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Pairings: 1x2, 6+1
Rating: NC-17
Dedication: for Sharon
Warning: yaoi, lemon, angst

Note: For those of you who haven't guessed, the movie that this fic is loosely based on is Moulin Rouge. I hope you've enjoyed it; it was one of the more intense fics I've written! Here is the conclusion...

Triangle of Deception
Part 5

Duo hadn't left his safehouse since he had run in last night, sobbing at Heero's rejection. He had thrown himself on the bed and buried his tearstained face in the pillow, body wracked with despair. He had trusted Heero, had given him his body and heart; only for the other boy to trample his hopes. Heero had just used him. He had drifted off to sleep, still fully clothed, pillow soaked with tears.

The morning sun didn't help matters; only reminded Duo that he had a splitting headache and the rest of him felt like shit. He rolled out of the bed, carefully avoiding looking at himself in the mirror. He didn't need visual evidence to prove to himself that he looked like he felt. His hair was a matted mess, and his eyes were puffy from crying.

Everything reminded him of Heero; even taking his clothes off before showering reminded him of the way Heero had ripped his clothes off the first night they made love. Love, he scoffed to himself. How could he have been fooled by Heero? By those cobalt eyes... oh, those eyes that drilled holes in his soul and made him shiver with desire. Even now, standing under the lukewarm trickle that passed for a shower in this apartment, the thought of Heero had the power to bring him to full arousal, almost instantly. How could Heero lie to him? He thought he could read Heero like a book. Those eyes... the eyes that wouldn't look at him when he had stabbed him in the heart... Wait a minute. Heero wouldn't look at him. Heero always looked straight into his eyes when he told him things. He had said before that the eyes were the key to deception, that they were better than any lie detector test ever made. That he could always tell when someone was lying by their eyes, and Duo should learn that. Yet Heero wouldn't meet his eyes when he had broken it off with Duo... was Heero lying to him? Was Heero trying to give Duo a hint, consciously or unconsciously? Was it part of the mission? Duo's mind raced as he stood under the cooling water. Was it truly a signal, or was Duo's broken heart trying to grasp at straws? He thought back, to the way that Heero had professed his love; the other boy had looked directly into his eyes. But last night... Duo looked deep into his heart and found that he couldn't believe it; he truly couldn't believe that Heero didn't love him. Heero had had to tell him that, as part of the mission. Duo felt hopeful again; everything would be ok.


Heero's heart pounded as he stood before Zechs. This was it; there was no going back. Duo's life and the mission were on the line. He shrugged off his jacket. He could feel the blond's eyes on him like a physical touch. He couldn't meet Zechs' eyes.

"Don't tell me you're getting shy now, pretty boy?" purred Zechs with a smirk. "Come on now, give me a show. You've made me wait long enough for it. I've been more than patient, considering your deception."

Heero closed his eyes, silently willing Duo to forgive him and still love him after this, and he pulled his shirt off.

Zechs' azure eyes swept over Heero's chiseled chest, golden skin and perfect abs. Such beauty, yet such a masculine body. Then he watched as the boy's hands started to unbutton his pants. He was so hard it hurt; he wanted Heero more than he had ever wanted anyone. "Nice." He held his breath as the pants were unbuttoned.

Heero unzipped his pants slowly. His stomach churned and he chided himself. He had killed thousands, blown up whole OZ installations; yet he couldn't do this simple task? It wasn't as if Zechs was hideous; the man was beautiful. Heero forced himself to look at the blond man, trying to steel his nerves.

Zechs looked back at the nervous boy. He stood up smoothly and approached Heero. "You seem to be having problems with that. Let me help you..." He stepped closer, and reached out for Heero's zipper. He removed Heero's shaking hands and finished easing the zipper down all the way, revealing the black boxers underneath. Zechs gently eased the pants down Heero's slim hips, brushing gently against the firm ass.

Heero closed his eyes, trying not to tremble from Zechs' proximity. He shivered from the other man's touch. All he could see was Duo's face, how he had looked the night before as Heero had driven a knife in his heart.

Zechs slid his hands up, over the smooth planes of Heero's chest, to circle around to the back of Heero's head. He pulled gently but insistently, pulling the boy's head forward. Zechs bent his head down and closed the distance between them, aiming for Heero's mouth. He savored the moment, anticipating the moment that his lips would first touch the lips of the boy he had desired for so long. Softly, he brushed his lips against Heero's.

Heero forced himself to stay still although every cell in his body was screaming at him to push Zechs away, to run away. He shut his eyes tightly so he wouldn't see Zechs coming closer. Then he felt the other man's lips on his.

