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Pairing: 1x2
Rating: NC-17 overall
Warnings: yaoi, lemon, AU

by Jade
Part 3

Duo let himself be led to a nearby motel. It looked relatively well-kept and nondescript, just like a million others. Heero had decided on this one at random. He went in and paid cash for two nights. The man behind the counter asked no questions, and was so engrossed in the basketball game he was watching that he barely looked at Heero. He grabbed the key and led Duo to their room. As he closed the door behind them, Heero suddenly realized they were alone together. He also realized another thing: there was only one bed in the room. Heero cursed silently to himself as he realized he had forgotten to ask about the number of beds, and to do so now would mean going back to the front desk, possibly singling him out in the clerk's mind. He sighed; it would have to do.

Duo also had immediately noticed this fact and was intrigued by it. He tried not to grin at the prospect of being in the same bed with the gorgeous, dangerous boy... his mind conjured up all sorts of images that made him blush.

The silence stretched; and Duo finally asked, "Can I ask what we are doing now?"

Heero looked at Duo, and appeared to consider. "We'll lay low for a few days. Watch the news, see if there's anything being reported. Then we move, and I ask for your ransom. Then, hopefully, your parents will pay and you'll be free."

Duo nodded, believing Heero when he said he would free him, not entirely sure he wanted to be freed. "I'm tired. Would it be ok if I had a shower and got some sleep? It's sort of been a busy day," he added ruefully.

Duo mentioning a shower gave Heero some immediate mental images as well. Duo, naked and wet... "Ok, let me just make sure you can't escape from there. Come on," he took Duo's arm and led him into the bathroom. He checked the room; there were no windows or doors, no way to get out except through the door back to the room. Heero was slightly disappointed that he wouldn't have to watch Duo in the shower, then cursed himself for his perversity. He wasn't a peeping Tom, damn it! Even if the boy he wanted to watch was as perfectly sexy as Duo... who was peeling off his shirt unconcernedly, right in front of Heero. Heero knew he should leave, but he wanted so badly to watch Duo take his clothes off, touch that silky skin... he took a step back.

"You know, Heero," Duo said, his voice momentarily muffled by the shirt, "You don't have to guard me like that. I'm not going to run away." Duo paused, then turned around and added wickedly, dropping his hands to unbutton his pants, "Unless you like to watch."

Heero just growled and backed out of the room, slamming the door shut behind him. "Just don't use all the hot water," Duo heard him say through the door.

Duo stifled a giggle. What had gotten into him? Just the thought of undressing in front of Heero made him hard... he didn't know he was such an exhibitionist. Heero was definitely reacting to him, he just didn't know if it was positively or negatively. He pulled off his pants and boxers with difficulty; he was rock hard, and thinking about the sexy boy just feet away from him wasn't helping abate his frustration. Only one thing would do that... for the moment, anyway. Duo stepped into the shower, adjusting the temperature, trying to relax under the warm spray. He loved showers, the hotter the better. He let the water run over his body, thinking instead of how he wanted Heero's hands all over him in just the same way. Inevitably, his hand strayed down to his aching erection, wrapping his fingers around it, imagining they were Heero's instead of his own. A small moan escaped his lips as he started to stroke, squeezing gently.

Just outside the door, Heero slumped onto the bed, groaning with frustration. He flipped through the channels on the TV, but all that filled his mind were images of the longhaired boy in the shower, naked, surrounded by his gorgeous hair... he whimpered, trying to resist the urge to touch himself, to try to relieve the pressure of his trapped cock. Every splash of water, every sound from the shower only served to reinforce the image in his mind, to remind him of the wet naked boy just on the other side of the door, his sleek body glistening.

Duo stood under the warm water, completely into his fantasy now. In his mind, Heero was watching him, as he stroked his hard cock, lust darkening those cobalt eyes. He looked at Heero through half-lidded eyes, smiling lazily as he stroked his arousal. He watched as Heero stalked over to him, throwing aside the shower curtain and burying his hand in Duo's wet hair. The other boy dragged him forward, claiming his mouth in a blistering kiss, uncaring of the water dripping over them both, too turned on to stop. A small moan left his lips as he stroked, building toward climax, the pictures in his mind spurring him on. He ran his thumb over the tip of his cock, shuddering with the sensation.

Heero sat on the bed, unaware of the other boy's fantasy, wanting nothing more to do exactly what Duo was thinking of. The plan he had come up with on the spur of the moment was falling apart; he couldn't stop thinking of the violet-eyed boy, wasn't being detached enough. He had to remind himself what was really happening; this wasn't a fun outing, he was a kidnapper. Duo was his ticket to freedom. He had to stop thinking with his hormones. This, however, didn't help the erection that was driving him crazy.

