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Warning: yaoi, lemon, PWP, silliness, obliviousness

Thrill My Gorilla
Part 2

Duo and Heero materialized; on the side of a hill. Trying to regain their balance, the two flailed around, arms and legs flying. Duo ended up tumbling down the hill without his pack; Heero kept his pack, but barely. He didn't see where Duo's pack went. Finally feeling stable, he ran down the hill after the longhaired boy, concerned for his safety.

As he ran, he automatically noted the environment; they appeared to be on a small hill near the edge of a tropical looking forest. The time was late afternoon, and the temperature seemed to be somewhere around 85 degrees F. Then he remembered G's comment about primitive behavior and wondered briefly what the hell the old men had gotten them into this time.

As he ran down the hill, it got steeper, and Heero could finally see Duo, perched precariously on top of some rocks that formed the edge of a cliff that hadn't been apparent before.

"Duo! Are you ok?" Heero called out as he picked his way over to the other boy, trying not to notice that he could see the curve of Duo's delicious ass very well from the way Duo was crouching. Getting hard in this outfit was not a good thing.

Duo looked up quickly, violet eyes wide. He nodded, but didn't move. He didn't want to tell Heero he was afraid of heights, and he was scared to move lest he fall. He wasn't sure why he felt so paralyzed with fear; it wasn't a huge drop-off.

Heero came closer, and could see the fear in the beautiful boy's eyes. His heart ached to see Duo like this. He had a strong urge to protect Duo.

"Heero? I... need some help," Duo said softly.

Heero made his way over to Duo, and held out his hand to the other boy. Duo stared at it for a moment before grabbing it and letting Heero pull him to his feet. He knew it was irrational, just like his fear of heights, but Duo felt so much better just holding on to Heero. Slowly, Heero helped him pick his way down the rocky cliff. Heero was able to find a fairly easy descent by winding his way back and forth. Duo clung to his hand very tightly, but seemed fine otherwise, following in Heero's footsteps exactly.

Finally they reached the ground, and stood at the edge of the forest. Duo was still breathing hard, and wouldn't meet Heero's eyes.

"Duo? Are you ok now?" Heero asked, concerned.

"Yes, Heero. Thanks for the help," Duo answered, studying the ground.

Heero frowned; Duo didn't seem ok. "Are you afraid of heights?" he asked softly.

Duo nodded miserably. "Stupid, isn't it? Space doesn't bother me, I fly a Gundam, but I can't stand heights." He blushed, hating to admit his weakness.

Heero's heart twisted; Duo was obviously in pain about his fear. "Don't worry, Duo. It's ok. We're down now."

Duo hadn't been expecting Heero to be so understanding; he looked up at the other pilot in amazement. Instinctively, he threw himself at Heero and hugged him tight. "Thanks!"

Automatically, Heero hugged back; then he realized that Duo's soft skin was pressed against him, and they were both nearly naked, and it felt so good... his body reacted automatically, and he felt himself harden. He broke the hug quickly, stepping back, hoping Duo hadn't noticed. Heero realized he was blushing. He didn't blush!

Duo was still reeling from the fact that Heero had hugged him back. And he had thought he felt... but then it was just as well that Heero had stepped back, because Duo was now hard as a rock.

The two boys stood there for a long moment, looking anywhere but at each other. Finally Heero spoke up. "It's getting late. The sun will go down soon, we'd better find shelter."

Duo nodded his agreement, and followed Heero wordlessly. Watching Heero's ass in the loincloth wasn't helping, so he focused on taking in their surroundings. Why did he feel so odd?

They explored several caves in the vicinity; finally Heero found one he deemed suitable. After determining there were no animals already resident, Heero set up a motion detector near the entrance so they would be alerted if someone or something entered during the night.

Heero realized something. "We need to search for your pack, but it's getting dark. We'll do it tomorrow. Tonight we'll have to share the blanket."

Duo tried not to grin. A whole night, pressed tight against Heero, dressed in next to nothing? It sounded like his idea of a perfect night.

Heero was having similar thoughts as he spread out the pad and blanket. It was quite warm, so there was no need for a fire. They had dried food, and shared the water. It wasn't a great meal, but the pilots had had much worse. Duo wasn't really hungry; he was looking forward to being next to Heero. For some reason, all he could think about was Heero's incredible body; his hormones were threatening to take over his body.

