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Pairing: 1x2
Rating: NC-17
Warnings/Notes: yaoi, lemon, AU, more cameos

Dedication: for Pharlain

Diamond Dogs
by Jade
Part 11

Nuriko may have been unconventional in appearance, but she was an excellent waitress. They ordered many different types of sushi and sashimi, and sake both hot and cold. Treize could speak almost as many languages as Heero could, and they amused Duo and Zechs by switching languages quickly, trying to stump each other. Duo thought Heero speaking in another language was really hot, and by the look on Zechs' face, the blonde felt the same way about Treize.

Heero and Treize were sitting on the outside of the booth, leaving Duo and Zechs on the inside. Duo was getting tipsy, and he'd started to move closer to Heero unconsciously. He could feel the heat of the other man's body, and though he was very much enjoying the meal, he really wanted to be alone with Heero. There was a delicious tension building up, and with his third tiny cup of sake, Duo got the courage to put his hand on Heero's thigh. He almost moaned out loud at the feel of the hard muscle. Fuck, he wanted that body naked against him...

Heero blushed scarlet when he felt Duo's hand on him. He'd watched Duo get fucked but he'd not done more than looked. They hadn't even kissed. But god, he wanted to... never mind that he'd never as much as kissed another man. He suspected Duo could show him everything he needed to know. He'd been half hard most of the night, but when Duo put his hand on his thigh, he hardened completely.

Zechs looked more than a little inebriated himself, and had begun to stare wistfully at Treize every time he talked. Duo nudged Heero, nodding at the blond, who was so into Treize that he had stopped eating some time ago. Duo giggled and Zechs finally snapped out of his reverie.

"What?" he demanded, scowling, adjusting his napkin on his lap.

"Dude," Duo laughed. "If you were one of those anime characters you'd have hearts and bubbles floating around your head," he said.

Heero suppressed a laugh; Duo's description was pretty accurate.

Zechs blushed, and Treize stepped in smoothly. "Now, now, Duo, be nice. Zechs is much more attractive than any anime character."

Duo giggled and Heero smirked, while Zechs blushed more brightly.

They got into a discussion about anime then; Zechs had no clue what it was and Duo was more than happy to fill him in.

Then Duo glanced over at Heero, and their eyes met briefly, but Duo blushed. He leaned closer and whispered, "Wanna get out of here?" and batted his eyelashes. Why was he nervous all of a sudden? He could get fucked in front of a roomful of people and not worry, but the idea of being alone with Heero was suddenly daunting.

Oh fuck... here it was. Duo felt lovely next to him, and as long as the idea of them being together was just anticipation, he'd been fine. But now... he was really nervous. Though he wasn't about to say no... he nodded, not trusting his voice.

Heero and Duo didn't realize they'd been staring into each other's eyes until they heard Treize clear his throat and Zechs laugh.

Both Heero and Duo blushed, and Treize said, "As I was saying... Zechs and I are going to go have drinks somewhere else, and I wondered if you wanted to come along." He waited a beat. "But I think that was a no."

Duo smiled up at Heero and said to Treize, "Wow, I'm really tired, I think I'll make an early night of it..."

Zechs snorted, and Duo said, "I do hope you enjoy your *drinks*, blondie." Pointedly.

Heero couldn't help but snicker. He doubted the two men would last long before they ended up all over each other.

Zechs blushed, but answered, "I trust you can find your way back to the hotel without me?"

Duo grinned. "I know how to catch a cab all on my own, yeah. Don't worry on my account." He leaned closer to Heero, wrapping his arms around the man's lovely bicep, and said, "After all, I have my bodyguard. What could happen?"

Zechs rolled his eyes, and it was Heero's turn to blush. "I assure you that I will keep him safe," he said, well aware that he was supposed to be employed by these men.

Treize smiled reassuringly. "I think I speak for both Zechs and myself when I say that we appreciate the dedication you've shown to your job. Keep him safe and happy."

Heero nodded. He wasn't sure about the happy part, but the safe he could do and the other he'd do his best. He stood and said, "Thank you for the meal and the company." He reached out his hand to Duo, to help him out of the booth.

