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Pairing: 1x2
Rating: NC-17
Warnings (overall): yaoi, crossdressing, lemon, exhibitionism
Notes: Anyway, on to the fic: this really has no relation to the rest of my Chance Meeting series, except the part about encountering each other accidentally. Someone mentioned that Heero never gets put in drag, and this little idea popped into my head. Warnings are overall. Enjoy!

Chance Meeting: Dancing Queen

Part 1

Heero sighed when he got Dr. J's message. There was another mission, and Heero knew he wouldn't like it by the look on Dr. J's face. The message was recorded, but the scientist spoke as if he was having an actual conversation with the pilot.

"Ah, Heero. My favorite protégé. Well, my only protégé. Anyway, got a new mission for you. It's different, requires a bit of, well, subterfuge. But I know you can do it. The details are attached, with the usual codes. Return message within 5 minutes, accept or reject, the usual. And don't worry, if you don't want to do it, we can get someone else. Maxwell, maybe?" Dr. J chuckled unhealthily as he signed off.

Heero frowned as he downloaded and decrypted the files. What the hell was the old man up to now? He opened the files; his frown deepened. Who the hell did the scientists think they were? Who did they think he was? Growling, Heero finished reading the assignment.

The scientists had discovered that several top-level OZ officials had a bit of a... predilection... for pretty young boys, whom they liked to dress in drag and dance for them. Apparently they met once a month or so, and hired a boy to perform for them. The scientists wanted Heero to infiltrate the party, and get some of the officials in compromising positions. The room would be bugged ahead of time, so there would be evidence of the men's indiscretions with which to blackmail them. The type of indiscretion was not specified.

Heero's anger rose. Did Dr. J think he was a pimp now? To subject Heero to this type of humiliation... Heero was ready to fire back a rejection of the assignment, something he had never done before, when he remembered Dr. J's parting shot. They would get Duo to do it instead. Heero's blood boiled as he thought of those men's hands on his Duo. Not that Duo knew that he was Heero's. Heero wasn't sure just when he had started feeling so possessive of the braided boy. Certainly, there had never been anything between them. Duo confused him. Sometimes he was sure that Duo was coming on to him, then Heero would reject that as ridiculous. Maybe it was just the way the longhaired boy acted. All Heero knew was, the sight of Duo made him long to touch him, run his fingers through that amazing hair, over that lithe body... a body that would look way too good in drag. Heero felt his body react to the thought of Duo in a skirt, or Duo in just about anything. Duo wore a variety of outfits in Heero's dreams. But truthfully, Heero preferred the dreams in which Duo came to him wearing nothing. This was what Duo did to him; made his mind wander, distracted him from his job, made him get inconvenient erections. With a scowl, Heero realized he was doing it again, fantasizing about Duo when he was supposed to be working.

Heero typed in the commands that would send a confirmation message to Dr. J. He wondered if the scientist had deliberately threatened to send Duo on this mission because he knew of Heero's feelings. Heero hoped not, but wouldn't put it past the old man.

Ninmu ryoukai. Heero sighed. How the hell was he supposed to know what to dress in? He would end up looking ridiculous, and the mission would fail. Then they would send Duo in. No, Heero resolved, that wouldn't happen. He would make this work. He needed help. Who could he ask? Not Duo, no. Trowa wouldn't be any help, and Wufei even less. That left Quatre. He had lots of sisters; maybe he knew something about women's clothes, and makeup. At least the little blond wouldn't laugh at him. Too much. He hoped.

The party was set for tomorrow night. Heero decided to go find Quatre.

Surprisingly, once Heero had explained the situation, Quatre had been very helpful. He told Heero that he would get some things from his sisters and would help him get ready tomorrow night. Heero thanked Quatre and asked him to please not say anything to anyone about it. Quatre agreed, and Heero went back to his room and tried to get some sleep.

Duo was off on a mission, not due back for several days, so he was all alone in their shared room. And all alone with his thoughts of Duo. Heero groaned as images of Duo came to him, unbidden. Duo coming out of the shower, only a towel wrapped around his slim body, wet hair cascading down his back. Duo playing basketball, sweaty and clad only in short shorts. And now, Duo in a miniskirt, bending over in front of him, with nothing underneath... Heero buried his head in the pillow, burning with frustration. If only Duo returned his feelings... but that was impossible, it would never happen. Heero had to concentrate on the missions. That was the purpose of his life, the only purpose. Anything else was extraneous. Even if that anything was as beautiful as Duo Maxwell. Eventually, Heero drifted off to sleep.

The next night, the appointed time came and Heero made his way with trepidation to Quatre's room. He knocked tentatively. The door flew open, and Quatre stood there, radiant and nearly bouncing with excitement. Grabbing Heero, the blond pulled him quickly inside.

"Oh, I'm so excited, Heero! And honored that you would ask me for help! I'm going to make you beautiful. Well, more beautiful than you already are," Quatre added.

"Don't make fun of me," mumbled Heero unhappily. "I don't want to do this."

Quatre paused. Did the cobalt-eyed boy not know how gorgeous he was? Well, Quatre would have to show him.

