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The Sweet Spot
by Heartfelt

"Now?! You have to go now?" Duo could hear the whine in his voice, but he didn't much care. Standing in their bedroom with his arms folded over his chest, Duo shot his lover a petulant look.

"Yes. The client said it was an emergency."

"But, we were going to work on that new test product..."

Heero smirked as Duo's shoulders slumped, his lips puckering into an intriguing little pout.

"We'll test it when I get back," he soothed, running a thumb over the other man's tempting lips. They parted, the braided man momentarily diverted from his complaining. But, remembering what Heero's departure meant brought Duo quickly back to his grousing.

"It'll be gone by then." The pout grew, drawing Heero's dark-blue gaze towards the defiant gesture. He leaned towards his lover, unable to resist the temptation, but Duo suddenly straightened, his eyes lighting up with a thought. Heero sighed, resigned to temporary disappointment as the lips moved beyond his reach.

"I know!" Duo cried, his amethyst eyes flashing with eagerness. "Why don't you just leave the controller here with me when you go? Where'd you put it?" He glanced around, his heavy, chestnut braid swinging around his shoulders as his head turned back and forth.

"Oh no," Heero replied. "I leave it with you and you'll probably end up giving yourself a heart attack." He took hold of Duo's chin, halting the other man's search and bringing the renewed pout back within range. "I kind of like having you around."

Duo moaned as a pair of firm lips captured his own. The kiss slowly deepened into the soul-stirring exchange that had marked that memorable, first time in the project room of their former company and every moment since. A brief vision of the black, latex, metal-studded dildo that rested in a place of honor in their bedroom had Duo's knees turning to liquid. A strong hand centered on his lower back, pulling his hips into contact with his lover's. He grabbed hold of Heero’s broad shoulders, his excitement and his arousal rising as their bodies moved together, their tongues caressing with sweet, hot strokes.

The groan rising up in Duo's throat turned into a growl as Heero suddenly released him.

"See you in two days," Heero whispered in a husky voice.

With that, leaving a bemused and horny Duo standing by the bed, he had whisked off to hold some client's hand through the launch of their new ad campaign. He'd had been gone for only a day, but already Duo missed him terribly.

"Oh well, at least he left me the Corvette." Duo gazed at the black car, his annoyance with Heero’s abandonment the day before vanishing. A sexy smile teased his mouth as his hand wandered over the hood. A great job, financial security, and love. Those were the things Heero had given him.

"And of course, the sports car," he mumbled, chuckling at himself. Although his feelings for the other man were no longer a secret, and though he was now free to be with Heero however and whenever he wanted, he still held a special place in his libido for the powerful vehicle.

Standing barefoot in the middle of the huge field they called a backyard, Duo was washing his lover’s car. He'd decided he might as well pass the time until Heero returned with his other love. A pair of headphones blasted music into his ears, further distracting him from the annoying fact of Heero's absence.

They'd moved into the large house in the country almost a year ago, shortly after quitting their jobs at the quality control inspection company where they'd met. Now, they lived on a beautiful estate, no nosy neighbors for a mile in either direction, maintaining their own inspection and marketing services business.

Duo leaned over to reach a spot on the hood with the shammie cloth, his low-riding cutoffs tightening across his ass as he stretched. He wore an old, purple, mesh football jersey, which matched the color of his eyes, to ward off the sun. The shirt fell just above his stomach, exposing the entirety of his flat midriff. This was his preferred outfit for taking care of his motorized obsession. Between the jersey and the shorts, there wasn't much to get wet other than his bare skin. Heero loved it when Duo washed his car, often choosing to sit back and enjoy the show rather than help.

Heero had taken Duo's old sedan to the airport, surmising that the modest vehicle would be a less likely target for vandals or thieves. Duo didn't need to know the reason, as long as he was left with the Corvette.

Humming along with the tune playing in his headphones, Duo picked up the hose and rinsed down the car. The black paint shone brightly in the afternoon sun. He picked up a bucket full of soapy water and, using a soft sponge, rubbed the car with gentle, massaging strokes. As he worked, leaning against it to reach certain spot on the roof, his scanty clothing quickly became soaked and began to cling to his skin, hiding nothing.

