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Pairing: 1x2, implied 3x4, 13+6
Rating: NC-17
Warnings/Notes: yaoi, lemon, AU

Dedication: for Pharlain

Diamond Dogs
by Jade
Part 1

Duo slumped on the couch in his manager’s office. He was tired, and didn’t want to be there. “But I don’t want a bodyguard! I don’t need some fucking fat off-duty cop with a stick up his ass following me around 24-7.”

His manager, an ex-singer himself with flowing platinum hair to rival Duo’s own chestnut locks, sat on the edge of his desk. “You know it’s necessary, Duo. The death threats have gotten more specific, and the producer insists. Just for this tour.”

Duo smirked, playing with the end of his braid. “Why don’t you just take the producer’s mind off my problems for a bit? You know he wants you. I saw him checking you out.”

Zechs smiled. “Don’t try to distract me, now, Duo. Treize isn’t interested in me. And my job is to keep you safe and sound.”

“And productive and moneymaking,” sneered Duo, then relented. “Yeah, yeah, I know you’re right. But there’s never been any trouble before.”

“You’ve never been this popular before,” reminded Zechs. “You’re somebody now, and as long as so many people love you, there will always be someone who hates you. It’s just the way it is.”

Duo pouted. “It’s gonna suck, man. Put a cramp in my style.”

Zechs snickered. “What style? You haven’t got laid since…” he broke off to duck the pillow that Duo threw at him, laughing.

“Piss off, blondie. Just cause you’re getting some doesn’t mean you get to be all superior,” Duo laughed.

“I’m not getting any,” pointed out the blond man.

“Yet. It’s just a matter of time. I can see the way Treize looks at you,” Duo answered wistfully. “I remember that…”

“Don’t tease me. He’s married, remember? And to a very scary bitch, too, I might add,” shot back Zechs.

“That never stopped anyone,” Duo replied.

“We’ll see. But you’re one to talk! Groupies! You have them hanging all over you!” Zechs said.

“All girls,” Duo said with distaste. “Where are all the boys?”

“You’re supposed to be bi,” Zechs pointed out.

“Yeah, but… I always did like boys more, you know that!” Duo said. “But they ’re all girls… or ugly… or jailbait…” Duo sighed. “I need a man, with a capital M!” he yelled.

As if on cue, there was a knock on the door. With a final smirk at Duo, Zechs went to open the door. “Hello Treize,” the blond man purred, and Duo snickered to himself. He couldn’t see the door from where he sat. “Do come in.”

Duo didn’t bother to get up as his producer walked in. “Yo Treize,” he said negligently. He looked up as the older man made his way to the middle of the office.

“Hello, Mr. Maxwell,” the man’s sensuous voice stated. “I have something for you.”

Duo looked up at the impeccably tailored, perfectly groomed man and started to speak. Whatever he was going to say, however, was lost with his voice when he saw the person standing next to him.

Still slumped on the couch, he looked up at a living wet dream. The perfectly muscled, not overly bulky body was the first thing you noticed. Poured into pressed khaki pants that couldn’t hide the magnificent legs beneath, topped with a crisp white dress shirt that looked fresh from the dry cleaners, two buttons open at the neck to show a hairless chest. The shirt also bulged with impressive biceps, and the shirt was tucked in, showing off the tiny waist and slim hips. Duo couldn’t see the back of the man, but he would bet his gold records that the rear view was just as nice. But that wasn’t even the best part. When Duo finally managed to drag his eyes up farther, to the man’s face, he had to stop himself from drooling. Duo had always been a sucker for expressive eyes, and he found himself staring into the most gorgeous pair of cobalt eyes he had ever seen. Those eyes, perfect as they were, were set in a face that could make angels cry. Slightly slanted, exotic eyes, high cheekbones, golden skin, full pouty lips… all framed by a mop of thick hair that threatened to spill over the pretty face. And yes, for all his masculinity, this man… boy? he didn’t look that old… was definitely pretty. Probably the reason he had developed all those nice muscles, to defend himself. Duo realized suddenly that he was staring, and put on his best sullen look. If this was his bodyguard, he suddenly felt a strong need to be guarded; but he couldn’t give in that easily. Not to mention the fact that such a gorgeous piece of manhood almost certainly had to be straight as an arrow. Such was his luck.

“For me? You shouldn’t have. It’s not even my birthday yet,” said Duo, trying not to let his eyes wander over the luscious morsel again.

