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Little Boy Blue
Part 10

Heero showed Duo the guest room. "Is this ok?" he asked as gently as possible.

Duo nodded, unable to meet Heero's eyes. Both boys had been practically silent the whole way from the studio to Heero's house. Treize had wanted the longhaired boy to stay with him, of course, but Heero insisted otherwise. Treize decided it was a strategic retreat to agree; figuring, correctly, that it would cause the boys even more embarrassment to be alone together, and nothing would happen between them because of it. "Thanks," he mumbled.

"Duo, I..." began Heero, then he stopped, unsure of what he wanted to say. He wanted to tell Duo he loved him, that he wanted to keep him away from his work, his world, everything bad... but he didn't deserve the longhaired boy. He had brought Duo into this, and now the other boy probably hated him. He couldn't even look him in the eyes any more. But he had to say something. "I'm sorry. About Treize. About... everything." He trailed off, not knowing how to say what he wanted to say, and hoping Duo would understand.

Duo looked back at Heero. He wanted to throw himself into Heero's arms and make everything go away. He wanted to tell Heero that he didn't want anyone else touching him, or Heero, ever again. He wanted to show Heero the picture he had drawn of him on the train, what felt like years ago. He wanted to tell Heero that he was hopelessly in love with him. But Heero could never want him like Duo wanted him; all he could do was try to be different from all the men who lusted after him. What he said was, "It's no big deal, Heero. It was my choice to be there."

Heero didn't know what to make of what Duo had said. Was he trying to make him feel better, or did he really feel that way? "Well, I hope you sleep well. Let me know if you need anything."

"Ok. Goodnight. Thanks for letting me stay." And Duo closed the door behind him.

Heero stared at the door for a long time, then whispered, "Goodnight, Duo." Then he went to his own room, fell into bed and tried not to think of the beautiful boy on the other side of the wall. He had had such hopes for seeing Duo again; how had it all gone wrong? It was his job, the way he lived, that was the problem. How could Duo ever respect him, let alone love him? Though he was still a virgin technically, he prostituted himself every day.

Both boys slept, but not well; both minds trying to find a way out of the situation they were in, and to find a way to be together. Forever.


The next day, they were at the studio again. Treize was being his usually obsequious self, and had convinced Duo that, in order to decide whether he wanted to be in the business or not, he should act as an "assistant." Duo wanted, perhaps needed, to be near Heero for some perverse reason, to see what his love was doing, even if the other boy didn't care for him. He couldn't stay away.

Heero gritted his teeth and didn't say anything; the more he protested Duo's being there, the more Treize seemed determined to include the longhaired boy. Heero's only hope was that Duo would soon get so disgusted by what he was seeing that he would leave, forever, and be safe. That one thought was his consolation as he prepared for the day's shoot. He had, however, underestimated Treize once again.

Today, Zechs was conspicuously absent; deliberately, giving credence to the need for Duo to assist him. Treize had had another brilliant idea the night before, as he was in the middle of fucking Zechs into the headboard. Sex tended to inspire him, and he had an idea of how to torture both boys even more, ramping up the latent tension between them to unbearable levels. Not only would it make for even more convincing pictures, it would also serve to change any tender feelings they had left for each other into purely sexual urges. Those feelings would be much easier to manipulate to his advantage. The auction was nearing, and Treize needed higher bids; he just needed to keep his pawns dancing around a bit longer. Plus, he was enjoying himself greatly, and couldn't wait to fuck both boys. Maybe at the same time... he focused on the setup for the day's shoot.

Duo followed the instructions Treize gave him, happy to have something to take his mind off his misery. He didn't know if he could bear to watch again, to see someone else touch Heero. But there didn't seem to be anyone else here this time. Treize had told him that the scene for today was to be a young man working out, naked of course, and relieving his frustration afterwards. Duo tried not to picture what that would look like, Heero, naked and lifting weights... and failed as he started to get aroused again from the mental picture. He almost jumped out of his skin when Heero walked out of his dressing room, slamming the door behind him. He tried to hide his arousal by turning his back and adjusting the stack of weights.

