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Pairings: 1x2
Rating: NC-17
Warning: yaoi, lemon, PWP, silliness, obliviousness

Thrill My Gorilla
Part 1

Duo and Heero arrived at the secret lab separately, each called by their respective scientists. They eyed each other warily as they waited for Dr. J and G to call them in for a briefing.

"Why do you think we're supposed to meet here, and without our Gundams?" Duo wondered as he admired Heero's spandex clad ass wistfully. Too bad Heero was as cold as space, and would never return Duo's affections and lust.

"Hn. No idea," Heero offered as he watched the longhaired boy out of the corner of his eye. He found himself wondering what Duo looked like with his hair loose, then stopped himself angrily. Duo was a distraction to him. He couldn't afford to get distracted by those deep violet eyes...

Their respective oblivious thoughts were interrupted by Dr. J calling them into his lab. The scientists showed them a complicated apparatus and explained its purpose. Duo and Heero listened skeptically as Dr. J explained that the scientists had built a prototype time machine, with the purpose of going back in time to find a way to defeat OZ. They wanted Heero and Duo to make a test run, since the two boys were well trained to face any dangers they might encounter. The two pilots were just expected to survive 3 days in the past, and report on various hazards that the next travelers might encounter. They were to be sent to a time period that had early humans, to be sure that the atmosphere was breathable. They were each given a pack of supplies and instructions, and told to report back to the lab in the morning. They went their separate ways.

The next morning, a howling could be heard throughout the lab.

"There is NO way in HELL I am wearing THIS!" Duo's unmistakable voice rang out.

Heero was just entering the room to hear this declaration.

Dr. J was explaining patiently, "You have no choice, Duo. You have to try to fit in, at least on first glance. The climate is very warm, and this is what the boys wear. The people then aren't very smart, but they know what distinguishes a boy from a girl. So if you don't want to cut that hair off, you have to wear this."

Heero rounded the corner, and stopped dead in his tracks. He had walked into one of his fantasies. There Duo stood, hair loose and flowing, clad only in a tiny swath of leopard skin slung oh so low on his slim hips. Duo's body was lithe and perfect, and only his impressive control of his body kept Heero from drooling all over himself at the sight before him. The control didn't extend to his cock, however, and Heero felt himself getting hard. Damn spandex...Maybe this wouldn't be such a bad mission after all...

"Don't even go there, J," Duo warned. "Not the hair." Then he looked up to see Heero staring at him. Oh, great. Then a thought occurred to him. "Hey, does Heero have to wear one of these things too?" Duo tried to keep the enthusiasm out of his voice.

Heero frowned. He had seen the issued clothes, but hadn't closely inspected them. He hadn't realized the outfit was so small...His thoughts were interrupted by Dr. J's laughter.

"Oh, yes, my boy, both of you. You'll get used to it soon enough. I'm sure they'll be quite comfortable in the heat," the scientist answered.

Heero had his own loincloth out and was inspecting it. It appeared identical to Duo's. He eyed it with distaste. "It's real skin."

Professor G, just entering the room, laughed. "Of course it is. We can't risk you leaving anything behind that might change history. Who knows what would happen then?"

Duo stared at the scientist. "You mean you don't know?"

Dr. J answered, "We're operating on theory here, Maxwell. No one knows for sure."

"Great. I'm gonna be stuck in the past forever with Heero. If I don't get eaten by a dinosaur, I'm gonna die of boredom." Duo sighed, not really meaning what he was saying. Actually, a few days alone with Heero in a loincloth might be fun...

Heero's voice interrupted his pleasant thoughts. "The dinosaurs became extinct 65 million years ago, Duo. We're not going that far back." And how the hell am I going to hide this erection in a tiny loincloth? Heero was thinking.

Professor G and Dr. J looked at each other. It looked suspiciously as if they were trying to stifle laughter. J offered, "Come on, boys, think of it as a tropical vacation. No real work to do, just reconnaissance. Just walk around, look around, try not to get in trouble and report back. The transponders in your packs will be set to bring you both back automatically after 72 hours. Piece of cake."

Duo glared. Heero tried not to stare at Duo in the loincloth. The scientists tried not to laugh.

"Hey, Heero, shouldn't you put on your outfit now too?" Duo said, cheering up.

Dr J said, "Yes, Heero, you need to get ready. We want you two to set off as soon as possible."

Heero sighed, taking the tiny piece of cloth and disappearing into the other room. Duo tried not to drool in anticipation, and then realized his body was going to betray him anyway. Duo tried to think unsexy thoughts, but failed miserably. The two scientists snickered.

Heero finally emerged, looking uncomfortable. He wasn't ashamed of his body, but he wasn't used to having this much of it on display. The loincloth covered very little, and there was no way to wear anything underneath it, as it was merely 2 flaps of cloth connected by a string, thankfully with a strip underneath. Who designed these things anyway, Fredericks of Hollywood?

Duo had thought he was prepared to see Heero mostly uncovered, but he hadn't counted on the fact that Heero's body looked even better than it did in his dreams. Duo hadn't thought that was possible, but there it was, in the flesh, and oh, what flesh it was. Chiseled muscles, perfectly defined, rippled under flawless bronzed skin. Heero's body was compact but perfectly proportioned; the stuff of a thousand fantasies. Washboard abs disappeared into the tiny loincloth, and sleekly muscled thighs emerged, and as Duo edged around, he could see that Heero had the nicest, tightest ass he had ever seen. Duo found he couldn't even speak, though his hormones were screaming at the top of their lungs. Even the scientists seemed momentarily taken aback.

Then J found his voice, sparing them further attempts at conversation. "Well, it looks like the two of you are um, ready to go!"

G smirked.

The two pilots listened to the rest of the instructions, desperately trying to pay attention and not stare at the other boy's ass. Then, mercifully, it was time to go.

They stood on a small platform, awaiting the transference. Dr. J worked the controls, and Professor G stood in front of the platform. The machine started to hum.

As the air around the boys started to sparkle, G remembered something. "Oh, boys, by the way... there is a theory that if people go back in time, that they will revert to more primitive behavior. It's just a theory, though, I wouldn't worry about it!"

Then the lab disappeared and they felt like they were falling.

to be continued

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