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Pairing: 1x2
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: yaoi, lemon, AU

A/N: A long time ago, Kwycksylver gave me this fic idea. I started it but never finished it. Then I heard the song again and said, damn, I need to finish it. So I did. If you're still reading, Kwyck, thanks again and sorry it took so long. It's not really a songfic in as much as it's inspired by the lyrics, which I'll put before and after the fic. It's finished, but posted in two parts. Enjoy!

Dirty White Boy
by Jade
Part 1

*Hey, baby, if you're feelin' down
I know what's good for you all day
Are you worried what your friends see
Will it ruin your reputation lovin' me

'Cause I'm a dirty white boy
A dirty white boy
A dirty white boy

Don't drive no big black car
Don't like no Hollywood movie star
You want me to be true to you
Don't give a damn what I do to you

I'm just a dirty white boy
Dirty white boy
Dirty white boy
Dirty white boy

Well, I'm a dirty white boy
Dirty white boy
Dirty white boy
Dirty white boy
Dirty white boy

I been in trouble since I don't know when
I'm in trouble now and I now somehow I'll find trouble again
I'm a loner, but I'm never alone
Every night I get one step closer to the danger zone

'Cause I'm a dirty white boy*

Duo looked up from the pool table as the group of strangers walked in. They certainly weren't the usual crowd; these teenagers stuck out like a sore thumb. Not because they were Japanese; a diverse crowd occupied this pool hall. It was their clothes; Armani, Versace, designer all the way.

Duo let his eyes wander appreciatively; the boy in front was incredible, messy brown hair and deep blue eyes contrasting with his exotic features. The boy was wearing black dress pants that hugged his slim hips and a khaki silk tank top. His black leather jacket was slung casually over one shoulder as he surveyed his surroundings, biceps bulging perfectly, in Duo's opinion. He was with three other boys, but was obviously the leader. It looked like they were arguing; the other boys didn't seem to like his idea of where they were slumming.

As Duo observed, he continued to sink his shots perfectly, cleaning out the table while his hapless opponent only stood by. As Duo called the 8 ball, lining up his shot, he saw the group walking toward his table, watching the game. Duo sank the shot effortlessly, straightening up and offering a handshake to his opponent, who shook his hand sheepishly and handed over a twenty dollar bill grudgingly. Duo accepted it, shoving it in his pocket with the rest of the money he had won tonight. With any luck, he'd be able to pay the rent this month. Unfortunately, it was last month's rent.

He sighed. No one wanted to hire a 18 year old longhaired pool player who had dropped out of school at 16 when his stepfather had gone to jail for killing his mother. If he hadn't dropped out, Child Protective Services would have been all over him. Instead he disappeared, and had been supporting himself by various odd jobs and schemes. What he really wanted to do was sing, but he didn't have a band or equipment, and couldn't figure out how to make any money doing it when no one would even listen to him or give him a chance. Pool seemed to work for him lately. It was better than the alternative; though he had had plenty of offers to sell his body, he hadn't stooped that low yet. Even though he did prefer guys, he certainly didn't want some 50 year old pervert drooling all over him. Duo grabbed the chalk, preparing his cue for another game, and looked at the gorgeous Japanese boy who now approached him.

Heero walked across the dimly lit bar. Pools of light picked out the pool tables, but between them the murky shadows merged. He didn't know what had possessed him to choose this particular pool hall. His friends certainly didn't approve, and were complaining to him even now. He told them to go get some drinks at the bar; they would do what he told them as always. They always did, no matter what he dragged them through. He had no respect for them any more; they followed him blindly, perhaps because he was smarter than them or his family had more money, he didn't know. At least they paid attention to him; his parents couldn't be bothered, leaving his care to the help. At least until he fucked up, then they were all over him as if they cared. The only thing they cared about was their business and their reputation. He was expected to take over the business as the eldest son, after getting his MBA. It didn't matter that he didn't want to, or that his interests lay elsewhere; his silly drawings didn't matter, even though his art teacher praised them highly. He had long ago given up showing anyone his artwork; he drew in private, and only for himself. It was just as well; lately his art had taken a decidedly sensuous turn, and all he wanted to draw were beautiful naked longhaired men. His parents would definitely not approve, he smirked to himself. Which was one of the reasons why he did it, and which was also why he had decided to come here tonight. To piss his parents off. He had been playing pool since he was 5; he had taught himself on the table in the game room. He didn't think his parents had ever even gone into that room. Which was why Heero loved it. As he crossed the room, he saw a game in progress. It was fairly one-sided, though; the player was sinking all the balls sequentially, barely pausing to line up his next shot. This player was good, and Heero wanted to try his skill. He walked around the table into the light, and came face to face with a boy that could have come from one of his drawings. He had a long chestnut braid; Heero's mind instantly supplied him with images of that hair unbound, flowing over the lithe body that was poured into well-worn faded jeans and a tight black t-shirt. His violet eyes were huge, and his lips full and pouty. Heero's heart pounded, this boy was beautiful, and Heero wanted him. Badly.

