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Pairing: 1x2
Rating: NC-17
Warnings/Notes: yaoi, lemon, AU, more cameos

Dedication: for Pharlain

Diamond Dogs
by Jade
Part 10

Heero pushed open the door to the hotel room and held it open. Duo leaned on him, half asleep, and he wrestled with the door until they were both in and it was locked securely behind him.

Duo grinned up at Heero. He really had no recollection of getting back here, but he felt safe with Heero. He let his bodyguard guide him to his bed and he collapsed on it. "Sorry, Heero, I just kinda pass out after, you know, and after the concert..."

"It's ok, Duo," soothed Heero, tucking the covers around the longhaired singer. "Go to sleep."

"MMkay," mumbled Duo, already nearly out.

Heero backed away, gazing at Duo, who was snoring softly. After their performance, Yohji had bid them both farewell when Duo had announced he was tired. He had barely gotten Duo into the limo when the singer had fallen asleep on one of the long benches. He'd watched Duo sleep all the way back to the hotel, wondering how he'd gotten himself into this.

In the space of one long day he'd experienced things he'd not ever dreamt of, and had to accept certain facts about himself. It was now painfully clear to him why he'd never had a serious relationship with a woman. No one had ever made him feel like Duo did. Even watching the singer taken by another man hadn't lessened his desire; in fact, he now wanted Duo more than ever. And Duo seemed to want him... but was it all just an act on the singer's part? Would he be used and discarded? Heero had never been in love before, and he wasn't happy that he was now quite vulnerable.

He showered quickly and got into bed, shooting one last look at Duo before turning out the light.

If nothing else, his life had certainly got more interesting.


Zechs knew better than to try to get Duo going too early; he rang at about half past nine and Heero was already awake. He was just emerging from the bathroom when he heard Duo's sleepy voice answering.

Duo hung up the phone after promising Zechs he'd be ready to leave in under an hour. He lay back on the bed, wincing at the bright sunlight streaming into the room. The night came back to him slowly. He'd not had that much to drink but he felt slightly hung over. His body ached nicely, and he had a vague anticipatory feeling that intensified when he looked up to meet his bodyguard's eyes. His bodyguard, who had watched him get fucked and had definitely enjoyed the sight. "Good morning."

"Good morning," Heero answered neutrally, not sure what the protocol in this sort of situation was. "How are you feeling?"

Duo stretched luxuriously, and said, "Not bad. You?" He watched Heero closely, wondering what was going on behind those steely blue eyes. He was struck again by how completely delicious the man looked, leaning casually against the wall in jeans and a t-shirt.

"Fine," said Heero, trying to keep his eyes off the lithe singer's body. "I could use a coffee though."

"Me too!" exclaimed Duo, crawling out of the bed. He was still dressed in his clothes, and his hair was tangled, but Heero still thought he looked incredible. "There will be food and coffee on the bus, don't worry."

"Great," replied Heero. A thought suddenly occurred to him. "Why don't we sleep on the bus?"

Duo wrinkled his nose. "We used to, but I hated it. I never could sleep all that well. So when we could afford it, we switched to hotels. We can always sleep in the bus if we need to, but I try to avoid it." He stood and stretched, then added quietly, "I think it reminds me too much of the trailer I grew up in."

Heero didn't know quite what to say to that, suspecting there was a lot more to Duo than he knew, so he said, "I'm finished in the bathroom if you need it."

"Thanks," he said, flashing a smile at Heero as he passed, wondering why he'd said that at all.


The bus was under way again, and Duo sat at the table with Heero and Zechs. Heero and Duo had their coffee at last. Heero was sipping at a double espresso while Duo had a cappuccino with extra sugar. Zechs was drinking plain black coffee, and he sniffed.

"I don't see how you can drink that crap," he said to Duo. "You can't even taste the coffee."

"That's the idea," Duo replied, slurping at his cup. "Best idea I ever had, getting a cappuccino machine in here."

Zechs rolled his eyes. Duo went on, "Heero appreciates it too, right, Heero?"

Without looking up from his laptop, Heero said, "Don't get me involved."

Zechs shot back, "Well at least Heero's having something close to real coffee." He peered over into Duo's cup. "Is there even any coffee in there?"

Duo snatched his cup out of Zechs' reach. "I like it. And I bet if you found out Treize drinks cappuccino, you'd change your tune."

Zechs blushed, and Heero had to smirk. "You keep Treize out of it!"

Duo laughed, knowing he'd hit a nerve. "The thing is, you want Treize *into* it, don't you?"

Heero listened to the two old friends bicker, and smiled. He had thought to would be awkward after last night, but there was a pleasurable tension in the air between the two of them.

They had something to look forward to.


Today was just a travel day; they'd get to the hotel around dinnertime and have just a few more hours travel the next day to the concert city. Duo tried to rest his voice for at least a day between concerts, as early on he'd overdone it and nearly done serious damage to his vocal cords.

Duo announced as they approached the hotel, "Ya know, if no one minds, I'd like to get kind of an early night tonight, no partying." He looked at Heero with what he hoped wasn't too hopeful an expression.

"That sounds like a good idea," agreed Heero, hoping he'd interpreted Duo correctly.

Zechs looked back and forth between the two men, frowning slightly. "Ok. In fact, if you're hungry, Treize mentioned that there's a really good sushi restaurant near the hotel. He highly recommended it. You two interested?"

"I love sushi!" said Duo. "What do you think, Heero?"

"Sounds fine to me," Heero replied, thinking it would be nice to be with Duo away from a party atmosphere.

"Great!" said Zechs. "Apparently, it's difficult to get a reservation, so Treize said that if we were interested, to let him know and he's arrange it. About 7:30 ok?"

Heero and Duo nodded, and the bus rolled on.


Heero, Duo and Zechs walked into the restaurant, and Zechs went to talk to the maitre d'. Heero thought Duo looked amazing in tight black jeans and a red sleeveless shirt. His hair was in a neat braid and he doubted if any of his fans would even recognize him.

Duo was equally impressed; for all his dislike of suits, the one that Heero wore definitely looked good. It was charcoal gray, and fitted nicely around the man's impressive body. A body Duo really wanted to get hold of...

Zechs announced that their table was ready, and the maitre d' led them to it. When they arrived, they got a surprise; Treize was there waiting for them. He rose as they approached and smiled. "Hello, I hope you don't mind. I was in town and I thought I'd take the liberty of joining you for dinner. My treat, of course." He bowed slightly.

Duo grinned at Heero; they could both see that Zechs was more than pleased at the man's appearance. The blond was blushing slightly as they all slid into the semi-circular booth.

Duo piped up. "Of course we don't mind! Of course, some of us don't mind more than others..."

Heero hid a smirk as Zechs started to retort. They were interrupted by the arrival of their waitress.

"Well, I think I've died and gone to heaven," she declared. She was dressed in a formal kimono like the rest of the staff, but she didn't look entirely Japanese. It might have been because her hair was violet. She leaned over and said, "I don't think I've ever seen so many handsome men at one table."

She took their drink orders and was gone, her long hair trailing behind her and confusion in her wake.

They all looked at each other.

"Interesting lady," Treize said diplomatically.

"That was no lady," Duo laughed.

"I didn't catch her name," Zechs said, looking after "her."

"The nametag said Nuriko," replied Heero.

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