Heero walked out, clad only in his robe again, and tried not to look at Duo bending over. He was disgusted with himself; he thought surely his shame at his situation would keep him from getting turned on, but he was wrong. One look at that lithe, longhaired boy, clad in short shorts and a tight tank top, and he started to get hard. Well, Treize would be happy.

"Heero... you look delicious as always," purred Treize, trying not to smirk at his own deviousness.

"Let's get this over with," shot back Heero, not looking at Duo as he walked toward the weight bench.

"Not quite yet," grinned Treize, and Heero immediately knew the older man was up to something again.

"What now?" demanded Heero, almost afraid to ask.

"Duo," called Treize, and the boy looked up curiously. "I have another little task for you." The older man held up a bottle of oil. "The photos always come out much better when the model is... oiled," he finished triumphantly.

Heero looked at him in shock, and Duo was speechless. Heero growled, "You don't mean..."

Treize put on his best innocent look. "Well, that is the job of an assistant, after all, to assist," purred the man. "Heero can't reach... certain spots... by himself. He chanced a look at the longhaired boy; his mouth hung open. Treize stifled a grin.

Heero was livid. Of all the demeaning things he had been subjected to... to have the boy he wanted touching him all over, oiling his entire body, when Treize knew full well he would get painfully and obviously aroused from it... it had finally begun to sink in how truly manipulative and devious his manager truly was. Heero swore again that he would get far away from Treize, and soon. But for now... he would get to feel Duo's hands on him, the only hands he really wanted to touch him, if only this once. He was pathetic.

Duo was trying to process what he had been told. He would have to touch Heero... put oil on his body... all over his body... the body he wanted so much... it would be sheer torture, both mental and physical. To be able to touch that body, but to know that Heero didn't want him touching him, and it wouldn't be sexual at all to him... but to Duo it would be a fantasy, and he was already getting hard just thinking about it. Treize was truly evil; had he thought this up on purpose? Could anyone be that cruel? But he knew with a sinking feeling that he would do it.

Treize watched the obvious emotions flitting across both boys' faces, realizing that he had played this exactly right. He had been worried that this was too much, that they would refuse... but he could read their mutual desire, both convinced the other didn't want them, and both would want whatever they could get, seeing the contact as the only way they would be able to be close. He once again congratulated himself on his genius. He tossed the bottle to Duo, and said, "Use plenty. Everywhere," he added meaningfully. And settled back in a chair to watch.

Duo stared at the bottle in his hands, as if it were the root of all his troubles. It would be better than looking at Heero, who was undoubtedly disgusted with the whole situation, and rightfully so. He just didn't want to see that look on the gorgeous face. He sighed.

Heero tried to relax, to channel his anger, to keep himself from killing Treize on the spot. He couldn't look at Duo. He took a deep breath and turned around, dropping his robe. Only then could he speak. "Let's just do this."

Duo's throat went dry as he looked up to see the robe fall from those perfect shoulders. He stared at the vision before him; Heero was so incredible, smooth, bronzed, silky skin flowing over taut muscles. He couldn't even look down, couldn't stand to look at that incredible ass, those sculpted legs... Duo realized he was almost ready to climax just from looking and thinking about Heero. Just a little bit of friction, and that would be it. He took a few steps forward, stopping just behind Heero, and opened the bottle with shaky hands.

Heero tried not to react when he felt Duo's hands on him. The other boy started as innocuously as possible, on his shoulders. His hands were tentative, smoothing the fragrant oil as gently as possible into his skin. Heero fought with his body, fought to keep himself from getting hard. As Duo's hands worked their way down, though, it was impossible. He could feel the other boy's hands hesitate as he applied the oil to his lower back. It was impossible not to anticipate what was next.

Duo tried valiantly to concentrate on his task, tried not to think about the feeling of the smooth skin beneath his fingers, how hard and toned the other boy's muscles were... he tried to keep his eyes fixed firmly on Heero's back. The skin was starting to shine, to reflect the studio lights perfectly, and Duo could see why they did this. The oil emphasized the rippling muscles, drawing the eyes to every juncture, every perfect defined part. He forced his hands lower, rubbing more oil into the boy's lower back, trying not to think about how the rest of him would feel. His cock ached, leaking moisture, hard as a rock. He tried to even out his breathing.