"Cheer up, Heero," Quatre chirped. "Let's get started!" With that, the blond boy started pulling out clothes, lots of them, endless amounts of them. To Heero, who only owned about 3 outfits, all of them identical, it was overwhelming. He remained silent as Quatre threw clothes around, muttering about complementary colors and holding various things up in front of Heero. Finally, Quatre had separated a smaller pile of clothes from the rest and said to Heero, "Ok! Time to try on a few! Clothes off! Oh, leave your underwear on for now."

Heero didn't move. "Quatre," he began. "I don't, um, wear, underwear."

Quatre blushed bright pink. "Oh, Heero, you have to, under a skirt, or, well, you know... these skirts are pretty short, and..." The blond boy trailed off. Then he brightened. "Oh, I know!" He bounced off, and returned with a very small piece of black silk. He handed it to Heero. "Here, wear this!"

Heero held it up, trying to figure out what it was, and how he was supposed to put it on. Finally, he looked at Quatre in frustration. "What is it?"

Quatre giggled. "It's a g-string. It's underwear."

"It's too small."

"No, it's supposed to be like that. It stretches."


Finally, Quatre convinced Heero that he needed to wear the g-string, and explained how to put it on. Then Quatre turned his back to let Heero strip and put on the tiny garment. Quatre really couldn't wait to see Heero in it, and was sorely tempted to sneak a peek. He loved Trowa with all his heart, but Heero was one gorgeous hunk of Gundam pilot.

Finally, after various muttered curses that despite Quatre's fluency in languages he didn't understand, Heero announced, "It's on."

Quatre turned around, and despite himself, his body reacted to the sight of a nearly nude Heero, barely covered by a small string of black silk, the rest of him gloriously on view. Heero was right, the g-string was too small. Quatre giggled as he wondered if Duo knew how well-endowed the oblivious object of his lust was.

Words failed him, then he finally stammered, "Well, that will do for now." Heero glared.

Quatre tried to ignore the expanse of uncovered, chiseled Heero and his own growing erection as he chose several items for Heero to try on. Holding them out to the brown-haired boy, Quatre tried to reassure him, "They're spandex! Very comfortable!"

Wordlessly, Heero grabbed the clothes and put them on. Quatre closed his eyes because the sight of Heero getting dressed was nearly as sexy as him getting undressed.

"Well?" demanded Heero. Quatre opened his eyes. And nearly gasped.

There Heero stood, in a black mesh t-shirt and a zebra striped spandex miniskirt that rode low on his hips. Heero felt ridiculous.

Quatre thought otherwise. The blond boy had thought Heero looked good in the g-string; but the slight covering the skimpy clothes afforded only served to enhance the sheer eroticism of the boy. The clothes clung to his lean form like a second skin, and the partial covering of the see-through shirt made his smooth chest even more appealing. The skirt came to just below his bellybutton and only covered him to mid thigh. As Quatre walked around behind him, he could see that the rear view was just as nice; Heero's spectacular ass looked even more luscious in the skirt.

Quatre tried to hide the fact that the sight of Heero in those clothes had made him instantly rock hard. He had to try several times before he could speak, and he could see Heero getting more and more impatient.

"That looks great, Heero!" Quatre squeaked, trying not to drool. Quatre almost started to say that he should wear that and not worry about trying any of the rest of them on, when the blond boy got an evil thought. "But maybe you should try a few more..." Quatre couldn't help himself. When else would he get the chance to openly stare at Heero's gorgeous body without risking sudden death?

Heero grumbled, but eventually he was treated to the sight of Heero wiggling in and out of several provocative outfits. Several times Heero even needed Quatre's help zipping things up. The blond boy took extreme delight in this. He had never gotten to touch Heero before, and up close the Wing pilot smelled incredibly good, musky and masculine, which contrasted deliciously with his feminine attire.

Heero was currently wearing a black leather micro-miniskirt, and Quatre had suggested accessorizing with black seamed stockings. Unfortunately, the seams wouldn't lie straight, and Quatre was currently on his knees in front of Heero, running his hands up Heero's legs, ostensibly trying to straighten the seam but actually trying to look up Heero's skirt to see if he was aroused.

That was when Trowa walked in.

Part 2

Normally, finding your boyfriend, visibly aroused, on his knees on the floor groping another boy, who was dressed in drag, would be concerning. But this was Quatre, beneath whose angelic exterior beat the nymphomaniac heart of a true hentai, and Trowa was well aware of this. He and Quatre shared everything, including their occasional lusts for their gorgeous partners. Trowa trusted Quatre implicitly, but decided to have a bit of fun.

"Little one!" Trowa tried to force a mock-scolding tone into his usually even voice. "What are you doing?"

Before Quatre could react, Heero had spun around, cheeks burning with embarrassment. Trowa was stunned. He had never imagined Heero in a dress would be so incredibly sexy. Trowa felt his own body react involuntarily as his green eyes traveled all over the Perfect Soldier's lithe body.

"Trowa!" Quatre exclaimed, playing along. "You weren't supposed to be home until tomorrow!"

"Obviously," Trowa answered, stalking towards the two boys.

"Trowa, this isn't what it looks like," Heero stated.

"I certainly hope not," said Trowa evenly.

Heero tensed, ready for violence despite his attire. "Quatre was just helping me prepare for a mission," he explained.

Trowa raised an eyebrow. "Oh, is that what they're calling it these days?"

Quatre put on a worried look. "Don't worry, Heero, he's not that mad. He actually likes to watch."

