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The Scepter
Part 12
by Heartfelt

Duo moaned with pleasure as Heero plundered the warm recesses of his mouth. Eager for the contact of skin-on-skin, Duo tugged on Heero's tunic and slid his hands over the taller boy's taut stomach.

Heero growled deep in his throat at the feel of Duo's clever hands on his body. He broke his kiss long enough to help Duo pull the tunic over his head. Heero threw his head back with a ragged sigh as Duo placed his lips on the warm skin of his chest, letting his agile tongue caress a pebbled nipple.

Duo breathed in the much missed scent of his beautiful prince as he refamiliarized himself with the taste of Heero's skin. Duo felt his own body tighten at the sexy sounds coming from Heero. Wanting more, Duo pushed on Heero's shoulders, rolling them over until he lay on top.

Heero closed his eyes, shivers racing through him, as Duo kissed and licked his way to the waistband of his leggings. Duo's mischievous hands skimmed down Heero's sides and hips, coming near to but never quite touching his aching arousal. Heero clenched his teeth and inhaled sharply as Duo began to slowly pull down the leggings with his teeth.

Duo looked up at Heero impishly. Heero opened his eyes and the naked longing Duo saw there made his breath catch in his throat. It also made him impatient. Duo needed to taste Heero as much as he needed water to live and he'd just been through a very long drought. Using both hands, he quickly removed Heero's leggings, leaving him completely naked. Duo threw the leggings over the side of the bed and crawled back up Heero's body so that his head lay even with Heero's turgid manhood. Wasting no time, Duo took Heero's entire length into his eager mouth.

Heero let out a shout and his hips raised off the bed. Duo never missed a stroke, caressing Heero with his lips, tongue, and occasionally lightly raking over him with his teeth. Heero's mind was an incoherent jumble of pleasure. Before long, he reached his peak and emptied his pent up passion into Duo's willing mouth.

Duo swallowed every delicious drop, licking Heero clean to catch the last few beads. Wearing a small smile of satisfaction, Duo raised up over his lover and examined his face. Heero's eyes were closed and his mouth was open as he tried to catch his breath. Duo's smile grew as he felt the tremors of aftermath that ran through Heero.

Finally, Heero opened his eyes. Raising his head off of the bed, he met Duo's lips with his own, tasting himself on them. Heero's release left him feeling very relaxed. However, he'd been too long without Duo and he'd immediately began to harden again as Duo had climbed up his body. The need mixed with the lack of urgency gave him a wonderful idea.

Heero flipped Duo over onto his back and leaned over him with a slightly wicked smile. The uncharacteristic expression made Duo's eyes widened and he shivered in delicious anticipation. Heero bent down and continued to explore Duo's mouth with his own while one hand reached for the oil he'd kept on his night table in affectionate memory of his beautiful love.

Duo was not aware of Heero's actions since Heero had abandoned his mouth only to make his way down Duo's overheated body. Duo moaned at the feel of Heero's mouth. He inhaled in anticipation when Heero traced wet circles on his flat stomach with his tongue. He groaned with need when he felt Heero's warm breath blow across his eager manhood.

But nothing could have prepared him for the feel of Heero's mouth taking in all of his arousal at the same time his long fingers entered Duo's tight opening. Duo's eyes stretched wide to stare sightlessly at the ceiling, his mouth opened in a silent shout as he reeled from the dual sensations. Soft moans began to issue from him as Heero relentlessly caressed him inside and out. One of Duo's hands plunged into Heero's thick dark hair while the other clenched the pillow beside his head in a white-knuckled grip. His moans increased in volume as Heero added another finger and then another. Duo felt Heero's fingers brush against his special spot and he lost control, crying out and releasing his ardor into Heero's relentless mouth.

Heero returned the favor and licked Duo clean. He rose up, laying above Duo while supporting himself on bent arms. As Duo had done to him, he watched Duo's face as he slowly came down from the highs of his climax. Duo opened slightly unfocused eyes and Heero smiled down at him.

"Feeling better now?"

Duo shivered as he felt the vibrations from Heero's low voiced question rumble through him. He nodded, not entirely sure whether he was telling the truth. Heero's smile broadened.

"I hope you're not finished."

Duo felt himself harden from Heero's comment as well as the feel of Heero's still firm erection against his leg. Duo shook his head wordlessly. Heero bent down to plunder Duo's mouth while he again reached for the oil. Duo once again had no clue as to Heero's actions until he felt Heero's hands under his legs. Heero raised Duo's legs over his shoulders and positioned his well-oiled arousal at his tight entrance.

"Are you ready?"

Duo nodded although the thought ran through his mind, 'Ready for what?' Then that thought and all others left him as Heero slowly entered him inch by glorious inch. Duo's eyes closed and hands clutched the bedcovers. His breath came in ragged gasps as Heero filled him completely.

Heero's head fell back and his eyes shut at the exquisite feeling of Duo's tight, hot sheath surrounding him. Wanting to stick to his plan, he took a deep breath and controlled the urge to begin immediately pounding into the beautiful boy beneath him. He opened his eyes, drinking in the sight of Duo lost in the throes of passion, his head pressing into the pillow, his hands clenched into a white-knuckled grip, his sensuous lips parted. Slowly, Heero began to make slow, shallow movements in and out.