Duo was close to completion, his mind filled with Heero's cobalt eyes and hard body. He pumped faster, using the water and his own excitement to lubricate his strokes. With his left hand, he braced himself against the tiled wall; his knees were beginning to weaken. He squeezed his cock tighter, tightening his grip as he sped up, so close now. What sent him over the edge was the thought of Heero pinning him to a bed with those incredibly strong hands, forcing his legs apart roughly, plunging into his vulnerable body... Duo wanted nothing more than to be ravished by Heero, and he climaxed, seed rushing out of his pulsing cock, intense pleasure rushing though his young body. He finally slumped back against the wall, panting; he had pleasured himself before, but it had never felt like this. Never this intense, this blindingly sharp. Never had he had such a picture in his mind, of the boy he wanted to touch him, to kiss him, to take him. Never had he been so close to his desire, mere feet away on the other side of the wall. His desire may have been sated for a brief moment, but he knew then that he couldn't get enough of the mysterious boy who had kidnapped him.

The door flew open then; Heero's voice came through the open door. "Are you finished?"

Duo resisted the urge to giggle; he replied, "Almost," and hurried to rinse himself off. Then he turned off the water and stepped out without covering himself, hoping that Heero was watching.

Heero didn't trust himself to walk into the bathroom, so he stayed outside; a glimpse of bare flesh and wet hair sent him running to the other side of the room where he couldn't see. He stood there panting, aching to walk into that room and claim the longhaired boy's body for his own. Over and over. He realized his body was betraying him, and he quickly pulled his shirt out of his pants so it would hang over and hide his raging erection.

Duo grabbed a towel in disappointment; Heero was nowhere to be seen. He wrapped a towel around his hips and another one around his head, soaking up as much of the water as he could. Then he walked out into the room. Heero was hunched over in a chair, staring at the television, not looking at him. "Sorry I took so long," Duo offered. "My hair takes forever."

Heero couldn't help himself; the mention of Duo's hair, one of the main reasons for his undoing, made him look up. What a mistake; Duo stood by the bed, small towel barely wrapped around his slim hips, slipping off to the side. He wore nothing else; he used the other towel to soak water out of his hair, leaning to the side. Heero suppressed a whimper as the towel slipped lower on Duo's body. His erection returned fully and he tried desperately not to stare at the other boy's body so obviously.

Duo looked out of the corner of his eye; was Heero looking at him? He stretched a bit more than necessary, trying to make the towel slip farther down his hips.

Heero tore his eyes away, trying to concentrate on the news. He could sense movement behind him, and he suddenly realized he could see Duo in the reflection of the TV. He tried to make out what the longhaired boy was doing. He tried not to moan as he realized Duo was bending over, the towel pulling up... nothing in the world could have kept Heero from turning as quietly as possible in the chair to stare at the other boy. Duo's back was to him, and Heero stared; he was drawn to the bottom of the towel, where it pulled up so he could just see the tops of the shapely thighs, knowing that just a bit higher was the boy's firm ass. The ass he wanted so badly to possess. So badly that he was holding his breath, heart and cock pounding. His mouth was dry and he swallowed with difficulty.

Duo could almost feel the weight of the cobalt stare. He knew Heero was watching this time, knew he had the other boy's attention. In one fluid movement, he stood and turned, flipping his hair back over his shoulders and turning to face the other boy. He dropped the towel from his head, and as he turned he felt the towel around his hips slip. He grabbed for it, deliberately letting the towel drop slightly. Luckily, he wasn't fully hard again, yet; otherwise he would have had a problem. He completed his maneuver, ending up facing Heero, who was indeed looking right at him, mouth hanging open. Duo put on his most innocent look, which wasn't too difficult, since he actually was pretty innocent. "Damn towels just aren't big enough," he said casually, secretly thrilling at the intensity of the other boy's gaze. Surely, the other boy would make a move on him now... He stood, reveling in Heero's eyes raking over his exposed body. Oh, god, Heero, please take me...

Heero fought his body, fought to keep from launching himself across the room and tackling Duo to the bed, pinning him there and taking his body as hard and fast as possible. He couldn't; he may have been a kidnapper, but he wouldn't become a rapist. And whether or not Duo was offering that luscious body to him or not, the fact remained that he was Heero's captive, here against his will. So having sex with the beautiful boy would be under duress, and that was rape. Heero was stronger than that. He forced his body under control, taking a deep breath. He closed his eyes, half-hoping the tempting vision would go away. He opened them again, but nothing had changed. Duo was still standing there, looking like his hottest fantasy, a fantasy he couldn't touch.

Duo frowned; was the boy made of ice? He sighed; well, there would be other chances. "Do you have a brush?" he asked. "I need to deal with this," he finished, indicating his hair.