"Watch?" Heero said, then understood. "Quatre! Trowa! We, I mean, I, wasn't..." Heero trailed off as Quatre burst into a fit of giggles. Even Trowa's mouth quirked up slightly in his version of a smile. Heero frowned. "You're not serious." It wasn't a question.

"Don't be mad, Heero," Quatre managed to say. "We were just playing."

"And you two looked so..." Trowa trailed off, eyeing Heero with obvious enjoyment.

"If you're quite finished playing, I have a mission to prepare for," Heero snapped.

"Why didn't they send Duo on this mission?" Trowa wondered. "He seems more, uh, suited to this type of mission."

"No!" Heero nearly shouted. "I mean, the mission was assigned to me. Don't you think I can pull it off?"

Quatre said, "I think he'll do great. He's not supposed to look like a girl, after all, just a pretty boy in drag."

Heero blushed at being called pretty, and before he could retort, he felt their eyes roaming all over him again, and Trowa said, "Well, he certainly is that." Heero decided to let that comment go.

Clearing his throat, he said, "Ok, I'll go with this outfit. What else do I need?"

"Boots," Trowa and Quatre said simultaneously.

Tall, black leather boots were chosen after some consideration, which was more fun for Trowa and Quatre than Heero. They had a flat heel so Heero wouldn't stumble. Trowa and Quatre stood back and regarded the vision before them. And regarded. And regarded. Until Heero began fuming and demanded, "Well? How do I look?"

Trowa and Quatre looked at each other, then back at Heero. They grinned. And Quatre said, "One more thing."

Heero scowled. "What now?"

"Makeup," the blond answered.

Heero cursed in multiple languages.

"Now, now, Heero, just sit down here, I'll take care of it," soothed Quatre. "My sisters taught me everything about makeup. If I could make some of them look good, your beautiful face should be no problem."

Heero looked confused. "Beautiful? Me?"

Quatre looked at Heero. "You really don't know, do you?"

Heero shook his head.

Quatre looked deep into the cobalt eyes. "You, Heero Yuy, are beautiful. Incredibly, sensually beautiful." Quatre knew how Duo felt about Heero, but had been sworn to silence by the braided boy. "And I'm not the only one who thinks so. Now hold still." With that, Quatre began to apply makeup expertly.

Heero sat, stunned by Quatre's words, wondering at the cryptic comment but afraid to ask. He decided not to ask.

Quatre fussed with Heero's face and Trowa watched. Finally, the blond seemed to be satisfied. He stepped back so Heero could see himself. Heero started at himself in the mirror. And gaped.

Quatre had rimmed each of Heero's cobalt eyes with a deep blue kohl, which made his already luminous eyes appear even bigger and more piercing. His lips were enhanced with a deep plum colored shade that made them appear even fuller and more sensuous. A slight brush of plum blush on Heero's high cheekbones completed the effect; no more was needed. The effect was subtle, but effective; Heero was drop-dead gorgeous.

Heero stood up, and turned around to face Quatre and Trowa. "Well?" he asked. "How do I look?"

The two boys just stood there for a moment, taking in the full effect.

Heero put his hands on his hips impatiently. "I look ridiculous, don't I? You can say it."

Quatre found his voice, "No, no, Heero, not at all. Quite the opposite, in fact."

Trowa nodded.

Quatre added mischievously, "Are you sure you don't want to stay home and play with us instead?" Trowa smiled slightly.

Heero looked astonished, then blushed deeply as the implications of the blond's words sunk in. He dropped his eyes in embarrassment, and ended up staring at the two boys' pants; pants that bulged with evidence of the sincerity of Quatre's offer. He quickly raised his eyes again.

"I have a mission," he said quickly, gathering his clothes and fleeing the room. "Thank you for your help."

Quatre called after him, "If you ever change your mind, you know where to find us!"

Heero didn't answer.

Heero steeled himself as he approached the hotel room door with trepidation. He knew, was absolutely certain, that he could physically handle anything a roomful of drunken OZ officials could throw at him. But that wasn't the point. It was the psychological pressure of projecting the image that he was supposed to project. It was so unlike his usual missions that he felt unsure of his ability to carry it out. Then he remembered Quatre and Trowa's reactions, and some of his self-confidence returned. He knocked on the door.

Heero's acute hearing detected music, glass and loud voices behind the door. Footsteps approached the door, and it was thrown wide open.

In the doorway stood a tall, thin, middle-aged man. He was balding, and his uniform was in disarray. He clutched a half-empty glass in one hand. His beady eyes swept over Heero lasciviously, leaving Heero feeling unclean. Heero held his breath and tried to look enticing. Apparently, he passed inspection, because the man's pale face broke out in a wide grin, he stepped back and shouted, "Hey, guys! Dessert's here! Come on in, honey, it's cold outside."

Heero stepped inside, narrowly avoiding the man's wandering hand grabbing for his ass. He sighed mentally. It was going to be a long night.

The room was a large suite, lavishly appointed and obviously intended to impress. Heero automatically noted all possible exits and the layout of the room as he entered. He also noted the surveillance equipment. There were seven men in the room, all nearly identical in their crumpled uniforms and state of inebriation. Several were gathered around a video screen that was showing a video of dubious legality; they were obviously enjoying themselves.

