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Pairing: 1x2, implied 3x4, 13+6
Rating: NC-17
Warnings/Notes: yaoi, lemon, AU

Dedication: for Pharlain

Diamond Dogs
by Jade
Part 7

The rest of the concert was more of the same; teasing lyrics and suggestive moves and Heero was about to explode. In a way, he regretted taking this job because it was making him face some facts about himself. But the alternative? He'd never felt so alive in his life as now, testosterone pumping through his veins as he burned for Duo. He had no idea what he was going to do about it, though. He'd never even seduced anyone, let alone a man like Duo. He was clueless.

Duo, on the other hand, knew exactly what he was doing. He could see how Heero looked at him; he knew Heero wanted him. But he wanted the bodyguard to make the first move; he wanted Heero to be so into him that he would break free of his preconceptions and show him his raw need. That's what he wanted, what he craved; and he would get it. Somehow.

After the last encore, Heero followed Duo backstage. Duo was busy high-fiving his bandmates, congratulating them on a kickass concert, and they joked and laughed with a camaraderie that made Heero feel left out. The desire he felt for Duo was one sure thing, but the two of them were so different, could they ever see eye to eye on anything? Then Heero berated himself; if Duo wanted him at all it would be for a one-night stand, not some silly relationship. What was he thinking? Even allowing his mind to wander that way was against all his rules. Still, he couldn't take his eyes off Duo's slim waist and shoulders, or the hair, now damp with sweat, that clung to his skin.

The adrenaline was still pumping; this was when Duo wanted most to party, to drink and be fucked. Of course, he wanted Heero to fuck him, but he knew that wasn't going to happen just yet. He pushed open the door to the dressing room and they were all assaulted by noise. Suddenly, Duo found himself right where he wanted to be, pressed against Heero's hard body.

Heero hadn't been prepared for the number of people that crowded the backstage area; there was no way he could protect Duo in that crowded room. He reacted quickly; Stepping behind Duo and wrapping an arm around his waist. He pulled the singer back, away from the door, into a corner and against his body. He was only thinking about keeping Duo safe; so he forgot that pressing the other man against his body right now wasn't a good idea. His arousal had faded, but only slightly. But that wasn't the main concern right now. He pulled Duo with him, out of sight of the door, and pulled out his radio. He called for Zechs, the head of security or anyone else that would answer. He pushed Duo behind him after making sure the corner was secure, shielding him with his body as he shouted into the radio.

Duo figured out what was going on, while Heero shouted at the head of security and he peeked over his bodyguard's strong shoulders. No one had as yet noticed what was going on; he caught sight of Zechs' blond head over the crowd and waved at him. He put a hand on Heero's shoulder and leaned closer; if he was being protected he really wanted to enjoy it. Heero's muscles felt like steel under his skin, and the rest of his body felt just as good. Duo found he was pressing as much of himself against Heero as he could, and he really liked it. Blatantly, he rubbed his erection against Heero's hip. He wondered how the man would react. He grinned maniacally; it was a good thing Heero's back was turned.

Heero was impatiently listening to the head of security trying to reassure him that all the people crowding the backstage area had been cleared, that everything was ok. "You should have kept me informed," he shot back, interrupting the man. "Get down here, now." He stabbed the off button, and closed his eyes for a brief moment. Duo was... Duo was rubbing against him, touching him, and it was all he could do not to turn around and ravish him. He spoke over his shoulder, still needing to keep an eye on the room and not trusting himself to even look at Duo. "Stay behind me, I'll sort this out," he growled.

Heero's eyes widened in shock as he heard Duo whisper something that sounded suspiciously like, "I'd rather *you* were behind *me*," and he was about to turn and stare at the singer in shock when he was saved by Zechs' arrival.

"Heero..." the tall blond man began soothingly, but Heero cut him off.

"How the fuck am I supposed to do the job I was hired for if you don't keep me informed?" he nearly shouted. He was angry and annoyed and feeling fiercely protective. Any of these people could be carrying; a gun or even a knife would be lethal in such close quarters. He felt Duo try to edge around him, but he automatically put a hand back to stop him, his hand landing on Duo's hip. His hand touched bare skin over the jut of Duo's hip bone, and he swallowed as he suddenly thought about the other man's statement. He wanted to be behind Duo, touch him all over. He'd never been so conflicted.

Duo nearly moaned when he felt Heero's hand on him, and he automatically thrust his hips forward against the other man. He listened as Heero and Zechs argued, and gathered that Zechs thought Heero was overreacting. He felt compelled to spring to his bodyguard's defense. "He was just trying to protect me," Duo offered, leaning his head on Heero's shoulder.

Twin looks of disbelief were now leveled at Duo from the other men.

