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Note: I hope you're all ready~ this is a long one. It will probably be 20 parts by the time it's finished. I started this after I first saw Endless Waltz. I didn't like the way EW ended, so I had to continue the story, and make it right. It takes place one year after the end of EW, but most of the story is told in flashbacks, which will be labeled. Not all of it is lemon, but there will be many pairings. There is a plot! *gasp* Hope you enjoy. Thanks as always to kelley for all the patience and help!

Reunion AC 197
Part 6

Tentatively, Wufei approached the bed. Treize indicated the boy should sit on his lap. Wufei settled softly on the pants-clad lap, looking expectantly at the older man.

Treize closed his eyes, then opened them slowly. He brought his hands up to Wufei's face, drawing it close and gently claiming his mouth in a slow kiss. Carefully, Treize slipped his tongue inside the boy's mouth, exploring. Wufei's tongue moved in answer. The boy leaned closer, melting into Treize. The older man dropped his hands from the boy's face, trailing one gently down Wufei's smooth chest to settle on his thigh. The other hand he dropped slowly around Wufei's waist to grasp his hip, pulling him closer still.

Wufei broke the kiss by gasping as he felt Treize's hands on him and the man's erection digging into his naked thigh. Treize smirked slightly and pulled the boy closer, rocking his hips upward so Wufei could feel how hard he had made him. At the same time, Treize raised his hand from Wufei's thigh to brush against the boy's nipple.

Wufei jumped as if from an electrical shock as he felt the new sensation. How could a simple touch there send such a feeling straight to his aching erection? Treize's touch made him even harder, and he hadn't even thought that was possible.

Treize smirked at the boy's reaction. Oh, he had so much to teach him, and he would enjoy every bit of it.

Treize gently moved Wufei off his lap and onto the bed beside him. Leaning over, he claimed Wufei's mouth again, harder this time, pressing the boy back onto the bed and maneuvering himself above him.

Wufei let himself be pushed back, moaning at the feeling of Treize over him. This sweet surrender was exactly what he wanted and craved, had dreamed about. The powerful man above him was fulfilling his ultimate fantasy.

Treize reveled in the boy yielding to him. He had wanted the boy like this since he had first seen him, vaulting into his ruined ship. This was his fantasy as well, and he intended to ravish Wufei fully. He lowered himself gently onto Wufei, careful not to crush the smaller boy with his weight, but he needed to feel him against his body.

Both men gasped when two rock hard arousals came into contact. Wufei moaned and rocked his hips up, desperate for more of the new and amazing sensation. Treize nearly lost control at the feeling of Wufei bucking against him, the friction against his trapped erection driving him nearly mad with desire. He needed to get his clothes off, now.

Wufei moaned with loss as Treize got up off him. He opened his eyes and realized why Treize had gotten up; he was removing his pants, the only thing that stood between them. Wufei watched with fascination, unable to tear his eyes from the magnificent man in front of him. Treize slowly unzipped his pants, mindful of Wufei's eyes on him. The hunger in those young eyes was intoxicating.

Wufei watched entranced as Treize revealed himself to him. Finally, his pants slid off, and the general stood before him in all his glory. Wufei nearly gasped at the sight. Treize was incredible, the lack of clothing only making him look more powerful and predatory. His rock hard arousal stood straight up against his flat stomach, proof of his desire for Wufei. Treize stepped out of his pants gracefully and sauntered to the bed.

Wufei lay back on the bed as Treize approached, nearly trembling with anticipation. Treize's eyes were dark with passion and promised ecstasy. Treize kneeled on the bed, one leg on either side of the Chinese boy's knees.

Treize looked down at his dragon, smooth sleek flesh just waiting to be touched. He leaned down and gently kissed Wufei, who arched into his touch eagerly. Then Treize began to kiss a trail down the boy's neck, lingering at his nipples, drawing more moans from Wufei. The boy's skin felt like the finest of silk beneath his lips.

Wufei moaned with disappointment when Treize stopped his delicious torture of his sensitive nipples, then realized he was still kissing lower. He moaned louder, willing Treize to move faster. But Treize wouldn't be rushed. He took his time, working his way down the boy's smooth stomach, ignoring his moans and thrusts.

Finally, Treize reached Wufei's straining erection. Treize feasted his eyes on the virginal arousal before him and licked his lips in anticipation of tasting the Chinese boy. Wufei whined and thrust his hips upward, begging. Finally, Treize took pity on Wufei. He took the boy's hard length into his mouth gently, savoring the taste of his excitement. The boy tasted like honey, pristine and sweet. Treize cherished the fact that he would be the first to touch the boy like this, the first for him in every way.