They were both tired; soon it was time to go to sleep. The two boys looked at each other nervously, then Duo grinned and flopped down on the pad, managing to take up most of it. The ensuing argument and adjustments took their mind off the fact that they would soon be pressed against each other. Finally, they both had a roughly equal share of the bed, and they were facing each other. Heero pulled the blanket over them both, and they stared for a long moment into each other's eyes. The moonlight coming in the cave entrance gave them just enough light.

"Heero?" Duo said tentatively. "Thanks for earlier. You know."

"Don't worry about it, Duo. Goodnight." Heero replied gently.

Duo sighed and shifted. "Goodnight, Heero." He felt Heero's smooth skin against him, and he tried to adjust his arms so he wasn't groping the other boy. Not that he didn't want to... but now he felt Heero's strong thighs against him; one of Heero's knees nudged between Duo's legs. Duo realized he was getting hard again. He also realized that the loincloth wasn't very comfortable to sleep in. He had a major wedgie.

"Um, Heero?" Duo ventured.

"What now, Duo?" sighed Heero. He was having a hard enough time stopping himself from attacking the beautiful boy next to him; he was hoping he could fall asleep soon so as not to be tempted more. It was all he could do to keep his lower body away from Duo; he was rock hard.

"I kinda need to take this thing off. It hurts. Is that a problem?" Duo asked, blushing.

"What thing?" Heero asked, already knowing the answer but not sure how to deal with it. Naked Duo next to him? Could he handle it?

"My loincloth, silly. I'm not wearing anything else," giggled Duo.

I *so* did not need to be reminded of that, thought Heero, but said, "Do you have to?"

"Um, yes, I think so. It, um..." he trailed off, embarrassed.

"Oh, all right, just make it quick," said Heero, trying to keep his eyes closed tightly. He could hear Duo get up, heard rustling noises as Duo fumbled...

"How the hell does this thing come loose?" demanded Duo in annoyance.

"In the back," mumbled Heero, trying to keep his eyes closed and failing. His night vision was excellent, and he could clearly see Duo, twisting around, trying to reach the tie in the back.

"Shit. I can't get it. Um, Heero?" Duo asked shyly, "Can you, um, help me?" Oh god, Heero, please...touch me...

Help Duo get naked? Gladly, Heero's body cheered. "Damn it, Duo..."

"Please, Heero? It's really bugging me..." begged Duo. The fact that he would have to hide his raging erection from Heero didn't enter his distracted mind.

Heero relented, hoping the semidarkness would hide his arousal. He got up and walked toward the longhaired boy with trepidation. He knew where the fastening to the loincloth was, and knew what getting it undone entailed.

"Thanks so much!" Duo bounced happily. His heart pounded as Heero came closer. He looked into Heero's blue eyes. He could just see him in the darkness, and Duo couldn't read Heero's expression.

Heero took a deep breath. "Turn around, Duo."

Duo tried not to smirk as he turned around. He twisted his upper body around to see what Heero was doing. "I can't seem to find the tie..."

"That's because it's under the flap," Heero explained, letting that bit of information sink in.

"Under the... oohhhh..." Duo realized what untying would entail. He couldn't think of anything else to say.

Heero waited, half hoping Duo would change his mind, and the other half, the one running on hormones and adrenaline, hoped he didn't. To touch that smooth skin, perhaps brush against the perfect ass... Heero's loincloth wasn't containing what it was supposed to contain at the moment. "Well?" he demanded roughly, to cover his desire.

"Well what?" squeaked Duo, unsure.

"Do you want me to do it or not? Untie it, that is," he corrected himself hastily.

"Yes, please, Heero, I can't stand it anymore," Duo whimpered, meaning several things at the same time. "Go ahead."

Heero's hands shook as he raised them. "Ok," he said as he raised his hands toward Duo's ass.

Duo bit his lip and closed his eyes, willing himself not to moan. He could feel Heero's heat behind him, just where he wanted him...

Heero took a deep breath and tried to grab the bottom of Duo's loincloth without touching the luscious skin beneath. He managed, barely, and felt like he was unwrapping the world's best Christmas present as he lifted the cloth. He stared; Duo's ass was perfect, firm and shapely, begging to be spread apart and fucked hard...

