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Thrill My Gorilla
Part 4

Damn, now they would have to confront the men. They had to have the pack back. Heero motioned for Duo to stay back. He didn't know how to get the pack back; he couldn't communicate with the early humans, and he had nothing to trade, even if they were interested. He was going to have to take it back by force. And he didn't want Duo to be hurt.

At least they didn't have any weapons, Heero thought as he sized up the four men. Not that their brawny bodies weren't weapon enough; all the men appeared to outweigh Heero by a good 50 pounds. But Heero hadn't been trained nearly from birth for nothing; and he doubted these prehistoric men knew anything about martial arts. He was counting on his agility and the element of surprise to win.

"What are we going to do, Heero?" hissed Duo from his side.

"I'm going to get the pack back. You stay out of the way," he ordered, and leapt easily across the stream.

"Heero! Be careful!" Duo called out. Then he couldn't stand it; he jumped across the stream to stand behind Heero.

The men looked startled at the newcomer's approach. They crouched, obviously ready to act.

Heero approached the one that appeared to be the leader. He felt stupid, but he had to try. He pointed at the pack. "We need that back."

Obviously, the men didn't understand, so Heero stepped closer to the man with the pack. He pointed to it again, and stepped closer. The men looked at him apprehensively. Then they looked over his shoulder and started to move around him.

Heero looked over his shoulder. The men were headed for Duo, making noises that even to Heero sounded suggestive. Duo was looking apprehensive.

"Duo! I told you to stay over there!" Heero yelled, hating to have his attention divided.

"Sorry, Heero, I wanted to help," Duo apologized. "I didn't think they would...hey!" Duo yelled as the leader came near, and reached for his flowing hair.

Duo batted the man's hand away; the man looked confused, as if trying to figure out the longhaired boy. He reached out again, and grabbed a handful of Duo's hair. Duo yelped. Heero growled.

"Hands off!" Heero cried and rushed at the man. One of the others stepped in the way, so Heero took him out, using his momentum to bear the larger man to the ground. The man struggled briefly, but Heero applied a choke and the man was unconscious almost immediately.

A roar went up; another man rushed at Heero. The cobalt-eyed boy had just enough time to get up before the man reached him. This time Heero ducked under, using the man's momentum and a judo move to flip the man over his shoulders, sending him flying. The man didn't get up. Two down, two to go.

Heero focused his attention on the remaining men. What he saw made his blood boil with rage. The leader was holding Duo by his arms while the other man was touching him, apparently unconvinced the longhaired boy was not female. Heero growled again; part of him was amazed such an animalistic sound was coming from him; but Duo was his! No one touched him like that... Adrenaline increased and the world seemed to slow down.

The man reached for Duo's loincloth. Duo, dwarfed by the two men, nevertheless managed to use the support of the man holding him to enable him to raise both legs and kick at the man's groin as hard as he could.

He connected partially; the blow was enough to momentarily distract the man, and Heero charged him, twisting his arm painfully behind his back as he drove him to the ground, knee leading to strike the man's kidneys.

The man struggled, slipping out of the armlock, but Heero followed him, backhanding him across the face and hanging on as the man tried to get up. The man bellowed and reached for Heero, but the cobalt-eyed boy was too quick; he rained blows on the other man, dodging the clumsy counterattacks, and finally connected solidly with his nose. The man's eyes rolled back and he slumped to the ground, still.

Heero jumped up, blood raging and eyes blazing, and faced the man, still holding Duo. The man bellowed in rage, pushing the longhaired boy aside, and charged at Heero. The man wasn't the leader for nothing; he was the largest of all the men, and moved less clumsily than the others. But he was no match for Heero; the cobalt-eyed boy may have been small, but he burned with a protective rage and was trained to kill. Duo just watched as the two fought, trying not to distract Heero further. He couldn't help but enjoy watching Heero fight for him, just a little. Duo snuck over to one of the unconscious men and retrieved his pack. It seemed unharmed.

Heero seemed untouchable; he dodged the man's grabs, spinning around him to strike at his vulnerable neck. The man sagged, but recovered, and grabbed at Heero. The boy twisted out of his grasp, and delivered a solid punch to the man's stomach. He doubled over, and Heero brought his knee up to connect with the man's chin; he slumped to his knees, and Heero took that opportunity to deliver a precise knife-hand blow to the back of the man's neck, and it was all over. The man fell to the ground, and Heero stood up, chest heaving and covered with a light sheen of sweat. He fixed his eyes on Duo. Duo gulped a bit at the primal look in the other boy's eyes.

