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Pairing: 1x2, implied 3x4, 13+6
Rating: NC-17
Warnings/Notes: yaoi, lemon, AU

Dedication: for Pharlain

Diamond Dogs
by Jade
Part 5

The limo ride was uneventful, though Duo couldn't stop ogling Heero's muscles as he man sat across from him. They were the only people in the limo and Duo couldn't help thinking it was a damn waste of back seat, He'd never had full-on sex in a limo and it was something he'd always wanted to try. Well, he was working on it.

As for Heero, he still felt overexposed, but he tried to focus on the night ahead. There was a chance that Duo was in real danger, and as much as this whole assignment felt like a story, he had a real job to do. He mentally reviewed the plans of tonight's venue, and jotted down a few things he needed to check on when they got there.

They finally pulled up at the backstage door, and Heero stopped Duo from jumping out immediately. "I need to go first," he reminded the singer, who just smirked and settled back to admire the bodyguard's ass.


Heero quickly checked around, and saw no one. He knocked on the door, and it opened immediately. Zechs was standing there.

"Ah, Heero, right on time. You surviving?" the blond said with a smirk.

Heero ignored the question and motioned that it was safe for Duo to exit the limo. He did so, grumbling. "What are you, the fucking secret service?" he muttered. He really didn't believe anyone would try to hurt him. "I feel like an idiot."

Heero ignored this as well, as Zechs introduced him to the head of security and they got down to business.

"Duo needs to do a sound check, I'll keep an eye on him, Heero," Zechs said.

"The building is secure, Mr. Yuy," the security man said.

Heero nodded briefly, watching with vague disappointment as Duo vanished around the corner.

Heero could just hear the beginnings of electric guitars being tuned as he finished up his meeting with the head of security. He had a two-way radio, tuned to the security frequency, so he could be in constant communication with the security team. He had toured the building, located and assured himself of the security of all the entrances and exits, and met the staff. He was as ready as he could be.

Duo was starting to get his pre-show excitement going; adrenaline was starting to pump and he was in a great mood. Success was wonderful, of course, but what he really loved, really craved, was the feeling of being onstage, of singing his heart out, of taking the audience on the ride of their lives. He needed it, and it had been too long since he had been in front of a live audience. Being in the studio just wasn't the same. He stood on the stage, looking out at the thousands of seats that Zechs had assured him would be filled. Quatre and Trowa were behind him, talking with the other band members. The guitar player and the drummer had met them at the stadium. They lived in the area, and would join them on the tour bus after this show. They were new to Duo's band, but they all had known each other for a while.

Heero walked in one of the side doors just as the band launched into a song; he winced at the volume. Not that he didn't like rock and roll, he just had very sensitive ears and wanted to keep them that way. He pulled out a pair of special earplugs he had brought along, that were supposed to filter some frequencies while still allowing you to hear. Heero could also read lips if necessary. His eyes were drawn to Duo up on the stage. He looked utterly at ease up there, laughing and joking and singing nonsense lyrics so the sound techs could check the levels. The spotlights were also being tested, and once in a while Duo would be bathed in a golden glow. Heero shook his head and continued toward the stage. No time for poetry.

Duo had of course noticed the second that Heero had appeared, but was pretending not to notice. He couldn't wait for the show to begin, to show Heero the real him.

Heero leaned against the edge of the stage, the noise more tolerable now that he had the earplugs in. He scanned the room, looking for anything he might have missed. He was as sure as he could be that he could keep Duo safe.

The sound check finished, and the roadies got back to setting up the stage. Duo jumped down effortlessly, landing next to Heero just as Zechs approached. "Hey, blondie!" Duo grinned. "How's it look?"

Zechs shot a look at Heero, who remained silent. "Well, you look great. The show looks sold out. What else do we need? Life is good."

"Damn straight," replied Duo, and both he and Zechs laughed inexplicably.

Zechs grinned at Heero. "Inside joke," he explained.

Heero just raised his eyebrows, and Zechs continued. "I have to go see a man about a check," Zechs said. "I'll leave you in Heero's capable hands, Duo." Zechs smirked and walked off.

Duo rolled his eyes at Zechs' retreating back before turning to Heero. "I'm going back to the dressing room to relax for a bit. There's supposed to be some food in there too. Wanna come?" Duo impressed himself that he could say that last with only a slight smirk.

Heero didn't trust any reply, so he just nodded and followed Duo. He had checked out the room before, of course, and it looked fine, so he just let Duo lead. He walked behind, eyes roaming around, looking for any security issues and pointedly trying not to watch Duo's ass.

The dressing room was actually one large room, with a few comfortable couches and chairs, a television, and a long table. Several smaller rooms came off of it, so individuals could have privacy to change. Duo had claimed one, leaving the largest room for Quatre and Trowa, who had immediately disappeared into it. They hadn't yet emerged. Heero was glad the walls seemed to be fairly well soundproofed.

The drummer, whose name was Mark, lounged on one of the couches, idly watching TV. Duo smiled a greeting and made his way over to the table, which was covered with fruit, chips, cookies, and various other food items that the band had requested. Heero was surprised to see that there wasn't any alcohol in evidence. He asked about it, and Duo informed him that he never drank before a gig, and he expected the same of his bandmates. "These people paid a lot of money to see the show, and they deserve their money's worth," he shrugged. Then a feral grin crossed his face. "Of course, after the show, all bets are off."

Heero looked at Duo with newfound respect. That was quite a professional attitude for someone who he had taken for just a punk at first. But the man's last words worried him slightly. "After?"

"Oh yeah. After, we party!" Duo laughed, picking up a banana and proceeding to eat it as lasciviously as possible.

Heero looked transfixed as the banana started to disappear into Duo's mouth, then he decided he had to look somewhere else. Duo laughed.

They just hung out for a bit. Heero wandered around while Duo talked to the drummer. Quatre and Trowa finally emerged, looking flushed and happy. Heero tried not to blush. Zechs stuck his head in and said that the opening act, a local band, was going on, so they should get ready.

All the band members disappeared into their dressing rooms, and Heero had a moment of peace and quiet to compose himself.

It wasn't enough.

Duo emerged about 15 minutes later, and Heero had to struggle to close his mouth. The singer was wearing the same clothes. But now his hair hung loose and wavy all around him, making him look even more waif-like. He was wearing tall black boots and several chains slung around him. He also had put on heavy black eyeliner and black lipstick. Heero always thought that makeup on men made them look more feminine, but on Duo it wasn't the case at all. It m ade him look feral, and a bit ghoulish, very intense. A black leather, spiked collar completed the look, and Heero could only stare.

Duo stood there, hands on hips, letting Heero have a good long look. A smirk was on his face, but that was normal when he was in his stage outfit. It made him feel like a slightly different person, and that helped. He still had mild stage fright just before he went on. It usually disappeared as soon as he started singing, though. He was anticipating going onstage tonight, and singing for Heero, for the first time. He couldn't wait. If the track of the man's eyes were any indication, he would have a receptive audience.

Just then, Zechs stuck his head in the door and called, "Five minutes."

Duo grinned maniacally. "You heard the man, guys. Let's rock and roll!"

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