Duo glanced down at himself, noticing that his nipples had peaked under the wet top as the air blew across them. Reaching under the shirt, he ran a hand over the nubs, shivering slightly at the sensation. Every inch of him was drenched, from the jersey down to his tight shorts, which had grown only more indecent from their thorough wetting. His damp braid swung heavily against his back, several strands escaping from their confinement. He knew he looked a sight and knew that Heero would have appreciated it.

"But, no, he had to go off and play Mr. Responsible Business Man," Duo mumbled under his breath. "And right in the middle of a new product test."

The product, euphemistically called The Sweet Spot, was from Oz, a sex toy manufacture and by far their favorite and most lucrative client. The newest offering from the Dildo and Vibrator Company touted itself as the next best thing in sexual stimulators for men. It appeared to be nothing more than a small patch, however, it was designed to deliver a mild, electrical stimulus directly to a certain, hard to reach area.

Duo felt a tightening in his groin as he thought back to the night before last when Heero had first shown him the new device.

"One of the most interesting things is that a user needs assistance to place it correctly." Heero's low voice had dripped with erotic insinuation.

"And just where does it go?" Duo had asked in all innocence.

Heero had shown him with an attention to detail that had left him screaming. Duo had found himself lying in bed, frantically sucking on his lover's cock while several, long fingers penetrated him to place the patch carefully over his prostate. Exercising formidable self-control, Heero had pressed the device into place with devious intent, refusing to succumb to his lover's oral pleas until Duo had screamed his own release, nearly passing out from pleasure.

They'd planned to spend the next day trying out the patch when Heero had received a panicked call from their newest client. Duo wouldn't have been so peeved at the delay, except that the micro-vibrator was biodegradable and had a limited duration. The patch was designed to be inserted and to function for two days, at which time it would decompose into a harmless, organic compound.

Tonight marked the end of the device's life cycle and who knew when they'd be able to obtain another sample. Technically, they were only suppose to rate their clients' products from objective observations and for most clients, they did just that. It was only Oz's offerings that received their most thorough and exhaustive inspection regimen.

Duo put aside the pleasant memory as he rubbed at a particularly stubborn spot on the passenger's side window.

"Oh well," he sighed, "it would have been nice to try it out at least once."

He could easily have tested the product himself, of course, but Heero didn't trust him not to get carried away. After all, it wasn't as if his lover's concern was unfounded completely. Duo smirked as he remembered an incident that had happened a few months ago. Heero had left him alone to inspect a new, high-intensity model vibrator and he'd ended up in the hospital, suffering from a swollen prostate and acute exhaustion.

So, Heero had declared that Duo could never again use any Oz products without supervision and had taken the controller for The Sweet Spot with him when he'd left. The controller was a small, black box with a simple activator button that resembled one of those car alarm remotes. Duo was left with a useless piece of technology lodged up his ass and no lover to help him use it.

But, he did have the beautiful Corvette, a car that had played no small part in their present domestic bliss. His former boss, Mr. Gi, in a fit of jealousy, had told Heero that Duo was a homo-hating bigot. For months, they had danced around each other, each fearing rejection. If Heero hadn't seen Duo molesting his sports car in the company parking lot one day, he might have gone on believing Gi's lies. They'd spent a wonderful year together because of the car and it still held a special place in Duo's heart.

With a final swipe over the window, Duo finished the wash and again reached for the hose. He let the water cascade over the vehicle until every trace of soap had disappeared. Dropping the hose, he picked up a soft cloth to begin the task of drying. He was just starting on the formerly smudged window when a bolt of sensation, originating from somewhere deep within him, left him gasping and barely able to stand.

Duo blinked as he clung to the car, trying to get his bearings and to figure out what had happened. That the stimulation had come from the Oz micro-vibrator was the only rational explanation. But, how had it been activated? Duo's brow furrowed, his chest heaving as he pondered the situation. Heero, the only one with the controller, was nowhere around. Unless...

