticed her expensive necklace… gold, he surmised with a quick glance. The pendant hung delicately at her collarbone… and with each movement she made it glinted in the light of the bar. She made her way up towards him, and hastily glanced around, ordering a vodka martini. Heero smiled courteously, summing up the necklace as it dangled when she leant over, and polished a glass in preparation for her drink. Before her eyes, he poured the liquor into a shaker and tossed it twice over his head, just as he had been trained to do- not even batting an eye at her obvious admiration. Heero’s mind wandered as he poured the drink into the glass… wondering how much cash she had in her handbag if she wore a pendant that expensive. He looked into her eyes, drawing her attention, as he requested some obscene price for the little show, and the alcohol. She obliged happily, pulling out a pink purse from her fuchsia handbag- and handing him a note. He glanced at the green in his hand as she closed her purse and told him to keep the change.

// …Dazed.
And when he’s sussed you out… //

Keeping his eyes on her, even as he placed the note in the till, Heero watched the woman as a man approached her. He, too, looked pretty damn rich. Flashing golden rings as he gestured to his table, full of other greasy and suited men. The woman in pink glanced back at Heero as she followed the man over, as if to dismiss him as just a lowly bartender. Heero checked to make sure there were no other customers waiting for his attention, and then made for the phone in the back room.

// …He calls her up and out she comes and hustles
Us… //

Heero resumed his position at the bar, tending to a handsome man’s rusty nail. He didn’t even spare a glance as his lover slipped in through the door- beautiful as ever in his usual (or perhaps unusual) black –and headed straight for the woman in pink’s table. He placed a comfortable arm around her shoulders, and looked into her eyes as he intruded on her conversation with the rich men.

// Long digging… //

She was entranced; of course, no one in their right mind had the power to resist those sparkling violet orbs and the charming grin. She was under his spell in moments, and he led her away to the dance floor as though he’d done it a million times. She’d wish she’d stayed with the rich old men. They swayed and rocked and flowed like water- a perfect match the naked eye. A trained glance would have told different, however- would have told of deceit, and yet no lies; would have told of power and weakness.

// Gone fishing… //

He held her in his arms as if protecting a child, and eyed her neck like a vampire. The prize and the life force all in one. Hands about her neck, nimble fingers fiddled with the clasp of her golden necklace- as she wrapped her arms around him so lovingly. So trustingly. A flash of teeth over her shoulder, and he was gone, like a vision or a dream.

// Love drinking //

A girl alone and lost on the dance floor, glancing around for the object of her affection. The braided stranger gone forever… and taking a small part of her with him.

// The bartender and the thief are lovers
Steal what they need like sisters and brothers… //

Duo weaved his way through the collection of askew gravestones. The silhouette of his lover in the distance, at the top of the hill, near the crypt. All smooth lines and spiky locks. The cool moonlight set his pallor to a soft light blue; dark and deep Prussian eyes gazing out, sparkling brilliantly as he approached. Duo stepped closer, observing him for a moment more, and then held out one arm- the prize dangling loosely from his forefingers. Heero snatched the glimmering necklace, and brought it up to his eyes, expertly assessing the metal, and then pocketing it. Duo kept a hand on the woman’s purse, which remained in his pocket, as Heero looked down on him- a small smirk creeping across his face before he took him into his arms, and brought down his lips upon his.

An intruding tongue, and a cool hand across his back. Duo shivered and drew closer to Heero’s comforting warmth. Looking up and meeting a lustful look of dark blue.

// Met in a church, a night to remember,
Robbin’ the graves of bodies dismembered //

That look took Duo right back to the beginning. It was a wedding… long ago. Heero was the best man, and Duo was in there to confess his sins. He couldn’t help being catholic- it was his nature and his religion, and something he had to abide. He caught a look from the Asian man as he left the confessional, and knew he had over heard something. All Duo could remember was the welcoming blue.

That was all Duo could feel now, the look of his koi. The aquiline features directed to him, knowing him better than he knew himself. He turned and noticed the glint of the shovels behind him; they should have started working if they were ever going to break away from this immoral routine.

// He watched the lesbian talk
She kissed and groped and mostly talked in lust… //

Heero watched as he walked in the door, and immediately knew he was the one for the night. He wasn’t a regular… but Heero wished he were. A singular emerald eye caught him from across the room, and he approached the bar, flagged on each side by two men. This beauty leant across the bar, allowing Heero to catch a quick glimpse of green from beneath a fall of silken hair. He ordered a drink for him and his two friends, who Heero caught looking at him. Both were shorter than the man with one eye; one blonde with an air of innocence, the other with slicked-back black hair and Chinese features. Heero put on his usual show in making the drinks, and gazed at the tall one almost lustfully.

The turned away with their drinks; and Heero couldn’t help but notice the way the tall one looked at him… and the contents of his wallet. The trio took a place in a secluded corner, still glancing at him occasionally; when the tall one took the blonde’s face in one hand and brought his lips down to his- and intimate moment in public view… somehow made to seem especially for Heero’s benefit.

// …Crushed.
He couldn’t make the call… //

The green eye met his again, and he was gone. He knew what he had to do, and knew that he had to so it. He knew Duo was waiting diligently outside in a car somewhere, mobile phone switched on and waiting. He went out into the back and looked at the phone, hand twitching out towards it. But then he glanced back outside to the bar, and saw the man with that amazing hair standing there, the blonde hanging from his arm, waiting for him. He just couldn’t…

// His eyes were gripped on licking tongues
Enough’s enough… //

He didn’t want another drink. The man waited until Heero was leaning up against the bar watching, and then locked eyes with him as he delved into the little blonde’s mouth again. Drawing back, with a small trail of saliva still joining them. He gazed at Heero, and asked him to join them. Heero paused, breath caught in his throat, temptation over ruling all senses. He bit his lip, trying not to go with what his body was telling him, trying desperately to stay loyal to Duo.