At Heero's entrance, all eyes swiveled around to look at the new attraction. Heero tried not to scowl too much as he stood there. He felt like a piece of meat. He really would get even with Dr. J for this.

The brief silence worried Heero; but then, the men regained their voices. Whistles, catcalls, approving comments and propositions flew at him from all directions.

"You did good this time," one of the men stated to the man who was obviously the organizer of this sordid affair.

"Come here and sit on my lap, baby," offered one of the men. Heero refused to look in their eyes. He wouldn't be able to give accurate descriptions of the men, but he would just leave it to the cameras. If he didn't look at them, he could do his job, pretending it was not really happening.

"No, me first!" cried another faceless man, and other voices joined in the protest.

"Now, now, this sweet boy is here to dance, and dancing is all you're getting. For now," the leader said with a leer in his voice.

Groans of disappointment echoed around the room. Then someone put on some music with a slow, sultry beat, and the men looked expectantly at Heero. He sighed inwardly. Showtime.

Just then there was another knock at the door. Heero had his back to the door, and sought out a mirror to let him see what was going on. This wasn't part of the plan; no one else was supposed to be there. Then he heard the voice of the newcomer.

"Hey, hey, Daddy Warbucks, hands off for now," a cheerful, very familiar American voice rang out. "You'll get your chance."

Part 3

Heero's head snapped up. What the hell was Duo doing here? That was unmistakably the braided baka's voice, though he couldn't see him yet.

Heero tried not to react to the fact that someone else was arriving, someone he knew quite well. Someone he wanted to know even better.

Slowly, he turned around to regard the newcomer. Duo came around the corner, just out of reach of the man behind him. The man spoke up, "Look, boys, we got us a special treat tonight. Double the fun."

Heero stood still in shock; the world threatened to disappear around him. Standing in front of him was a wet dream come true. Duo was dressed to kill; a tiny skin-tight purple skirt barely covered him, riding so low on his hips that his hipbones and lower abs were clearly visible. The skirt only came down to Duo's shapely upper thighs, and seemed ready to ride up even higher at the slightest provocation. An equally tiny cropped tank top barely covered his chest, leaving a large expanse of flat stomach on view. Duo was wearing high-heeled sandals that made his long legs look even more delicious, and over the outfit he wore a black leather jacket from which dangled many charms and chains. The complete effect was breathtaking, but even all that paled beside the fact that Duo's hair was loose. The amazing chestnut mass cascaded over his shoulders and down his back, surrounding Duo with what appeared to be a golden halo. Duo's hair framed his beautiful face; a face that was only enhanced by a small amount of expertly applied makeup.

Heero made a mental note to ask Duo later how he had gotten so good at dressing as a girl; then he realized that Duo was staring at him too, perfect mouth hanging open.

Duo was speechless for once. He had received the mission just as he was returning to the safe house, and there was no indication it was to be a joint mission. Dress up, dance, make out a little, then run. It wasn't anything he hadn't done before. Not that any of the other pilots knew about some of Duo's specialized skills. Heero was an expert hacker, Quatre was an empath, and the scientists used them according to their abilities. It was no different for the longhaired boy. Duo was well aware of his appearance, and used it when he needed to. Not that he was proud of it; but he did what had to be done. There were limits, though, and the scientists knew well how far he would go for the cause.

Now, standing in front of him, was a new twist: Heero, the source of his wet dreams and fantasies since he'd first laid eyes on the spandex clad pilot. Not only was Heero here to see Duo in all his cross-dressed glory, but Heero was dressed up as well. And not just dressed up; dressed to knock your eyes out and drain the blood from your brain. Sure, he had dreamed about Heero in almost every way, shape or form for months, but the actual reality of seeing Heero being deliberately provocative was too much. To Duo, Heero was equally drop-dead gorgeous when he was covered in grime or stepping out of the shower, clad only in a towel. There was just no situation in which Heero didn't look incredibly sexy, without even knowing it. Then, to see the Japanese boy like this... Duo decided that even his overactive imagination hadn't been up to the task of imagining what Heero would look like if he were trying to be sexy. Because standing in front of him was a vision, a vision that was threatening to make his miniskirt even tighter.

The two boys stared at each other for a long moment. Duo was the first to break the silence, frowning slightly. "Hey, what's the deal? You didn't tell me there was gonna be somebody else here. I work alone. Ain't I enough for y'all?" Duo drew his words out, drawling slightly, completely unlike his normal voice.

"Now, now, boys, make friends! We want you to be very good friends," the man in charge said with unnecessary emphasis on the word very.

Heero scowled, seemingly unable to form words.

Duo realized what the man was suggesting, and it took all his control not to blush scarlet. Not that he didn't want to be "friendly" with Heero, in fact he wanted nothing more in the universe. But not with an audience, under these circumstances. But then another, more devious part of his mind piped up; this way he could touch Heero, and dance with him, and possibly more, all without retribution or explanation. It might be his only chance. It was pathetic, he mused, but it just might be worth it.

Heero also realized what the men wanted, and his initial anger turned quickly to desire as he contemplated the situation. He would be able to be close to Duo, to touch him, perhaps even kiss him... even the thought that Duo might be disgusted by him wasn't enough to quell his need. But he couldn't seem too eager; to both Duo and the OZ officials, that would seem odd. So he glared.

