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Pairing: 1x2
Rating: NC-17
Warnings/Notes: yaoi, lemon, AU, more cameos

Dedication: for Pharlain

Ok, there's more Yohji/Duo action here, for those of you who want to avoid it... but Heero likes it. And just maybe this will make the bodyguard claim Duo's body....

Diamond Dogs
by Jade
Part 9

Heero wished he could become invisible. He had never felt more out of place than he felt now.

He had followed Duo and Yohji into the sex club, blushing already but determined to do his job. The fact that he was getting turned on by the way Duo was all over Yohji certainly didn't help matters. Yohji had paid, whispering instructions to the receptionist, apparently explaining Heero's presence, because he wasn't questioned.

So now, here they were, in a low-lit, medium-sized room filled with low couches and pillows on the floor. A half a dozen couples lounged around, in various stages of undress, and Heero tried hard not to let his eyes stay in any one place for too long. He'd found a place in the corner where he could see most of the room, especially where Duo was sitting with Yohji. The longhaired singer was sitting on the blond's lap, and was whispering in his ear. Heero tried to be inconspicuous. He watched with a mix of jealousy and anticipation as Yohji and Duo made out. Jealousy because he wanted to be the one touching Duo, and anticipation because he was perversely turned on by the thought of seeing Duo get taken by another man.

Duo was having the time of his life. He'd always been an exhibitionist, but he'd never had the opportunity to visit a sex club. The idea that these people loved to have sex in front of each other turned him on incredibly. Never mind that he'd really rather be sitting on his bodyguard's lap, kissing Heero... Yohji was a hot, sexy man, and he wasn't going to pass up this opportunity.

A woman approached, speaking to Yohji, and Heero watched as the blond man shook his head, and she went away. Then, an older man approached, and was also sent on his way. Heero soon gathered that these people were asking to join Yohji and Duo. But apparently the blond wanted Duo all to himself. Heero couldn't blame him.

Duo watched, amazed, as Yohji handled the offers that came their way. The blond turned to him, and said, "I hope I'm not presuming, here. I just really hoped that it could be just you and I. At first, anyway."

"No, that's fine," said Duo. He went on, admitting, "I've never... been in a place like this before." He grinned, adding, "But I like it."

To one side of the room was an alcove, lit from above, that was obviously intended as a sort of stage for anyone who wanted to "perform" for the others. It was unoccupied now, but as Duo and Yohji kissed, they noticed a tall, black-haired man pull a much younger man toward the alcove. The older man had shoulder length hair and was dressed all in black, in a strangely old-fashioned style. His large nose should have made him unattractive, but something about the dark eyes and forbidding demeanor made Duo shiver.

Heero watched the older man's companion. He looked at least twenty years younger than his partner, with unruly dark hair that fell in his green eyes. He was dressed in black leather pants and a sheer black sleeveless shirt, and looked eager to please. He fell to his knees immediately in front of the older man, who buried a hand in the boy's hair and let his head fall back as his pants were quickly unbuttoned.

All eyes were on the pair as the younger man pulled out his lover's erect cock and worshipped it with his mouth. The boy very obviously knew exactly what he was doing, and had the older man moaning. Duo watched the older man's face as his lover bobbed up and down, taking in his whole length then releasing it, swirling his tongue around the head as he pulled back. Yohji held him tighter, sensing Duo's desire, and slid his hand up the longhaired man's thigh. Duo moaned like the dark-haired man on the stage as Yohji's hand settled on his arousal.

Heero looked back and forth between the scene onstage and the scene on the couch; he was fully hard once again and his balls were beginning to ache. All around the room, the couples and sometimes threesomes were getting more involved, and clothes were beginning to come off. Heero blushed but at the same time his arousal didn't diminish. Apparently he was more depraved than he thought.

Duo avidly watched the performance; the older man was very close to release. So was he, just from the friction of Yohji's hand through his pants. The blond teased his length, up and down, until Duo was arching his hips up to get more contact.