"Duo? Are you ok?" Heero growled in an unfamiliar voice.

Duo nodded, licking his lips. Heero was looking at him like he wanted to eat him alive... "Look! I got the pack too!"

"Good," stated Heero, and stalked to the longhaired boy. He was overcome with irresistible feelings, and he for one was tired of suppressing them. He reached the violet-eyed boy, and grabbed him roughly, pressing him to his chest and claiming his mouth savagely.

Duo was stunned for a moment; then his body responded automatically, his mouth opening to the kiss and his cock hardening rapidly. Heero was trying to devour him, and he loved it; the animalistic savagery of the other boy turned him on incredibly. He wrapped his hands around Heero's neck and deepened the kiss.

Heero kissed Duo hard, and his hands roamed, finally settling on the ass he wanted so badly. He squeezed and pulled, crushing their erections together, causing them both to moan and break the kiss.

"Duo..." growled Heero. "Stop me now if you don't want this... I may not be able to stop soon..."

"Oh, Heero," gasped Duo breathlessly, "I've been wanting this for ages. Why the hell would I stop you?"

Duo's words made him moan; Heero kissed Duo again, running his hands possessively over the body that would soon be his alone.

They kissed desperately, lost to hormones too long suppressed and the primal environment. Their hips rocked together, hardness seeking hardness and driving them higher.

Heero buried his hands in the chestnut hair he'd wanted to touch for so long. Duo finally touched the perfect body he'd desired since he had first met Heero. Passion rose to the breaking point. "Duo..." moaned Heero. "Let's go back to the cave... want you..."

Duo nodded quickly, and Heero simply bent over, and swept the longhaired boy over his shoulder, straightening and easily carrying Duo as quickly as possible back to their cave.

Duo loved being carried off; he shifted, his erection painful against Heero's shoulder. He stared down at Heero's strong back and incredible ass, moaning with anticipation. Heero's hand was firmly on his ass, fingers just brushing his cleft, so close...Every moment was agony; every step Heero took brought them closer to their goal but made the boys' passion rise higher.

Finally, they reached their goal; Heero stalked inside the cave, put Duo down carefully on the makeshift bed, and quickly set up and checked the security system with shaking hands. Every cell in his body cried out with need for Duo; every impulse in his young body drove him to hurry and fuck the other boy hard. But he hung onto enough sanity to make sure they wouldn't be disturbed. He finished, fumbled in his pack and turned back to Duo, hoping the other boy hadn't changed his mind.

Far from it; Duo lay back on the bed, long legs spread invitingly, rubbing his erection through the loincloth. "What are you waiting for, Heero?" Duo whispered hoarsely. "Come get me."

With a savage growl, Heero pounced, across the cave and straddling Duo, claiming his hot mouth once again. Desperately, Heero fumbled underneath the other boy, releasing the tie he knew was there. Luckily, it came free more easily than before; practically ripping the material off his lover's body, Heero threw it savagely across the room. Reaching behind him, he untied his own, flinging it away similarly. Now they were both free; free to touch and be touched, to feel hot skin slide against hot skin.

Duo moaned, lost in his own fantasy made real; he was naked, with an equally naked Heero on top of him, both hard and ready. He gasped as he felt Heero shift, spreading his legs apart and moving between them, fingers stroking his inner thighs. Then Heero's fingers were inside him, prepping him roughly, slick with some sort of lube. Duo didn't care; he would have skipped the prep just to have Heero inside him more quickly to quench the fire within him. He burned for Heero; his every nerve cried out with lust for the other boy. By the time Heero had finished, Duo was sobbing mindlessly, certain his cock was going to explode with need.

Heero was suffering similarly; plunging his fingers into Duo's tight heat only reminded him of what he really wanted, no, needed to put there; his cock, which ached and throbbed with every moan the longhaired boy made. No time for niceties, for foreplay; they were far beyond that now.

