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Pairing: 1x2, implied 3x4, 13+6
Rating: NC-17
Warnings/Notes: yaoi, lemon, AU

Dedication: for Pharlain

Diamond Dogs
by Jade
Part 6

Heero followed Duo and his band as they walked through the hallway that led to the stage. As they approached, the roar of the crowd became deafening, and soon the noises resolved into a definite chant of "Shini! Shini!"

Duo flashed a grin at his bandmates. "Y'all ready to kick some ass?" he yelled over the crowd.

Quatre smiled, Trowa gave him a thumbs-up and the drummer and guitarist nodded and grinned. Zechs appeared, and talked quickly to Duo.

Heero spoke into his radio, confirming that all was well with security.

The stage went dark, and the crowd quieted slightly. Duo waited while the rest of the band took their places, and started the opening riffs of the first song. The crowd went absolutely insane when they recognized the tune, and with one more smirk at Heero, Duo was gone. The longhaired man bounded out on stage, spotlight following him, waving to the audience.

Heero made his way to the spot he had chosen earlier. It was a small alcove created by a set of amplifiers. It put him off to the side and slightly in front of Duo, as the stage curved outward. He had a great view of the singer, and he was only about 15 feet away from him. Close enough that he could be at Duo's side in seconds. Unseen from the audience and not bothered by the lights, Heero pushed his earplugs in securely. He scanned the crowd, locating the uniformed security, and looking for any signs of anything suspicious. Only then did he turn to watch Duo. The band was just finishing their intro, and Duo was working the crowd.

"Hello, San Diego! How y'all doin' tonight? Yeah! Y'all ready to rock and roll? I can't hear you!" The crowd responded with cheers and whistles, and cries of undying love.

Heero watched, amazed, as Duo worked the crowd into a frenzy. Heero didn't mind being in front of people, but there were thousands of people out there. Duo seemed to be in his element. His cheeks were flushed, his eyes were bright and he was grinning widely. Under the bright lights, Duo looked incredible and Heero couldn't keep his eyes from sliding down to the rest of Duo's body. He licked his lips as his eyes lingered on the unmistakable outline of the man's cock. It looked like Duo was at least half-hard, and Heero felt his own cock rise in answer. Shinigami was the epitome of sexuality, androgynous and aroused and perfectly sensual. Heero couldn't take his eyes off him.

Then Duo began to sing, and Heero was lost.

It was a new song for the group, a remake of an old 1980's song, called "Urgent," but done with a deeper metal beat and the band's punk-thrash sound. Heero's mouth went dry as the driving beat began, and he really listened to what Duo was singing.

You're not shy, you get around
You wanna fly, don't want your feet on the ground
You stay up, you won't come down
You wanna live, you wanna move to the sound

The longhaired singer's hips swayed and thrust, making love to the audience as he stroked the microphone stand.

Got fire in your veins
Burnin' hot but you don't feel the pain
Your desire is insane
You can't stop until you do it again

Suddenly, Heero remembered several articles he had read, criticizing Shinigami, saying how the singer seemed to be obsessed with sex, how all his songs revolved around it, and trivialized the act. Of course, this article was in a quite conservative magazine, and even then Heero had dismissed it as empty rhetoric. Sex made the world go around, and people loved to do it, talk about it, and think about it. That would never change, and just because another singer was exploiting that fact, it wasn't going to cause society's downfall. But the article had of course not mentioned how Shinigami was a creature of pure sex himself, and when he sang about having sex, it was all Heero could do not to run across the stage and jump him. Heero was quite glad that his position meant that very few people could see him. Duo, however, was one of them, but at the moment the longhaired singer was occupied with teasing the audience to distraction.

But sometimes I wonder as I look in your eyes
Maybe you're thinking of some other guy

Duo smirked at the audience, as if to show the folly of thinking about anyone but him, and Heero had to agree. Duo put his arms up, burying one hand in his long hair, stretching the length of his body, displaying it, rocking his hips.

But I know, yes I know, how to treat you right
That's why you call me in the middle of the night

Heero realized that he was fully hard again, from the incredible show Duo was putting on. He tore his eyes away from the singer to look at the audience. They were as captivated as he was. The front rows were filled with teenagers, both male and female, their faces covered with black makeup like Shinigami and dressed in leather. They were screaming for Duo, pumping their fists, totally into it. They took in every word, every move the singer made, enthralled.