"Come on, boys," the man cajoled. "You're both so pretty, can't you make friends? Just one little kiss." The other men cheered their approval of this suggestion.

When neither boy made a move toward the other, the men shouted out encouragement. The man in charge said, "Oh, they're just a little shy. Joe, turn up the music. Come on, boys, dance for us." With that, he pushed Duo gently toward Heero.

Duo stopped about a foot from Heero, and the two boys regarded each other. Duo had never felt so torn. There was nothing in the world he would rather do than touch Heero, but he didn't want to seem too eager. Sighing, he put his hands on his hips and drawled to the other boy, "Well, honey, I guess we got a show to put on, huh?"

Heero looked into Duo's violet eyes, searching for a clue to how Duo felt about this situation. He was worried that his longing for the other boy was clouding his judgment, and he was reading more into Duo's actions than was actually there. Well, here goes nothing... "Why not?" he said, and stepped up until only an inch separated them.

Time seemed to stand still, tension built and everyone in the room held their collective breath.

Why not, indeed? Heero thought to himself. Because Duo will feel that you're hard as a rock, another part of his mind supplied. But he couldn't see a way around it.

Duo tried desperately to make his arousal go away, but being an inch away from the man of his dreams wasn't helping. Maybe he won't notice, Duo tried to reassure himself. Yeah, right. Well, at least he can't kill me right now, Duo thought. Duo took a deep breath and took the plunge. He pressed himself against Heero, wrapping his arms around the cobalt-eyed boy's neck. "Let's dance," he breathed in Heero's ear.

As Duo pressed up against him, both boys gasped simultaneously as their erections touched. The sensation of hard flesh rubbing together, and the significance of both of them being hard, began to have an effect on both boys. The music pumped out a slow, sultry beat, and they began to dance, moving slowly to the beat. Duo rocked his hips against Heero's, and both boys moaned softly at the friction.

Duo tried desperately to understand, to wrap his mind around the concept that Heero, his unreachable fantasy, was as aroused as he was.

Heero's mind grappled with the fact that one of his fantasies was coming true. Duo, his Duo, was wrapped around him and pressing his erection against him.

Above all, both wished that they were somewhere else, somewhere they could give free rein to the needs and desires that were currently raging though their trembling young bodies.

The music changed, to a harder, faster driving beat. Duo began moving against him, straddling Heero's thigh and sliding down it, rubbing himself against him all the way. The men cheered, appreciative of the show being put on by the two gorgeous boys. Little did they know it was no show, but genuine lust.

The dam had broken; the two boys abandoned themselves then, giving into desire and drunk on passion, and danced together. Their audience faded into the background as Duo turned around. Heero pressed against him from behind, grinding his arousal against Duo's firm ass, in a simulation of the act they both wanted so badly. Duo moaned and leaned back against Heero's strong chest, and the cobalt-eyed boy wrapped his hands around Duo, finally running his hands over the body he'd wanted to touch for so long. Heero slid his hands over Duo's nipples, which hardened visibly through the thin shirt. Duo arched against him, pressing his ass harder against Heero. Their hips swayed back and forth as they danced to the beat, bodies moving as one even as their hands roamed over each other.

Duo reached behind him, running his hands over the curve of Heero's tight ass as it thrust against him, savoring the feel of the powerful muscles. Heero's hands slid lower, over Duo's flat stomach and the hot skin bared there. Duo hissed and tightened his grip on Heero as the other boy's hands moved lower, getting teasingly close to his aching erection, which showed clearly under the miniskirt.

Finally, Heero's hands reached their target; Duo moaned out loud as Heero brushed a hand over the front of his skirt, lightly caressing the hard bulge that he found there. Duo thrust his hips against Heero's hand, wanting more contact. Heero wrapped his fingers around Duo's hardness and squeezed, nearly making Duo's knees give out. Then he spun the longhaired boy around so they were facing again. Heero then pulled the other boy hard against him and crushed his lips to Duo's.

Duo moaned in response to Heero's forcefulness, and opened his mouth, surrendering to Heero's tongue. He melted against Heero as the boy ravished his mouth. They kissed passionately, desperately; months of pent-up fantasies suddenly and utterly coming true. All the while they moved to the music, completely unaware of their entranced audience, who had even ceased their calls of encouragement because the two boys didn't need any. They just watched, slack-jawed, as the two boys discovered each other. It was more than they had dared hope for.

Deep into the feeling of Duo against him and in his arms at last, Heero almost failed to notice the soft beeping of the receiver in his ear. The beep was the signal for them to get out as fast as possible. Either something had gone wrong, or they had what they needed; the mission was over.

Apparently, Duo had heard the signal as well; their eyes met, silently conferring. Deciding the element of surprise and the relative inebriation of their hosts would serve them well, Heero grabbed Duo's hand firmly and raced for the door. They were out the door and halfway down the hall before the first shouts of disappointment could be heard.

Deciding against the elevator, the two pilots raced for the stairs. Behind them, they could dimly hear the men try to pursue, but it was no use. They emerged in the parking lot, barely winded, with no signs of pursuit.

The two boys paused, not having thought past getting away from the men. They realized they hadn't really spoken to each other during the whole mission, and they stood there awkwardly for a moment. Then Duo found his voice.

"We really should stop meeting like this, Heero."