After a few minutes of this, Duo felt ready to scream. His body was on fire. He could feel his release off in the distance and ached to reach it, if only Heero would cooperate. Duo opened his eyes and looked at Heero's flushed face.

"Please, Heero. Faster, for god's sake," he rasped huskily.

Heero felt his body react to Duo's husky plea but he would not be swayed from his course of action. He'd missed Duo, had missed this, more than he'd thought he ever could. Now he wanted this moment to last as long as possible and would not be rushed. Looking into Duo's eyes, he slowly shook his head.

Duo moaned as he began to realize what he was in for. The determined look in Heero's eyes made him nervous at the same time it sent a shaft of luscious heat through him. He tried to move his hips to increase Heero's penetration, but the blue-eyed prince shook his head again, holding Duo still with firm hands.

"No, Duo. We're doing this my way. Just relax and enjoy it."

'*Relax*,' Duo thought as Heero increased his movements slightly, just barely brushing Duo's center of pleasure. Duo moaned at the sensation, realizing that there was nothing he could do. He only hoped he would survive this torture Heero seemed intent on subjecting him to.

Time passed in an erotic haze for Duo until, nearly an hour after they'd begun, Duo was reduced to pitiful begging. "*Please*," he cried over and over, but whether he was pleading for Heero to end this erotic torture or to never ever stop, Duo wasn't certain. He'd been on his back, on his knees, on his side, on his stomach, and still Heero had continued, slowly moving inside of him, only just grazing his sensitive core, and refusing to let Duo reach his fulfillment.

Now Duo sat astride Heero's hips, his body pressing against his beautiful tormentor, both of them dripping with sweat, his lips desperately trying to persuade Heero to let him come with a deep, frantic kiss. In this position, Duo was usually able to control the pace but Heero's steady grasp on his hips made certain that Duo would not ruin his plans.

Duo had no thoughts other than how Heero felt moving inside of him. He was lost in a mindless void of incredible sensation. Unable to form words, all he could manage was moans and sighs as Heero relentlessly tormented him. Then Heero suddenly changed the angle of his thrusts and Duo let out a cry as Heero hit him firmly on his magical center of ecstasy.

Heero had never taken his eyes off Duo the entire time and the sight of the long-haired boy combined with the erotic sounds he was making was enough to make Heero nearly lose his resolve several times. It was only his iron will that had kept him on his chosen path. Now Duo's constant cries, timed perfectly to Heero's thrusts, and the feel of Duo's body clenching tightly around him drove Heero over the edge. His head fell back and his eyes closed as he released his long-denied passion with a deep, heartfelt groan.

The feel of Heero's hot fluid spilling into him and the sexy sound of Heero's groan caused Duo to finally reach his longed for destination. His cries turned into a shout as he emptied himself over their joined bodies.

Duo fell forward and lay his head against Heero's strong chest. He listened to Heero's steady heartbeat as he tried to slow his ragged breath. Gradually his breathing returned to normal and he began to drift off to sleep, still leaning against Heero.

Heero stroked Duo's sweat-soaked hair as the amethyst eyed boy nodded off. Utter contentment flowed through him at the feel of Duo finally being right where he belong, in his arms. Heero brushed several chestnut strands out of the way as he bent down to place a tender kiss on Duo's shoulder. As he straightened, Heero again noticed the tattoo he'd seen once before. He resolved to ask Duo about it before he forgot again.

"Duo," he whispered. Duo mumbled softly as he snuggled closer into Heero. Heero smiled but called Duo again.

"Duo, wake up."

Heero's smile grew as Duo raised his head and blinked his large amethyst eyes in a most adorable manner, stretching his back like a sleepy kitten. Unable to resist, Heero brushed a light kiss across his lips, causing Duo to smile in return.

"May I help you," Duo asked cheekily.

Heero ran his fingers lightly over Duo's tattooed shoulder, making Duo shiver sensuously.

"What does your tattoo mean?"

Duo turned his head as if to look at the tattoo. He turned back to Heero and shook his head.

"I don't really know. It's been there for as long as I can remember." Duo frowned slightly as he remembered something. "Actually, Hilde has the same tattoo on the same shoulder."

Heero's brow furrowed in puzzlement. "That's odd," he commented.

Duo nodded in agreement.

"May I get a closer look," Heero asked.

Duo moved off of Heero, turning his back and moving his hair out of the way so that Heero could see the mark more clearly. Heero ran his fingers over the design again, causing Duo to think of more pleasant things than his tattoo.

"Hn," Heero mumbled.

"What?" Duo turned around to look at him.

"I think I've seen this mark before."

Duo looked at him curiously. "Where?"

"In one of the books in the reading room, I think. Actually, Quatre will probably know. He's been through every book in there at least twice. We'll ask him ... but not now," Heero added as Duo yawned.

Leaving the mystery of the mark for the morning, Heero laid down and pulled Duo to him. Duo snuggled into his favorite position, head against Heero's shoulder, leg wrapped around one of his, and arm across his chest, and promptly fell asleep. Heero placed a soft kiss on his forehead and drifted off as well.

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