The first touch of Heero's lips was so soft, so sweet... Zechs closed his eyes as he pressed his mouth more firmly against the boy's. This was it, this was what he wanted... he couldn't stop now, he had to possess this boy. That was the only way to exorcise the demon that had taken him over. It should have mattered that Heero didn't want this, that he was only doing it for the mission; but his body didn't care, it only knew what it wanted. And it wanted Heero Yuy, badly.

Heero tasted like heaven; his lips were soft and warm. Zechs ran his tongue along the closed mouth, teasing it open. Slowly, so slowly, Heero opened his mouth, and Zechs was finally able to slip inside. Zechs slid his hands down, over the boy's back, pulling him closer. The blond almost moaned when he felt the slim body against his. Heero was in his arms at last.

Heero braced himself; opening his mouth for Zechs, he let the older man's tongue slip inside. He felt himself pulled closer, pressed tight against the blond's broad chest, felt the heat of the other man against his skin. He tried to remove himself from his body, to let it all happen without his participation. But he couldn't; he kept seeing Duo's face, kept remembering how Duo's mouth, Duo's body, felt against him. His stomach twisted, his heart pounded. He broke the kiss, gasping for air. He couldn't do it! The hell with the mission, nothing was more important than Duo and his love. "No!"

Zechs drew back, startled. "What?"

"I won't do it. The deal's off." Heero scrambled back, pulling up his pants quickly. "It's just not worth the price."

Rage clearly showed on the blond's face. "You agreed. You can't back out of the deal now."

Heero pulled his shirt on quickly. "Watch me." He glared back at Zechs, daring him to try to stop him.

"You'll be sorry," threatened Zechs. "Better tell your pretty boyfriend to watch his ass."

"It's my job to watch his ass," Heero shot back. "You stay the fuck away." With that, he threw open the door and ran out. To find his Duo, and to see if the boy would ever forgive him. Not to mention that he now had to protect Duo from Zechs' wrath.


Zechs threw his glass across the room as he grabbed the phone. "Follow him!" he screamed into the phone. "Don't lose him! And this time, kill the longhaired bitch!"


Heero sped across town on his motorcycle. He hoped he was in time, that Duo wasn't already gone. He had to make it up to Duo, had to convince the longhaired boy that he loved him and him alone. Not to mention keep Zechs from killing them both.


Duo had finally pulled himself together and was just leaving his safehouse when he heard the unmistakable roar of a motorcycle approaching. Despite himself, his heart leapt into his throat, hoping against hope that it was Heero coming back to him. Though he didn't really believe that Heero didn't love him, he knew what was probably going on right now; he kept trying not to think about his Heero in another man's arms, another man's bed. But if that was what it took, to ignore the fact that Heero had been with someone else, Duo could do it. He loved Heero enough that he would try to put his feelings aside.

Looking down the road, he saw a motorcycle coming down the street. Dare he hope? Yes, it was Heero, Duo could make out the rider now and the motorcycle was pulling to a stop in the alley next to the building. Duo fought every urge to run to Heero, trying to preserve some dignity. He tried to steel his heart against hearing what he didn't want to hear. He walked over to Heero, trying not to show the excitement he felt in just seeing the other boy's gorgeous face emerge from the helmet as Heero pulled it off. No matter how mad he was at Heero, the mere sight of the cobalt-eyed boy was enough to make his heart race.

Heero walked toward Duo, trying not to run. Duo looked mad; he had expected that. But oh, god, he looked so good, and all Heero wanted to do was take the longhaired boy in his arms and hold him forever. But he knew it wasn't that easy. He had to convince Duo that what he had told him before was a lie, told for the mission; that he hadn't slept with Zechs; and that he would never ever lie to him again. Not to mention the fact that there was quite possibly a homicidal blond or one of his men on the way to kill them both.

"Duo," began Heero tentatively.

Duo stopped and crossed his arms, trying to stay mad. "Yes, Heero?"

Heero stopped in front of Duo. "I don't know where to start, and we don't have much time," he paused, searching for words. "Can you ever forgive me, Duo? I lied to you. I lied. I do love you, with all my heart. Zechs made me promise to tell you that I didn't love you, or he would have you killed. I couldn't take the chance." The words were spilling out now, as if Heero didn't want to let Duo speak before he was done. "He told me he would have you killed, and I believe him. So I told you I didn't love you. It was the hardest thing I've ever done. It hurt so badly, Duo!" He looked into Duo's eyes then, so the other boy could see the truth and anguish in his own eyes. "I didn't do it, Duo. I couldn't. The only one I want is you. I left, told him the deal was off. He's probably on his way over here to kill you. Even if you don't believe me, even if you don't love me any more, we have to go. We have to get you to a safe place." He finished breathlessly, hoping that Duo believed him.