Heero forgot to concentrate, forgot even that Treize was in the room watching them, when he felt Duo go down on his knees behind him. It was all he could do not to whimper as he felt the first soft touches of the longhaired boy's slick hands on his ass.

"Don't be shy now, Duo... use plenty of oil," murmured Treize from across the room, rubbing his erection idly through his pants. This really was wonderful to watch.

Duo knelt, face at eye level with Heero's gorgeous backside, and he had to touch it... had to smooth oil onto that skin... he got even harder as he imagined what it would feel like if Heero was doing this to him, if he ghosted his fingers just along the cleft, massaging the oil into the skin... with a start he realized he was doing just that, his hands working on their own, as if disconnected from his body.

Heero knew it would be bad, but the reality of Duo's hands on him, so close to his sensitive areas, was even more intense. The boy's hands had gotten more skilled as he went on, smoothing just the right amount of oil, working it in perfectly. Suddenly he realized how close Duo's fingers really were, as if he was trying to tease him, to entice him. The fingertips just dipped into the cleft of his ass, and Heero almost gasped as he hardened even further. Did Duo have any idea of what he was doing? It certainly felt like it, as the hands now traced along his inner thighs, spreading the oil there. If it got any better, Heero would be moaning soon. And Duo was only on his back...

Duo shook his head; what had gotten into him? This was a job, nothing more... Heero was probably disgusted by his touch. He breathed a sigh of relief as he worked his way down, to the relative safety of Heero's thighs, luscious as they were. The cobalt-eyed boy's legs were nearly hairless, and the oil smoothed in easily. To expedite the process, Duo realized he could oil the front of Heero's legs at the same time as the back. He wanted to reduce the amount of time he was facing the other boy while he completed his task. Because then he would have no way of hiding the effect that touching Heero had on him. He tried not to think about the rest of the areas he would be required to touch.

Heero realized at the same time as Duo that he had reached Heero's feet, and it was obviously time to oil the front. Duo stood up slowly, and reluctantly walked around to face Heero. He kept his eyes up, away from what he really wanted to look at, and hoped that Heero did the same. Duo let his eyes meet Heero's; for a brief moment, cobalt met violet. Then Heero looked away, burning with shame at his body's rebellion. He was sure Duo detested this task. And he couldn't help how much his body was enjoying it. He knew Treize wanted every inch of his body oiled, and he didn't know how he was going to stand Duo's hands on those parts of his body. Heero wanted, with every part of his being, to take Duo in his arms and make love to him all night long. He was almost trembling with the effort it took to hold back. But he wouldn't take what wasn't his. Wouldn't force himself on anyone. Never.

Duo tried not to stare at Heero with the longing he felt, wishing he could be touching Heero this way, but for real, with love. He poured some more oil in his hands and slowly started to rub it into Heero's chest. He tried not to react, tried not to utterly enjoy touching that beautiful body; but Heero was too perfect, and his hands had a mind of their own, massaging more sensually than was necessary. Then he noticed that Heero was breathing a bit unevenly. Duo was afraid to look at the boy's face; he was probably angry with him for touching him this way. Just then he smoothed some oil over Heero's nipples, and the other boy let out an unmistakable gasp. A gasp that went right to Duo's aching arousal, and the longhaired boy couldn't help but glance up at Heero's face. He couldn't read the expression there, and he faltered, caught up in a cobalt gaze.

Heero was in heaven and hell at the same time; feeling Duo's touches yet knowing they weren't meant to arouse; Duo so close yet he could do nothing about it. His body knew what it wanted, though, and when the other boy's hands brushed his sensitive nipples he could no longer stifle a gasp. He met Duo's eyes, then, unable to look away; trying to communicate wordlessly, trying to tell Duo he loved him. But all he could manage was a soft, "Sorry."

Duo stared at Heero; what was the other boy apologizing for? It was he that was touching him, against his will. He wanted to respond eloquently, but couldn't think of anything to say. So without removing his hands, he said, "No, I'm sorry," automatically casting his eyes downward. It was then that he saw Heero's dripping erection, and realized with a start that the other boy was as aroused as he was.

