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Pairing: 1x2
Rating: NC-17
Warnings/Notes: yaoi, lemon, AU, more cameos

Diamond Dogs
by Jade
Part 12

They slept in the same bed that night, wrapped around each other. Heero wasn't much of a cuddler, but Duo clearly was, and Heero didn't mind at all.

They didn't have an early start, which was a good thing. Just a radio interview just after soundcheck, then the show.

Heero peered at the clock when he woke; 10:30 am. He'd never slept so late in his life. He looked down at Duo, who slept on peacefully. Heero tried to extricate himself without waking Duo but it wasn't easy. Duo's long limbs and longer hair seemed determined to keep him in bed. Finally, he got disentangled and made his way to the bathroom. When he returned, Duo was blinking up at him sleepily.

"Hello," Heero said, thinking how adorable Duo looked in the morning.

"Morning," grinned Duo. "Can we go back to sleep now?"

Heero smiled and sat on the edge of the bed. "You're not an early riser, are you?"

Duo smiled and pulled on Heero's arm, forcing him to lie down with him. "How about we just go back to bed, then..."

Heero blushed slightly, and Duo laughed. It suddenly occurred to him that Duo was very naked under those covers. He himself wore boxers, but they were getting tighter by the moment. "Don't you want some breakfast?" he asked softly.

That just made Duo laugh more. "Oh, yeah," he purred lasciviously. He couldn't get over the fact that they'd well, almost had sex last night. It was just a foregone conclusion now. They'd be together. Life was good.

Now Heero blushed more as he figured out what Duo meant. "Well, I..." he stammered. This was all so new.

"Yeah, yeah, I know I'm terrible," grinned Duo, looking up at Heero. "Can't help myself." In some ways, Duo had never really grown up.

"I thought you were pretty good actually," Heero responded, amazed that he was saying such a thing.

Duo's mouth hung open for a moment, then he laughed even harder. "You're getting there!" he exclaimed. He beamed at the other man.

Heero smiled back, still a little shyly. He wanted to do more, to explore this with Duo. But he was still a bit apprehensive, and part of it was redefining himself. "Maybe..." he began softly, looking down, hoping Duo wouldn't laugh at him. "Maybe we could have lunch? Just the two of us?" He realized he knew next to nothing about Duo, as a person.

Duo's eyes widened just a little. He hadn't been expecting that. When he was unsure, his first reaction was to joke. "You don't have to wine and dine me, you know. I'm easy."

Heero was quiet for a moment, hoping he hadn't upset the singer. "I... didn't mean it that way, I just... wanted to get to know you better," he said softly. Now he felt silly. Obviously, Duo just wanted sex. "Never mind." What had he expected, really? After he'd watched Duo with Yohji... He was being silly and romantic.

Mouth dropping open, Duo realized that he'd fucked up. And what was more, he actually cared that he'd upset Heero. "No," he said. "I... I'm sorry, Heero. I do want to get to know you better. I was just... surprised, that's all." He smiled. "Let's go have lunch." It almost sounded like a date.

Heero looked back at Duo, trying to figure him out. Who had treated Duo so badly that he reacted like that? He hadn't thought of Duo as a slut, even after what he'd seen. "You sure?" he asked quietly.

"Yeah, I'm sure," grinned Duo, bouncing up off the bed, unconcerned with his nakedness. "Lemme go shower, then. I'd ask you to join me," he said over his shoulder as he walked into the bathroom. "But then we'd never get out of here!"

Heero stared bemusedly at the door once it had closed. Duo was quite an enigma. He suspected there was far more to him than met the eye. He hoped he'd get a chance to find out.

Less than an hour later, they were on their way to a quiet seafood restaurant recommended by the hotel. It was walking distance, so they didn't bother with a limo or taxi. The sun was out, though it wasn't warm, and Heero realized he was missing the exercise. He needed to start using the hotel gyms if he wanted to keep in shape. He didn't jump around and sweat onstage like Duo did.

For his part, Duo was in a strangely ecstatic mood. Heero was being sweet, and he definitely felt protected around him. It was a pleasant feeling, but he couldn't help but think things were going too well. Something bad was going to bring him down very soon. It always did. That reminded him of the reason Heero was even here; the threats on his life. He'd blown off the danger, but he'd still agreed to a bodyguard. Deep inside it scared him a little. So did his feelings for Heero, but he was nothing if not good at avoiding emotions. It was a survival mechanism he'd learned long ago.

