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Pairing: 1x2
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: yaoi, lemon, AU

A/N: A long time ago, Kwycksylver gave me this fic idea. I started it but never finished it. Then I heard the song again and said, damn, I need to finish it. So I did. If you're still reading, Kwyck, thanks again and sorry it took so long. It's not really a songfic in as much as it's inspired by the lyrics, which I'll put before and after the fic. It's finished, but posted in two parts. Enjoy!

Dirty White Boy
by Jade
Part 2

The next few hours were a blur of humiliation and noise. They were booked on indecent exposure and suspicion of solicitation. When that charge was explained to Heero, he nearly attacked the arresting officer, almost earning him an additional charge of assault. Duo managed to calm him down. Heero called his family's lawyer, because he didn't know what else to do. He begged the man not to tell his parents, and also told him to bail out Duo as well. The man said he would see what he could do.

Luckily, it was crowded, and they had to put both Duo and Heero in the same holding cell. Because Heero did not like the way everyone was looking at Duo. He was sure the other boy could take care of himself, but he wasn't taking any chances. He paced up and down, annoying the other occupants of the cell, but they apparently weren't brave enough to do more than mumble, faced with Heero's muscles and pissed off attitude.

After what seemed like hours, an officer came back and told them both to follow him. Duo scrambled up from where he'd been sitting on the floor and followed Heero. He'd spent the time worrying about how he was going to get out of this situation. He'd been in worse trouble, but not lately, not when he was no longer a minor. It was too much to ask that Heero's lawyer would bail him out too. True, they'd spent nearly every night together since they'd met, but it was just sex. At least, they'd never discussed it being any more than that. Duo knew better than to hope for that. He was nothing to Heero but a good fuck. No matter if he was developing feelings for the other boy.

Heero sighed in relief when he saw his family lawyer filling out some paperwork with the desk clerk. "Just a second," he whispered to Duo, and walked over to the man.

Duo watched Heero talking to the man. The fucker had his own lawyer. His uncle had once had his own lawyer, but that was just because the court had appointed him one. He shoved his hands in his pockets and tried to look inconspicuous as he waited.

"Thanks for coming," Heero said to the lawyer. He didn't like the man much, but he was reliable.

"That's what you pay me for," the man grinned.

Heero resisted the urge to roll his eyes. "Did you bail Duo out too, like I asked?"

The lawyer nodded, frowning over at Duo. "Yes. But I don't suppose this was some kind of a mixup," he said, frowning at the list of charges.

"The solicitation charge is bullshit, because Duo is... my boyfriend," Heero said, hesitating because he'd never said that out loud before. He wasn't sure if Duo was indeed his boyfriend; they'd never discussed such things. But it would do for now.

The lawyer paled just a bit, and looked around as if to see if anyone was listening. "Do your parents know about this?" he hissed.

Heero laughed. "What do you think? Of course not. My father would have a heart attack." He put on his best earnest expression. "Please. I'm going to tell him. I just don't want it to be this way."

The older man sighed, and said, "All right. I won't tell your father. And I've managed to get the charges reduced to misdemeanors, so the fines I paid will satisfy the charges. But it will stay on your record. You'll have to be more discreet from now on."

Heero grinned. "Thanks. I really appreciate it. So we're free to go?"

The lawyer nodded, and handed Heero two bags that held their personal effects.

Heero thanked the man and went back to Duo, handing him a bag. "It's done. Over. We can go."

Duo's eyes widened. "You're shitting me," he said, glancing around. "That's it?"

"That's it. The fine's been paid. It's on your record, but nothing else. You can go."

"Awesome," said Duo, sighing with relief. "Look, how much was it? I'll pay you back, um... some time." He blushed a little.

"Don't worry about it," Heero said bluntly. "Come on. We'll just get a cab back to my car and I'll take you home."

But the fun wasn't over for the night. Heero insisted on walking Duo up to his apartment. Duo was embarrassed to have Heero see where he lived, but it couldn't be helped. Heero wouldn't take no for an answer.

So Duo led Heero up the narrow stairs that always smelled like cat piss and worse. When they reached the door, he frowned at a piece of paper that was nailed to it. "Fuck," he wailed, and quickly shoved his key in the lock. It didn't budge. "Shit fuck damn," he cursed, kicking the door.