Young bodies called to each other, lust answered by desperate need; Duo begged, and finally Heero was done. Spreading Duo's legs apart wider, he raised Duo's hips slightly and positioned himself. Trembling, aching, a creature of pure need, Heero pressed his cock against Duo's entrance, closed his eyes and pushed. Incredible, impossible tightness gripped him; Heero threw his head back and took Duo, making the other boy his completely.

Duo's head thrashed back and forth as Heero claimed him; nothing had ever felt as good, as right as having Heero's hot length buried deep inside him. Heero slid deeper, and Duo's body yielded; Duo gave himself willingly, offering his body and his heart unreservedly.

Better than a dream, better than the perfect fantasy, this was real; Heero was buried to the hilt in Duo's body. They were one at last. Cobalt eyes stared into violet and Heero began to move. A low keening moan came from Duo, rising in pitch and intensity as the other boy drove into him. Deeper and harder, building with each stroke, Heero angled his hips, searching. Duo's body arched and the longhaired boy screamed; Heero had found his target. Thrusting with precision, Heero pounded Duo's body, driving the flames of ecstasy higher and higher. Duo thought he would die from pleasure.

Heero groaned; with every thrust Duo's body seemed tighter; the hot friction that gripped his cock was too good to be believed. He poured all the lust he had felt for Duo since they met into every thrust; each time he drove into the willing body it felt better still. Blinded by pure need, Heero grabbed Duo's cock and stroked in rhythm. Stroking, pounding, thrusting, gasping; they were two animals, burning for each other to the exclusion of all else.

Nothing could stand in the face of such passion; Duo screamed Heero's name and climaxed, agonizing ecstasy pouring out of his straining cock.

Impossible pressure tightened; Duo's body wrenched Heero's completion from him, and with a cry he filled Duo, pumping his hot need over and over into his love's trembling body.

The tide of passion ebbed; Heero withdrew and collapsed, shaking from intensity, to lie next to Duo. "Duo..." he whispered, pulling the other boy close before relaxing entirely. Duo snuggled next to Heero, aftershocks of ecstasy still shaking him, content to feel the other boy next to him. They dozed off together, hazy from pleasure.

What seemed like moments later, they were awakened by a harsh beeping. They jumped up, instantly alert, though a bit sticky.

"Duo! It's the receivers! They're calling us back early. We have 60 seconds to grab everything and the packs. Move!"

They scrambled, gathering everything and stuffing it into the packs. Heero disassembled the security device while Duo gathered their discarded clothing. There was no time to get dressed, though; a continuous beep signaled the final 15 seconds before transport. They clutched the packs close, cast a final glance around and shared one final kiss as the air began to sparkle around them.

They materialized before the stunned eyes of all five scientists, still kissing. Duo smirked; the scientists were more embarrassed than they were.

"Uh... there was a malfunction, we had to terminate the mission..." Dr. J stammered, blushing bright red.

"We can see that," Heero stated calmly, shielding Duo with his body chivalrously. "The full mission report will be in your hands by tomorrow. Now, Duo and I have some debriefing to do... I trust you will excuse us both?"

The scientists nodded mutely, and left the room. Heero led Duo, who was still giggling, to the locker room where they changed into their clothes reluctantly. "I really enjoyed seeing you in that loincloth, Heero..."

"That's why we're keeping them, Duo," smirked Heero as he put them both in his bag. Duo didn't answer, and Heero turned to look at him. The longhaired boy was staring off into space, an unreadable look on his face. "Duo?"

Duo wouldn't look at him. "I just figured it out, Heero." He looked down. "It wasn't real. Remember G said that the past might heighten our emotions? That's all it was, then! We were acting like our ancestors. That's all. Nothing more! You're probably already regretting what happened." Duo looked away, a tremor in his voice.

Heero took in Duo's words. Then he took Duo's shoulders firmly and turned the other boy around to face him. "Look at me, Duo," he commanded softly. He raised Duo's chin with a finger, steady cobalt meeting trembling violet. "I regret nothing," Heero stated clearly. "I love you, Duo Maxwell. It took a trip into the past to make me admit it, but it was always true. I want to be with you always."

Duo stared, openmouthed, at Heero. Then he recovered, throwing himself into the other boy's arms. "Oh, Heero! I love you! I always have!" He buried his face in the other boy's neck, breathing in his scent.

They sank to the floor, and debriefed each other for hours.


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