The two boys stood, face to face, and Heero broke the silence. "You play well. Would you like to try me?" Instantly, he knew that had come out wrong, though he had certainly meant it that way. He felt a blush rise to his cheeks.

Duo smiled. He was a born flirt, and he found he could usually put the other player off his game with suggestive remarks. And this boy had just handed him an incredible opening. Resting his cue against the table, Duo threw his braid over his shoulder, put his hands on his hips and looked challengingly at the other boy. "Aren't you afraid I'm too much for you, handsome?"

Heero's body reacted automatically to Duo's innuendo; but he recovered and shot back. "Oh, I can handle you," he smirked, warming to the banter, leaning against the table and crossing his arms, knowing it showed off his muscles. He had never flirted with a boy before, but he was having fun. "The question is, can you take what I've got?"

Duo looked appraisingly at the other boy. Could he be so lucky that the handsome boy swung the same way he did? "Only one way to find out," he answered, sticking his hand out. "I'm Duo. Play me."

Heero took Duo's hand, shook it briefly before pulling on the hand, bringing the longhaired boy closer to him. He looked deep into the violet eyes, and breathed the other boy's sweet scent. "I'm Heero, and I'd love to play with you."

Duo let the other boy pull him until they were inches apart. He was intoxicated by the Japanese boy's presence; he wanted to be swept off his feet. He looked challengingly back. "What if I'm not that kind of boy, Heero?" he murmured.

Heero smirked and said, "There's a first time for everything, Duo." He brought Duo's hand up to his mouth and kissed the back of it, never breaking eye contact with the other boy.

A thrill shot through Duo's body, from his hand down his spine to his rising cock. He wanted the Japanese boy, more than he had wanted anything for a long time. Well, this was turning out to be a more interesting night than he had thought.

They set up the game. Duo always used the first game to gauge his opponent's ability. He never bet on the first game. He watched Heero play, and he could tell the other boy was good. He also couldn't tell how good; Duo had a feeling that Heero was holding back, judging him as well. Duo kept getting distracted by Heero's ass as he bent over to make a shot. The boy had an incredible body, muscled yet not overdone; just the way Duo liked them. Playing pool while aroused wasn't easy.

Heero was having similar problems. He kept getting lost in those violet eyes, or that long hair, or that sensuous mouth. Duo played well, but Heero could tell they were just testing each other. Heero could afford to lose money tonight; but losing wasn't something he enjoyed. Though he suspected he wouldn't mind losing to the beautiful boy.

Just as they were getting ready to start the second game, Heero's friends returned. They had decided they were ready to leave. Heero flatly told them he wasn't leaving right now. They eyed Duo suspiciously, who was leaning against the table, arms crossed, smirking slightly. Inwardly, he was breathing a sigh of relief that the other boy wasn't leaving.

"We came in two cars. Why don't you three take off then? I may be here a while," Heero said. They complained, but they did what Heero told them. Heero watched them go, shaking his head. Then he turned back to Duo, and said, "Alone at last."

Duo stared back at the beautiful boy, and smiled seductively. "Let's play, then, shall we?" he purred, meaning more than one thing.

Heero knew what to say next. "How about a little bet to make this more... interesting?"

For once, Duo didn't care about the money; he thought it was pretty interesting already. But he played the role. "I don't know, you're pretty good."

"Yes, I am, and I'd love a chance to prove it to you," Heero replied. He paused, smiling, then said, "But first let's play some pool."

Duo laughed. "Pretty confident, aren't you, blue eyes?" He traced the shaft of his pool cue meaningfully, caressing its length.

Heero's eyes followed Duo's hand, as they were meant to do. His cock reacted, reminding him it wanted to be caressed too. He took a step closer, placing his hand over Duo's, and moving Duo's hand up and down, faster. "I have lots of reasons to be confident, gorgeous."