Reaching up surreptitiously to his headphones, Duo pulled one of the speakers away from his ear. Sure enough, the sound of an aging engine reached his ears. A glance in the gleaming window provided confirmation. Duo smiled as he saw the reflection of his sedan pulling up behind him. Heero was back and a whole day early! Duo started to turn to greet his lover when an idea turned his smile into a devilish grin. So, Heero wanted to play, did he?

Duo pushed his headphones back into place and returned his attention to the car, plying the drying towel with unhurried strokes. Shifting the cloth to his left hand, he reached towards the roof, leaning over the top of the car so that his shorts rode up into the crevice of his ass. The wet clothing drying against his skin made him shiver, as did the anticipation of what would happen when Heero caught on to his little ploy.

He made a show of shifting his narrow hips, moving his entire body as he ran the towel over the roof. Another glance in the window showed that Heero was still sitting in the other car. The angle of the sun tinted the window of the old sedan, making it impossible for Duo to see his lover's face. His gut clenched in expectation, wondering when the next jolt would come.

Duo spread his legs a bit wider as he started on the trunk and the back window. He could feel the stiff denim of his shorts rubbing against the sensitive flesh of his ass and was extremely glad that he'd decided to forgo underwear that day. His breath quickened and his body tightened as minutes passed without further announcement of his lover's presence.

Duo was beginning to consider letting Heero know that he knew he was there when, once more, the patch was activated. Shouting in surprise and pleasure, Duo fell against the car as his legs threatened to give way. Each shock felt like a direct thrust against his prostate and he realized that he was suddenly rock hard and dying to be fucked senseless.

Another jolt hit him and he moaned helplessly. The sound of the music from his headphones was suddenly unbearable, adding unneeded stimulation to his nerves. He sighed as he ripped the headphones way, letting them fall to the ground. Unable to maintain the charade any longer, Duo hiked a leg onto the trunk, rubbing his aching member against the hard fold of the car between the trunk and the side panel. He whimpered as the confining pressure of his shorts kept him from the stimulation he so desperately craved. Another hit prompted another tortured cry.

"Heero!" Duo shouted his lover's name as he climbed onto the trunk, abandoning all pretense in the overwhelming rush of need that engulfed him. His clenched hands shook as he reached down and unbuttoned his fly. Pressing his flushed face against the back window, he whimpered as his swollen cock sprung free and landed against the glass. The window was sun-warmed but covered with cooling droplets of water and the contradictory sensations had him thrusting his hips against the wide pane, frantically trying to find relief.

The window failed to provide the friction he sought and as yet another jolt from the patch seared through him, he crawled onto the roof of the car, his aching cock dragging blissfully beneath him. The Corvette's black paint was burning from the absorbed rays of the sun and he moaned as his arousal touched the hot metal.

It all felt so good he could hardly stand it. This was the stuff of his deepest fantasies. How often when he'd been with Heero had he dreamed of fucking this gorgeous car just as he, himself, was being fucked. His utter fascination with the vehicle was so intense as to be almost embarrassing. There was no doubt in his mind or heart that he loved Heero for himself and not just for his car, but Duo couldn't deny the rush of need that he felt whenever he touched or even just looked at the sexy Corvette.

And how he loved Heero for not begrudging him his fetish. His lover was well aware of his obsession and indulged him in many subtle ways: always letting Duo wash the car, always letting him take it even when they had separate destinations, pounding his ass into the back seat on occasion. Duo loved the blue-eyed man so much he sometimes felt he could weep with gratitude that they'd found each other. But such tender sentiments would have to wait. The patch was sending another jolt through him and Duo's lips parted on a silent cry. Giving in to the need flooding through him, he licked his tongue over the roof of the car, leaving a wet trail along the gleaming surface beneath him.

The braided man forgot all about trying to inject any style into his performance. All he knew was the feel of the car against his arousal and the tingling shocks radiating through his body. With his last bit of awareness, he pushed off his shorts with clumsy hands, moaning as more of his heated skin came into contact with the smooth metal. Suddenly, a slow rumble began to shudder through the car, seeming to concentrate on the aching flesh between Duo's legs. Someone, and at the moment, he didn't give a damn who, had turned on the engine. The entire Corvette suddenly had become one, huge vibrator.

