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Thrill My Gorilla
Part 3

Sometime in the night Duo woke up, restless; he couldn't recall right away where he was and looked searchingly around in the darkness for a clue. Darkness, rocky walls, a warm body behind him... wait a minute! He turned on his back carefully, and there was Heero lying beside him, handsome face calm in sleep. The day's events came crashing back to him, all of it, including Heero behind him as he bent over... He was instantly hard again, cursing. It had taken so long to get to sleep next to Heero, and now he had to do it all over again. Duo couldn't resist gazing at the sexy boy next to him, savoring being close to his fantasy if only to sleep. Heero was so handsome; sometimes Duo couldn't even stand to look at him, the other boy's beauty made him ache too much. Ache, ache to touch him and be touched, an impossible dream. Duo sighed wistfully; maybe he should just give up on his obsession with the Perfect Soldier.

Heero lay peacefully; no room for unnecessary things like snoring or shifting to mar his sleep. Just like there would be no room for Duo, an unnecessary distraction. If Heero even noticed him as more than a fellow pilot. Duo couldn't even be sure if Heero considered him a friend. Though something like concern had been on Heero's face as he helped Duo earlier that day. Probably just concern for the mission, Duo told himself abjectly. Duo couldn't help himself; his hand reached out to brush a stray lock of hair out of Heero's eyes. The other boy didn't stir; so, boldly, Duo traced lightly down the side of Heero's face, tracing the cheekbones and the full lips. Heero's skin was as soft as silk, as Duo had known it would be; he was so close, so close he could kiss those lips without even shifting his body. Duo was sorely tempted; though he knew Heero would kill him for it, Duo was tempted to steal just one kiss. What stopped him was not the thought of Heero's rage; but the thought of the cobalt-eyed boy's pity for him once the rage had cooled. Anger, Duo could take, but not pity, and that would surely be what the other boy would feel for him if the feelings were not mutual. That, and that alone, kept Duo from throwing himself at Heero. He sighed quietly and settled down beside the boy he... loved, Duo had to admit. At least he had this, at least he could be with Heero, if only as fellow pilots. Eventually, he drifted off to sleep, dreams of cobalt eyes filling his mind.

Unfortunately for Duo, he had forgotten the perfect control that Heero had over his body. He had been awake since Duo had awakened, but hadn't changed his heart or breathing rate at all. He wondered what Duo was up to; when the longhaired boy leaned close and touched his face, Heero hoped against hope that the other boy would kiss him; that they would be forced to confront their feelings at last and give into them. But Duo drew back, and Heero was paralyzed with indecision. He just physically couldn't make the first move with Duo, he couldn't; no matter how hard he tried he couldn't bring himself to open himself to Duo. Perhaps it was his training, he didn't know; but even though he was reasonably sure of Duo's feelings toward him, he just couldn't do it. Maybe someday... he managed to fall asleep finally, lulled by Duo's even breathing.

The morning dawned bright and hot; Heero was up before Duo as usual. He had spent the last half hour just gazing at Duo, who was peaceful in sleep. Duo was so beautiful it made his heart ache; and Heero found the only two parts of his body he couldn't control perfectly were his cock and his heart. Both ached for Duo.

Duo stirred, and Heero tore his gaze away.

"Good morning, Heero!" chirped Duo, cheerful as always.

Normally Heero would have ignored such an unnecessary salutation, or answered with a monotone, but Heero was feeling strange today, so he answered, "Good morning, Duo. Did you sleep well?"

Duo thought he was still dreaming. Heero was making conversation with him! Instead of his usual smartass comment, which might serve to make Heero silent again, Duo answered, "Not bad. How about you?" Not adding that sleeping next to the cobalt-eyed boy was one of the more frustrating things he had done in his short life.

Heero really wanted to say, all I could think about all night was how much I wished you had kissed me, but he said, "Ok, except that you snore."

Duo blushed slightly, glad he hadn't done anything worse, like hump Heero while he slept. The thought of last night, how he has gazed at Heero and touched him gently, made his arousal return with a vengeance, and simultaneously made him realize that he was still naked under the blanket. Oh, shit.

Heero watched Duo with carefully concealed amusement. He could see the longhaired boy had just figured out his predicament. As much as he wanted to watch Duo get dressed, Heero knew he couldn't. He rose smoothly and announced, "I'm going to take a look outside. Get dressed, we need to find your pack or we won't be able to get back, together."

Duo frowned, then realized what Heero meant. "The receiver! It was in there! Shit, I'm an idiot!"

Heero paused near Duo. He said softly, "No, you're not. It wasn't your fault. We'll find it, don't worry."

Duo looked up at Heero in near shock. Heero was trying to reassure him! The scientists hadn't been kidding when they said that being transported to the past might have some strange effects. "T-thanks, Heero." Then he was gone.

Heero stood outside, cursing to himself. He was making a fool of himself! He had left the cave for one reason only; because if he had stayed, he would have been forced to take the braided boy in his arms right then and there. What was wrong with him? It wasn't as if he hadn't lusted after Duo since they first met; what had changed? Damn Dr. J...

Inside, he could hear Duo cursing fluently in several languages as he tried to get back into the loincloth. Heero almost laughed, then caught himself. His emotions were dangerously out of control.

Finally, Duo appeared, adjusting the garment and looking annoyed. "Where to first, Heero?"

Heero tried to keep his eyes from raking over the lithe form, so deliciously revealed in the small loincloth. It wasn't easy.

Duo, for his part, was studiously avoiding staring at Heero's incredible ass lest his erection return once again.

Heero pointed out where they had materialized, and showed Duo where he wanted to search. They would be able to accomplish their mission objective at the same time, since it was only to observe their surroundings.

It was sunny and hot, and both boys soon realized that the small outfits did help them keep cool. They came upon a small stream, and after careful consideration Heero decided it was safe to drink from. In case they couldn't find Duo's pack, they had to conserve their bottled supply. The water was clean and cool, and Duo enjoyed himself thoroughly, trying to drink and splash Heero at the same time. Heero avoided the water expertly, drinking just enough to quench his thirst. He watched Duo, though, as the longhaired boy enjoyed himself, trickles of water running down the smooth chest. Heero longed to lick them off...

A snapping twig suddenly alerted them that they had company.

Approaching from the other side of the stream were four humans, dressed similarly to the boys. All were male, hairy and appeared to be adults. If groomed, they would have passed for modern humans. They approached warily, seeming to confer with each other. Heero adopted a defensive posture; though there was no reason to think that the men would consider them a threat.

"Heero," whispered Duo, at his side. "Look."

Heero looked more closely. The tallest man had, clenched in one fist, a familiar object: Duo's pack. "We have a problem."

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