With a deep growl, the man onstage climaxed, and the boy on his knees swallowed every drop. The crowd burst into cheers and applause, and the boy stood up and grinned, bowing. Then the older man pulled him close, kissing him deeply and dragged him off to a private corner.

Duo was nearly panting now, and he leaned forward and kissed Yohji. The other man responded, hands buried in the long hair, pulling him close so that Duo pressed against his erection. Duo pulled back, pressing deliberately against the hardness, and glanced across the room at Heero. The man stood, leaning against the wall, staring back at him, expression unreadable. Duo stared for a long moment; as much as he wanted Heero, Yohji was here, and gorgeous, and wanted him back. Duo closed his eyes and made a decision. He leaned forward and whispered in Yohji's ear. "I want you to fuck me. Up there."

Yohji grinned wickedly at him. "You sure, babe? I am more than happy to do whatever you want."

Heero watched, heart pounding and cock aching, as Duo stood and pulled Yohji to his feet. They weren't going to... oh god, they were. Yohji pulled a chair to the front of the room, and pulled Duo close, kissing him hard as the crowd cheered them on. They danced slowly together to the beat, Yohji's hands slipping between them to unfasten Duo's pants.

Duo moaned as he realized they were going to do it, going to have sex in front of an audience, especially Heero. He let Yohji slide his pants down to mid thigh, and heard the appreciative whistles as his arousal was freed. Yohji guided him so he was bent over the low-backed chair, his ass at the perfect angle and his hands gripping the chair in front of him. He nodded when Yohji asked if he was comfortable, and moaned as the blond man prepared him.

Heero watched, eyes wide, while something he'd only ever heard of started to happen in front of him. Duo looked even more beautiful with his face twisted in passion, and he couldn't take his eyes off his exposed ass and arousal. He realized he was holding his breath, watching Yohji's hands on Duo, half wishing he was doing it but very happy he was watching as well. He was tired of feeling torn, so he just gave in and enjoyed it.

Yohji finally decided that Duo was ready, and whispered, "Ready, gorgeous? I can't wait to feel you..."

Duo braced himself and looked straight at Heero, saying, "Do me, sexy." He kept looking at Heero, though, hoping the bodyguard could tell he really wanted him. Then Yohji was sliding inside him, and the crowd was cheering, and Heero was watching, and Duo knew he was going to climax hard, and very soon.

Heero moaned softly to himself, his hand wandering down to rub at his erection through his pants. Duo's face as he was taken was unbelievable, flushed and beatific. He watched as Yohji slid inside Duo, and his cock pulsed as he imagined what it would feel like. He cupped his erection through the pants, squeezing, and gasping when he very nearly came in his pants from that small action. He tried to stop massaging his cock through his pants, but he couldn't take his eyes off of the pair onstage, and his hand seemed connected to his eyes. Yohji started to pound into Duo, and Duo was moaning, and Heero couldn't help himself.

Duo was gasping now, and every short thrust of Yohji's hips was perfectly timed and angled. He braced himself on the chair, unable to even summon up the coordination to stroke himself. Luckily, Yohji did, reaching down to pump Duo's cock quickly, still driving into him. Duo screamed now, mouth open and eyes fixed on Heero, who was... oh *fuck*, Heero was rubbing his hard cock through his pants as he watched. That did it for Duo; he had his confirmation that Heero wanted him, was turned on by watching him get fucked, and there was no way the man was going to get away after this...

A jolt of pure desire ran though Heero as he watched the blond take hold of Duo's cock, and their eyes met as Duo stiffened and screamed. He felt his own climax take him, even as he barely touched himself, his eyes glued to Duo's face as the longhaired man came.

Duo gasped, climaxing hard and fast, feeling Yohji join him in climax even as he watched Heero find his release across the room. Heero's handsome face looked incredible in passion, as Duo had known it would. He vowed that next time he would be an even more direct cause of it.

Heero climaxed, knowing that in a moment he would be disgusted by the mess he was making, but all he could think of now was that body, that face, and he knew he could never look back.

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