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Pairing: 1x2
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: yaoi, lemon, AU, PWP

Dedication: for Leslie

Tight Security
by Jade
Part 2

Heero had hardly slept Wednesday night. The anticipation was far too great. It had been far too long since he had touched anyone, or been touched. He had been half-hard all morning, and even on the drive to the airport, all he could think of was the longhaired man. Duo.


Duo parked his car and got his bags out. He hoped he had everything he was supposed to because he really couldn't concentrate on anything this morning. He barely remembered to lock his car as he walked to the check-in counter.


Heero held his breath as he scanned the crowd. He had gone over his plan a thousand times. People were pulled for random checks all the time. The only way this would arouse suspicion was if he gave himself away. It wasn't easy, though; he wasn't really thinking with his brain at this point. Then he saw Duo; and nothing mattered, except touching him again.


Duo joined the line for the metal detectors. He remembered to breathe as he approached the machine; he must look suspicious for real now. He put his bags on the belt and looked up. He locked eyes with Heero as the machine beeped. Heero started forward.

Heero recited the standard speech. "Excuse me, sir, could you please collect your bags and step this way? You've been randomly selected for further screening. This way, please." Heero resisted the urge to look behind him as he led Duo to a door. He quickly punched in his code and held the door open for the longhaired man. "After you, sir. I apologize for the inconvenience."

"It's no problem, really," responded Duo, noting that there were still people around. Heero led him to another door, one without a window in it. Heero opened it, and Duo went in.

"Please put your bags on the table," Heero intoned, before closing the door firmly and locking it. He then turned around, leaning on the door, and said more quietly, "We won't be disturbed now, Duo." He looked at the other man for a long moment, not sure quite how to proceed now.

Duo turned to face Heero, also feeling a bit awkward. This was what he wanted. They were alone at last. He smiled a wicked smile, and then said, "Well, we'd better get on with it, then. I'm obviously hiding something from you. How ever are you going to find it?"

Heero moaned low in his throat as he realized that they were still playing the game, that Duo still wanted this. "Mr. Maxwell," he said huskily, "I'm going to have to ask you remove your clothes. Slowly."

"While you watch?" Duo answered with mock indignation.

"I have to watch closely, Mr. Maxwell, in case you're trying to hide something," explained Heero patiently, licking his lips. He was really enjoying this game. "Your shirt first, please."

Duo bit his lip; he loved the way Heero was looking at him. He felt wanton. He couldn't remember ever being this hard. This was perfect. "Fine," he said, and started to unbutton his shirt.

Heero watched as Duo slid off the shirt, admiring the smooth chest and lean muscles. "Put the shirt on the chair. Now your pants," he said in his best monotone.

Duo unbuckled the belt, then the pants, with a shuddering breath. His cock pulsed as he stripped for Heero. He thought he might come without even being touched, he was so aroused. He let the pants drop to the floor, and slipped off his shoes at the same time. He pushed them aside, and stood in front of Heero dressed only in red silk boxers that bulged with his erection.

"God," Heero said under his breath, trying to keep from touching himself at the sight in front of him. Duo was driving him insane, insane with need to ravish that sweet body. Duo's body was slim and perfect, lean muscles and smooth skin. He stepped forward. "Arms above your head, please. Keep them there," he managed to say, as he repeated his search of Duo's body. But this time was different; there was only one garment between them now, and no one watching to make sure his hands didn't stray. He started with the standard pattern, but when he reached Duo's waist he gave in to the urge to run his hands down over the tight ass he wanted so badly. He cupped Duo's buttocks, squeezing through the material, watching the violet eyes glaze over with need. Then he slid his hands around to the front of the boxers. "I think you're hiding something, Mr. Maxwell. Something big," he breathed, running his hand over the bulge he felt there. "I'm going to have to ask you to remove your boxers."

Duo was panting now; he brought his hands down to the waistband of his boxers but stopped as Heero reminded him, "Slowly."

Duo whimpered and said, "Like this, Mr. Yuy?" And he turned around, bending over, very slowly sliding the material down over his ass, keeping his legs spread apart slightly.

"Oh, yes, just like that," moaned Heero, watching avidly. "I'm so glad you're cooperating, Mr. Maxwell." He was sure he was going to come in his pants just from watching the beautiful man strip.

Duo finally got the boxers off, and Heero said, "Now please turn around."

Duo turned around, putting his hands back up on his head, and stood naked in front of Heero. His whole body ached with need, and his desire rose higher than he thought possible. Just standing here like this in front of a near stranger was delicious.

Heero took a step closer, taking a long moment just to appreciate the sexy man displaying himself for him. "I have to touch you now, Mr. Maxwell. Touch you all over. Make sure you're not hiding anything anywhere," he emphasized. "Do you have a problem with that?" he panted, trying hard to keep up the act.

"Not at all, Mr. Yuy," moaned Duo. "Do anything you want to me," he continued, cock pulsing with every word.