Duo's explications of appreciation were limited to mindless repetitions of "Oh, God," and "Ahhh,” and "Fuck!" He thrust against the roof, headless of the sound of a car door closing somewhere nearby. He did feel the sports car dip slightly as though under a weight, but the significance of the motion didn't become apparent to his lust fogged mind until a pair of strong hands were spreading his quivering thighs wide open and a clever tongue suddenly was teasing his entrance to the accompaniment of another shock from the Oz device.

"Heero! You fucking bastard! Don't, ahh, don't stop! Ohhh!"

Heero's amused chuckle vibrated against Duo's puckered flesh. The blue-eyed man was rather fond of his lover's penchant for profanity when pushed to the edge of his erotic endurance. He pressed the activator button again and turned his gentle licks into determined probes as he sought to prompt more of the delicious expletives from the other man's sexy lips.

Clear drops of fluid began to drip from Duo's cock as Heero worked him with strong sweeps of his tongue. His body shuddered as the patch sent yet another bolt of sensation through him. His lover loved to rim him, often working him over until he was nothing more than a begging heap of trembling need. Duo felt himself rapidly approaching that point, Heero's efforts aided in no small part by the throbbing growl of the Corvette's engine and the insidious device pressed so lovingly against his center of pleasure. Another jolt broke his remaining reserves of control.

"Fuck me, Heero! Please! I need... I can't... Son of a bitch! Ahh, shit! Fuck me!"

Duo heaved against the roof but the slick metal just didn't offer the stimulation he needed to find his release. He wanted to feel the weight of his lover's body pressing him down onto the smooth surface. He wanted to feel the other man's impressive cock filling his secret places, which clenched in protest against the emptiness within him. He wanted the loving bites, sometimes gentle, sometimes harsh, that would be inflicted upon the tender skin on the back of his neck. He wanted...

"Heero!" he screamed as another shock from the micro-vibrator pushed him ever closer to the edge of madness.

Finally taking pity on his writhing lover, Heero impatiently pulled open his dress shirt, ignore the buttons that flew violently away. He laid against Duo's shuddering back, groaning as the mesh material of the jersey rubbed over his nipples, erect from the delicious show his lover had unwittingly provided for his enjoyment. It took him only a moment to slip the button at his waist and to unzip his slacks before he positioned his lower body over the other man's thrusting hips.

"Please," Duo whispered, feeling the taunting nearness of the source of his impeding satisfaction. Heero's thick member lay heavily along the furrow of his ass and he squirmed, trying to goad his lover into action. His eyes, long since closed against the erotic assault on his body, opened swiftly as he felt something being placed into his clenched fist. He shivered as Heero deep voice rumbled against his ear.

"A gift for you," he murmured, placing a kiss against the rim of Duo's ear. Duo blinked at the small, black box, his mind swimming at the implications and his heart thundering in both elation and a perverse disappointment as his resultant regain of control. His eyes slid shut again on a sigh as he felt the chill of lube, from a tube kept conveniently in the glove compartment of the Corvette, being spread lovingly over his entrance. And then, just when he couldn't stand another minute of Heero's insistent and loving form of torturous preparation, the head of his lover's cock slowly began to penetrate the tight ring of muscle protecting the inner recesses of his body. Duo spread his knees even wider to aid the passage of the coveted length.

The brief, but sharp, spike of pain was exquisite and a small cry fell from Duo's lips. Then, just at the moment when the driving, pulsing shaft of flesh broke through his defenses, he hit the button on the controller and spun himself into an oblivion of ecstasy.

Heero voiced a growl of satisfaction at the twin sensations of the hot passage rhythmically squeezing his cock and the jolt from the Oz device tingling along his length. In predictable fashion, he nuzzled the back of Duo's neck before taking the sweet flesh in his teeth in an animalistic show of possession.

Duo moaned as Heero marked him, reveling in the full weight of the other man's body pressing him down onto the roof of the car, finally providing his own member with the friction it craved. Each powerful thrust was perfectly aimed, hitting against the overwrought bundle of nerves deep within him. He hardly needed more stimulation but he held his pleasure literally within his hands and took every sensation he could wring from the device with greedy determination.