"Heero?" Duo said nervously. Just standing there while Heero bared his ass was the hardest thing he'd ever done. Not that he hadn't wanted Heero to do things to him, but... the situation was awkward. Not to mention that his erection was painful. He tried to think of something clever to say, but failed miserably.

Heero's cock throbbed with need as he stood behind Duo; a perfect position for sex. So close... His rock hard arousal was just inches from where Heero wanted it to be. How he wanted to rub his aching length against Duo, show the beautiful boy just how much he wanted him... Heero remembered what he was supposed to be doing, and tried to untie the knot without actually touching Duo's soft skin. It wouldn't come untied, though, and Heero decided he needed to use both hands to untie it. Unfortunately, his other hand was holding the flap out of the way, and when he let go of it, it flopped down in the way of what Heero was trying to do. There was only one thing for it...Heero said the three little words that Duo had been longing to hear from him.

"Bend over, Duo."

Duo's head whipped around in shock. "H-heero?"

Heero blushed scarlet. "The flap won't stay out of the way. I can't get it untied. It will stay if you bend over."

Duo bent over. The position made him feel deliciously wanton, and he could feel his cock pulse, getting wet with his extreme need. Unconsciously, he spread his legs apart, bracing himself against the wall. He was going to come in his loincloth soon, he just knew it.

Heero's mouth went dry and his heart pounded as he watched Duo bend over and spread for him. Did the longhaired boy have any clue what he was doing to him? It was all Heero could do not to ram his cock into Duo right there. He stared at Duo for a long moment, fighting to wrest control of his body back from his raging hormones. Then he stepped closer, lifting the flap of the loincloth once again, and pushing it out of the way. This time it stayed. His hands shook as he tried to ignore the longhaired siren before him and focused on untying the knot. His hands refused to cooperate. He fumbled with the knotted leather. Slowly, he worked it loose.

Duo was trying to stay still, but it wasn't easy with his hottest fantasy standing behind his exposed ass and his rock hard cock poking him in the stomach. "Oi, Heero, how ya doin back there? I mean, not that I don't enjoy this position, but..."

"Almost. Hold still," Heero growled, not even trying to rise to Duo's provocative comment, wishing he could show the other boy just how much he liked this position as well. But he couldn't risk that the longhaired boy wasn't just being his normal joking self, and didn't mean what he said.

Heero realized with regret that his task was nearly finished; the knot was coming untied and he would soon have no reason to stare at Duo's exposed ass any more. With a final tug, the knot came free, and the loincloth unraveled, dropping to the floor. "Uh, done?" Heero said intelligently, unable to take his eyes off Duo's now-naked body. If only he would turn around now...

Duo straightened up quickly, turning around halfway before realizing what he was doing and turning back around. "Thanks, Heero!"

Duo waited, but Heero didn't seem inclined to move. "Um, Heero?"

Heero realized he was staring, and quickly turned away to make his way back to the bed. "I'm going to sleep now, Duo."

"I'm coming... I mean, I'll be right there," Duo answered as he quickly tried to gather his loincloth and get back to the makeshift bed all without turning around. It wasn't completely possible, though, and he turned quickly around before slipping into bed.

Heero was of course, watching closely as possible, needing more views of Duo's incredible body. And when Duo turned to slide into the bed, Heero could clearly see the Duo was indeed very aroused. He was stunned; was it possible that Duo wanted him as much as he wanted the other boy? Life couldn't be that fortuitous, could it? Heero couldn't quite bring himself to believe it, but there was irrefutable evidence, now sliding even closer to him under the blanket. Duo seemed to consider for a moment, and then turned his back to Heero, not touching the other boy at all. He was still only inches away, however, and Heero could easily feel the heat the longhaired boy radiated.

"Night, Heero."

Heero just stared at the back of Duo's head. Here he was, his fantasy curled up next to him, naked and hard, and he still didn't know what to do about it. He almost reached out his hand to Duo; his fingers ached to run through the soft hair and touch the smooth skin. But he just said, "Goodnight, Duo," and rolled over, trying to ignore his arousal and cursing his inability to act on his feelings.

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