"What's wrong?" Heero said, peering over Duo's shoulder.

Duo rested his head against the rough wood of the door. This just got better and better. As if being arrested and having to let your rich... lover? Was Heero a lover or just a fuck buddy? They hadn't even got that far yet. Having Heero see the shithole where he lived - used to live - now this had happened. "I've been evicted," he moaned, not looking up. "I guess the landlord found someone else willing to rent this hellhole and got tired of waiting for me to pay my rent. They changed the lock." His cheeks burned with embarrassment. He tried the key again, as if by some miracle the locks had been changed back in the last 30 seconds.

Heero was silent for a long time. He'd known that Duo's circumstances were nowhere near as fortunate as his, but he hadn't known it was quite that bad. They hadn't spent a great deal of time talking, after all, unless it included the words, 'oh god, yes, harder' or something similar. He could tell Duo was ashamed. He needed to be sensitive. "I'm sorry," he said softly. "You can stay with me," he said impulsively.

Duo raised his eyes to Heero's. "What about your parents?" he asked. They'd discussed Heero's family a bit, and he knew that his parents would not react well.

Heero shrugged. "They're out of town for a week or so," he said. "After that... we'll just have to figure it out as we go along." He wasn't going to leave Duo homeless. Though this place wasn't much better. He'd had no idea.

Duo sighed. He really had no choice. "Ok," he said quietly. "Thanks." It was a little soon to be together that much. If they even were going to get that serious, ever. They hadn't discussed it. But he figured to refuse Heero would mean he might never see him again. "I just wish I could get my stuff," he sighed, with a longing look at the locked door.

Heero frowned a little and peered at the door. It looked flimsy. "Stand back," he warned, and as soon as Duo did, he kicked one foot out precisely, just next to the doorknob. There was a splintering sound as the lock gave way, and the door swung open.

Duo laughed delightedly. "Awesome," he said, looking at Heero. "That made me horny, you know that?" he grinned at the other boy. Heero was fucking sexy when he used his strength.

Heero laughed, glad to see Duo had cheered up. "Well, we could fuck now, but I thought you wanted to get away."

"I do," answered Duo, walking in. "Let me just get my stuff. We can fuck later."

It took a surprisingly short time for Duo to pack his meager belongings. One battered suitcase and three big black trash bags later, Duo stood in the middle of the living room/kitchen/bedroom and said, "That's it, I guess. Kind of pathetic, really."

Heero shrugged, hands stuffed in his pockets. "You like to travel light?"

Duo snorted. "Yeah, that's it exactly. Let's blow this popsicle stand, man." He didn't know where he was going to go after he had to leave Heero's, but he'd figure it out. He had a little money saved from his pool hustling, and now that he didn't have to pay it out on rent, he would survive for a while.

Heero drove them to his house, almost as apprehensive about Duo seeing how he lived as Duo had been. He turned into the driveway and keyed in his security code, then drove through.

Duo had been unsettled enough when he realized Heero lived in a gated community, then it hit him as they drove up to the house. Not a community. A fucking gated *house*. It was massive, looming in the gray pre-dawn. "Holy shit," he whispered under his breath. It was bigger than his entire apartment building. Ex-apartment building, he amended to himself.

Heero pulled off into his parking spot, and turned off the ignition. He'd been afraid of this. "Yeah, it's pretty ostentatious. Sorry." He looked down, feeling like a spoiled idiot.

Duo looked over at him. "It's not your fault, man. Don't apologize for not being poor, anyway." He shrugged.

Heero smiled at Duo a little shyly. "Thanks," he said softly, and an understanding of sorts passed between them. He led Duo into the house, dragging Duo's things as quietly as possible. Heero didn't want to wake anyone.

Duo followed Heero through the hallways, trying not to stare at the house and its furnishings. He'd never been in such a fancy place in his life, unless you counted museums on field trips in school.

Heero had a small wing to himself, which was the only thing he liked about living at home with his parents. He locked the door behind them, ensuring that they wouldn't be disturbed by any of the staff. He put Duo's bags down and spread his arms wide. "Welcome. There's a guest room down the hall, so if anyone asks, you're staying there. But for now..." He smiled and indicated the king-sized bed. "I'm exhausted. What about you?"