His lover's cock filled him and abandoned him, only to return with renewed strength. Duo's screams rang out, shattering the peace of the field as he pressed the activator in time with Heero's movements. His head spun, his body threatening to combust, and Duo quickly spiraled out of control. His climax caught him off guard, roaring over him with ferocious intent. Shouting his lover's name, his hands spasmed, causing his thumb to slam down on the controller, holding the activator button down and sending an endless stream of shocks to his overwhelmed body.

Duo screamed until his voice deserted him, drowning in the hot flood of passion that filled him as Heero reached his own completion. The sounds of his lover's release sounded in his ears, calling to the depths of his desire and magnifying his fulfillment. With one final, intense shock from the micro-vibrator, pulsing spurts of fluid spewed from Duo's cock, marring the surface of the once shining hood of the Corvette.

The cries of pleasure faded, dissipating in the warm, afternoon air, which was now disturbed only by heaving gasps and the rasping sounds of breaths forced past tortured throats. Duo laid perfectly still, his satiated body completely unable to achieve the intricacies of movement. Only his member seemed to possess any signs of life, amazingly beginning to grow hard again as the sports car's well-tuned engine continued to vibrate softly beneath his hips.

Slowly, amethyst eyes blinked open, only to land on the controller still resting in his slack hand. With great effort, Duo pressed the activator button with his thumb, feeling a mild stirring of curiosity when nothing happened.

"I think you broke it," Heero murmured. Duo shivered at the sound while making a token moue of disappointment. Heero laughed at his insatiable lover. The braided man chuckled in return, the amused sound turning into a purr as the other man flicked his tongue over the sensitive spot behind his ear.

"I swear you love this car more than you love me." Duo smiled at Heero's mock growl, relishing the continued weight of his lover's body as he left the comment unanswered. Heero reached up to cover the hand still wrapped around the defunct controller.

"So, what did you think of it?" he asked, ever the businessman.

"Umm," Duo moaned, distracted by the vibrations continuing beneath him. "The Corvette was terrific." Heero laughed again, not feeling the least bit threatened.

"I meant what did you think of The Sweet Spot." He provoked another intriguing purr with another clever swipe of his tongue. Duo wriggled and Heero felt his own renewing arousal at the feel of his lover's luscious little ass moving against him.

"Not bad!" Duo said with enthusiasm. "Not bad, at all. Just wish it lasted longer."

Heero chuckled. "Silly, it wasn't meant for continuous use. You overloaded the circuits with that trigger happy thumb of yours." He ran his own thumb gently over the accused appendage.

"Hey, it's not my fault. It should be able to keep up with customer demand," Duo said in protest.

"Well, we'll be sure to tell that to Oz in our report. But in the meantime," Heero continued, moving the thick braid out of the way to press soft kisses to the nape of Duo's neck, "I've got three more samples in the house." Duo started from the dreamy state into which the gentle kisses had begun to put him. His efforts to turn over and glare at his lover were thwarted by the immovable weight against his back. He turned his head around as far as he could.

"What?! Why didn't you tell me?"

Heero moved into Duo's line of vision and smiled wickedly. Duo shivered at the deliciously uncharacteristic expression as the other man lifted away from him and leapt off of the car. Heero didn't bother to fix his clothing and Duo moaned appreciatively as he followed, bending to retrieve the shorts, which he'd thrown over the side of the car after landing on his feet. Reaching next for his discarded headphones, he saw the tube of lube that Heero had dropped and picked it up to return to its proper home in the glove compartment. Watching his lover head for the house, he opened the car door and threw the tube onto the seat. He'd only taken a few steps towards the house himself when Heero motioned for him to stay put. Duo stopped and stood in the field, his shorts still clenched in his hand and his lower body completely exposed.

Puzzled he asked, "Where are you going?" Heero paused at the back door and turned towards the braided man. His gaze darkened as it swept over Duo's half-naked form.

"I have a feeling that this product will only work properly if used in conjunction with us fucking in the car." He turned, smirking at his lover's stunned and very happy face. "Care to test that theory?" His smirk turned to a laugh as Duo dived eagerly for the Corvette's leather covered back seat.


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