Duo beamed at the chivalrous gesture, and stood up smoothly. He smirked down at Treize and Zechs, and said, "Don't do anything I wouldn't," he said, unable to resist.

"I'll let you know if we come up with anything, but don't hold your breath," Zechs shot back, then blushed when he realized what he'd said.

Treize just laughed though, and waved Heero and Duo off. "Run along and play nicely," he purred, and Duo laughed and pulled Heero toward the door.

They got a taxi with no problem, and during the short ride back to the hotel Duo rattled on about Zechs' longstanding crush on Treize and how happy he was that they'd finally be getting together.

Heero was happy just to gaze at Duo, the lust coiled into a warm feeling in his stomach. He tried not to think too much about what would likely happen when they got back to the hotel. Just that he wanted it very much.

For his part, Duo was babbling because if he didn't, he'd be all over Heero and the man didn't look like a sex-in-the-backseat kind of a guy. Not to mention, the cab driver looked pretty homicidal already, and all Duo had done was to ask very nicely if he could turn down the country-western music before his head exploded.

They got to the hotel in one piece, and Heero paid the fare before helping the still slightly tipsy Duo out of the back seat. Duo kept his hands off Heero in the lobby with great effort, and Heero got them to the room as quickly as possible.

Then the door was closed securely and locked, and they were all alone.

Duo had the urge to just jump Heero, but as he was almost certain that the man had never done his before, he approached slowly. "Heero," he said softly.

Heero took a deep breath; he was nervous but there was no doubt he wanted this. He pushed his doubts out of his mind and said, "Yes, Duo?" as mildly as he could.

Duo stepped closer, until he was less than a foot from Heero. He said softly, "Kiss me?"

Time stood still for a long moment, and then Heero nodded. He didn't think about anything else, didn't stop or hesitate. Just closed the distance between the two of them and pressed his lips to Duo's.

Duo's hands came up automatically to Heero's shoulders, pulling him closer. He craved the heat of the man's body against him. He parted his lips but otherwise let Heero take control of the kiss.

Heero knew a hint when he felt it, and he slid his tongue into Duo's mouth. It hit him then that he was actually kissing another man. But it didn't feel any different, other than being about a thousand times hotter than the last kiss he'd experienced.

Oh yes... Duo pressed closer, needing to feel that hard body against him, insinuating himself close. He brought his tongue up to meet Heero's, and though he could tell the other man lacked experience, the kiss wasn't clumsy in the least.

Heero pressed closer as well, but he couldn't help a gasp that broke the kiss when he felt a very real erection against his own. He whimpered, eyes wide, as he looked at Duo. He wasn't sure why that particular thing had affected him so. It just made it real for some reason.

"You ok, Heero?" Duo asked with concern. He didn't want to scare him off... he stilled his motions, but didn't pull away.

"Yes," whispered Heero. His hands hung at his sides but he didn't quite know what to do with them. "Just..." he didn't have the words.

"We can stop," Duo said quietly. He didn't want to, of course. He started to pull back.

"No," said Heero emphatically, his hands coming up to the small of Duo's back. He'd accepted it now, he wanted to feel Duo against him. "I want this," he said, softly but firmly.

Duo moaned as Heero pulled him close again. He rocked his hips against the other man's hard cock, biting his lip. He was afraid to hope for more.

Now Heero had accepted the fact that he held a very aroused man against him, he let go. He bent down to kiss Duo again, and deliberately ground his hips into the other man's. Oh fuck that was hot...

Duo moaned into Heero's mouth, sliding his hands around the man's neck. He pressed as close as he could get now, feeling like he wanted to climb into him.

Heero slid his hands over Duo's back, as if to seal their bodies together. He decided that wasn't enough, though, and he started to steer the smaller man toward one of the beds, slowly.

Duo whimpered as the back of his legs hit the bed, and he let himself be lowered down onto it. He clung to Heero, though, pulling him down on top of him. He'd wanted Heero on top of him pretty much since he'd seen him. He spread his legs so the other man could fit easily.

Heero followed Duo down, not sure what he was doing, just doing what felt right. He never wanted to lose the warm contact of Duo's body against him. Oh, that felt nice...

Duo whimpered, kissing Heero desperately, wrapping his legs around the bigger man. He was afraid if he stopped kissing Heero, he'd wake up from this wonderful dream. Heero made him feel safe and horny at the same time.