“Duo,” Treize chided gently. “Don’t embarrass your new bodyguard. You two are going to get to know each other very well.”

Zechs interjected smoothly, “Treize thought that, instead of having to deal with several different bodyguards, he would hire just one to stay with you at all times. To live with you, essentially.”

“We just want to keep you safe, Duo,” Treize said soothingly.

“Yeah, right,” snorted Duo, still surreptitiously checking out the bodyguard. “So does he talk, or what?” He got up off the couch finally, to stand in front of Treize. He noted with satisfaction that the bodyguard wasn’ t all that much taller than him, though he must have outweighed Duo by a good 30 pounds of pure luscious muscle.

“ ‘He’ has a name, and it’s Heero Yuy,” Treize answered.

Duo looked at the bodyguard directly for the first time. “Hello, Heero Yuy. Nice to meet you. I’m Duo Maxwell, otherwise known as Shinigami.” He held out his hand. “But I’m sure you haven’t heard of me. You don’t look like the rock and roll type.”

The bodyguard looked at Duo’s hand as if he found it distasteful, then ignored it. He looked at Duo for a long time, taking in the long, braided hair, the cropped sequined top, the scandalously low-slung, ripped jeans that enhanced rather than covered his sinuous body, the bare feet. His eyes came to rest on the delicate, almost feminine face. He almost got lost in huge violet eyes before shaking himself out of his reverie. What was his problem? “ I have heard of you, actually,” he said, speaking for the first time, in a clipped, neutral voice. Though the singer was much more beautiful in person than in his pictures, but he didn’t say that. He continued, “I just don’t care for your type of music. Of course, that will in no way affect my ability to keep you safe.”

“Damn, Treize, I didn’t realize they had robot bodyguards already,” sneered Duo, glaring at the impassive man before turning his back and flopping back on the couch again. Fuck Mr. Muscles anyway. It would make it just that much easier to ignore him. If he didn’t like his bodyguard, it wouldn’t be a problem to make his life miserable. Duo snickered to himself. The poor asshole didn’t know what he’d gotten himself into. Too bad the man was so fucking gorgeous. His looks didn’t make up for his lack of personality.

“Duo…” chided Zechs, with an apologetic look at the new bodyguard.

“It’s no problem, Mr. Merquise, Mr. Khushrenada,” interjected Heero smoothly. “I have had plenty of experience guarding people who weren’t perceptive enough to think they needed protection. It’s my job.”

Duo threw him a pissed off look over his shoulder. “Fuck you too, Arnie.”

Heero smirked. “I will guard Mr. Maxwell to the best of my ability. And I am the best.”

Duo snorted, and before he could say anything else Treize stepped in. “Duo, you will let Mr. Yuy do his job. And Mr. Yuy, I apologize in advance for Duo. For whatever he may do.”

“It won’t be a problem,” assured Heero arrogantly. I can certainly handle one spoiled pretty boy, he thought to himself, then realized what he had just thought. Shit. This was confusing him. “When will I be officially on duty?”

“We’ll set off on the tour tomorrow morning around 9am. The bus will leave from here. Is that ok?” Zechs replied, grateful the bodyguard hadn’t quit already.

“Agreed,” Heero said, turning to leave. But Duo just couldn’t stay out of it.

“Just get some new clothes, so you don’t embarrass me, ok?” Duo sneered in the bodyguard’s direction, surreptitiously confirming that the man did, indeed, have the nicest ass he had ever seen. He tried not to show the lust the man stirred in him. The guy was a straight laced asshole, but a sexy one, Duo had to admit, at least to himself. And it had really been too long since he had had any… He sighed to himself as he watched the man walk out.

“You can roll up your tongue now, Duo,” smirked Zechs from across the room. “ Although he doesn’t really seem like your type, does he? Not sleazy enough.”

“Fuck off, Zechs,” said Duo, embarrassed at having been caught staring.

Treize laughed, and Duo blushed more, having forgotten his producer was still in the room. “Duo, you didn’t think I’d get you an ugly bodyguard, did you?”

“You could have gotten me a human one,” Duo shot back. “Though he is kinda easy on the eyes,” admitted the longhaired singer.

“That he is,” agreed Treize, then he turned to Zechs. “But of course, he doesn’t hold a candle to you, Zechs,” the older man purred.

It was Zechs’ turn to blush, and Duo’s turn to smirk. “Told you, Zechs,” Duo laughed. “He wants you!” Then, before either man could comment, he ran out of the office laughing.

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