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Authors: Jade (jade9999 @ aol.com) and Pharlain (Celtra @ nycap.rr.com)
Pairing: 1x2, 6x3, 3x4, 13x6, 5x2
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: yaoi, lemon, AU, angst

Bending the Rules
by Jade and Pharlain
Part 8

Zechs gazed across the table at Treize. The man looked even sexier, if that was possible, in the candlelight. When the older man had announced that everything was ready, he had led Zechs out onto the patio where a small table was set up perfectly. He had pulled out a chair for the blond, and lit the candles. The table was set with linen napkins, silver flatware and crystal stemware. It should have looked out of place on an outdoor patio, but the rest of the yard was spectacular. Hundreds of different types of flowers crowded trellises and beds, giving off a subtle scent in the evening air. The centerpiece of it all was the vanishing-edge pool, glowing aquamarine in the lights and looking like it was spilling over the edge of a cliff, disappearing into the ocean view.

"Relax," directed Treize. "I'll be right back." Then the man had disappeared, only to reappear about 5 minutes later pushing a cart laden with bowls and dishes.

Dinner was nothing less than perfect. Treize was an impressive cook; all the dishes were perfectly done and not overly fancy. Zechs was enjoying himself immensely, but felt slightly guilty.

"You went to all this trouble for me," the blond man said. "I don't deserve it."

"Don't be silly," smiled Treize. "You are more than worth every moment of effort. I enjoy cooking. I haven't had anyone to spoil for a while. And certainly no one as beautiful and fun as you."

Zechs felt himself almost blush at the compliments. He was feeling giddy; maybe it was the wine, or just Treize's magnetic personality. He had never had this much fun just eating dinner. Treize was charming and amusing and Zechs knew he was falling fast.

When they finished dessert, Treize picked up a remote control Zechs hadn't noticed before. He pushed a button and romantic music began to play. "Would you care to dance, gorgeous?" he asked smoothly.

Zechs nodded, and in a flash, Treize was at his side, holding out his hand. Zechs took it and Treize led him out to an open part of the patio, next to the shimmering pool. Then he gathered the blond man into his arms and danced.

Zechs melted into Treize's arms. God, this felt good... he let himself drift closer to the other man, letting their bodies brush against each other gently. Soon, he was pressed against the other man, the warmth of Treize's body making him even hotter. Zechs moaned low in his throat and looked into deep blue eyes as he felt the other man harden against him. His body responded in kind, and he wanted more. He pressed harder, deliberately pressing his erection against Treize's thigh. He watched the other man's eyes close as he felt it, and a sensual smile crossed the older man's lips. Treize opened his eyes slowly, and leaned forward, just brushing his lips against the blond's. Unlike their first kiss, this one stared slowly, and built up. Soon Zechs was opening his mouth, and their tongues were twisting together, and Treize's hands were buried in his long hair.

Treize finally pulled back, and his already sensual voice was even deeper with desire. "I promised myself I wouldn't do this, wouldn't lose myself in you so soon," he whispered to the blond. "But... it feels so right... do you feel it too, Zechs?"

Zechs nodded, nearly unable to speak, and gave the only answer he could; he kissed Treize again, more insistently, this time, rocking his hips against the other man in an unmistakable message of need. He moaned into Treize's mouth when he felt the man's hands slide down to cup his ass, pulling them closer together. He wanted this so much. But all of a sudden he tensed up. Treize felt it.

"What's wrong, Zechs?" Treize said with concern, pulling back slightly so he could look the other man in the eyes.

Zechs looked down, ashamed. He had thought that after all this time, it wouldn't bother him any more, that the memories wouldn't come back so strongly... "I... I had a bad experience once. It has nothing to do with you, I'm sorry. But I was just thinking of... what I wanted you to do to me and I remembered."

Treize backed off, moving his hands back up to the blond's waist. "It's ok, Zechs. We won't do anything you don't want to do."

"No, it's my fault. I never should have let it get so far," Zechs said miserably. "I led you on."

"Don't be silly," Treize replied sharply. "Just because I fixed you dinner doesn't mean you have to have sex with me."

"But I want to, don't you see?" the blond cried, looking up at Treize. "I want to, so much! I thought I was past it."

Treize led Zechs over to a stone bench near the pool's edge. They sat down together. "How long ago were you raped?"

"About five years ago, when I was in college," Zechs answered automatically, then realized what Treize had said. "How did you know?"

Treize held Zechs' hand gently. "It wasn't that hard to figure out. Do you want to talk about it?"

"I was young, foolish, drunk... went to a party with a bunch of people I didn't know that well." Zechs looked embarrassed. "Someone must have slipped something in my drink, because the next thing I knew, I woke up on my stomach with this huge football player on top of me. I struggled, but he was twice my size. It hurt..." Zechs looked down again. "I was too embarrassed to go to the police about it. My parents didn't know about me... no one did, really. I wasn't permanently injured. So I just tried to forget."

Treize squeezed Zechs' hand. "It's ok."