I'll bet you do, thought Duo, but he said, "You certainly have strong hands, Heero." He stepped closer, pinning their hands on the cue between their bodies, his cock rock hard by now.

"I'd love to show you some of my other... strengths," Heero breathed, entranced by the longhaired boy.

"And I'd love to see them," Duo whispered. "Shall we say fuck the pool and get out of here?"

"I'd rather fuck you," Heero growled, pressing his hardness against the cue, pushing it forward to press against Duo.

"I hope you don't think I do this all the time, going off with handsome strangers," Duo said breathlessly, his lips inches from Heero's.

"Of course not. And I'm not in the habit of picking up beautiful longhaired boys in pool halls either," Heero smiled. "Let's just say we're making an exception. Because you are certainly exceptional."

Duo smiled back. "Agreed. Shall we?" he asked, stepping back just far enough to break down his pool cue. "I'm ready," he said.

"Is it ok if I drive?" Heero asked. Duo nodded; he didn't really want to explain right now that he didn't have a car. The Japanese boy led them out of the bar to a big shiny black car. He pushed the button on his remote to unlock it, then walked to the passenger side to hold the door open for Duo. "Sorry about the car," he said apologetically. "It's kind of a huge beast, but my parents think size equals safety."

"It's fine," Duo reassured him as he slid into leather-covered luxury. In truth, it was the most expensive car he had ever been in. The huge seats dwarfed him; it seemed like Heero was miles away in the driver's seat.

Heero started the engine, and turned to Duo. "Uh, is it ok if we go to a hotel?" He smiled wryly. "We can't go to my house I'm afraid."

Duo smiled back. "Not mine either," he answered. Duo shared his tiny apartment with rats rather than parents, but he didn't need to mention that. "A hotel is fine." Not wanting to lose the moment, he reached over and traced a line up Heero's strong thigh. "The closer the better."

Heero stifled a moan. "You got it." And he pulled out of the lot, thinking quickly. He finally thought of a hotel that wouldn't know him, and he headed there as fast as possible.

Duo tried not to be impressed by the hotel lobby, but concentrated on Heero's gorgeous ass as he walked away to check in. Heero returned quickly, flashing him a small grin and the hotel key card. "Ready?"

"Oh yeah," Duo grinned, following Heero into the elevator. As soon as the door slid shut, Heero was pulling him close, pressing his already hard cock against him, sliding his hands down to caress the longhaired boy's ass. Duo moaned, clinging to Heero's shoulders as his erection returned with a vengeance. By the time the elevator door opened again, Duo was panting with need. Outside the doors stood an elderly couple who were so shocked by the scene inside the elevator that they made no move to enter the elevator. Heero laughed and pushed the door close button, and they were on their way again, leaving the couple standing openmouthed in the hallway.

They arrived at their floor without further incident. Heero pulled Duo out of the elevator, holding the other boy's hand as they searched for their room number. Finally, Duo spotted it, and Heero opened the door with a flourish. "After you, beautiful," Heero said, bowing as Duo walked in, resisting the urge to giggle. He wouldn't giggle. No matter how taken he was by the handsome boy.

Duo took a deep breath as he surveyed the room. A huge king size bed dominated the room, but there was also a small sitting area and a balcony. He turned around just as Heero finished securing the door. The two boys stared at each other for a long moment, ready but unsure.

"Now we're really alone," murmured Heero, approaching the longhaired boy slowly, savoring the anticipation. "God, you're incredible."

Duo looked at Heero; he thought the cobalt-eyed boy was incredible. Just looking at the lust in those eyes made him shiver; he was already rock hard.

Heero mistook Duo's silence for hesitation; he stopped and looked concerned. "We don't have to do anything, Duo. It's ok, if you changed your mind, just say so."

Duo smiled and closed the distance between them quickly. He wrapped his arms around Heero's neck and pressed the length of his body against the other boy. Both boys gasped at the feeling of their arousals rubbing together; Duo whispered in Heero's ear, "Does it feel like I changed my mind?"

"No, you feel wonderful," moaned Heero, and claimed Duo's mouth in a passionate kiss. As he kissed the longhaired boy, he ran his hands over his lithe body. Duo loved the feeling of the strong hands on him; he wanted to surrender completely to this beautiful boy. They broke the kiss, and looked into each other's eyes, panting.

"Duo?" Heero asked. "Will you do something for me?"