Duo was busy exploring the room. The bed looked amazing; they'd only shared one once, the first night they'd been together. But then he spotted the huge, green marble bathroom. "Oh man. A fucking Jacuzzi. Would you mind...?" He felt kind of grimy after being in the holding cell, and he'd always wanted to try a Jacuzzi. He smiled a bit shyly at Heero. "It's big enough for two," he said a little breathily.

Heero smiled back. "Sounds perfect," he said, moving to turn on the taps. "I hope you like it hot," he said over his shoulder at Duo.

"What do you think?" the longhaired boy replied. He was already shedding his clothes, grinning happily.

They stripped quickly and got in the large oval tub together. Duo sank under the water with a blissful sigh. "This feels amazing," he sighed.

"Just wait," Heero promised, sitting opposite him. When the water level was high enough, he reached out and pushed the button that fired up the air jets. Suddenly the tub was filled with bubbles from the vents.

Duo giggled. "It tickles!" he laughed, squirming around.

Heero smiled, watching Duo. For some reason he didn't want to examine too closely, when Duo was happy he was happy. It was more than sex.

Finally, Duo grew tired of the bubbles and looked over at Heero. With an evil grin he moved closer, moving on his hands and knees through the water. "Ever done it in here?" he said softly, challengingly.

Heero shook his head, smiling back. "No," he replied, licking his lips.

Duo smiled more widely, climbing up Heero's body until he was straddling the other boy's legs. "Wanna change that?" he whispered in Heero's ear.

Heero arched up a little, pressing his erection against Duo's flat stomach. "Fuck yes," he purred, his hands on Duo's ass.

Duo moaned, letting his head fall back. "Love the way you touch me," he said breathlessly. "Like you own me."

Heero groaned. Duo got him hot so fast. He was desperate for him. He looked around, and luckily there was a small bottle of lotion on a shelf within reach. He grabbed it with one hand, still touching Duo with the other.

Duo saw the bottle and grinned, snatching it out of Heero's hand. "Great minds think alike," he said, and squeezed some out into his hand. He sat up, plunging his hand under the water quickly and applying the somewhat waterproof lotion to Heero's cock.

"God..." Heero gasped as Duo raised himself up and plunged back down onto his cock. His hands tightened on Duo's hips as his arousal was surrounded by Duo's hot body. He held still with difficulty, letting Duo set the pace.

Duo panted as his body adjusted to the quick entry, but he loved the feeling of Heero inside him. He'd never craved anyone like he needed Heero, and the intensity of it scared him a little. But now, he couldn't worry about anything but riding Heero's cock.

The two boys moved together, Duo raising and lowering himself and Heero bucking up carefully to meet each thrust. The lotion was quickly being washed away by the hot water, but it would be enough. As soon as Heero grabbed Duo's cock and started stroking, the longhaired boy nearly shrieked, and started to come.

"Oh fuck oh jesus so fucking good...." Duo's head was thrown back and he was coming with an intensity unmatched by anything other than another encounter with Heero.

Duo tightened around his cock, and Heero came too, more quietly, a low growl the only thing marking his release, except for the liquid heat he spilled into the other boy.

Duo collapsed forward onto Heero's chest, and both boys caught their breath as the hot water bubbled around them and washed away the evidence of their passion. After a few moments, Heero reached over to turn off the jets. He smiled as Duo raised his head sleepily.

"I always knew I'd love these Jacuzzi things," he murmured. "Don't wanna get up." He was sure he'd never felt more relaxed.

"If you can just get up for a few minutes, then we can be in bed, nice and warm," soothed Heero, trying to sit up with Duo on him. Duo grumbled, but let Heero help him up and out of the bath. They wrapped up in big fluffy towels and staggered to Heero's huge bed.

Both boys were sound asleep within minutes.

They slept for nearly twelve hours, and it was beginning to get dark again by the time they roused themselves from bed. Duo felt positively decadent as he stretched out in the Egyptian cotton sheets. He grinned over at Heero. "Hi," he whispered.

"Morning. I mean, evening," Heero amended as he glanced out the window. He hadn't felt this relaxed for a long time. His parents were gone, Duo was here, and they were secluded from the world.