Heero kissed Duo, and rocked his hips against the other man, gasping into his mouth as he realized how good that felt. He was harder than he'd ever been, and that included last night. He had another man in his arms, was pinning him to the bed, and that man was the most gorgeous creature he'd ever met...

Duo couldn't remember ever being this turned on from just kissing. But fuck, it was Heero, and he'd never touched another man before. And he could almost come from this, it was so good, but it would be a crime not to see that lovely body before he did... He pulled back from the kiss and said, "Heero, god... you ok?"

Heero knew his eyes must be slightly glazed, but he nodded. "Yes," he said honestly. He had no clue what he was doing, but he wanted Duo and that was all that mattered.

"Want to see you, baby," begged Duo, looking up at him. "Show me that body, please?" He knew that Heero had never done this, so they had to go slowly, but there was no harm in getting naked, was there?

Heero blushed, but his arousal was overcoming his shyness and he really wanted to please Duo. He reluctantly pulled away, standing up, and began to remove his clothes.

Fuck yes. Duo watched eagerly, hand pressed on his own erection, as Heero stripped. It wasn't a deliberately sexy act, but Heero was so gorgeous he didn't need to tease. Finally he stood naked, and Duo couldn't even close his mouth. Good lord, the man really should go around naked all the time. And that cock... Duo grinned to himself as he decided just what he wanted to do to Heero. "Wow," he finally said.

Heero blushed scarlet; he knew he had a toned body but he wasn't used to standing around naked and being looked at.

Duo stood up slowly, approaching Heero and taking hold of his (wide, strong, lovely) shoulders. "I think you should go sit down, Heero," he purred. "Or you're going to fall over when I do what I want to do to you." He steered the bodyguard over to the bed, sitting him down.

Heero's eyes went wide. His cock nearly poked him in the stomach as he sat down, and that embarrassed him further. "What are you going to do?" he stammered, though he knew it was probably a silly question.

Duo straightened, and his face lit up with a positively evil smirk that went right to Heero's cock. He was in his element now. "I'm going to strip for you, baby, then I'm going to give you the best blowjob of your life."

Heero whimpered, eyes wide and locked on Duo. He hadn't had all that many blowjobs and they'd never done that much for him, but he didn't disbelieve Duo at all. He wasn't sure if he needed to agree to that, but he nodded.

Duo couldn't help but enjoy the look on Heero's face. Heero was the strong, powerful one, but he was in control at the moment. He reached down to pull up the hem of his shirt, slowly pulling it over his head as he swayed to an unheard beat. Duo always had music in his head.

Heero licked his lips, watching as Duo's lithe torso was exposed to him. He'd seen it before, but not like this. God, he ached and he'd completely forgotten that he was naked.

Tossing his shirt aside, Duo reached back to unfasten his braid. He loved the feeling of his loose hair on his naked shoulders. It took a moment to unravel his hair, and he shook his head so it cascaded around him.

Oh, this just got better... Heero would have asked Duo to unbraid his hair, but he'd been too shy. But now... Heero was lucky if he didn't come without a single touch.

Time to move on... Duo smiled at Heero as he unfastened his jeans, easing them down over his hips and turning his back just as the pants cleared his cock. He bent, presenting his ass to Heero, as he slid the jeans off and kicked them away after toeing off his shoes.

Heero realized he was holding his breath as Duo stood with his back to him, completely naked and perfectly gorgeous. His eyes swept the line of Duo's body, biting his lip.

Duo took a deep breath and turned quickly, so his hair flew out around him and then settled around him artistically. He smiled at Heero as he stood in front of him.

Heero knew it was all right to look, he was in fact expected to, that was the idea, but he still blushed slightly as his eyes were drawn inexorably to Duo's arousal. It wasn't the first time he'd seen a hard cock, but the first time it had been so expressly for him. And so close. He couldn't think of a thing to say that wouldn't sound inane.

Duo saved Heero from having to speak by dropping gracefully to his knees. He was enjoying this far too much. He crawled the few feet to where Heero sat, then sat back on his heels and looked up at Heero. "Doing ok?" he asked softly.