Heero blushed harder as Duo finally saw the proof of his desire; following his eyes down, he couldn't help but notice the huge bulge and wet spot in the front of Duo's shorts. The other boy was as turned on as he was, and had been for some time. Duo wasn't disgusted with him? He sought out Duo's eyes in confusion.

Duo dragged his eyes away from the hard cock jutting up so close to him, and met Heero's eyes. His eyes spoke a question; just then a deep voice cut in.

"We don't have all day, you know. Shall I take over?" Treize threatened smoothly.

Heero and Duo's eyes were still locked. Duo looked at him, and Heero shook his head no, mouthing a word that looked like "Please." The longhaired boy hoped it meant he wanted him to continue, and Duo managed to say, "No, I'm fine." He then saw unmistakable relief wash over Heero's features, and allowed his heart to hope, just a little. With a deep breath he got more of the oil, smoothing it lower, over Heero's washboard abs, ghosting lower with each moment. No longer dreading, but anticipating.

Heero wasn't sure what was happening, but something had changed between them. He thought he had made it clear that he preferred Duo's touch to Treize's, but he needed to reassure the boy even more than that. He had his back to the older man, so Heero knew he could get away with a smile for Duo.

When Duo glanced up at Heero's face, almost ready to touch him more intimately, he saw the cobalt-eyed boy smile shyly at him, and his heart leapt into his throat. Heero didn't mind this? Duo could tell his body didn't mind the touch, but he wanted the other boy's heart as well as his body. He smiled back at Heero, making sure Treize didn't see. If the older man thought either of them were enjoying this too much, he would step in and take over. He knew now that the manager was getting off on the situations he was putting them in, but Heero seemed unwilling or unable to break away, yet. So Duo would wait, would play the games until Heero was ready. Duo knew then, looking into those eyes, that he would wait forever for Heero.

Heero saw Duo's smile, and knew then that Duo did care. He had misjudged the longhaired boy; he could see that Duo didn't want to do this, even though Heero was clearly aroused. But he was doing it for Heero, so that Treize wouldn't do it to him. Heero suddenly realized how Treize had been manipulating them both, since the beginning. He knew the feelings they had begun to have for each other online, and when they first met, had been pure, and Treize had been doing his best to corrupt those feelings. The manager had sensed how close they were becoming, and had done everything he could, not to keep them apart, but to degrade their relationship into a purely sexual one, the only type of relationship Treize could understand. Inviting Duo to the studio, making him "assist," trying to make the longhaired boy see him as just a sexual object, and in turn trying to convince Heero that was all the other boy felt for him. It had almost worked, too. He had been ready to believe that Duo was like all the rest, even though his heart was screaming at him otherwise. How could he have let Treize mislead him that way? Because he had no self-confidence, Treize had made sure of that. Heero had been convinced that he was nothing without his manager. But now he was beginning to realize otherwise. Duo thought more of him. Heero had other talents. He had plenty of money that was all his own. He didn't need this anymore. But he just had to figure out a way to get away from Treize. He knew damn well that his manager wasn't going to let him go easily. Especially with this auction looming. Heero was suddenly disgusted with himself. He had let Treize convince him that his virginity was nothing more than a commodity to be bought and sold, and be profited from. It should have been something given and taken in love. With someone like Duo. Heero suddenly felt more free than he had ever been. He had had an epiphany; just this one revelation was enough to give him hope that he could pull himself out of this business. It seemed that suddenly he could see Treize for what he really was. That, and Duo. Without Duo, he could never have known he could feel something other than resignation for his fate. They would get away. Together.

Treize's oily voice cut into his thoughts. "I think that you should lie back so Duo can do a thorough job," he instructed. "Get on the bed and spread for Duo," the older man said roughly, enjoying the show.

Heero looked at Duo; he knew what Treize was up to now, trying to humiliate Heero completely, so he would no longer feel worthy of Duo, to keep them apart. At the same time, he was trying to make Duo see Heero as worthless. But now that they knew they still cared for each other, Heero had no problem. But he didn't want to give in too easily. He scowled at Treize, and made a show of looking pissed off while climbing onto the bed and laying back, legs still closed.