Heero went down to the kitchen and brought back a load of sandwich ingredients, because both of them were starving. They fixed sandwiches and drank soda on the floor of Heero's spacious bedroom. And got to know each other better.

They'd spent most of the short time they'd known each other dancing or having frantic sex, so they really knew very little about each other. They traded basic information, until Heero snuck down and brought back some beer. Then the real information started to flow.

Duo told Heero of his dreams of being in a rock and roll band. Eventually, he even told him about his parents, and about the foster homes he'd been in over the years. And all the crappy jobs he'd done just to get by. He looked at his watch. "Another one of which I just got fired from for not showing up," he shrugged. He'd find another one.

Heero told Duo about his parents, and how cold and strict they were. He'd been raised mostly by the help, who rotated so much he'd never really gotten close to anyone. He even told him about his dreams of being an artist. Duo convinced Heero to show him his drawings.

"Wow, those are really good," whistled Duo, amazed as he looked over the sketchbook. It was filled with mostly pencil and charcoal drawings of people, animals and objects.

"Thanks," Heero said, blushing. He'd never shown most of the drawings to anyone. But somehow he had the feeling he could tell Duo anything.

"You should go to art school," stated Duo emphatically.

Heero shook his head. "My parents won't pay for it," he said. "They want me to go to business school." Then he grinned. "But when I turn 19 next week, I get control of the trust fund my grandfather set up for me. My father hasn't realized that." And suddenly he wondered why he hadn't thought of it before. He could live on that money, and put himself through school, for at least a few years.

Duo had only heard of trust funds in movies. But then he said, "You turn 19 next week? Rad! We'll have to celebrate." Thinking of next week made him sad, though. Heero parents might be back, and then he'd have to leave.

Heero could tell where Duo's thoughts were. "You can stay here," he promised. "Even if we have to pretend you're staying in the guest room." He wasn't going to kick Duo out. And he was vaguely disturbed that the thought of Duo gone made him feel very sad. He was quickly getting attached to the other boy.

"Thanks, Heero," Duo grinned, launching himself at the other boy and hugging him tightly. He ended up on top of Heero, and Heero flipped them over so he was straddling Duo. Duo squirmed underneath Heero, and it quickly degenerated into an impromptu wrestling match. And, since they were both only wearing thin cotton boxers, two young male bodies pressed against each other soon had predictable effects.

Heero took Duo right there on the floor, and as he drove over and over into him, their cries mingled with the rock music that was playing. They came together, each of them losing another little piece of their hearts to the other.

The rest of the week passed idyllically. They swam in the massive pool, played tennis on the grounds, and went out dancing until all hours of the night. It was like an unending vacation for them both, and time seemed to stand still. Neither of them could worry about the future right now.

One night, they snuck out to the beach and made love in the sand, which sounded a lot better than it was. Sand got everywhere, and the night air was freezing to their sweat dampened skin. But they wrapped up in a blanket, enduring the discomfort for a little longer to enjoy the moonrise.

Suddenly, Heero looked at Duo and blurted, "I need you."

Duo smirked over at Heero. "Already? Cause, man, I got so much sand up my..." He stopped when he saw how serious Heero looked.

"No," Heero clarified. "I need you. With me. No matter what happens. I'm going to tell my parents about us."

Duo paled a little. He loved the sentiment of what Heero was saying. He couldn't bear the thought of being away from the other boy either. But... "Are you sure that's a good idea? They're gonna flip out." *And kill me.*

Heero laughed. "It would be worth it, just to see some emotion on my father's face. No. Tomorrow is my birthday, and they said they'd be home for it. And I'm going to tell them." He was filled with resolve, and it felt right. "Do you want to be with me, Duo?" Heero asked, more softly.

Duo stared into Heero's eyes. He'd never felt like this about anyone. He supposed he was in love, but it seemed too soon for that sort of declaration. But... "Yeah. I want to be with you, Heero. Somehow." He wasn't as confident as Heero, though.

Heero grinned and hugged Duo fiercely. "Good," was all he said, though he wanted to say so much more.