Part 4

That broke the tension, and Heero nearly smiled. "I don't suppose you brought transportation, Duo? There are a few things I'd rather be doing than standing in a parking lot."

Duo did smile, and said, "Mmm, me too. But I hitched over here."

Heero frowned. "Dressed like that?"

"Best way to do it. I got a ride right away," Duo grinned.

"I'll bet," Heero said, then buried a hand in Duo's flowing hair, drawing him close. "But from now on, you only dress this way for me."

Duo shivered at the possessive tone in Heero's voice, and what it implied. "Anything for you, Heero," he whispered in the other boy's ear.

Heero slid a hand down to Duo's ass, sliding his hand under the skirt. "Anything?"

"Anything," confirmed Duo with a moan as Heero's hand roamed over his sensitive skin. Duo was wearing only a g-string under the skirt.

"Take this off," Heero said, indicating the undergarment.

Duo looked questioningly at Heero, but bent over, wiggled, then held up a small bit of purple silk. Heero smirked.

"Much better," Heero said approvingly, looking down at the erection that now stretched out the front of the small skirt.

Duo moaned at the way Heero was looking at him. It made him feel so wanton, standing in a parking lot, in a skirt with nothing underneath, and Heero leering at him. It was wonderful.

Heero licked his lips. He was so hard it hurt, and his mind was filled with things he wanted to do; so many, that he didn't know where to start. The first thing they should do was get back to the safehouse, but nothing kept them from having a bit of fun on the way. As part of the preparation for the mission, Heero had memorized the public transit routes for the area, so he knew a bus would be along any minute. A small taste of exhibitionism had given him an appetite for more. He located the bus stop, and took Duo's hand.

"Lets get out of here," Heero whispered, and Duo followed.

When they stopped at the bus stop, Duo was confused. "What are we doing, Heero? I want to get back to the safehouse. We have so many things to... discuss."

Heero grabbed Duo, pulling him tight against him. "That's where we're going. But I want to have a bit more fun on the way."

Duo moaned as he felt Heero's hard body against him, but further comment was cut off by the approach of the bus. "But Heero... the way we're dressed..."

Heero smirked. "That makes it even more fun." Duo shivered with delight. Who knew the Perfect Soldier would also be the Perfect Hentai?

The bus stopped, and the doors opened. Heero boarded first and paid their fares, then pulled Duo toward the back of the bus. The bus was about half full, but the last few rows were empty. They got their share of glares, leers and dirty looks, but Duo wasn't worried. He knew Heero, even dressed as he was, could take on a small army with his bare hands. And he wasn't helpless himself. So he let himself be led, miniskirt, obvious erection and all, to the very back of the bus. He could feel eyes following them. But he only had eyes for Heero's gorgeous body.

Heero sat in the back row just as the bus lurched into motion again. He pulled Duo firmly onto his lap. They were behind the last row of seats, so no one could see exactly what was going on below chest level. Heero knew exactly how far it was to their stop, and how much time they had. He intended to make good use of it.

Duo moaned; he could feel Heero's hardness against his ass, hardness just for him. He was sitting sideways in Heero's lap, and he wrapped one arm around Heero's shoulders and whispered in Heero's ear, "I want you so bad."

"The feeling is mutual," Heero murmured back, as he slid one hand slowly up Duo's leg, giving the longhaired boy plenty of time to anticipate his next move.

Duo moaned again, and threw his head back, chestnut hair cascading behind him as he spread his legs for Heero.

Heero smirked and move his hand higher, moving just under the hem of Duo's skirt. With his other hand, he drew Duo higher on his lap, making sure the other boy could feel just how turned on he was.

Duo spread his legs farther, begging for Heero to touch him. He felt as if every nerve was on fire, coming alive under Heero's hand as it moved upward. The fact that they were in public, with people watching them, only made it more delicious.

Heero moved his hand all the way up, completely under the skirt, and just brushed against Duo's erection. Just a brush made the longhaired boy gasp and buck his hips upward. Then Heero slowly wrapped his hand around Duo's hardness. He began to very slowly stroke up and down, making Duo moan more loudly.

"Oh, god, yes, Heero, you don't know how long I've wanted you to touch me like this," Duo moaned, rocking his hips, thrusting into Heero's hand. Duo was breathing heavily, face flushed and hair flowing down his back.

Heero was panting too, turned on by the feel of Duo's hard flesh in his hand and how completely Duo gave himself over to passion, losing himself in the feeling, unmindful of their surroundings. "I want to do everything to you, Duo," he purred, and increased his pace.

Duo gasped at Heero's words and actions, no longer in control of his own body. "Yes, Heero, I want you, want you inside me. I want you to take me. Hard," he finished, barely able to form coherent words as Heero pleasured him. Duo's arousal was wet, evidence of his extreme desire as Heero played with him. But Heero had no intention of letting Duo climax now, here. He varied the rhythm of his caresses, keeping Duo on the edge and making him whine with frustration.

Heero looked up and met the eyes of several passengers who were watching intently. He just smirked and stroked faster, making Duo nearly scream.

Duo was panting on holding onto Heero for support when the bus ground to a stop and Heero's hands disappeared. "Our stop," he said by way of explanation.