// Failed for once //

He declined. But he still couldn’t make the call.

// Long digging… //

Duo was at the graveyard first. Heero wasn’t late, but Duo hadn’t had anything to do before hand. He was furious, awaiting an explanation, sure his lover would supply something adequate. But the handsome man bumbled, never good with words in the first place. Duo stared into his eyes, those deep, beautiful pools of blue that meant so much to him. He could see it there, somehow, that Heero could have done nothing to stop that feeling. He could see it there that he was sorry, and that Duo was the only person in the world that could forgive him.

// Gone fishing… //

Duo passed him a shovel and indicated the patch of ground that he had pre-determined. They needed to make at least some kind of score that night. They were so close, they only needed a bit more money before they were free to do what they wished and there was nothing more they wanted to do than go back to the church where they had first met and be accepted as a couple. The dream of being wed to the one you truly loved was alive in both of them, and there was nothing either wanted more in the world than that freedom.

// Love drinking //

Like very other night they dug, and dug, and dug. A new patch of earth and a new covering of grass. The people buried with their goods, and the way of selling the bodies back to medical science was still a wealthy business. The deal being that Duo pocketed the change from whoever he robbed, and Heero took what they found and sold it- either in town at a jewellers or on the black market, and sometimes on Ebay. The one mausoleum at the head of the hill that belonged to the Yuy family- where they stored their finds in a lock-box. No one was going to find anything in there. It was the perfect scene.

// The bartender and the thief are lovers
Steal what they need like sisters and brothers… //

Heero woke up the next morning in an apartment not his own. A familiar place all the same, and a wonderful smell in the pillows and in the sheets. The sounds and smells of breakfast being cooked in the next room met him, and he turned to see the bed empty and crumpled… but still warm.

// Met in a church, a night to remember
Robbin’ the graves of bodies dismembered //

Sunlight poured into the room in heavy strips, warmly illuminating the bed, and splaying across the pillows. Heero’s back ached in protest as he rolled over in bed to observe as his violet-eyed lover stepped into the room carrying a try full of food. Heero smiled as Duo sat down, and handed him a plate with his breakfast on. So considerate.

// Long digging… //

The pile of cash and credits stored away in the mausoleum atop the hill was growing rapidly, they almost had enough… just one more job and they’d be through. It felt strange to be so close- an odd feeling of anxiety welling up in Heero’s stomach. Everything was arranged. All they had to do was run it through and succeed with this job- and it would be easy footing. The only possible set back was if they were actually caught stealing… and, even then, who would really suspect such a mismatched pairing?

// Gone fishing… //

But it was the most brilliant pairing ever to be discovered. Duo was the black and Heero was the white- they fit together and became one in the same like pieces of a puzzle. Heero was all the different colours of light combined, and Duo was all of the different colours scribbled down in a beautiful mess on a piece of paper. But, without Heero’s light, Duo’s paper wouldn’t be seen. They were everything, and nothing at the same time. They were opposite, and yet the same. They needed each other to survive… there was no better way of living.

// Love drinking //

And all it took for them to be together finally and completely was this one job- hopefully with enough money in it for both of them to go away and leave a place full of such prejudice. Heero watched her walk in. Swathed in a beautiful blue dress that shimmered with each step she took. She paused just inside the door, glancing around for a sign of a friendly face. She wasn’t going to find one today. She took a seat by the window and gazed out. Heero glanced down at his watch- 10:03. He walked out from behind the bar and went over to the woman in blue. As she realised he was approaching, she drew her gaze away from the window and met his eyes. He smiled as best he could and offered her a drink, noticing the various amounts of jewellery she wore, and the expensive handbag. She looked like she was waiting for someone. She ordered a drink, and he made his way back over to the bar to prepare it.

// The bartender and the thief are lovers
Steal what they need like sisters and brothers… //

An hour after Heero had served her a drink, she was still sitting there, and hadn’t even taken a sip of it. Heero, having seen it before, knew she had been stood up by the way she was gazing out of the window. The wistful look in her eyes. He walked in the back and made the call, Duo’s voice like honey over the phone. He smiled knowingly as he walked out to serve one of the regulars.

// Met at a church, a night to remember
Robbin’ the graves of bodies dismembered //

Duo waltzed in and bought the woman another drink. He worked his charm, listening to her talk happily and paying close attention to every sorrowful word she said. Heero served more and more customers until his shift was up. Heero was wiping the bar when Duo left, taking the woman with him. Heero knew Duo would get her somewhere between the car and dropping her off at her home. Heero even wondered what alias Duo had used this time.

// Saved what they stole to meet at the altar //

A different rendezvous this time, but it wasn’t the first time Duo had been there. The priestess was ready for them, she knew they were in a hurry- and she thought it was so sweet that she didn’t have a problem with it. She didn’t think it was immoral at all to be so deeply in love. There were two witnesses, one invited by Heero and one by Duo. The man from the bar, with only one eye visible sat in the front row ready to watch… pleased for the Asian boy who he had only just met. The second, a woman about Duo’s age dressed all in black… apparently a friend from Duo’s hazy childhood.

// Place where they first set eyes on each other //

The priestess said what she had to, and the two men happily repeated. They kissed, and it was the deepest joining they’d ever been allowed to indulge in. The man with the single bang clapped and smiled softly, and the woman joined in, grinning happily for the pair. Heero and Duo Maxwell-Yuy walked out of the church hand in hand that day.

// Flew to he sun to start life all over //

Neither man left their new house for days. They were too busy- but they had plans of the future. Heero had already sorted it all out…

// Set up a bar and robbed all the locals… //


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