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Pairing: 1x2
Rating: NC-17
Warnings/Notes: yaoi, lemon, AU
Dedication: for Pharlain

Note: This part may be a bit angsty, as it involves some other male X Duo... but bear with me, ok? They will get together... and you know you love the buildup...

Diamond Dogs
by Jade
Part 8

Heero followed Duo into the club, trying in vain to scan for exits in the miasma of flashing lights and gyrating people. It looked like he would have to stick really close to Duo in order to protect him. Part of his body cheered this of course. The rest of him was uneasy. He didn't dance.

Duo was of course in his element. Loud music, bright lights, and lots of people. It was loud and confused enough that no one would recognize him. Paradise.

Duo stopped by the bar and ordered two beers, pressing one into Heero's hand.

"I don't drink!" Heero shouted over the din.

Duo rolled his eyes. "What *do* you do, then, Heero?" He laughed and said, "Fake it. Just hold onto the beer, and pretend. You'll look odd without one." He turned his back to the bar, settling against it so he could watch the dance floor. He took a long pull off the beer, drinking it like his life depended on it. He felt the alcohol hit his system, taking the edge off his nerves and relaxing him. He tipped the bottle again, nearly draining it. He watched the dancers.

Heero watched Duo. Watched his throat muscles work as he drank the beer, watched the flashing lights reflect off the highlights in his hair, watched him watch people. He was still confused by his new feelings, especially since he barely knew Duo. He wished he would have more time to analyze, to consider. But Duo didn't seem the type for quiet contemplation. Heero had the feeling that he would always feel this off-balance around Duo. And part of him liked that. But most of him was scared as hell.

A new beat began, and Duo looked appraisingly at Heero. "I don't suppose you dance, either?"

Heero shook his head negatively, and Duo sighed. He grabbed Heero's untouched beer, drained half of it, and set off for the dance floor. "Guess I'll have to dance by myself, then!" he yelled over his shoulder to Heero.

Heero slammed the two beer bottles he somehow had ended up holding down on the bar in annoyance. How the hell was he supposed to guard Duo like this? He followed Duo to the edge of the dance floor, but the longhaired singer didn't even pause, just made his way into the crowd and started moving. Shit.

Duo resisted the urge to look back and see what Heero was doing. It was his job to watch; well, he'd give Heero something to really see. He wondered just how far he'd have to push before Heero snapped and gave into his feelings. He knew it was only a matter of time.

It wasn't the kind of club where people danced together, really; the crowd just moved, flowing together and apart, and even if you peered closely at the dancers it was difficult to tell who was with whom. Heero's attention was fixed on Duo and his surrounding area, with a quick glance around at the exits now and again. He felt more than conspicuous loitering on the edge of the dance floor, but it couldn't be helped. His uneasiness helped to stave off the desire he felt when his eyes were fixed on Duo for more than a few seconds. The way the singer moved should have been illegal; Heero should have known that Duo would look like this on a dance floor. On stage, his movements had been sinuous and pure sex; but now, unfettered by microphone and singing, Duo was indescribable. The dancers around him sensed this; they moved like him, imitating him, but never coming close to the pure poetry in motion that was Duo. For brief moments, he'd be in sync with one or two of them, and at that point it seemed that Duo would be dancing with them; but then he'd be off, moving on a tangent, spinning off into the crowd. No one seemed to be able to, or have the nerve to, approach Duo. But the way Duo moved, Heero knew that couldn't possibly last long.

And he could only watch. That was his job.

Duo always lost track of time when he was dancing; finally, he'd get lightheaded and dehydrated and that was how he knew he had to stop and get something to drink. He glanced at Heero occasionally, hope starting to fade. He was sure he'd be able to draw the bodyguard out here by now. He supposed the man really was serious about not dancing, or he'd lost his touch. He frowned to himself. This wasn't going at all how he'd planned. Here he was on the dance floor, sweaty and aroused; dancing always turned him on. Surrounded by people who would love to dance with him, touch him, fuck or be fucked by him. And the one he really wanted stood over there, impassive and implacable.

Well, fuck him.

He had just about decided to go over to the bar and get something to drink and maybe pick someone up, when a slim chest presented itself before him. He looked up; the man must have close to six feet tall and slim, cropped back top, low-slung leather pants and a long trenchcoat. Hel~lo. Duo's eyes finally got to a handsome face that was smiling down at him. Shoulder-length blond hair and delicate features hid behind sunglasses, full lips smirking. The man held up a bottle of Evian in front of him, and Duo could just make out his words.

"Thought you might want this by now."

Duo grinned and grabbed the bottle, saying thanks, and automatically checking that the bottle was still sealed. It was, and he opened it, draining half of it in one go.

The man was speaking again, and he leaned close. "You're gorgeous," the man said. "I'd be honored if you would dance with me."