Duo looked up at Heero, bewildered. Heero took Duo's hand and pulled him to his feet and down the aisle of the bus. All eyes followed them as they got off the bus. Duo waved happily as the bus pulled away. The passengers had gotten a show they would never forget. Nor would Duo forget it, as his erection was painfully unsatisfied.

"Heero, that was cruel," Duo said, and wrapped himself around Heero again.

"Let's get home, then, shall we?" Heero answered, and pulled Duo the rest of the way to the apartment, never letting go of him for a second.

Part 5

Heero reached the door and fumbled with the key, his passion making his fingers less than nimble. All he could think about was getting inside the apartment, and inside Duo. Teasing Duo on the bus had been nearly as frustrating for Heero as for Duo. Nearly.

Finally, the door opened. He kicked it open, shoving it against the far wall, uncaring. Reaching behind him, he grabbed Duo by the jacket and pulled him in after him. With one hand, he held Duo, and with the other, he slammed and locked the door. When they were finally inside, he turned his full attention to the longhaired boy.

Gazing deep into Duo's violet eyes, Heero pushed him against the wall next to the door, pressing him hard against the wall with his body. Heero claimed Duo's mouth in a savage kiss as he ground his slim hips against Duo's. Heero kissed Duo long and hard; when they both finally ran out of breath, Heero pulled back slightly and said, "Alone at last."

Duo could only moan in answer as Heero stripped him of his coat with one hand and used the other to pin both his hands to the wall above his head. Almost frantically, they kissed again, as Heero's free hand roamed over Duo's barely clothed body as if to memorize it.

Duo reveled in his vulnerability under Heero's powerful hands. This was what he wanted, craved: complete surrender to the cobalt-eyed boy. And he gave it more than willingly. He thrust his hips against Heero, and the other boy met him thrust for thrust. Friction built up, and both frustrated boys were very close to release.

Panting, Heero pulled back slightly and said, "Shoes. Off."

They both scrambled to remove their shoes as quickly as possible, then Heero rammed Duo against the wall again, unable to keep his hands off the longhaired boy even for a minute. He had been denied too long.

Duo kissed back, trying to drown in Heero. He brought his hands up and started tugging on Heero's shirt, wanting to feel skin on skin. Heero pulled back enough to let Duo remove his shirt, then looked at Duo hungrily. Duo eagerly pulled his shirt over his head, but Heero caught his hands, tangling them in the shirt and trapping Duo's hands again. Duo moaned as Heero ran his free hand all over his bared skin, teasing both his nipples. Heero pulled Duo toward the stairs by his hands.

As they reached the couch, Heero stopped Duo and released his hands, discarding the shirt. He kissed Duo again, then turned him around and bent him forward over the back of the couch, leaving his ass raised enticingly in the air, long hair spread around him. This also trapped Duo's aching arousal and Duo rubbed against the couch, wanting the friction.

Heero growled possessively as he gazed at Duo, and ran his hands up the back of his thighs, exposing his firm ass. Heero pushed up the small skirt, the only thing Duo was still wearing, and caressed his smooth skin. Duo moaned as he was exposed. Heero stepped closer, and pushed his knee between Duo's legs from behind, using his leg to spread Duo's legs apart. Duo moaned louder and spread his legs farther, pushing back against Heero, wanting to feel the other boy against him.

Duo shivered as Heero said, "Don't move." Duo looked over his shoulder to see Heero wiggling out of the leather skirt and stockings. He was now clad only in the silk g-string, and his huge arousal was not contained by the small garment. Then Heero was behind him again, and Duo could feel Heero's rock hard erection pressing insistently against him.

"Oh, god, yes, Heero, you feel so good," Duo moaned, rocking back against the cobalt-eyed boy, rubbing against the silk-clad hardness he wanted so badly. The vulnerability of being bent over the couch back, ass bare, was almost too much for him. This was better than any of his fantasies. It was real.

Heero was slowly going insane from holding himself back. All he wanted was to bury himself deep inside Duo, and hear the longhaired boy scream his name. He slid a hand between then, between Duo's spread legs, and brushed a finger lightly against Duo's entrance. He hoped he wasn't going to fast for the violet-eyed boy. Lust was beginning to cloud his judgment, but he would die before he hurt Duo.

Duo lost the last shreds of his control as he felt Heero's hand touch him. He wanted nothing more than to give himself completely to Heero, body and soul. He craved this, wanted Heero to claim him, take him, fill him; sweet surrender.

"Heero..." moaned Duo. "We need... lube... my room... god, I want you," he managed to gasp out.

Heero didn't hesitate; he scooped Duo up into his arms and effortlessly carried him up the stairs, kicking open the door to Duo's room and pushing it closed quickly. Duo clung to Heero, even as he put him gently on the bed, pulling the other boy down with him.

Heero lowered himself over Duo, and kissed him deeply once again. Heero couldn't get enough of Duo; it was like he was drowning, and Duo was the only one who could save him. But he needed more contact. Reluctantly, he released Duo's mouth and stood up. Duo eyed him hungrily as he removed the last of his clothes, Heero finally standing in front of him all his naked glory, more gorgeous than Duo could have ever imagined. Seeing Heero like that reminded Duo that he still had one article of clothing left, and as quickly as his aching arousal would allow, he wriggled out of it. Only pausing to grab a small tube from the bedside table, he lay back on the bed, spreading his hair and legs in obvious invitation.