They were seated in the restaurant, and the concierge had been right; the place was quiet yet not snobby. They were in a small semicircular booth that had a lovely view of the mountains, and Duo realized he was starving.

They ordered, then sat back to wait.

Heero sipped at his ice water, and said softly, "Duo, I...don't know much about you, and I want to change that. Have you always wanted to be a singer?"

Duo resisted the urge to frown at that. It was a fairly neutral question, after all. "Yeah, pretty much. I wasn't really good at anything else," he added. He didn't like to talk about his past; in fact, he refused to in interviews. "But I'm boring. Tell me about you."

Heero knew when he was being blown off, but Duo obviously didn't want to talk about it. He gave him a summary of how he'd gotten to where he was today, even managing to throw in a funny story or two to amuse Duo. The longhaired man asked questions and seemed to enjoy the stories. The food arrived and they kept talking as they ate.

Duo listened to Heero, enjoying watching the other man relax and open up about himself. He knew he should be willing to do the same, but he was frankly ashamed of his past. He was white trash all the way, and like they said, you could take the boy out of the trailer park...

Neither Heero nor Duo wanted dessert; Heero because he didn't like sweets, and Duo because he didn't want to get too full. They walked back to the hotel, still talking about inconsequential things. Heero was slightly upset that Duo didn't want to talk about his past, but that was his choice and he wasn't the type to push. He was also confused just what they were to each other now. He decided to broach the subject later.

Soundcheck went well, as did Heero's check of the venue's security. They were driven over to a local radio station for the interview, and there was a good-sized crowd of fans, mostly goth-looking girls, waiting outside the station for a glimpse of Shinigami. Heero tensed, but Duo took it in stride, signing a few autographs and shaking hands graciously. They needed to get inside for the interview, though, so they tore themselves away. Heero had wondered how the fans would take seeing their favorite singer with a bodyguard, but he really doubted anyone even noticed him. The zeal with which their eyes followed Duo was unnerving. It was as if they were going to die if his gaze didn't light on them just once. Duo seemed to know this, though, and spoke to as many as he could.

Duo breezed through the interview; he'd made sure beforehand that there wouldn't be any questions about his past. He claimed it kept him mysterious but he just really didn't want to talk about it. Heero watched from outside the glass window, once in a while catching Duo's eye. He listened to the interview, but it was mostly about the new music and the tour and things like that. It just served to remind Heero that he knew next to nothing about Duo, and had very little in common with him. But then their eyes would meet for a second, and Duo would give him that evil little grin, and his heart would start to pound.

Heero resisted the urge to groan. He was in love for the first time in his life. He was acting like a teenage girl. He was an idiot. Duo probably felt nothing for him.

Duo, for his part, was having a great time. He could look up and see Heero watching him, which made him feel better and safer than it probably should have, but he wasn't up to analyzing that just yet.

Then it was back to the hotel to get ready for the show. When the door closed behind them, though, Duo decided that he'd behaved himself long enough. As soon as Heero finished locking all the locks, he found himself pinned against the door by a lithe, sexy singer.

"I've wanted to do this all day," whispered Duo just before he kissed Heero deeply. He pressed as much of his body as possible against Heero and wriggled as he explored his mouth.

Heero wasn't used to such things, of course, but he rallied quickly. He kissed back with equal zeal, and slid his hands down Duo's back to rest on his shapely ass. He kneaded, and pulled Duo tight against him, instantly aroused.

Duo moaned into Heero's mouth; he loved how strong Heero was, and he wanted him to be forceful. He bucked his hips against Heero's, and pulled back just enough so he could bite at Heero's bottom lip with his strong even teeth. He looked into Heero's blue eyes challengingly.

Heero decided he'd had enough of being pinned. Lust made him bold, and he put his hands under Duo's buttocks and lifted him easily off the ground. Duo weighed nothing, and he was strong. He lifted Duo so the singer's legs could wrap around his waist, and looked up at him, smiling. Then he walked toward the bed.

Duo gasped, more than aroused by Heero's show of strength. His bodyguard was certainly getting into the act quickly. He wrapped his legs securely around Heero's narrow waist, and grinned delightedly. He leaned down and whispered in the other man's ear, "You gonna manhandle me, baby? I can take it." He moaned as Heero deposited him on the bed gently, and followed him down.

