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Pairings: 1+2, 5X2
Ratings: NC-17 overall
Warnings: yaoi, lemon

Notes: This idea has been in my head for a while... just a bit of fun while I think about Little Boy Blue! Thanks to Kimmy-kun for the suggestion. This is the first time I've tried 5+2... hope you like! Um, in case that sort of thing upsets you... there is a possibility of a threesome in the future... not guaranteeing, but anything could happen!

Decisions, Decisions
by Jade
Part 2

Duo stood staring at the clothes in his closet accusingly. He was sure he had something to wear, but the clothes weren't cooperating. Wufei had told him to dress up, but that was all. Duo sighed, finally choosing black silky low-slung pants that he knew clung to him perfectly, pairing it with a tight red t-shirt and black boots. He left his hair loose, and put on just a bit of make-up. He wondered what the Chinese boy had planned for them. He looked forward to both his dates; he had always found both Heero and Wufei extremely sexy. He never could decide which boy he liked more, figuring if one of them ever expressed interest, that would make his choice. He had never dreamed that both of them wanted him; Duo intended to milk this for all it was worth. He grinned wickedly at himself in the mirror before stepping out of the room to meet his date for the night.

Wufei waited patiently for the longhaired boy, trying not to smirk as Heero stormed out of the room, in a bad mood as could be expected. He had to spend the night trying not to think of Duo and Wufei together, and what they might be doing... Wufei fully intended to sweep Duo completely off his feet, and there would be no need for the next night's date. A noise made him look up, and there stood Duo; looking more gorgeous than he had thought possible. The tight clothes accentuated the slim body, and the loose chestnut silk framed the beautiful face perfectly. Duo was a vision; and he was all Wufei's tonight.

"Hi," Duo said, shy all of a sudden.

"Hello, Duo. You look beautiful," said Wufei smoothly, taking Duo's arm gently and guiding him to the door. He opened the door with a flourish, and announced, "Your chariot awaits."

Duo stepped outside and almost gasped when he saw the huge black limo parked in front of the house. "Wow! You did this for me?" Duo was nearly bouncing as he ran up to the limo. The driver, dressed all in shiny black, opened the door smoothly and Duo crawled inside eagerly.

Wufei followed him in, delighted with Duo's reaction. The longhaired boy's excitement was contagious, and he found himself grinning at Duo's antics. The other boy was everywhere, playing with every switch and button, opening the sunroof, and changing the radio station. Eventually, Duo was standing up, sticking his head out the sunroof, his hair streaming behind him.

Finally, still giggling, Duo plopped back down into the limo, completely exhilarated. "This is great, Wu-man!"

Wufei had never seen Duo look as beautiful as he did right now. His cheeks were flushed and his eyes sparkled. This was how he wanted to make Duo feel, forever. He wanted to give him everything, make him happy and laughing all the time. He knew full well his short life had not contained much happiness. "I am glad you like it, Duo," he said quietly.

Duo gazed back at Wufei, just noticing how handsome the Chinese boy looked. He was dressed in a simple white suit that emphasized his coal black hair and ebony eyes. He looked elegant and incredibly sexy. Duo felt himself react to the other boy; his confident aura and exotic looks were a big turn-on. He watched as Wufei slid closer, suddenly feeling a bit nervous and not quite as in control as he had before. Wufei raised his hand up to brush a strand of hair from Duo's eyes, then used one finger to trace the line of Duo's jaw ever so lightly. Duo stared back at him, lost in charcoal depths, and swallowed. Wufei was just leaning in to brush his lips against Duo's when the limo came to a stop.

The driver announced that they were at the restaurant, and Wufei cursed silently. So close!

The restaurant was candlelit and romantic, and Duo enjoyed it thoroughly. Wufei looked so sexy in the low light, and he was being a true gentleman, holding the chair for his date and ordering for him. The food was excellent and the service was exquisite, and Wufei made sure Duo was thoroughly spoiled by it all.

Wufei watched the longhaired boy, loving the way he seemed to savor everything, happy that he was happy. He knew he could sweep Duo off his feet, make him forget about Heero. He watched Duo finish off dessert, smiling back at the violet-eyed boy.

"That was incredible, Wufei," Duo sighed, sitting back happily. "I've had a wonderful time."

"Oh, we're nowhere close to finished, gorgeous," answered the Chinese boy, signaling for the check. "The night is young, and so are we!" He paid the considerable bill without letting Duo see it, and led the other boy back out to the waiting limo.

Duo settled back against the soft leather, and asked, "Where are we going?"

"Dancing," answered Wufei. "If that's ok with you."

"That would be great!" exclaimed Duo, nearly bouncing. "I love to dance."

Wufei had suspected as much, and he said, "I bet you're incredible at it."

Duo smiled and shook his head, and said, "Naw, I just have fun."