"Since when are you so amenable to protection?" Zechs asked incredulously, noting how Duo was hanging all over Heero. "Or do I need to ask?"

Heero stayed silent, trying to focus on his job. It wasn't easy.

Duo just smirked.

The head of security arrived then, and soon Heero was somewhat convinced that there was no immediate danger. Everyone had been searched and swept with a metal detector. "Ok, as long as I'm close by, he can go in."

Everyone waited for Duo to complain, but he just smiled and took Heero's arm. Zechs rolled his eyes at the singer, and the head of security made his way into the crowd.

Duo leaned close. He was going to enjoy this... "Let's party, Heero."

Heero took a deep breath and tried to ignore the way Duo was rubbing against him. It was going to be a long, *hard* night.

They started out partying in the backstage area, but it soon proved to be too crowded. The suggestion of going to a club was made and approved, and everyone piled into cars and limos and drove over. Zechs told him this club was pretty safe; there were metal detectors and no one was expecting them to show up there. Heero made sure to stay close to Duo, and Duo seemed to have no problem with it. Quatre and Trowa rode in the limo with them, and the two were all over each other. Heero didn't know where to look. If he looked at Duo, the singer would smile seductively at him and that gave him a problem. If he looked at Trowa and Quatre, they'd be even further into their own private celebration and that gave him a problem as well. In fact, right now, Trowa was sliding his hand into the front of his boyfriend's opened pants and Quatre was arching up, giving a little gasping moan... he dragged his eyes away, just in time to see Duo fish an ice cube out of his drink.

Duo smiled; the ice cube trick was one of his favorites. He dragged it over the flushed skin of his neck, letting the ice cool him as a trickle of water ran down into the hollow of his throat. He knew Heero would watch its progress as he arched his neck back. He'd put another shirt on, a black button-up shirt, but he'd left it unbuttoned completely. It gaped open, showing the smooth skin of his chest, and the trickle of water made its way lower. "So, Heero," he began casually, "How did you like the show?"

Heero snapped his eyes back up from their contemplation of the drop of water dripping down, down, and answered carefully. "It was... loud." How could he tell Duo that watching him sing had made him want to charge out onto the stage, rip off Duo's remaining clothes, run his hands possessively all over the singer's lithe body, and take him right on stage? To mark him and make him his, primally? How he wanted to see Duo on his knees for him, mouth wrapped around his hard cock, sucking on it like that ice cube... He'd never wanted anything as much as he wanted Duo right now.

Laughing, Duo drained his drink, crunching on some ice. He wasn't fooled by Heero's reluctance. He intended to push his bodyguard to the limit, to see if he could make him snap. This was just the beginning. "Loud? That's all, just loud?" He paused, pulling out a large cube. "What did you think of my songs?" he asked, opening his mouth to suck enthusiastically on the end of the cube, full red lips wrapping around it.

Eyes wide, Heero tried not to watch what Duo was doing to the ice cube. It was impossible. "They were interesting," he replied, floundering for words. He could only imagine what it would be like to be that ice cube, sucked deep into that hot mouth... the heat, the suction, the wet caresses of that tongue...

"Interesting," Duo repeated slowly. He licked at his lips to catch an escaped drop before sticking out his tongue to lap at the cube. "Not exciting? Not clichť? Not sexually charged?" he asked, edging closer to Heero and looking up at him. He let his tongue trace around the cube, licking it thoroughly, like he wanted to do to Heero's cock.

"I..." Heero stammered, trying desperately to remember that this was his client, he was only here to keep Duo safe, that he didn't even like men... He could hear his own voice laughing at him. He was fully aroused, and his hands ached to touch Duo everywhere.

Then he was saved; the limo came to a halt outside the club. Heero breathed a sigh of relief and Duo scowled.

Heero went first out the door, scanning the area quickly. Duo watched his ass and said, mostly to himself, "You ain't seen nothing yet, babycakes."

Trowa and Quatre burst into laughter. He had forgotten they were there. "Piss off, you two," Duo said. "You coming?"

"Not yet," laughed Quatre.

"Which is why I think we'll stay out here a while longer," added Trowa.

Duo rolled his eyes. "At least *somebody's* getting some tonight," he sighed.

Heero stuck his head back in and heard the last comment. He blushed and said, "All clear."

"Have fun, you two," Duo called as he got out of the limo. "Don't do anything I wouldn't... never mind, that's a waste of breath," he grinned at Heero as he stood up, running a hand through his hair. "I feel like dancing," he announced. He followed Heero to the door and went in as the other man held it for him. He leaned in, close to Heero's ear as he went past, and whispered. "Y'all ready for this?"

Heero sighed as he followed Duo closely, and they were quickly enveloped in bright lights and loud music. He was *so* not ready for this.

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