Wufei had never imagined that anything could ever feel so good. His aching length taken into Treize's mouth, that hot wet suction; the boy thought he would lose his mind. Then it got better, as Treize began to bob his head up and down, lightly scraping along Wufei's erection with his teeth, then stopping to tease the tip with his tongue. He felt a tightening, a coiling; he'd never climaxed before, not even by his own hand, but somehow he knew something amazing was approaching.

Treize knew his dragon had never been this turned on before, and the combination of his own talented mouth and Wufei's complete inexperience would quickly bring on the boy's first climax. Treize wanted that first climax to be unforgettable. So he varied his pace slightly, to slow the impending release. He was rewarded by a moan of frustration from the boy. He knew nothing of pleasure, yet he wanted it now. Wufei wantonly buried his hands in Treize's hair and tried to buck upwards into that amazing mouth; but Treize was not allowing that, and held him still to proceed at his own pace.

Wufei was growling inarticulately now; by sheer force of will he managed to form the words, "Please! Oh, god, Treize, please!" Wufei spread his legs farther apart in an effort to entice Treize into giving him release.

Treize carefully watched Wufei's reactions and decided now was the time. Evening out his pace, he speeded up his rhythm and reached up to stroke the inside of the boy's sleek thighs. Treize very gently brushed Wufei's virginal entrance, and with a hoarse cry, Wufei climaxed, filling Treize's mouth with his first rush of seed.

Wufei thought he was going to die; surely such a feeling of pure ecstasy wasn't possible to survive. It felt as if his cock was going to explode, along with the rest of him, as wave after wave washed him over the edge. All thought escaped him and he only felt; and felt; and screamed.

Treize swallowed every drop, savoring that which had never been tasted before. "Mmm, you taste wonderful, dragon," he murmured, crawling up to lie beside Wufei and hold him.

Wufei lay back slightly dazed. "Treize, that was..." he trailed off; words could not begin to describe what he had just experienced. "Is it supposed to feel like that?"

Treize smiled. "Oh, it gets even better," he said with promise.

"Good," breathed Wufei, kissing Treize hard and pressing his already rehardened erection against the other man. Treize moaned. He looked forward to testing the boy's endurance.

As they kissed, Treize ran his hand down, over Wufei's stomach, arousal and between the strong legs. Wufei moaned, spreading his legs for Treize, and he gently slipped one finger inside. Wufei arched against him, rubbing his hardness against Treize's aching shaft.

"Oh, god, Treize," gasped Wufei. "More."

Treize slipped another finger inside the boy while he reached into the bedside drawer, retrieving a tube. The next finger Wufei felt was well lubricated, and Treize continued to stretch his dragon carefully.

Wufei lay back on the bed, legs spread wide, moaning at each new intrusion. The feeling was an indescribable combination of exquisite pleasure and slight pain, accompanied by a feeling of being filled that was almost better than anything he'd felt yet. As the third finger slid inside, Wufei felt something that made everything previous seem like a mere shadow; he bucked up off the bed onto Treize's hand, wanting to feel that incredible brush again. There was no more pain; only Treize's fingers, and what they were doing to him. Wufei moaned when they were removed, and only then did he realize that what he was enjoying so much was mere preparation. The main event was yet to come.

When Treize judged Wufei to be ready, he gently removed his fingers, and rose up to kneel between the boy's inviting thighs, spreading them apart even farther. He looked down at the Chinese boy, who opened his eyes slowly. Dark eyes stared into blue, both sets clouded by desire. Treize let his eyes roam indulgently over the delicious offering before him. Wufei's dark hair spread wildly around his exquisite face, exotic eyes half-lidded and begging. Smooth caramel skin, unmarred and untouched, lithe muscles bunched with expectation. His hands clutched at the silken sheets. Legs spread wide, straining arousal and virgin entrance awaited Treize's claim. And claim this boy he would.

"Please," whispered Wufei, the husky tone making Treize's erection pulse.

"Please what?" Treize answered, deliberately teasing.

Wufei looked at the magnificent man above him. The man who had haunted his dreams and waking hours alike, who now stood poised to take his virginity and give him ecstasy. Never in his life had he surrendered so willingly, so happily to the enemy. Wufei would have given up his soul just then, to be taken by the powerful OZ general. "Do it," he managed. "Take me, fuck me, I want you inside me, Treize, please." The last words turned into a moan as Treize pressed the tip of his lubricated arousal against Wufei's tight opening.

Wufei's plea almost made Treize lose control, but he would not hurt his dragon. Slowly he pushed against Wufei, and even though the boy was prepared, his muscles clenched tightly.