Duo would have done anything for the other boy right then. He nodded.

"Can you unbraid your hair for me?"

Duo smiled; he was happy to do it, and he would have done anything to see the look of lust that Heero had on his face as he reached back and unraveled his hair. Duo loosened the braid, and worked his hair free. He was proud of his hair, but hardly ever wore it loose. He shook his head, and the hair surrounded him; and for a long moment Heero just stared.

Duo looked like something from his hottest drawings, his wildest dreams; Heero almost couldn't believe that he was going to be able to touch, to kiss, to possess this beauty. "Duo," whispered Heero, then he couldn't hold back. He kissed Duo again, burying his hands in the mass of hair, feeling it on his body, smelling Duo's sweet scent. He broke for air, moaning, "You're so sexy... I want you..."

"Then take me. I'm yours," Duo whispered, completely lost in what Heero was making him feel. His cock ached and his body yearned for the other boy. He couldn't remember ever feeling this turned on before.

Almost desperately, they fumbled with each other's clothing, trying to get to bare skin as fast as possible. Their shirts came off, and Duo ran his hands all over Heero's muscled chest. Heero threw back his head and moaned, loving the feeling of the other boy's hands on his sensitive skin. "Oh, god... want you so much... touch me..."

Duo pulled Heero back, leading him to the bed. He couldn't wait to feel the other boy on top of him. He stopped at the edge of the bed, at looked at Heero. He slowly unbuttoned his jeans and unzipped them. Heero watched, feasting his eyes on the beautiful boy enticing him. Heero dropped his own hands to his pants, unbuttoning them and letting them drop to the floor. He stepped out of the pants, leaving him in black silk boxers stretched by his arousal. He stepped closer to Duo, and gently touched his smooth chest, running his fingers downward until they were at the opened waistband of the jeans. Duo helped Heero work the tight jeans off the slim hips, and the other boy moaned when he realized Duo wore nothing underneath. Duo smiled and kicked the jeans away, and lay back on the huge bed. Heero looked down at the longhaired boy lounging sensually, hair spread around him, lithe body stretched before him, hard cock pressed against his stomach. The only thing standing between them was Heero's boxers; and he quickly stripped them off, and advanced on the bed. Duo watched Heero approach; he felt himself harden even more at the sight of the lean muscled boy with lust-darkened eyes. Heero's body was incredible; from his tousled hair to his exotic features to his bronzed skin to his dripping arousal, Duo wanted Heero.

Heero climbed onto the bed, crawling up Duo's body, on his hands and knees, slowly. Duo lay back, bringing his arms up to touch the other boy's incredible muscles almost reverently. Heero reached Duo's mouth, and claimed it again, thoroughly. As Heero kissed Duo, he lowered his body until they were pressed together from chest to throbbing arousal, straddling Duo's hips. Duo thrust his hips up, and caressed Heero's back, pulling him closer. "Duo," gasped Heero, breaking for air.

"Need you, Heero, need you inside me... please," begged the longhaired boy, writhing under Heero.

Duo's pleas went straight to Heero's aching cock; he wanted to be inside Duo, wanted to fuck him senseless. "Oh, god, yes..."

Heero supported himself on one hand as he ran the other down Duo's hot body. Duo moaned in answer, raising his hands above his head so Heero could touch him everywhere. The feeling of the Japanese boy's hands on him was nearly enough to make him climax; he wanted to surrender his whole body to Heero. "Take me..." he whispered, desire his whole world.

The longhaired boy's words and submission were almost too much for Heero; Duo was giving him whatever he wanted, and he was blind with desire. He wanted to touch, to taste, to possess Duo; his arousal throbbed with need to make the other boy his, and only his. Heero kissed the exposed neck, licking and biting lower; when he reached Duo's erect nipples the longhaired boy arched up against him, whimpering and gasping for more. Heero reached down to touch the other boy's rock hard cock; he squeezed and stroked, feeling how wet Duo was already.

Heero's hands, Heero's mouth; they were Duo's whole world as the cobalt-eyed boy explored his body. The hand wrapped around his cock stroked him, and Duo cried out, thrusting and wanting more. Duo had become a creature of pure need, and he needed to be fucked.

Heero sat up, gazing down at the nymph below him, writing at his every touch, begging to be impaled by his cock. "Duo, we need..." he managed to say before lust clouded his mind even more. "Lube," he finished with difficulty and Duo tried to thrust against him.

