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Pairing: 1x2, implied 3x4, 13+6
Rating: NC-17
Warnings/Notes: yaoi, lemon, AU

Dedication: for Pharlain

Diamond Dogs
by Jade
Part 4

Heero had fallen into a light doze when the alarm went off at 3:15. He sat up and turned off the offending noise, and looked over at Duo. And stared.

The longhaired singer had apparently not been awakened by the alarm at all. He lay on his back, covers pushed down to his waist, and at some point he had taken off his shirt. His hair was spread around him, and he looked... Heero had to turn away, to remind himself that even if he did like men, Duo was his client and he should not be looking at him this way. He began to regret taking this particular assignment. It was bringing up too many questions about himself that he really didn't want to deal with right now. He had a job to do.

He stood and walked over to Duo's bed. He stood over it and called the singer's name, hoping that would wake him. It didn't. Sighing, Heero reached down and touched the boy's thin shoulder, shaking him gently. The singer looked much younger when asleep and relaxed, so vulnerable...Duo's skin burned him and he found himself hardening from the contact. Duo did stir then, licking his lips and turning his head. Heero shook him harder, and those blue-violet eyes flew open finally. Duo looked up at him for a long moment, and then his lips curved into a wicked grin. "What a way to wake up," he purred.

With a start, Heero realized he was still touching Duo, leaning over and just staring. He jumped back and stuttered, "The... the alarm went off. You didn't wake up."

Duo sat up, the sheet falling further, down to his thighs. Heero's traitorous eyes flicked downward, involuntarily. To his relief, or disappointment, Heero wasn't sure which at the moment, Duo still wore his shorts.

Duo's grin widened as he saw the man's eyes roam. Maybe there was hope after all; he'd just have to try harder. He stretched, feeling his joints pop, thinking how much he liked waking up to see Heero. He could get used to this. "Mmm," he moaned unnecessarily. "I feel SO much better."

Heero backed away another step and swallowed. The singer's voice, moaning like that, was almost too much for him. More blood rushed to his cock and he licked his lips, trying to look at anything, anywhere but at the young man on the bed.

Duo stood slowly, stretching again, his lean body arching sensuously. "I'm going to go take a shower," he commented. He raised an eyebrow and said, "You gonna watch?"

Heero steeled himself not to react. The singer was just trying to get a rise out of him. Well, he had, literally. But he had to be professional. "Not necessary. The bathroom is secure. I've checked it."

Duo laughed. "Whatever," he said over his shoulder as he walked to the door. Not that he had thought Heero would watch, but the thought sent a thrill through him. He wouldn't have worked so hard to be a singer if he didn't have a healthy streak of exhibitionism in him. He'd have to see just what would provoke his bodyguard to do more than just look.

Heero watched the door close behind Duo with disappointment. As much as he wanted to see how far his newfound predilections went, he didn't think he was up to it just yet. He sat on the bed and sighed, trying to wish away his arousal. He couldn't deny the evidence. He wanted Duo.

He used the time to check his email and voicemail, and tried to ignore the sounds of the singer, knowing he was unclothed and wet.

Duo let the water run over him, trying not to think of Heero in here with him, those strong hands all over him. He wasn't sure what it was about the other man, why he wanted him so badly. Well, other than the fact that his bodyguard was his idea of a perfect man, with his handsome features and lean muscled body. And he was so aloof and unattainable, which just made Duo want him more. He wondered what it would take to break down that cool exterior. Even if Heero didn't want him, he wanted to know what would get to him. Although the way Heero had been looking at him gave Duo hope. Having a bodyguard might just be fun... thinking of Heero had of course given him an erection, but he ignored it. He liked to be horny before a show; it gave him the extra edge he needed to project his sexy image. Being on stage always turned him on anyway, and now with Heero nearby... he intended to knock the bodyguard out with his aura.

Duo emerged from the shower as quickly as possible considering the amount of hair he had. He braided his still-damp hair so it would be wavy later. Coincidentally, he'd forgotten to take a change of clothes in with him, so he decided to implement stage one of his plan: the visual tease. Wrapping a towel around his waist, he stepped back out into the room. Heero had his back to him, talking on his cel phone. He could see the man turn, having heard him, and glance at him.

Duo suppressed a giggle as Heero openly stared for a long moment at his mostly unclothed body, still glistening. Then Heero appeared to get control of his eyes, at least, and had fixed them on the wall. He hadn't got control of his voice though, and he stammered out a hasty goodbye to whomever he had been talking to. Duo just stood there trying to look innocent for another moment before he crossed over to his bags, which had been brought up while he was in the shower.

Heero could not for the life of him keep his traitorous eyes from following Duo's towel-clad body as he crossed the room. He stabbed at the phone unseeingly, hoping he'd managed to end the call. He shouldn't have turned around when Duo emerged, he knew it. But he hadn't expected... hadn't expected Duo, wet from the shower, damp hair clinging to him, towel around his hips, so low that Heero found himself mesmerized by the singer's hipbones... he swallowed as Duo bent over and finally tore his eyes away.

"It's all yours," purred Duo, and Heero snapped his eyes back to the longhaired man. Duo had straightened up and was holding a few articles of clothing.

"Huh?" he managed intelligently, cursing his inarticulation.

Duo bit back a grin. "The bathroom, Mr. Yuy. You can have it."

"Oh," said Heero faintly. "Thanks." He got up and went in, mainly so he could try to gather his wits about him and not have to stare at Duo. He shut the door firmly behind him and ran the water cold in the sink. He splashed water on his face, trying to clear his head. The idea of Duo out there, getting dressed, was maddening.

