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Rating (overall): NC-17
Pairing: 1x2
Warnings (general): AU, OOC, yaoi, lemon, angst, language, violence, Duo torture, a bit of Relena bashing

A Touch of Human Kindness
Part 2
by Heartfelt

"Don't worry about the money. I'll make sure I earn every penny of it."

Heero pondered the meaning of these words for all of one second before his brain ceased functioning altogether. The braided beauty started to nibble gently on Heero's ear and Heero tried to remember to breath. Firm lips lightly traced from his ear down to his neck and across to his other ear, leaving a trail of fire in their wake. Frozen in place, Heero closed his eyes as he felt the young man nimbly unbuttoning his shirt. Deft fingers trailed over Heero's overheated skin as each button was slowly undone. Finally, the last button was reached and Heero sucked in his breath as he felt those talented fingers brush gently across his flat stomach.

Duo was undaunted at the dark-haired man's seeming lack of response. After first quickly removing his own top, Duo continued to tease the man as he unbuttoned his shirt and was finally rewarded with the man's gasp when he reached his stomach. Smiling to himself, Duo moved on to the man's jeans. Kneeling in front of him, Duo flicked his tongue across the man's tight stomach as he unbuttoned the jeans.

Heero was convinced he was going to expire from sheer pleasure when he felt the bishounen's tongue touch him. Determined to let this go no further, he grabbed the hands working on his zipper. "Look, you don't have to do this," he said when the young man looked up at him questioningly. "Really, I'm not expecting anything."

Duo decided at that moment not to steal anything from this guy's apartment. Smiling, he stood up and led the man to the nearby couch. Duo again knelt in front of him and quickly pulled down the blushing young man's jeans before standing and pushing him down onto the couch. Looking down into the man's startled beautiful cobalt eyes, he said, "I told you, I intend to earn my pay. Besides, you deserve this for being such a nice guy." When the seated man began to speak, Duo placed a finger over his firm lips. "Uh-uh, no more talking for you. Just sit back and relax."

Heero sighed and resigned himself to his fate. However, he had to say one more thing. "At least tell me your name."

Duo hesitated. Though willing to do just about anything for money, he did have three rules. Rule number one was: he never took his braid down in front of a john. Duo couldn't control many things about his life, but his hair was something he had complete control over. It gave him some small measure of security. Those who had attempted to violate the rule met with Duo's knife. Smoke allowed Duo this one small quirk, said it kept him mysterious and thus even more marketable. Rule number two was: no kissing. It was far too intimate a thing to do with a john. Rule number three was: no names. He didn't care about his customers and they sure as hell didn't care about him. But this man was different than any other Duo had ever been with. So, breaking his third rule he said, "My name's Duo."

Heero had noticed Duo's hesitation and sensed that he had been granted a rare privilege. "Watashi no namae wa Heero desu," he replied in kind. Duo smiled again, acknowledging the exchange of information. 'Appropriate name,' he thought, again kneeling in front of Heero. He bent over and placed his lips on Heero's firmly muscled chest, appreciating the difference from his usual old and flabby clientele. Breathing in Heero's pleasant scent, he slowly worked his way down Heero's chest with his lips and tongue, lingering on the flat nipples.

Heero vainly attempted to control his breathing as Duo worked over first one nipple then the other. He dug his hands into the couch on either side as he felt Duo's hands on his knees, slowly running up his taught legs. Heero let out a quiet moan when Duo didn't stop at the edge of his boxers, but continued under them. Duo's mouth moved down across Heero's stomach, flicking Heero's navel with his tongue. He continued to tease Heero with his hands, coming close to Heero's aching hard-on but never quite touching it.

When Heero let out another not so quiet moan, Duo lifted his head and looked up at the bishounen in front of him. Heero's eyes were closed and his head was flung back, resting on the cushion. His mouth was open from his rapid breathing and a fine sheen of sweat had appeared on his face and chest. Satisfied with the reaction, Duo began to tug on Heero's boxers. Heero opened his eyes and met Duo's amethyst eyes with his own intense dark blue gaze. After a brief moment, he lifted his hips and let Duo slide the boxers down and off.

Duo shuddered slightly when Heero again closed his eyes and leaned his head back. Something strange had happened when he'd looked into Heero's eyes. He'd felt something. That in itself was an extremely unusual occurrence. After living on the street for so long, he made sure he never felt anything. It just made life easier. But what scared him most is that he'd felt, not only attraction for the bishounen, but a feeling that this man would somehow be very important in his future, in his life. Duo felt slightly disoriented by the occurrence, but being a professional, got back to business.

'In and out, in and out, you've got to remember to breath yare-yare!' Heero's attempt to not asphyxiate himself failed when he felt warm air blow across his rock hard erection. He opened his eyes and looked down just in time to see Duo run an agile tongue over his hardness. Heero shut his eyes and let out an animalistic growl as the combination of sight and sensation almost overwhelmed him. Duo responded to the wrenching sound by taking Heero in a practiced move all the way down his throat. Heero let out a near yell and almost jumped off the couch but Duo was not to be deterred. He held Heero's hips down and worked him with his mouth. He started off slowly and very gradually increased the tempo, letting one hand toy with Heero's warm sac.