Heero leaned down, pinning Duo to the bed with his muscular frame, and supported himself on his arms. "Yeah, I think so," he half- growled, Duo's wiggling driving him insane. All doubts about what their relationship was fled in the face of their need. "You got a problem with it?"

Duo moaned passionately, more than ready for this. "Fuck no, god, Heero, do whatever you want to me..." He'd thought he was going to have to teach the other man everything, but damn if Heero didn't seem to be quite the self-starter.

Duo's acquiescence made Heero even hotter. True, he didn't know what he was doing, but he did know that Duo made him ache, and it wasn't difficult to figure out what to do about that ache. He pulled back just enough to take off his shirt, knowing that Duo liked his body. Then he put his arms on either side of Duo's head and let him feel his strength.

Duo swallowed hard as he looked at the bulging biceps to either side of his head. Heero really could do whatever he wanted to him, and he doubted he could stop him. Luckily, Duo had no intention of stopping him. "Now you got me, big boy," breathed Duo. "What are you going to do to me?" Duo loved living on the edge, living dangerously, and sex was no exception. He tightened his legs around Heero's waist encouragingly.

Heero considered. They were far too dressed. He sat back and unbuttoned his jeans. "You have ten seconds to get your clothes off," he purred, peeling off his jeans. There was no underwear underneath.

Duo's face lit up. "Who needs ten seconds?" he quipped, and by the time Heero had gotten his socks off, Duo was completely nude on the bed, lying back on the pillows.

Heero raised an eyebrow, impressed with Duo's eagerness. But he didn't comment, just crawled up the bed to where Duo lay. The singer was slender and perfect, his skin pale and smooth. He straddled Duo's thighs, no longer shocked by another hard cock. Hormones were driving him now, and they left no room for shyness. He leaned down, grabbing Duo's wrists and pinning them above his head. This brought their cocks into delicious contact.

Duo gasped, then moaned as he was pinned down. He bucked up against the solid body above him, and cried out at the friction. "Fuck yes, feels so good, I'm all yours, Heero..." Duo talked a lot, even during sex. He couldn't stop.

"God..." Heero moaned, letting Duo rub against him. It felt so good... he shifted suddenly, keeping his hands on Duo's wrists but pushing his legs apart with his thighs. He resettled himself between Duo's thighs, and now the friction was even better.

"Oh shit," Duo said, as his legs were pushed apart roughly. "Yeah, that's it, baby, feels so good, you're right where I want you..." He was ready for Heero to take him right now. Fuck prep, all he needed was a little lube and Heero would be inside him, filling him....

And Heero wanted that, too, but he was so close already that he knew there was no way he could wait. Plus, he wasn't sure of the mechanics yet. So he thrust, their cocks sliding together, lubricated by their excitement. He hoped Duo was as aroused as he was, because he was going to come in minutes.

Duo had no choice but to take what Heero dished out, and he loved it. He met Heero's thrusts as best he could, though his movement was limited and he liked it that way. His eyes were fixed on the handsome man's face as his full lips hung open. He'd done that to him. He was very close, just barely holding back. He wanted to see Heero come first.

Heero let out a shuddering groan. He was going to come in seconds. He had a sudden urge and he gave into it. He let go of Duo's hands and sat back a little, and wrapped his hand around his own cock. He stroked quickly, looking down at Duo, and wrapped his free hand around Duo's cock. He stroked them both in time, and with a quiet cry he came hard, all over Duo's chest and stomach. He watched his seed splatter all over Duo's smooth skin, and felt another rush of pleasure.

Duo moaned loudly, watching Heero come all over him, and he wrapped his hand around Heero's on his cock and sped up his strokes. As Heero was still coming, Duo started his climax, so their seed mixed on Duo's chest. It was the hottest thing either of them had ever seen.

Heero collapsed next to Duo on the bed, panting. He lay close to the other man, not quite touching, not sure of the protocol.

Duo had no qualms. He rolled over, heedless of the sticky mess on his stomach, and cuddled up to Heero as if magnetically attracted. "Wow," he whispered sleepily.

Heero grinned, heartily agreeing with Duo's sentiment. "You have time for a quick rest before the show," he told the singer. "Go ahead, I'll wake you in time." They'd need a shower, but for right now he just wanted to rest with Duo.

Duo yawned, and said. "Sounds good. I could get used to this."

And before Heero could answer, Duo was asleep.

"So could I," he whispered.

to be continued

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