Just then, the beat changed, and it was Duo's favorite song. He glanced at the unmoving bodyguard against the wall, then smiled and nodded, throwing himself into it once again. But now he focused his attention on his partner.

Heero had started forward when he noticed Duo talking with the tall, blond man. His stomach twisted; he tried to tell himself that he was worried about his client. He'd never felt real jealousy before, and he really didn't like it. He watched carefully; Duo seemed to be fine with the contact, so he backed off. He tried to ignore his heart sinking. He was just doing his job, after all. He narrowed his eyes as Duo began to dance with the man. They meshed well, and danced beautifully; Heero watched in frustration as Duo very clearly enjoyed himself.

Duo was in heaven; the music was great, he felt good and his dance partner was a hot, gorgeous man. A small voice inside his head told him he'd really rather be with the hot, gorgeous man over there, but he pushed it to the back of his mind. He'd practically thrown himself at his bodyguard, and Heero was unmoved. Well, perhaps not unmoved, but he wasn't moved enough. Duo was horny, and he wanted to party. He wasn't going to wait around moon-eyed for Heero. He wanted to have fun. He moved closer to his dance partner, deliberately brushing against him teasingly. The man responded perfectly, sliding his hands down Duo's back, resting just above the curve of his ass. Waiting for permission.

And Duo gave it. He reached back and pushed the man's hands lower, onto his firm ass, and pressed against him more closely. He was half-hard, and he made sure the man knew it, straddling his thigh as the dancing got dirtier.

Clenching his fists, Heero stood in the shadows and watched the man put his hands on Duo, and Duo encouraging him. It was bad enough that jealousy burned through him from watching; but to add insult to injury, he found that he was getting aroused. What the fuck was wrong with him? He wanted Duo, that much was clear; not that he was going to do anything about it. Watching him with another man should have made him angry, jealous... but not hard. Yet, wa tching Duo rub shamelessly against the tall man was arousing him greatly. He was discovering all sorts of new things about himself. He couldn't tear his eyes away.

Song after song, Duo danced with the man, whose name turned out to be Yohji. Every song, they got closer, dirtier, harder. Duo was having a ball; Yohji was very obviously aroused and very well endowed, and he seemed entranced by him. Total attention, sexual attraction; Duo was hooked, and he wanted to get to know Yohji better.

They finally made their way to the bar; Heero followed silently, seething with a mix of annoyance and arousal. He sat at the bar a few stools down from where Duo and his new male friend were fawning over one another. He tried to be angry but when he saw the man put his hand high up on Duo's thigh, his cock pulsed. He wanted to see more. He was disgusted with himself. He saw Duo trying to catch his eye over the man's shoulder, but he avoided the singer's glance.

Duo ordered a beer, and drained it quickly. Yohji drank one too, and insisted on paying. Duo shrugged, and drank another; he was having fun and wanted a nice buzz. Yohji was gorgeous and into him, the night was young, and Heero was ignoring him. Well, ignoring wasn't the right word, his bodyguard was doing his job, but... he wouldn't meet his eyes. Fuck him. He didn't want to play, Duo was going to play anyway.

A few drinks later, Duo and Yohji were practically making out at the bar. Yohji was telling Duo about this sex club that he knew about, just down the block. "We could go, you, know, just to watch," the blond man said suggestively.

"Who says I just want to watch?" smirked Duo, running his hand up Yohji's thigh.

"Mmm, a man after my own heart," smiled Yohji.

"Actually, I was aiming a bit lower," purred Duo.

"Perfect," replied Yohji, and leaned over to kiss Duo.

Heero watched, unable to look away yet knowing he should. This was not in the manual.

Duo pulled back. "There's one small complication, babe." He quickly explained about Heero, just telling Yohji in vague terms about threats to his life. The other man listened, and nodded.

"So he's going to follow us around?"

"Pretty much, yes." Duo pointed Heero out.

Yohji looked at Heero and whistled. "Not too hard on the eyes, is he? Lucky you."

Duo snorted. "True, but he's made of ice."

"Not even ice could withstand your considerable charms, gorgeous," murmured Yohji, in Duo's ear.

Duo laughed. "You're smooth, you know that, Yohji? I'm sure you have quite a few stories to tell."

"Yes, I do, but I'd much rather do other things than talk," purred the blond lasciviously. "Like take you to the sex club."

"Well, then, what are we waiting for?" smiled Duo, hopping off the barstool and hooking his arm in Yohji's. He led the man down to where Heero sat. "We're going somewhere else, Heero," he said, not bothering to introduce his companion. "Don't feel compelled to follow, you won't like it."

Heero tried his best not to glare too openly at the tall blond man. He knew he had no say in what Duo did, but he didn't have to like it. Unfortunately, part of him liked it too much. "You know I have to."

"Whatever," sighed Duo. He looked up at Yohji, and said, "Lead on, sexy." Then with one more lingering glance at Heero, he followed Yohji out of the club and down the street to a discreet-looking door.

Heero followed, of course.

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