Heero's knuckles were white from clenching the couch cushion in a Herculean effort not to dig his hands into Duo's gorgeous hair. Sweat poured down his neck and chest. He could see flashes of light before his closed eyes and felt a tremendous pressure building in the area where Duo was slowly torturing him to death. "Doozo, Duo, doozo, ima, ima," Heero mumbled incoherently. After one last hard suck, Duo decided to take pity on the poor man. Releasing him from his mouth, Duo took Heero's cock in his hand and began to quickly pump him. After only another minute, Heero yelled Duo's name and came in long hot spurts. After what seemed like an eternity to Heero, his body finally relaxed.

Duo, breathing a bit hard himself from the exertion and something else he didn't care to identify right then got up and looked at the shuddering young man with a raised eyebrow. 'I think he passed out.' Feeling rather smug, Duo went in search of Heero's washroom. Finding it, he wet a washcloth and looked at himself in the mirror over the sink. Even after all these years, Duo often felt a mild sense of disgust whenever he saw himself. Though not having a choice at the time, he often regretted the direction his life had taken. But for some reason, when he looked at himself now, he felt none of that. Rather than disgust, he felt rather proud of himself. Noticing a slight smile on his face, he shook his head and took the wet washcloth back into the living room.

Heero hadn't moved and looked to be sleeping. Duo gently wiped away the evidence of Heero's passion and again looked at the sleeping young man. 'He really is beautiful. I must have done something right to actually get a customer like this for a change.' Duo returned the washcloth to the bathroom and found the linen closet. Removing a spare blanket, he went back to the living room. He draped the blanket over Heero and bent over him. "Thanks for being kind," he whispered in the man's ear.

Heero heard a low, husky, sexy voice whisper something about kindness. He opened his eyes as much as he was able, though he felt like he'd run a marathon and could sleep forever. He saw Duo's face close to his and smile shyly. Then he remembered why the young man was there. Feeling extremely awkward, Heero stuttered, "Anoo, i-ikura I-I mean h-how much" "Two hundred," Duo said quickly, wanting to end Heero's embarrassment. Heero sluggishly reached down to pick up his jeans and tried to remove his wallet from his back pocket. Feeling very uncoordinated, Heero gave up and just handed Duo his jeans. He closed his eyes and almost immediately fell back to sleep, his recent physical exertion and previous days of missed sleep suddenly catching up with him.

'Why can't I stop smiling,' Duo asked himself as he smiled again at the sleeping bishounen. As Duo took the money from Heero's wallet, he found his smile fading. For the first time since first seeing Heero that night, Duo began to feel disgusted with himself. Pushing down the feeling, he replaced the wallet and put his mesh top back on. After finding Heero's phone, Duo called Bob, Smoke's enforcer. It was his job to pick up Smoke's hookers after a job and to make certain they were paid. Duo left a message for Bob to pick him up at an intersection half a mile away from Heero's apartment. He didn't want Bob or Smoke to know where Heero lived. Duo looked around the living room one last time, letting his eyes linger over the sleeping Heero. "Sayonara," he said quietly. Feeling a twinge of something sadness, maybe regret Duo left the apartment.


As Duo waited on the corner for Bob, he thought about what he'd felt when he'd locked gazes with Heero and then again after Heero had finally come. He'd felt a jolt go through him when he looked into those amazing blue eyes. 'What was that all about? And then afterwards, I felt so strange. I was breathing hard and my body felt hot. If I didn't know any better, I'd swear I almost had a hard-on.' Duo could be forgiven for not recognizing the signs of arousal. In all his years as a prostitute, he'd never once been aroused, never had an erection, and had certainly never, ever actually come. The men he was usually with disgusted him and he felt nothing for them. Duo wasn't certain that he was even attracted to men at all, although he'd never been physically attracted to a woman either. 'What made this guy different? Sure he was probably the nicest guy I've ever met but why should that make such a difference?' Duo was forced to abandon this line of thought as Bob drove up and stopped in front of him.

"Any trouble," Bob asked in his quiet deep voice when Duo got in the car. "No," Duo replied succinctly.

"How much did you make?"

"Two hundred."

"Hn," the large man replied, thus ending the conversation. Bob was a man of few words and for once, Duo was grateful. He stared out of the side window, unable to keep his mind from where he'd just been. 'I wonder if he's still on the couch. I hope not, else he'll get a crick in his neck.' Duo rolled his eyes and sat up in the seat at that errant thought. 'Let me just get home and I can put this whole night behind me.'

After a half hour, as Heero lived nowhere near Duo's neighborhood, Bob finally stopped the car in front of a sleazy looking apartment building. This was Smoke's place. All of Smoke's 'employees' had to bring their earnings directly to him after a job. Getting them there with money in hand was Bob's main duty. Without a word, Duo got out of the car and walked towards the building. 'I wonder how long it's going to take him to ask whether I stole anything,' Duo mused as he walked into the building. Duo knew that he was in potentially serious trouble for his lack of theft, but he stood by his decision to not rob Heero.