Heero could only nod, his hard cock speaking more eloquently than he ever could. Yes, he was apprehensive but he thought he would explode with any more buildup.

Duo smiled and put his hands on Heero's thighs, pushing them apart gently. He edged closer, moving between them, closer to Heero. He looked up at the man and whispered, "Relax."

Oh, right. Relax when you had a longhaired, gorgeous, naked man between your legs... Heero would have snorted had he had the mental dexterity.

Duo suppressed a giggle; Heero was too cute. He tucked his hair behind his ears because he knew most men liked to see their cock disappear into his mouth. Then he pushed Heero back just a little and bent to lick at the man's cock.

Heero moaned, lying back on his elbows and watching. He took deep breaths and tried to calm his pulse.

Duo sucked the tip of Heero's cock into his mouth slowly. He knew he couldn't take too long about this because the inexperienced man couldn't last long. But he wanted to enjoy this. He sucked slowly, pulling Heero's entire length into his mouth. Heero wasn't huge, but he was thick, just the way Duo liked his men. And he tasted lovely.

Heero was not in control of his body any longer. He whimpered, and tried to keep from thrusting into that wonderful mouth. "Oh god," he breathed, hand coming up automatically to touch Duo's hair. He wanted to grab a handful of it, but stopped himself just in time. Duo might not like that.

Duo could taste how close Heero was, so he got right to it, showing Heero what a real blowjob, from a real man, was like. He bobbed his head up and down, keeping the suction and rhythm even, using his hands as well to provide Heero with constant stimulation.

Heero was no match for Duo's talented mouth; with a strangled cry, not even able to warn the other man, he came hard into Duo's mouth. It was better than last night, better than anything he'd ever felt, and it seemed to go on forever.

Duo was expecting it, and swallowed eagerly, happily. He really did like sucking cock; to him it was an incredible feeling of power. That, and he really did want to please Heero. He looked up at the other man, grinning and licking his lips. He wanted more with Heero, but this would do for now.

Heero blinked at Duo, trying to regain his scattered wits. He tried to say something intelligent but all that came out was, "Wow." His body had never felt so good.

Duo giggled and leaned up, pressing a closed-mouth kiss on Heero's mouth. He didn't think the other man was up to tasting himself just yet. "Glad you liked it, Heero," he purred.

Heero whimpered, still dazed but not too much that he didn't pull Duo into his arms and hold him close. God, the singer felt good in his arms... and he was still hard as a rock. "Duo, I want to make you feel good too," he whispered. He couldn't do what Duo had done yet, but he slipped his hand down into the other man's lap and wrapped his hand around a hard cock for the first time.

Duo gasped; he hadn't expected Heero to do that and oh god it felt good.... He thrust up into that hand involuntarily and managed to say, insincerely, "You... don't have to do that..."

Heero grinned. He liked that he was making the other man make those sounds. It felt odd to stroke another cock, but if it made Duo moan like that... he concentrated on moving evenly, and kissed at the man's neck as he held him close.

Oh god, he was in Heero's arms, on his lap, being stroked... this was too good to be true. He hadn't expected this, hadn't thought Heero would take that much initiative but the man kept surprising him. And oh, it felt good... he wasn't going to last long at this rate.

"Am I doing all right?" Heero said, a bit unnecessarily, and kept right on stroking, God, Duo was beautiful like this, all flushed and needy...

"Fuck yes," gasped Duo, clinging to Heero desperately. Just a bit longer...

Heero sped up his strokes, just thinking of what he liked.

Duo stiffened, intense pleasure washing over him as he gave in. "Heero!" he called out, pulsing hard in Heero's hand.

Heero slowed his strokes, amazed by the wet heat on his hand, that he'd done this for Duo.

Duo just slumped on Heero, wiped out and blown away. He finally managed to raise his head and kiss at Heero's neck. How with a simple hand job had Heero been able to do this to him, he didn't know.

Heero held Duo in his arms until his breathing evened out. He couldn't say why this felt so right, but it did. He knew he'd crossed the line for the first time in his life, and he was involved with a client, but right now he couldn't bring himself to care. He just held Duo, knowing that they'd barely scratched the surface of what they could do together.

He couldn't wait for more.

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