The next day, Duo and Heero spent the day at an amusement park, riding roller coasters and finding semi-private places to make out. They'd both discovered a penchant for dangerous, public sex, and though they didn't want to be arrested again they flirted with danger.

They got back to Heero's house, and Duo moved his things into the guest room, just in case. They waited, but Heero parents didn't show up. The housekeeper finally told Heero that his parents had been delayed and would be home the next afternoon.

Duo looked over at Heero after the woman had gone. "I'm sorry, man. That sucks." His mother had usually remembered his birthday, if she was sober.

Heero shrugged. He was slightly disappointed, but mainly because he hadn't had a chance to tell his parents what he intended to do with his life. "It's ok. It's not like I expected anything from them."

Duo glanced around; all the staff had either gone home or to bed for the night. He smiled evilly and said, "How about I give you a birthday present right now?" He slid off the couch onto the floor, and crawled slowly toward Heero on the facing couch.

Heero looked down at Duo, his cock starting to harden at the sight. "You shouldn't have," he joked, spreading his legs apart.

"I haven't yet," Duo smirked, crawling between Heero's legs and kneeling up between them. He reached for the zipper and eased it down slowly. He watched Heero's face closely, to see if maybe the other boy wasn't comfortable with this.

But Heero didn't stop him. He was feeling reckless and pissed off at the world and he didn't give a damn right now who saw them. He was hard and horny and there was a gorgeous boy about to suck his cock.

Duo lowered his mouth and sucked Heero in slowly. He loved to suck cock, especially Heero's. There was an innate feeling of power associated with holding the center of a man's universe in your mouth. Heero was starting to moan now, and Duo started to bob his head up and down.

Until there was a gasp and the sound of something being dropped, and Heero's eyes went wide as he looked up to see his parents standing in the doorway. "Shit," he hissed, then thought fast. Duo's back was to his parents at the moment. "Don't move," he whispered to Duo.

A string of agitated Japanese was all that Duo could hear, and he kept his head down after releasing Heero's cock from his mouth. He suddenly figured out why Heero wanted him to keep his head down. With his long hair, with any luck Heero's parents would think he was a girl. Heero clearly thought that would be better.

Heero shouted back at his parents, refastening his pants and carefully pulling Duo into his arms. He answered them in Japanese, which he usually refused to do, but at this point some placation was necessary. He told them that he was in love with Duo, not mentioning that Duo was not a girl, and thinking that if his parents thought he was serious about the "girl" they might take it better. Surprisingly, as he said it, it rang true in his own mind. He loved Duo. But there was no time to reflect on that now. He'd been right; his parents calmed just a bit when they heard that he was serious about the "girl." All the while, Duo kept his head on Heero's chest and stayed silent. He'd intended to tell his parents the truth. But in this situation, there was no telling what his father would have done.

Heero finally convinced his parents to leave them alone. Duo took a deep shuddering breath as he heard the door shut and Heero say, "It's ok, they're gone. For the moment."

Duo got to his feet shakily. "I'm sorry, Heero, I should never have done that, I..."

Heero interrupted him. "No, *I'm* sorry. For all of it." He stood, rubbing his face with his hands. He felt terrible, but he'd bought them some time. "I'm a coward," he said. "I knew what they'd assume, and I let them." Wanting to come out to your parents and actually doing it seemed to be two different things.

Duo's eyes widened. "Hey, no problem, man. It's totally cool. Whatever keeps us out of trouble," he reassured Heero. "I don't care if they thought I was a fucking giraffe." *As long as I get to see you again*.

"I..." Heero hesitated. "I told them we were serious about each other. It was the only way they wouldn't totally freak."

Duo fidgeted a little, running his hand through his hair. "Um... did it help?" He felt as if he was walking on thin ice.

"Yes," said Heero. "They're giving us some time." He hated how awkward this was. But it could be worse. "I hate to do this. But you have to go." He reached for his wallet, and pulled out several hundred dollars. "Get a cab, go to the hotel we first went to. I'll be there as soon as I can, I promise."

Duo backed up a step. "I don't want to take your money." But he really did have nowhere to go.

Heero stepped closer to Duo. "Please. I want to be with you tonight, and it's the only way. I'll talk to my parents, and then I'll come to you." He pleaded with his eyes, knowing full well Duo had nowhere else to go and hoping his pride wouldn't make him refuse.