Duo sang to himself as he pulled clothes out of his suitcase. His usual stage outfit was black leather pants and some type of tight shirt that he would take off halfway through the set, when he got warmed up. He sorted through his clothes, leaving them wherever they fell, wondering why he was being so careful about his appearance today when usually he didn't care. He snorted to himself; of course, the reason was his bodyguard. He still wasn't sure why he felt compelled to impress the man; whether Heero had been eyeing him or not, the man was probably so repressed that even if Duo jumped on him, naked and hard, he wouldn't know what to do about it. It would certainly be fun, though, he thought to himself with a grin. Right before Heero beat the shit out of him, of course, just like his father had... Duo shook his head to clear it of bad memories; he never let himself think about that any more. The past was gone. Over.

He finally decided on a shirt, and dropped his towel as he wiggled into a small pair of bikini underwear. He usually didn't wear underwear but under leather pants it was necessary. Especially when he got sweaty. Not good. As he was pulling the shirt over his head he heard the bathroom door open and he quickly slipped it on the rest of the way. He pulled his braid out of the shirt with difficulty and grinned at Heero. "Feel better?"

Heero groaned inwardly; he had just succeeded in getting the image of an undressed Duo out of his head when he walked out of the bathroom. He had figured that enough time had elapsed, and the longhaired singer would be dressed by now. He hadn't quite waited long enough. The sight that greeted him as he walked in contained way too much bare flesh for his sanity. Duo's shirt was only halfway on, and all of the singer's chest from his small pink nipples to his hipbones was bare. Heero stared helplessly at the area just below the other man's bellybutton, where a faint trail of hair led his eyes and his mind to places it had never been before. He swallowed audibly, then was sorely disappointed when his view was blocked by a shirt. He belatedly realized that Duo had asked him a question. "I'm fine, thanks," he replied automatically, hoping it was an adequate response. He hurried across the room toward his bag to hide the blush that had inexplicably begun to spread across his face. He never blushed.

Duo stifled a giggle as Heero looked flustered. He looked over as the man started to put his shoes back on. He frowned slightly. "You're not going like that, are you?"

"What's wrong with my clothes this time?" demanded Heero, almost thankful that irritation was overriding his confusion. What was it about Duo that the singer almost constantly annoyed him?

Duo smirked as he swayed over. He looked down at the neat blue jeans and black t-shirt. "Nothing, if you're trying NOT to fit in. Don't you have anything that's not so..." he searched for a word. "Perfect?"

Heero crossed his arms and Duo tried not to stare at the bulging muscles this caused. "There's nothing wrong with looking unrumpled," he retorted, with a significant glance at the mess Duo had made with all his clothes strewn around.

"But it's such a shame to hide your body," Duo said, dropping his voice slightly. "You need something more... revealing."

Heero stared at Duo for a moment, too stunned to speak. Then he stammered, "What?"

"Revealing. As in flesh. Bare flesh. Don't you have a tank top or something? My stuff sure wouldn't fit you," Duo replied. It was too bad; Heero would undoubtedly look smashing in leather pants. He would have to take the man shopping some time.

"Well," Heero said, starting to get the idea, "I do have tank tops, for working out. But..."

Duo cut him off. "Perfect! Well, better anyway. Let's see."

"See?" Heero replied. "I can't wear that to the concert."

"Why not?" demanded Duo. He had no doubt that Heero's body was as incredible as his arms suggested, and he was eager to see more of it.

"It's not professional," answered Heero a bit lamely.

"Fuck that," Duo shot back. "You work for me, right? So I say what's professional. And do you have any, um, more faded jeans? Or tighter?"

Heero considered for a moment. He was slightly worried that he was thinking that Duo had a point. But... "I'll find a tank top. But the jeans... no, they're all the same. Tight jeans are impractical. I can't move freely in them."

Duo smirked. "That's not really the point of tight jeans," he said, emphasizing the word point.

"It is when you're protecting someone's life," Heero pointed out.

Duo had to admit, if only to himself, that Heero was right. He sighed. "Ok, ok... lets go with the tank for now and we'll work on the rest later."

Heero, in the middle of looking through his clothes, stopped to throw a glare over his shoulder at Duo. The rest? He was really beginning to regret this job... He pulled out a black tank top and held it up. "How's this?"

"Put it on," suggested Duo. When Heero just looked at him, Duo sighed dramatically and said, "I won't watch, don't worry." To prove his point, he turned and checked that everything he needed was in his backpack. He really did want to watch, though... from the sounds he could hear, Heero had unzipped his pants and was presumably tucking in the tank top. He tried not to drool at the thought.

"Ok," said Heero with trepidation. He felt undressed, and hoped that his pants were loose enough that the erection caused by being so exposed in front of Duo wasn't apparent.

Duo glanced up, and forcibly closed his mouth. True, the jeans weren't tight enough, but that was easy to forgive when you were looking at an upper body like Heero's. As he'd suspected, Heero was perfect. Compact, not heavily muscled, but perfectly defined. The tank top was cut low on the sides, so that Duo could see nearly all of the man's side, down to his small waist, and just the sides of his chest. The top also revealed there was little to no hair on Heero's chest, also just the way Duo liked it. He tried to remember how to speak coherently. "That will do," he managed, trying not to drool.

Heero looked sharply at Duo. That wasn't what he was expecting in response. He wasn't used to wearing shirts like this outside of the gym. But Duo's eyes on him were making him feel hot. He had to admit he liked it. "Ready to go, then?" he asked, glancing at his watch. The limo should be waiting for them.

Duo decided not to describe just how ready he was. Heero seemed to like visuals, so he decided to tempt him that way. Heero had obviously never seen Duo perform on stage. He smirked to himself as he grabbed his bag. "Let's go."

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