Zechs had never told anyone before, except for Trowa. It felt good to say it. He decided to go on. "I thought I was over it, and I started to date again. But as soon as we got intimate... I freaked out." He took a deep breath. "When I met Trowa, we talked, and found out we had a lot in common. We helped each other a lot. We also relieved each other's tension. But we never, um, went all the way, we decided that early on. Trowa has had bad experiences too. So the pressure was off, and we could enjoy each other. I never wanted to have more. Until now. Until I met you." He looked up into deep, understanding blue eyes.

Treize said, "I am honored that you would trust me with this. Thank you for telling me about it. Are you sure?"

"I've never been more sure. I want you," Zechs replied fervently.

"Why don't we take it slow, and you tell me what you like. I'll stop any time," suggested Treize. "We shouldn't rush."

"You're too good to be true," answered Zechs. "I don't deserve you."

"No, it is I who is the lucky one," insisted Treize, gazing at the beautiful blond man. "I've never felt this way about anyone, Zechs. I want to help, and not just because I want to have sex with you." He couldn't help but grin. "Though I admit that is a big benefit."

Zechs smiled back. Treize knew just what to say to make him feel better. "I'm in your hands," he breathed.

"Oh yes, you will be," promised Treize silkily. "How about a nice relaxing bath to start things off?"


Trowa looked down at the petite blond in his arms. "You want to... here?"

Quatre nodded happily. "Please?" He looked up at Trowa prettily. "I have a thing about the outdoors..." he smiled then, and Trowa was lost. He would have agreed to anything the sweet blond wanted.

Trowa was panting. "Oh god, yes... but how..." He watched in amazement as Quatre wiggled out of his pants, leaving him half-naked and very aroused I front of him.

Quatre giggled as he saw the way Trowa was looking at him. "You like?" Trowa nodded, and he continued. "Just do what I say," he explained. Trowa nodded again, unable to resist.

Then the blond reached for Trowa's jeans, unbuttoning them quickly and lowering them and the boxers beneath to mid-thigh. He licked his lips at the sight of Trowa's cock; it was lovely and thick and already wet with his desire. But no time for that now... later, he would taste Trowa. Now he just wanted the other boy inside him.

Trowa gasped when Quatre started to smooth the lube on his arousal. He couldn't take his eyes off the small hands on him. He moaned, then realized Quatre was speaking. "What?"

"Trowa, aren't you paying attention?" giggled the blond, well aware of what he was doing. "I said, lift me up." He stood in front of Trowa expectantly, and suddenly the taller boy realized how this was going to work.

He bent over, sliding his hands under Quatre's ass, and lifted the smaller boy against him.

Quatre spread his legs apart, wrapping them around Trowa, and the taller boy moaned as he felt the blond's cock against his stomach.

"Perfect," Quatre whispered, reaching under himself to position Trowa's erection. "Now lower me, slowly."

Trowa followed instructions. Quatre's weight felt like nothing to him, especially when he first felt himself enter the hot channel. Apparently Quatre didn't need prep.

"Oh yeah," moaned the blond, holding on to Trowa's shoulders as he was lowered. "You feel so good, Trowa..."

Trowa could no longer speak; he was halfway inside Quatre and he was losing his mind. His cock was being gripped, squeezed, caressed perfectly... finally he was fully buried inside the small blond. He moaned, holding tight onto Quatre.

"Now move me up and down," commanded Quatre breathlessly. Trowa felt perfect inside him. He wanted to be pounded.

Trowa complied, and almost screamed at the sensation this produced. "Quatre," he managed to gasp. "So good..." He moved the blond up and down faster. God, it was so good...

"Yes!" Quatre cried out. "Faster..." He held on tight, bouncing up and down, helping Trowa as much as he could. "Trowa! Push me against the tree..."

Trowa did as he was told, hoping he wouldn't scratch the delicate boy, but seeing that he could pound into him harder if he braced him against the tree. He got the perfect position finally, stroking upward, holding Quatre still while he moved. Trowa hoped he could hold out, because Quatre was driving him insane. He thought he and Zechs had messed around in some unusual places, but here he was on his first date with Quatre and they were having sex against a tree in the park. It was something about the blond boy; he exuded sex.

"That's it... harder, Trowa... please!" Quatre was panting. His own cock was trapped between them, being rubbed by Trowa's thrusts, and he was being fucked in a park. Trowa thrust in just a little harder, and that was it. He screamed Trowa's name, his fingers dug into Trowa's shoulders, and he climaxed hard. He could feel his hot seed pumping out between them. "Trowa..."

Trowa felt Quatre stiffen, and realized the boy was climaxing, and suddenly he was even tighter. Trowa lost control then, pounding harder, frantically, his cock exploding inside Quatre, filling him with his seed. "Quatre..." he moaned, holding still while he emptied himself.

They held still for a long moment, then Trowa lowered Quatre shakily to the ground. They stood holding on to each other, and Quatre laid his head on Trowa's chest. "That was incredible," whispered the blond.

"Incredible doesn't even come close," replied Trowa, in awe.

"I guess I better get dressed," smiled Quatre, looking down at himself.

Trowa nodded, releasing the boy and pulling up his own pants. "We'd better get out of here before we get caught."

Quatre giggled. "Take me home and I'll show you how good I am in an actual bed!"

Trowa laughed and then was slightly worried. Quatre was going to wear him out!

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