But Wufei couldn't wait to see the longhaired boy move to the music, see that sweet body writhe, feel him against him.

A judicious bribe and the limo's status got the two boys into the club quickly. Duo grinned as they walked by the line of waiting people. He could hear the pounding beat from inside the club, and he couldn't wait to get inside. It had been far too long since he had gotten to go dancing at a place like this.

Wufei slid his hand into Duo's and guided him through the crowd to a free table. He watched the longhaired boy's face as he took in the flashing lights and glitzy surroundings. He loved the look on Duo's face; he was enjoying himself thoroughly. Duo never did anything halfway, that was certain. He had a strong urge to keep that look on Duo's face permanently.

"Shall we dance?" Wufei said in Duo's ear, over the sound of the music. Duo nodded happily, and they made their way out to the floor.

Duo noted with satisfaction that no one seemed to take undue notice of two boys dancing together, then threw himself into the music with abandon. He happily noticed that Wufei kept up with him, moving to the music, matching his moves.

Wufei was having a wonderful time, watching Duo and dancing next to him. The music wound around them, and he moved closer and closer to the longhaired boy as they moved to the beat. Soon, their bodies were brushing against each other occasionally. The Chinese boy watched Duo carefully, to see if he objected to the contact.

Duo was getting into it, thrusting his hips, letting the dancing become more sexual. He caught glimpses of Wufei as he danced, and he thought that the other boy looked great this way, more relaxed and uninhibited. Not to mention damn sexy. He caught Wufei looking at him, and he threw the other boy a wicked grin, gazing at him from underneath his hair. Duo raised his arms above his head, pumping his hips to the music, and he let his body just brush against Wufei.

Wufei bit back a moan as he felt Duo's lithe body against his. Beat by beat, thrust by thrust, their bodies made more contact. Chocolate brown eyes met violet with a challenging glance, and they started to grind.

Duo let his body press fully against Wufei's, and when he felt the other boy, all lean muscle and hardness against him, he let the Chinese boy feel his desire too. Their hips moved in concert, young bodies moving as one, locked perfectly together.

Wufei had been worried that Duo would think he was coming on too strong when he pressed his erection against the other boy, but he couldn't help himself. The longhaired boy turned him on so much, and he couldn't hide it anymore. But when their bodies ground together, he could feel that Duo was as hard as he was. Of course, feeling Duo's desire made his own passion rise higher, and he put his hands on Duo's hips, emboldened. He still watched Duo's face carefully. He didn't want to scare off the beautiful boy. He wanted Duo so badly; he was so close. He wanted to see that pretty face entranced with passion, for him. The expression he saw on Duo's face was straight out of his fantasy; the longhaired boy smiled wickedly at him, licking his lips sensually.

Duo laughed to himself; he loved the way the Chinese boy was looking at him, the lust evident on his exotic face. Nothing made him feel more alive than to be wanted by another beautiful boy; and he could tell that Wufei wanted him badly. Duo felt a thrill of anticipation run through his body; at that moment he decided he would sleep with Wufei tonight. He decided to make the other boy suffer a bit first, though. He moved so his legs straddled Wufei's and slid down the other boy's thigh as he danced.

Wufei almost moaned as he felt Duo grind against him. It was all he could do to keep from ravishing the other boy right there on the dance floor. His whole body ached with need to claim Duo; the need emanated from his aching cock and suffused his body with lust. Taking a chance, he slid his hands down, from Duo's hips to that perfect ass he wanted so badly. It felt as good as it looked, firm and rounded.

Duo threw back his head and moaned as he felt the other boy's hands on him; he was ready to surrender right there, right then. He put his hands on Wufei's shoulders and pressed even closer, letting his face come within inches of the other boy's. He stared deep into ebony pools.

Wufei held his breath; would he be so lucky as to have a chance with the longhaired boy? An inch away, Duo's lips waited invitingly. Unable to close his eyes, Wufei moved that last distance, and pressed his lips to those heartbreakingly perfect ones. He felt rather than heard the soft whimper that Duo made as their lips touched. Duo's lips parted for him, and he slid his tongue inside gently, barely able to believe he was finally kissing the other boy.

Duo moved his hands so they wrapped around the back of Wufei's neck, and held on tight. His mouth was locked to Wufei's, and their tongues sparred gently. Duo whimpered again, addicted to the drug that was sex, losing his mind with the rising tide of hormones. He craved the feeling of a hard body against him, hard with desire for him, heated by lust. His arousal pulsed, wanting satisfaction, and Duo knew he had to get out of there now, or he would soon be arrested for indecent exposure. He needed to feel the other boy's naked flesh against him, and he needed it now. He drew back and moved his mouth to the other boy's ear. "Wufei..." he whispered. "Let's get out of here..."

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