Heero nodded, and managed to growl, "In the bag," before he turned back to the TV.

Silently, Duo got the brush out and worked it through his hair. Heero's eyes never left the TV. Duo watched the other boy's profile as he brushed. Heero was the most gorgeous boy he had ever seen; his body was like a Greek god's and his face was almost too pretty to be a boy. He was perfect; Duo wanted him so much, but he had no idea how to go about it. He had never even been kissed. But his body knew what it wanted; his hormones were demanding that the other boy touch him. He sighed as he braided his still damp hair, and tied the end. He went and got his clothes out of the bathroom, and put on his boxers to sleep in. He would have preferred to sleep naked next to Heero, but he decided not to push it too much. With another glance at the cobalt-eyed boy, he sighed and lay on the bed. He would have Heero.

Heero was aware of Duo's every move. He had finally gotten his body under enough control so that he could stand up when Duo finished. He looked at the beautiful boy stretched out on the bed, and nearly lost control of his body once again. He needed to relieve some of this frustration, and fast. He decided to take a shower. One problem, though; what if Duo took this opportunity to escape? He had already disabled the phone in the room, but he could still escape on foot. He couldn't let that happen. He needed Duo, in more ways than one now. He knew he had to resist the longhaired siren; but he was only human. He also didn't want to let the other boy out of his sight. He reached into his backpack and pulled out some special handcuffs, ones with a long chain between the two cuffs. He walked over to the bed, staring longingly at the perfect body stretched out there. Duo appeared to be asleep already. He leaned close, first attaching one cuff to the headboard, which appeared to be sturdy enough. Then he reached for Duo's left hand, and found himself drowning in violet eyes.

"What are you doing?" Duo asked curiously, not at all afraid. He wanted Heero, wanted him this close, would have done anything the other boy asked just to be one with him. "Kinky," he grinned, looking at the cuffs as Heero fastened the other one around his wrist. Heero must have bought those while he was busy looking at clothes.

Heero frowned. "It's so you don't escape while I take a shower."

"I won't run away, I told you that!" Duo pouted, and Heero believed him. But something about the longhaired boy, restrained like that, was making him rock hard again. "Unless you like me this way," Duo teased, stretching seductively. Duo could have sworn he heard Heero growl deep in his throat before he whirled and went in the bathroom, slamming the door and locking it unnecessarily. Duo giggled softly.

Heero leaned against the door, breathing heavily. He was not going to be able to withstand this much longer. But he had to be strong; he was no rapist. Even if just looking at Duo made him rock hard, he would resist. His mind strayed back to the image of the longhaired boy, handcuffed to the bed, and it made him even more aroused. Duo, writhing on the bed, pinned there by his strength, arching up against him... Heero ripped off his clothes in frustration, turning on the water and stepping beneath the stream.

Duo stretched on the bed, sleepily. The cuffs allowed him plenty of room to get comfortable. He was hard again, despite his earlier activity; he wondered if Heero was doing the same thing right now. The image of Heero pumping his own cock was delicious; he could almost see the water running over that incredible body, dripping from that hard cock as he stroked. Duo licked his lips as he spread his legs unconsciously, wishing Heero was between them. He really was tired, though; he dozed off on top of the covers, still hard, the sound of the running water soothing him. He dreamed of cobalt eyes and warm hands.

Heero cursed his weakness as he stood in the shower, trying to resist touching himself. He failed, though, and soon he was pumping his cock roughly and biting his lip. He could almost feel Duo's silky skin under his hands, feel those creamy thighs part for him. It would be heaven to sink his cock into that body, to feel those hands and that hair all over him, to hear that voice scream his name with the ecstasy he would give him. He slumped against the wall, legs turning to rubber as he approached completion. "Duo," he whispered, closing his eyes, wishing he could touch the other boy, just once. He stifled a cry as he climaxed hard, shooting his passion all over the walls, thinking only of Duo. He had never felt this for anyone, ever. With a sinking feeling, ecstasy fading to a dull throb, he realized he might possibly be falling in love with his captive.

He emerged from the bathroom a little while later to see the object of his desire fast asleep, boxers stretched tight over hardness, enticing body tempting him again. "Oh, god," he whispered, as he looked at Duo. He had a sudden urge to pull the covers over Duo, to keep him warm; so, carefully, trying not to touch everything he wanted so badly to touch, he pulled the covers over the other boy. He found himself staring at the sleeping boy, so close... he turned away, disgusted with himself. He briefly considered sleeping on the chair, but decided he needed to be rested, so he climbed carefully into the bed, staying as far away from Duo as possible, and tried to relax his surging heart and hormones. Finally, he drifted off to sleep, dreams filled with long chestnut hair and small towels.

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