Duo looked into Heero's eyes for a long moment, then sighed. "I guess I don't have a choice." He took the money and shoved it in his pocket. "I hate to leave you here to deal with everything," he added ruefully.

Heero sighed with relief. "Don't worry. I can handle them. I'll be there as soon as I can, and I'll bring your stuff." He led Duo out a side door and called a cab. It was there within five minutes, and soon Duo was waving goodbye to Heero, wondering what was going to happen to them now.

Duo had paced the room for about the hundredth time when finally there was a knock at the door. He rushed to it and flung it open breathlessly. When he saw Heero, he grinned. "About fucking time!" he said, pulling the other boy into the room and wrapping his arms around his neck.

Heero had been relieved that Duo was still waiting for him, and he hugged the other boy back unreservedly. "I missed you," he whispered into Duo's ear, kicking the door shut behind him. What had surprised him was how much he'd missed the other boy. They'd been together nonstop for almost a week, and being apart had been heartwrenching.

"Me too," Duo mumbled into Heero's hair, breathing him in. He'd held it together, seemingly full of confidence as he rode in the taxi and checked into the hotel, but as soon as he'd gotten in the room he'd nearly fallen apart. And not just because he didn't know where he was going to live next, or how he'd exist. He was in a nice hotel room with hundreds of dollars in his pocket. He'd been in much worse situations. What had stunned him was how much he missed being close to Heero.

They stood like that for long moments, just drinking in the warmth of each others' bodies. Finally, Duo pulled back and asked with concern, "How did it go with your parents?"

Heero took a deep breath and led Duo over to the bed where they both sat down. "It could have been worse," he began, then he told Duo the whole story. As he'd hoped, his parents had no idea that Heero's friend was not female. His mother was mainly shocked, and disappointed in him for succumbing to the vagaries of the flesh. Then, to Heero's shock, his father had actually defended him, reminding his mother that Heero was a teenage boy, and boys would be boys. They were both upset that he'd chosen to have such a liaison at their home, though. Heero was prepared to make that allowance, and he apologized for it. His mother nodded gravely, and appeared to not want to discuss the matter further. His father, however, was not finished.

It was then that Heero had gotten a brilliant idea.

He cut off his father's tirade by informing him he'd decided to go to college after all.

The silence from his parents was deafening, and Heero knew he had them hooked.

"You agreed to go to college?" Duo said, shocked. "I thought you wanted to go to art school."

Heero looked back at Duo. "I agreed to go to a regular four year college, and take some business courses, and they agreed to that. I told them I needed time to explore my options. They were so happy that I agreed to go that they agreed to it immediately." His parents had apparently thought their son would never agree to go to school at all. "I can always take some art classes as well."

Duo smiled. "That's great! So they're not disowning you?"

"No," said Heero, pulling Duo closer. "And it gets better," he grinned. He couldn't wait to tell Duo this. "I'm going to get an apartment. They balked at that, but then I reminded them I had my own money now, and there wasn't much they could say. I told them I'd get a roommate." He smiled down at Duo. "You can move in with me." He waited for it to hit Duo.

Duo's mouth dropped open. "But... I can't afford..."

Heero stopped Duo's words with a finger. "You can pay me when you get a job. Or maybe you can go to college too. I just want you with me. Please, Duo. I can afford it. We don't need a big fancy place. We can go anywhere. Another town, my parents don't care as long as I stay in school." And he'd tell his parents, eventually. When he was out of the house, there would be nothing they could do about it.

Duo almost couldn't get his mind around it. A fresh start, somewhere else, with... the boy he loved. He was sure of it now. He flung himself at Heero once again, hugging him tight. "Oh my god, Heero. Are you sure?"

Heero held Duo tightly. "I'm sure. As long as you're with me. I hate that we have to hide what we are to each other, but it's only for a little while. I know this is right." He loved Duo, and he wanted to be with him always.

Duo sighed happily and relaxed into Heero's arms. Things had happened so quickly that he almost couldn't keep up. But things were right now, how they should be. He knew it.

The End!

*Hey, baby, if you're feelin' down
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'Cause I'm a dirty white boy
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I'm a dirty white boy
Dirty white boy*


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