Heero watched as Duo offered himself completely. Heero growled low in his throat as he watched Duo run a hand slowly down his chest, and then slowly stroke his own arousal, spreading his legs even more. This was more than Heero could take, and in a flash he was on top of Duo, pressing the length of his body against the longhaired boy, flesh against naked flesh at last.

The feeling of Duo's hot skin against Heero's was incredible. Then their tortured erections touched, no barriers any longer, and the rest of the world ceased to exist. Duo gasped as a nearly electric shock ran through his body, setting every nerve in his body on fire. Then he felt Heero's mouth on him, kissing his neck, and moving downward.

Heero kneeled between Duo's smooth thighs, and kissed his way down. At the same time, he opened the lube and coated his fingers. Heero gently brushed against Duo's entrance again, and carefully slid a finger inside him as he flicked his tongue against Duo's nipple. The combined feeling of Heero teasing his nipple and his finger inside him made Duo moan desperately, as Heero continued to prepare Duo, much too slowly for Duo.

Heero had to restrain himself; Duo kept trying to make him hurry by impaling himself on his fingers and begging for more, now. But Heero wanted there to no pain at all for the boy of his dreams; only pure pleasure, so he would not be rushed.

Finally, Heero was satisfied that Duo was ready, and Duo was nearly sobbing with need. He had been turned on for so long that he thought he would surely die if Heero didn't take him hard and fast.

"Please, Heero," pleaded Duo.

Heero kneeled between Duo's legs, pushing them apart and up, then positioning his lubricated arousal at Duo's entrance.

"Oh, god," moaned Duo as he felt Heero's hot length pressing against him. "Do it, take me, please!"

Heero intended to do just that, and pushed, and eased himself inside Duo for the first time. Duo's muscles gripped him, and he bit his lip to keep from ramming himself deep inside with one thrust. Duo was so tight, and hot, that Heero could barely think as he slowly pushed his aching erection inch by inch into the violet eyed boy. Duo had begun moaning continuously the moment that Heero had entered him, and as he was filled he got louder and louder.

"Heeeeeero," moaned Duo as Heero paused, fully inside him now. The sound of his name from the longhaired boy's lips, full of need, made Heero's passion rise even higher, and he began to thrust into Duo. Slowly, he built the pace, wanting to savor the heat of Duo and not climax right away. Every time he buried himself in Duo's body was better than the last; the ecstasy built up to excruciating levels until Heero was moaning Duo's name uncontrollably.

Duo raised his hips, wrapping his legs around Heero's back, and gripped his lover's arms as he slowly lost his mind. Heero was pounding into him now, each thrust making him see stars. The change of angle made Heero hit his magic spot with every thrust, and Duo lost what was left of his control. He screamed and dug his nails into Heero.

Heero felt no pain; what he did feel was Duo's muscles contract even tighter around him, and he knew they were both close. Heero wrapped his hand around Duo's stiff arousal, lubricated with his own excitement, and pumped quickly.

Duo felt his body contract, all feeling coming from a single point where Heero was stroking him. The pressure built up and up, until Duo thought his arousal might explode. Then he did explode; Duo threw his head back and screamed at the top of his lungs, "HEERO!" and climaxed violently all over both of them, completely mindless with passion. The excruciating sensation went on and on, as Heero kept driving into him as he came.

Heero thought Duo was tight before; when the longhaired boy climaxed, his muscles clamped down even more, and Heero's world became pure pleasure. He drove in and out, Duo's muscles driving him over the edge of release. Throwing his head back, he screamed Duo's name as he thrust into him one more time; then he pumped him full of his hot seed. On and on he pulsed; hot ecstasy pouring out of him and into Duo.

Finally, the ecstasy receded; Heero collapsed on the bed next to Duo, careful not to hurt his lover. The two sweaty boys lay panting next to each other, and Duo looked up at Heero.

"Heero?" he said tentatively.

Heero gathered Duo into his arms gently. "Yes, Duo?"

Duo looked down, afraid to meet the cobalt gaze. "That was amazing, and incredible, and everything I imagined it would be. But... do you regret it?"

Heero looked at Duo, amazed. "Regret it? Why would I regret it?"

Duo still wouldn't meet his eyes. The longhaired boy shrugged self-consciously. "Well, sometimes you do things in the heat of the moment, you know, and think better of it later..."

Heero put a finger under Duo's chin and gently forced Duo to look in his eyes. "That was the single most amazing experience I have ever had. Not because you are the sexiest thing I have ever seen, which you are. But because..." Heero paused, and took a deep breath. "Because, Duo Maxwell, ai shiteru. I love you."

Duo stared at Heero, stunned. He had to try several times before he could speak clearly. He wanted to say something eloquent and moving, but all that came out was, "You do?"

Heero smiled shyly and nodded. "You don't have to say it back, Duo. It's ok."

Duo realized what Heero thought from his lack of response. "Oh, Heero! I was just surprised. I love you too. I love you! I've loved you since the first time I saw, uh, shot you! I'll shout it from the top of a mountain if you'll let me!"

It was Heero's turn to be stunned. Then he hugged Duo tightly. "After all the screaming you did, I think they know already."

Duo smiled and snuggled into Heero's chest. "Good."

Heero said, as they drifted off to sleep, "Tomorrow, I want to tell you about an offer from Quatre and Trowa ..."


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