"I will," Heero whispered, and ran his hands over Duo. He started with his chest, running his hands over the lean pectorals, brushing against the pink nipples, feeling the flat stomach. Then lower... he bypassed Duo's cock deliberately, running his hands down the front of his strong thighs, and back up again, up his silken inner thighs. Duo's moans and whimpers were music to his ears and cock. "Turn around," he finally commanded, "and bend over the table."

Duo's whole body was trembling with need by now. He was lost in a fantasy, one that promised ecstasy. And he never wanted it to stop. He complied quickly, almost unable to even speak, bending over in front of Heero. His cock was practically dripping now. "Yes," he whispered.

"Oh, god," Heero moaned as Duo bent over in front of him, naked, hard and compliant. He walked up behind him, stopping only inches away. "Spread your legs," he ordered hoarsely. "I need to see everything."

Duo could only whimper now, spreading his legs apart, trying to raise his ass in the air even more. This was perfect, he needed this so badly. He wanted to feel Heero touch him everywhere.

Heero started running his hands down Duo's back, hurrying to his goal; he lightly touched the man's luscious ass. He ran his hands down the sides before running his fingers back up the cleft. "I'm going to have to examine you, Duo," Heero said softly. "Thoroughly. You wouldn't believe where people try to hide things." He reached for some lube he had stashed in here earlier. He kneaded Duo's buttocks roughly, spreading them apart, opening the other man completely. He heard Duo gasp, then he got some lube on his fingers. He held his buttocks open with one hand as he ran his fingers around Duo's opening.

"Oh, yeah, do it..." moaned Duo, completely gone with lust. "Please..." He gripped the far edge of the table desperately, surrendering fully.

Duo's surrender fanned the flames of Heero's desire; the need to possess, to own the other man in every way consumed him. Despite his need, he was still gentle as he plunged his fingers into the offered entrance.

"Duo..." he moaned, sliding two fingers quickly in and out of the longhaired man while still kneading his ass, spreading him open. The other man's body gripped his fingers as Duo pressed back against Heero's fingers, wanting even more. "You're so tight... I don't think you're hiding anything here." Heero added another finger, trying with all his might to hold himself back, to keep from plunging what he really wanted to put deep into Duo. "You're perfect," he moaned, driving his fingers in and out of him now.

"Heero," Duo almost screamed. "I can't take it any more. Fuck me, please!"

Abandoning the game, Heero groaned, "Thought you'd never ask." Quickly, unzipping only as much as necessary, Heero pulled his throbbing cock free of his pants. He coated himself with lube with shaking hands, only one thing in his mind: getting inside Duo as fast as he could. He positioned himself, pressing the head of his erection against Duo's opening. "Say it again, Duo. Please."

Duo was slowly going mad with desire as he felt Heero's hard heat teasing him. He needed to be filled, and he needed it now. He begged, "Please, Heero. Fuck me. I need it so bad. Give it to me hard. Give it to me now..." His words turned to moans as Heero finally took him.

Heero pushed, and began to slide inside Duo. So tight, so hot, so perfect... he wasn't sure how long he could last in this paradise. This was the single most intense experience of his life, and he still almost couldn't believe this was happening. But this was no dream; the hot sheath that gripped him was all too real, and was making him lose control. He took a shuddering breath, and buried himself in Duo, pausing. "Are you ok?" he managed to say.

Duo gripped the edge of the table, eyes shut and mouth open. Heero's cock invaded him, completed him. Nothing had ever felt better. "I'm perfect," he gasped.

"Yes, you are," agreed Heero, and pulled out almost all the way. Then he pushed back in, slightly faster. Duo pushed back against him, driving his cock deeper.

"More. Harder," begged the longhaired man. "Please..."

That was too much for Heero. "Hold on, then," he growled, and started to pound. Each thrust was harder than the last, each plunge deeper into Duo's willing body. Duo met each thrust, crying out for more. The table was soon shifting under their actions. Heero gripped Duo's hips tightly, building up speed. Each time he entered Duo, it felt better. He wanted to feel this forever.

Duo thought he was going to die from pleasure. He moved one hand down to his cock and stroked it. "Yes," he groaned. "Heero... I'm gonna..."

Watching Duo stroke himself was the last straw; with a strangled cry Heero lost his careful rhythm. "Duo!" he gasped, driving into the other man as hard as he could.

The extra force and his own hand took him over the edge. Duo cried out and surrendered to the most intense climax he had ever had. Over and over, his cock pulsed out his creamy desire, longer than he had thought possible. Then he felt Heero release inside him, and the other man's completion made it even better.

One more thrust, then Heero was paralyzed. He felt Duo's climax and his own was ripped from him, out of his control. He froze, cock buried to the hilt in Duo, and filled him with his passion as he screamed his name.

Both men held still, unable to move or speak for long moments. Then Duo looked back over his shoulder at his new lover. "You know, I think you've just spoiled me for mere mortals," he purred.

"Good," smiled Heero, running his hands over Duo's body possessively. "You know, I think you're going to be missing a lot of flights from now on."


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