Heero had to bite back a moan as Duo sang the next words. As he did, the singer slid one hand down his body, down to cup his own cock, moaning the word "urgent."

You say it's urgent
So urgent, so oh oh urgent
Just wait and see
How urgent my love can be It's urgent

Duo was in his element; singing, in front of screaming people. This was what he had always wanted, what he had lived for for most of his life. Onstage, he could forget everything, all the bad things in the past, and just concentrate on the one, pure, feeling of singing his heart out.

And this was a song he'd wanted to cover since he had first heard it; the raw need, the urgency of the lyrics were perfect for him. He felt the song with his whole body, translated the words into the movements of his body. He didn't often do remakes, he usually wrote all his own songs, but this one was special.

As he started to sing the next verse, he glanced up to see Heero, who was staring at him with a frighteningly intense look on his face. It looked like his bodyguard was really into the song, too. Or him, but Duo wasn't sure of that yet. He knew that Heero was probably attracted to him, but the repressed man would need to be pushed harder before he gave in to his feelings. And he was just the man for the job. Duo pressed his body against the microphone stand, rubbing against it suggestively, bending his knees so his legs went on either side of it.

You play tricks on my mind
You're everywhere but you're so hard to find
You're not warm or sentimental
You're so extreme, you can be so temperamental

Detaching the wireless microphone from its stand, Duo started to stalk the stage, bending over the edge, teasing the audience. He walked the length of the stage, away from Heero, singing to the front rows. Then he stalked back, now singing directly at the sexy bodyguard.

But I'm not looking for a love that will last
I know what I need and I need it fast
Yeah, there's one thing in common that we both share
That's a need for each other anytime, anywhere

As he finished the verse, Duo stuck the microphone back into its stand, and took hold of two handfuls of shirt and ripped. The shirt came apart as it was meant to; sometimes Duo just took the shirt off, but tonight he decided that more extreme measures were in order. He held the remains of his shirt up in the air as the audience screamed and whistled its approval. He threw them out into the crowd where they disappeared without a trace. He buried his hands in his long hair, grinding his hips, gyrating, pure sex.

It gets so urgent
So urgent
You know it's urgent
I wanna tell you it's the same for me
So oh oh urgent
Just you wait and see
How urgent our love can be
It's urgent

Heero finally realized he had stopped breathing and forced himself to take in some air. He was so hard that his arousal was starting to get wet; he'd never been this turned on before, he was sure of it. He couldn't take his eyes off Duo as he sang, and as the man came closer he was almost sure he was singing to him. He knew he was staring, he should look away, anywhere but at Duo but he couldn't tear his eyes away. His heart was pounding and his face was flushed and his cock was pulsing; all he knew right then was that he had to possess Duo Maxwell. The words of the song reflected his feelings perfectly. His fists were clenched and his palms were sweaty. He'd never felt this way before.

You say it's urgent
Make it fast, make it urgent
Do it quick, do it urgent
Gotta rush, make it urgent
Want it quick

As Duo sang out the last lines of the song, he realized they had never been more true. He thought he had lusted after Heero before, but after the way the bodyguard was looking at him now, he really felt the meaning of the words. It felt so intimate, even though he was in front of thousands of people, but he felt a sexual bond between the two of them. As he got closer to Heero, he could clearly see that the other man was hard, even in the relatively loose pants he was wearing. If Duo wasn't completely aroused before, the sight of Heero's erection finished the job. Unlike Heero, Duo's tight pants outlined his hard length perfectly, and he almost moaned as he watched Heero's eyes lock onto it. He had no idea how he managed to sing the rest of the song, except that it truly had new meaning for him now.

Urgent, urgent, emergency
Urgent, urgent, emergency
Urgent, urgent, emergency
Urgent, urgent, emergency
So urgent, emergency

The song finished and the crowd went insane; they could tell a sexually charged performance when they saw it, even if they didn't know why. Heero leaned his head against the wall, breathing hard, knowing he was truly lost.

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