Duo looked down at Heero, suspecting what the other boy was up to and why.

"Heero," chided Treize, "don't be childish. You know what I want."

Heero almost smirked. Yes, he knew all too well what Treize wanted. What the older man didn't know was that Heero finally knew what he wanted as well. But he lay back sullenly, looked to the side and spread his legs for Duo.

Duo suppressed a moan as he looked upon Heero, vulnerable and open for him. He wasn't faking his desire as he took one step closer, hesitantly.

"Don't be shy, Duo. You know you want to touch him. And he needs to be oiled thoroughly..." Treize purred, licking his lips in anticipation, sliding his hand into his unzipped pants. "And Heero wants you to touch him, even if he says otherwise... look at that hard cock."

Duo couldn't help but look, wanting so badly to feel Heero's body yield to him, yet wishing it didn't have to be this way. He hoped he was doing the right thing, hoped he was reading Heero's secret look correctly: that he should play along, for now. Not that playing along would be such a horrible thing. He wanted to see Heero's face twist in ecstasy, from his touch.

Heero tried not to think of the torturous complexity of the situation; they were acting, on so many levels. But his desire for Duo wasn't an act at all. Luckily, Treize could believe it was purely physical; the older man could pull that reaction from his body as well. So Heero lay back, knowing he could appear to enjoy this without raising the manager's suspicions. Not too much, though, and truly his passion was tempered by the fact that he could see Treize watching, stroking his own cock at the same time.

Duo put more oil in his hand, and kneeled between Heero's legs. He licked his lips nervously; he had never touched anyone else like this before. He started at Heero's inner thighs, working the oil in with both hands, slowly working his way higher, to the sensitive areas at the juncture of those thighs.

"Yes, that's it, Duo, everywhere," Treize almost moaned, clearly enjoying the show as he roughly pumped his cock. "Let me see you touch him..."

Heero nearly screamed when he felt Duo's finger brush against his entrance. Duo's touch was hesitant, barely dipping inside his entrance, but it was enough to send spikes of desire rushing through his body. His cock trembled, a clear bead of moisture gathered at the tip. He panted, unable to speak, and tried to spread his legs farther apart. He knew he didn't need much oil there, but it felt too good, and Treize obviously wanted this. He could hear the older man's harsh breathing.

Duo watched Heero's face as he touched him; the look on Heero's face was as exquisite as the passion his rock hard erection clearly showed. The erection he would soon be touching. He couldn't wait. He smoothed oil gently on Heero's sac, and moved as quickly as possible to what he really wanted to touch.

Treize licked his lips and pumped faster, nearing his climax as he watched Duo reach for Heero's cock.

Heero held his breath as Duo's oiled hand approached his arousal. He looked up at the longhaired boy as Duo hesitated. Duo looked at him questioningly and Heero realized he was looking for approval. Heero gave it, nodding slightly, and Duo wrapped slick fingers around the center of his need at last.

Duo was in heaven, holding another boy's hard cock in his hand at last, seeing the effect the slight pressure had on the beautiful boy. He had dreamed of this since he had first seen Heero, wanted to touch him this way, and be touched. Though the situation was far from ideal, he was touching him, and knew that his touch wasn't unwelcome. Heero's hardness felt like silken steel, the soft skin sliding easily over the rock hard length. Duo couldn't get enough.

That was it for Treize; he climaxed, groaning softly, as Heero threw back his head, moaning from Duo's touch. He pumped out his hot seed as he saw Heero's hips thrust up, seeking more of the other boy's hand, lithe body arched and glistening. It was too perfect.

Heero couldn't suppress the sounds of the pleasure that Duo was delivering to him. He dimly heard Treize find his completion, but he didn't care any more; Duo was touching him, it was right, it was meant to be. He forgot where he was, the whole world paled to insignificance next to their touch. Duo stroked, and Heero felt; their eyes locked, and Heero mouthed, "Love you."

Duo's mouth dropped open in shock as he thought he had misread Heero's lips; then a deep voice cut across them, preventing his answer. "Stop." Treize had risen and made his way over to the two boys, realizing it was almost too late. "Great job, Duo. Now we have pictures to take."

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