Duo couldn't pretend. "But Heero! What about the mission?"

"Fuck the mission. The only important thing is you." Heero said seriously.

"Oh Heero!" Duo threw himself into Heero's arms, abandoning all pretense of holding back. "I love you!" The only thing going through his head was, Heero didn't do it, he didn't sleep with Zechs, he didn't do it because he loves me.

Heero held Duo tight, almost crying with relief. He hadn't known what he would have done if Duo hadn't forgiven him. He had refused to let himself think past this point. "Oh, Duo..." He buried his face in Duo's hair, breathing his scent deeply. This felt so right, to have Duo in his arms.

They held each other for what felt like years, until Heero remembered that they had to leave, quickly. He pulled back reluctantly. "Duo. How fast can you get your things together?"

Duo smiled, indicating his backpack. "That's it. I'm ready."

Heero took Duo's hand. "Let's get out of here before Zechs shows up."

Just as he said those words, however, a black car came squealing around the corner, and slid sideways to a stop right in front of the two boys. A man jumped out, holding a small gun. Briefly, Heero considered running, but thought better of it. The man presumably was a trained assassin and would have no trouble hitting a moving target. Instead, he stepped in front of Duo, shielding the boy with his body.

"Don't move," the man stated in a flat voice, training his weapon on the two boys.


Unnoticed in the shadows, Zechs watched the scene. He wanted to see, needed to watch it play out.

He watched Heero shield Duo. Was the boy crazy? He had to know that Zechs was serious, knew how furious he had made the blond man with his rejection. Yet there he stood, facing down a gun and sure death for love. Zechs couldn't believe it.


Heero stood in front of Duo, and whispered back to the boy. "I'm going to distract him, and when I do, you run."

"But Heero!" began Duo, but stopped when the man spoke again.

"Get out of the way, Yuy. I'm only after the longhaired one." The gun remained steadily trained on the two boys, since Heero was blocking a clean shot at Duo.

"Sorry, but I'm not moving. You'll have to take me out too," responded Heero, trying to edge himself and Duo closer to the bike. "Without Duo, life isn't worth living anyway."

Heero watched as the man appeared to be considering his options. He had no doubt the man had been instructed not to harm him, only Duo. Heero intended to use that fact to its fullest advantage.


Zechs watched incredulously as Heero said he would die for Duo. Was that was love was? Now he knew for sure that he had never been in love, and no one had ever loved him like that. No one had ever had that blazing look of absolute loyalty in his eyes for him. He had never felt the need to die rather than live without someone. Even Heero.


Heero tensed, getting ready to charge the man. He judged the distance between the two of them. The gunman was sweating.


Zechs watched with an aching heart as Heero stood his ground. He knew now that no matter what he did, Heero would never feel this way for him. He thought that true love only existed in fairy tales, in movies, and that lust was the only true emotion. But here was irrefutable proof that love did indeed exist, and though it hurt like hell to admit it, he wanted to feel it himself. But not with Heero, Heero's heart was taken. True love was right before his eyes, and he was about to destroy it.


Duo's heart raced, frightened more for Heero than for himself. He watched intently, waiting for Heero's signal. A glint of light from behind the gunman caught his eye. "Heero! Look out!" he cried.

Heero was about ready to make his move when he heard Duo's warning. Then, a shot rang out. Instinctively, he threw himself back at Duo, pushing the longhaired boy out of the way. They ended up against the wall, Heero pressing Duo into the bricks with his back. "Duo! Are you ok?" he gasped.

Duo was panting, adrenaline pumping. "Yes, I'm fine! Are you hurt?"

"No!" Heero replied, and they turned to look at the man. Could he have missed his target?

The gunman lay on the ground, bleeding from a leg wound. He was injured, but still alive. Standing behind him was Zechs Marquise, lowering his gun.

Heero and Duo stared in amazement. "Zechs?" Heero managed to say, still protecting Duo with his body.

Zechs' face looked grim. "Don't ask. I changed my mind, but I might change it back again, so you'd better get the hell out of here fast. Even I won't stand in the way of true love. As ridiculous as that sounds." He tossed a small disk at Heero, who caught it automatically. "This is what you wanted. Leave town now, and don't let me see your faces again." He turned away, head down, as he called for an ambulance.

Heero and Duo looked at each other, then decided to run now and ask questions later.

Zechs watched the two ride off into the night together, and he almost smiled.

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