Treize bent over and whispered to Wufei, "Relax, my dragon. I won't hurt you." He kissed the boy, gently opening his mouth with his tongue. As he kissed him, he continued to push himself inside the boy slowly.

Wufei tried to relax, but Treize's arousal was much bigger than his fingers. He felt like he was going to be split apart, but gradually the pain turned to pleasure as Treize moved deeper. Finally, Treize was fully inside Wufei and he stopped; the boy needed time to adjust, and he needed time to get himself under control. The boy was incredibly tight, and Treize was much too close to climax already.

Treize put one hand on either side of Wufei's head to brace himself, and looked at the boy. Wufei was panting and biting his lower lip. The exquisitely tight channel that gripped his erection urged him to move, to thrust. But he waited for the boy to be ready.

Wufei felt himself relax, and the last of the pain went away. It felt incredible to be filled like this, but he wanted more. He looked up at the powerful man above him. He wanted Treize to pound into him, to fill him again and again. Wufei tried to rock his hips up, to get Treize to move. He was rewarded by a hiss from Treize and a look of pure lust in those blue eyes.

"Hold still, or I'll hurt you, my dragon," Treize panted, trying to control himself.

"But I'm ready, I want more," begged Wufei.

"Let me know if I hurt you," warned Treize, and started to pull out. He felt Wufei arch beneath him and knew the boy wasn't in any pain.

Wufei moaned as Treize withdrew; he wanted that wonderful feeling back. He felt empty. Then Treize began to push back in, and he stopped thinking.

Treize forced himself to push back in slowly. Reining in the impulse to pound the delicate-looking boy, he slowly increased his pace, stroking in and out, accurately hitting Wufei's magic spot every time.

Wufei was driven higher with each thrust of Treize's rock hard passion; soon he was raising his hips to make each thrust deeper. He wanted, no, needed more; needed Treize to fill him completely and utterly. Each time Treize drove inside him, it was slightly harder, slightly faster, and Wufei was slowly losing his mind. Nothing existed but this feeling, this pressure, this perfect sensation; the boy abandoned himself and was lost.

Treize had never dreamed of anything this tight, this hot, this perfect; perfect friction gripped him and tore away all reason. He lost himself to the rhythm, looking down at the beautiful boy beneath him and marveling at the absolute symphony they were creating. He never wanted it to end; but Wufei's virginal tightness would soon overcome him, he knew. First, he wanted to hear the boy scream for him. He wrapped one hand around Wufei's arousal and pumped, slowly at first.

Just when he thought it couldn't get any better, Wufei felt Treize stroking his erection. This new feeling, coupled with the fact that Treize was repeatedly pounding into him, made the boy scream.

"Oh, god, Treize, I, I, I'm going to..." Wufei cried.

"Come for me, my dragon," growled Treize, nearly out of control. He thrusted again, harder, and stroked the boy's arousal faster. Wufei's hot body gripped him, driving him insane with passion. His erection pulsed deep inside the beautiful boy, promising imminent release.

Wufei's head thrashed back and forth wildly, and he bucked against Treize. Treize's hardness filled him, opened him, pounded him, until he had no more control over his own body. Opening his mouth, he screamed, "Treize!" It felt like all the muscles in his body were contracting to one point; tighter and tighter, until he thought he couldn't stand it. Then he came; wave after wave of pleasure made him scream again, Treize's name coming like a mantra from his ruby lips.

Treize drank in every cry like wine; the boy's climax bringing on his own. Wufei's muscles gripped him, coaxing a hoarse, possessive growl from Treize's lips. Then he thrust himself deep inside the boy one final time, spilling his passion and moaning Wufei's name. Indescribable sensation flooded him; momentarily making the OZ commander forget the war, his name and nearly everything else in the universe outside of the incredible boy beneath him.

Slowly, their vision cleared; Treize still poised above the sated Wufei. Treize reluctantly withdrew from the boy's amazing body, carefully settling beside him before he collapsed. Together they lost consciousness. Wufei relaxed, feeling safe and protected, if only for a little while, in his lover's arms. Just before he drifted off, Treize whispered in his dragon's ear, softly, "As long as I draw breath, I will protect you, my love. Even if it means my death."

(end flashback)

There were other, too brief, liaisons; stolen moments, finding solace if only for a few hours. The time was never enough; only infrequently could they fall asleep in each other's arms afterward. The war became the enemy at those times; an enemy that stole time, and passion from them. But, Wufei reflected again, Treize had taught him at least one thing; that nothing was absolute. From war could come love; from enemies, passion. From death could come life.

But Wufei also though his ill-fated romance with Treize would be his only chance at love. He was wrong.

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