"Don't... have any..." Duo managed to gasp. "Didn't plan this..."

"Shit. Let me go look in the bathroom." Heero got up quickly and perused the bathroom while Duo complained from the bed.

"I don't care, Heero! Just fuck me..."

"I care," Heero stated as he walked back into the room with a bottle of lotion, unscrewing it. He crawled up on the bed and parted Duo's legs, making the longhaired boy whimper with need. He pushed Duo's legs apart even more, and kneeled between them, savoring the scene before him. Duo, surrounded by flowing hair, gloriously naked, spread and hard for him. Cock glistening, skin flushed, creamy thighs open for him... it was almost too good to be true.

Duo gazed up at Heero with lust filled violet eyes, almost moaning from the vision above him. Heero looked incredible, all hard planes and perfect muscles and throbbing arousal; blazing cobalt eyes fixed only on him, Heero was Duo's perfect fantasy. Duo spread his legs farther, willing Heero to hurry and take him.

Slowly, tantalizingly, Heero squeezed out some of the lotion, coating his fingers thoroughly. He ran his slick fingers up the inside of Duo's silken thighs, making the longhaired boy beg. "Please, Heero, hurry... need you, need you to fuck me, please..." Then Heero was sliding one finger into Duo's aching body, and Duo arched up to drive it in farther. "More..."

Heero nearly lost control when Duo begged him in that sultry voice. His cock throbbed and his body ached to possess the violet-eyed boy. But he wanted everything to be perfect, so he prepared Duo, though the boy's begging and his sexy body was making it difficult to wait.

Finally, Duo was thrashing on the bed and Heero decided they were ready. Applying lotion to his aching cock, Heero leaned over Duo and captured the other boy's mouth as he pressed the tip against Duo's entrance. He kissed Duo hard as he pressed his arousal into the other boy, sliding in gently. Duo moaned as he felt Heero's length invade him, sweet pressure opening him, stretching him wide, filling him completely. Heero continued to push, sliding into Duo to the hilt, watching for any sign of pain. All he saw on Duo's face was rapture.

Duo almost forgot to breathe; Heero inside him felt so good. Heero's cock fit inside him perfectly, stretching without pain, touching everywhere inside him, fulfilling every need. Then Heero began to thrust into him, and Duo screamed.

"Heero, oh god, Heero, yes, that's it, harder, fuck me harder..."

Heero gripped Duo's hips, fighting for control. His instincts were starting to take over, instincts that told him to pound Duo into the mattress, to fuck him as hard as he could. Harder and harder he thrust, deeper with each stroke, and each time Duo asked for more. Heero held Duo's hips and fucked him as hard as he could; with every drive, every penetration, he lost a bit more of his control and his heart.

Duo had never felt anything like this, this perfect brutal intensity that Heero was giving him; every time the other boy thrust into him, he screamed from sheer pleasure, and every one was better than the last. Heero slammed into him, each drive ending with Heero deep inside him. Duo was sure he was going to lose his mind soon; he wondered if it was possible to die from ecstasy. He opened his eyes; he wanted to see the angel that was fucking him. Heero was transcendent, beyond beauty; Duo knew as he gazed at the other boy that he needed to feel this, too see Heero like this, again and again.

Heero was living a fantasy, fucking a longhaired vision, and he knew it would end all too soon. He could feel climax approaching, and he needed to see Duo's completion first. While he pounded, he started to stroke Duo's dripping cock.

If Duo had been screaming before, he was shrieking now; the feeling of Heero stroking his arousal was more than he could take with the other boy deep inside his body. Shooting ecstasy claimed him; searing pleasure shot from his cock, pulsing forth all over him, while he cried his lover's name.

Heero wasn't prepared for the intensity of Duo's climax; caught by surprise, Duo's tightening muscles triggered his own completion. Moaning Duo's name, he was engulfed in overwhelming pleasure, filling Duo with his hot seed, almost losing consciousness from the intensity of completion within the other boy.

They untangled themselves and drifted off to sleep, exhausted by their passion.

They saw each other again, as often as possible. Most often, they shared stolen kisses and passionate caresses. They couldn't risk going to a hotel every night, and neither could think of another place. Their young hormones cried out for release, and their passion rose to the breaking point. After one night of intense dancing in a dark club, they couldn't take it anymore. Duo was on his knees in front of Heero in the alleyway when bright lights came on and a loudspeaker informed them they were under arrest.

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