Duo knocked on the door in a familiar rhythm. 'Smoke just loves this cloak-and-dagger shit.' After a few seconds, the door opened, revealing Smoke in a red pleather jogging suit. "Well, well, if it isn't my favorite little bitch. And how did we do tonight, sweetness?" Duo ignored the taunt and brushed past Smoke to enter the apartment. "I made two hundred for a blow job and that's it. It was a pretty slow night," Duo said, presenting the wad of cash. Smoke took it and counted out forty to give back to Duo. "Here's your 20%. What did you steal?"

'Hummm a whole three minutes. That's a record.' Duo had already thought of a response to the anticipated question on the ride over. Pocketing his measly forty dollars, he said, "I didn't steal anything." Smoke went still for a moment.

"What did you just say," he asked in what he thought was a menacing voice but was really rather whiny."I said, I didn't steal anything," Duo replied calmly.

"And why the hell not!?" "I can tell the guy's going to be a repeat customer. No point in pissing him off on our first 'date'." Duo watched Smoke warily out of the corner of his eye. Although Smoke usually acted like a spoiled little kid, he did have a nasty temper.

Early on in his career, Duo had ended up in the hospital with broken ribs after trying to withhold money from Smoke. Of course, Smoke hadn't hit him in the face. It wouldn't do to ruin the merchandise.Smoke pondered Duo's response. After a few moments, he stopped scowling. Regaining his usual annoying smirk, he said, "That good, were you? Okay, but this guy had better pick you up again within the next few days. Bob saw the guy's car when he picked you up. I'll know if you're trying to fuck with me.""Fine," Duo said and turned to leave.

'Damn that Bob, he's always lurking around.' Though risking a beating, he hoped he never saw Heero again.

The feelings dare he say emotions he'd felt when with Heero were too much for Duo to handle. He had let his armor slip for a moment and he was already having cause to regret it. Little did he know how much more he would come to do so.Duo had just reached the door when Smoke was suddenly in front of him. Duo backed up as Smoke leaned back against the door. Smiling in an extremely sickening way, he said, "Now hold on, where do you think you're going? If I'm going to let you get away with only bringing me a measly $160 for an entire night's work, I'm sure as hell going to get something in return."

'Well who knew he could actually do arithmetic,' Duo thought as Smoke reached for him. Whether Smoke was really a fag or just liked to humiliate him, Duo didn't know. Whatever the reason, Duo rarely got through an entire week without Smoke using him at least once. Duo sighed in resignation as Smoke forced a rough kiss upon him. Duo had unfortunately failed to figure out a way to safely apply his second rule of no kissing to Smoke. As Smoke pulled Duo into his messy bedroom, Duo briefly wondered what Heero was doing right then before shutting his mind down completely in order to get through the tortuous task ahead.


Heero slowly opened his eyes and looked around in confusion.

'Where am I? Aa, right, the couch.' Heero sat up as the entire night ran through his head. Although Heero was not a virgin though it had of course been his first time with a man he had never experienced or felt anything like he had with Duo. Visions of those beautiful but terribly sad amethyst eyes played across his mind.

'I wonder if he even knows how expressive his eyes are. He probably thinks he's hiding his emotions behind that brash attitude, but I could see his pain.'

Heero looked at the clock on his video player.

'Yoji. Wow, I've been out here for almost three hours. I don't remember the last time I slept that well.' Smiling at the blanket that was covering him, Heero stood up and realized he was naked except for his unbuttoned shirt. He picked up his jeans and looked in his wallet. 'Only two hundred dollars gone.'

Heero then went to his videophone. Punching in his security code, he pulled up his household inventory list. Each item in the apartment, from his television to his shoes, was catalogued and affixed with a security device. If anything were to pass through his doorway without his permission, the missing items would be revealed by the inventory list. Nothing was missing.

Heero stood there for a moment as he thought about Duo. 'He could have robbed me blind while I was sleeping. But he didn't. Why? Why would a baishunfu pass up such a golden opportunity? If he wanted, he could make sure I'd never find him again. There was absolutely no risk of his getting caught.' As Heero considered this, he thought back to several things Duo had said during the course of their encounter.

'Even though I told him he could just leave and that I'd still pay him, he stayed. Why? Because he said I was a nice guy and that I was kind. Ee, that's what he said to me before he left. 'Thanks for being kind.'

Heero felt a deep sadness as he considered this. 'Incredible. He's so unused to anyone being nice to him that he felt the need to repay me for such a trivial thing. No one should expect so little out of life.'

Heero decided at that moment that he had to see Duo again. He was determined to prove to Duo that kindness should be expected. It was not something that needed to be rewarded. Or at least that's what he told himself.

As Heero walked into his bedroom, he didn't dwell too deeply on the fact that he wanted to see Duo again just because it was absolutely unthinkable not to.

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